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Recordings is an application running on the App platform which allows capturing the audio streams during a telephone call. The user's phone can be configured to send bidirectional audio streams to the Recordings App and store them into the database.


  • innovaphone PBX
  • innovaphone Application Platform build 110016 or up
  • Firmware 13r3 or up
  • Recordings App
  • Recordings App licenses (per User)
  • Device with PCAP Recording Interface:
    • innovaphone deskphones
    • innovaphone SoftphoneApp
    • innovaphone gateway interfaces
  • Reporting App


Recordings App (innovaphone-recordings)


User version of the App allow you to:

  • Access to the user specific records
  • Access to the user specific logs
  • Filter records by name, by date
  • Play, Listen or Download the recording as a .WAV file
  • Protect against deleting or delete a recording

Recordings Admin App (innovaphone-recordingsadmin)


Admin version of the app allow you to:

  • Access to all records
  • Access to all logs
  • Set up the records auto deletion retention time in days
  • Set the PBX name
  • Set specific trace levels
  • Filter records by name, by date
  • Play, Listen or Download the recording as a .wav file
  • Protect against deleting or delete a recording

PBX Manager Plugin

With the Recordings PBX Manager Plugin, an App Object can be created, edited and deleted on the PBX.


  • Download the Recordings App via App Store.
  • Install the App on the App Platform Manager.
  • Create an instance for the Recordings App on the App Platform Manager.
  • Create a new PBX recordings APP-Object with the PBX Manager Plugin.
  • Create a new PBX recordingsadmin APP-Object with the PBX Manager Plugin.
  • Assign recordingsadmin App to authorized (admin) users, which will be allowed to open the Admin UI of the Recordings App.
  • Assign recordings App to users who will use the Recordings App.
  • Start recordingsadmin App and configure the name of the PBX in the settings via upright option
  • assign Record to (URL) to recording devices/objects in format
on deskphones, softphones or gateway interfaces.
On innovaphone deskphones, enable recording via Phone/User-X/Recording by setting Mode to transparent and Recorder to HTTP Server.
On innovaphone softphones, recordings config is only visible, if the user has the appropriate app(innovaphone-recorder) license.

Access List

Unlike Recordings Admin App, which lists recordings of all users, Recordings App for users limits the listing of recordings to those made by the using user himself.

A possibility to extend the listing of the recordings to other extensions/users is provided by the Access List. In the Access List, additional extension can be defined, which will be listed to the Users of the App. This way the Recordings App Service can be accessed via different App Objects, with different Access Lists.

This way scenarios, like sharing recordings between team members or supervisor access to recordings of call agents are possible.
For the configuration, see : HowTo_Recordings_V13r3#Access_list_configuration_through_the_Recordings_Plugin

Deletion of recordings

In the PBX Manager plugin, it can be configured how a deletion of a recording is processed. There are 2 modes selectable: "Recoverable" and "Permanent". If "Recoverable" is selected, the users attached to this app object will transfer a recording to the recycle bin upon a delete operation, otherwise the recordings will be permanently deleted.

Scheduled deletion of old recordings

You can configure a time period between 1 and 11000 days (in maximum round about 30 years), after which recordings are automatically removed. You can enter 0 days here to disable the scheduled deletion.

Call Information

A new method of acquiring the call information is implemented. It requires an installed and running App Service "Reports". "Reports" does not need own licenses to be run with recordings. With this new method, it is possible to provide detailed call flow information for each recording. Furthermore, the previously used CDR slot on the PBX for recordings is not needed anymore.


An appropriate license App(innovaphone-recorder) must be installed on the PBX to enable Recordings App functionality for specified users. The recordings config on the softphone is only available for users with a valid license.

The Recorder App License can be assigned directly to a specific User Object or via a Config Template.

The recordings for users without an assigned Recorder App License will be unrecoverable deleted if the Recordings App is restarted.

Recording on Special Interfaces

  • Trunk Interface/Gateway

The Trunk Interface acts as a substitute for the user's phone. For outgoing calls the call initiator is the owner of the recording and for him a license is required. With incoming calls, the first user answering the call owns the recording and a license for this user is required.

