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Configure your Conferences

Add a conference

Long Name of the PBX object
Name of the PBX object
Number of the PBX object
Allow Web Access
If it is set, the web access of a room can be enabled in the conference app by users.
Select the announcements to be played.
Use predefined annoucement packages depending on language and place them in local files app.
Share access rights to enable selection.
Conference interface
Search for available conference devices and select appropriate one for use.
Possibility to
  • set used amount for seats at dedicated conference device and
  • choose use of PBX-channels-license to operate interface with.
Channels app
To be implemented.
Add room(s) to be used for conferences
Display name: Room name displayed as endpoint and as the conference app name.
Number: Room number. Appended to the conference number for a direct dial-in.
Reserved channels: Amount of conference room participants.
PIN: Access authentication to enter the room.
Video coder: Supported video codec for video conference.
Delete room: Erase the room from the conference.
Configuration templates
Each app which is provided by the conference object can be enabled for users with configuration templates.

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