  • Waiting Queue

The user answering the call is the owner, a license for this user is required.

Upgrade from V13r2 to V13r3 Recordings App


A V13r3 Recordings App can not be used in an 13r2 PBX environment and requires at least build 110016 of the application platform.

License Changes

Licensing is the same as version 13r2

Database Conversion

Databases from previous versions (13r1,13r2) will be converted automatically

Removing CDR slot on PBX

The CDR slot that was used by previous installations of recordings can be freed.

Update App Object configuration

If upgrading from a previous version, the app objects configuration of Recordings and Reports must be manually updated via the PBX Manager. Recordings now gets its CDR info directly from reporting, we need to select the good reporting instance, set the flag "Services" at the app object recordings with the AP recordings. Furthermore we also need to set the flag "Websocket" at the app object reports with the AP reporting.

Open the PBX manager to edit AP recordings :

  • Click your respective AP recordings (coloured icon) to open it, this will open on the right side its menu.
    • Click on recordings (type User), and verify that the respective reporting instance is selected and click OK to apply settings. Hint: reporting instance will be listed in a drop-down list.

And then to edit AP reporting :

  • Click your respective AP reporting(coloured icon) to open it, this will open on the right side its menu.
    • Click on Reports and just simply click OK to apply settings.

To verify you can open in your PBX the app object Reports to see if "Websocket" is set. Same for the app object Recordings with "Websocket", "Admin", "Services".

Download recording

Once a recording is converted to .wav format, it can be downloaded. In version 13r3, this is done in a zip archive containing the wave audio file and a .pdf file containing the call information.


Recordings App Service

The App Service for Recordings App provides a log output on the App instance, after the Diagnostics option "App" is activated for the selected instance.

Additional Trace Level Options for the App Service are configurable via Recordings Admin App. These settings are available via an additional Menu in the upper right corner of the Recordings Admin UI:

  • Recording - PCAP interface related traces, useful on issues with IP-Phone and Interface Media transmission from Endpoint to the App Service
  • Call Information - traces related to the CDR information
  • Converting - traces for conversion process from VoIP codecs to WAV
  • License - traces for on licensing issues
  • UI - traces related to the user interface of the Recordings App

The name of the Master PBX must be configured via the Recordings Admin App, otherwise a message PBX Name missing will be displayed.

PBX Configuration

  • WebSocket connection from App Object to the Recordings App should show connected
  • A correct configuration of the CDR interface is required for transmission of metadata to the App Service "Reports". In case the connection between recordings and App Service "Reports" is not successful, a red "broken link" is shown on top of the recordingsadmin and an entry in the event log will be added.

PCAP Recording Interfaces

Known limitations

Recording on CONF interfaces is not supported

If you need to record a conference, please configure Recording on an end-device (Softphone / Innovaphone-HardwarePhone)

Known Problems

Reporting-Connection checkbox in PBX Manager does not work if Recordings & Reporting are on different AppPlatforms

If the ReportingApp is running on a different AP than RecordingsApp, it is not possible to choose the correct Reporting-Instance via PBX-Manager. You need to tick the correct instance manually via Advanced-UI / RecordingsUser-Object / Apps-Tab.

Reporting-Connection checkbox in PBX Manager does not work if Recordings & Reporting are on different node / pbx

If the ReportingApp-Object is in a different node or pbx than RecordingsApp-Object, it is not possible to choose the correct Reporting-Instance via PBX-Manager. You need to tick the correct instance manually via Advanced-UI / RecordingsUser-Object / Apps-Tab. If you upgrade from 13r2 or lower, the same procedure needs to be done. Otherwise, you get the message "Still initializing" in RecordingsAdmin.

Destination number is not displayed correctly when overlap dialing is used

If overlap dialing is used on the hardwarephone, the destination number is only displayed in the RecordingApp with the first digit dialed instead of the full number. The SoftphoneApp does not dial using overlap dialing, therefore is not affected by this problem.
Workaround: Configure an enblock timeout of e.g. 3 seconds in the Phone/User[1-6] -> Enblock Dialing Timeout [s] at the hardwarephone for the corresponding user.

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