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Applies To

  • innovaphone PBX from version 13r3
  • innovaphone devices supporting a CONF or SCNF interface


The innovaphone conference is provided by the PBX Conference Object. It is used to create conference rooms which allows audio, video, application sharing and chat between all participants. The conference rooms can be joined via phone, WebRTC using any browser or myApps.


  • innovaphone PBX
  • A multi-point control unit (MCU) or an innovaphone device with CONF or SCNF interface with appropriate channel licensing
  • Optional Conference App licenses (App(innovaphone-pbx-conferencing)13). This license is necessary to create HTTP links that invite external participants.


The configuration of the conference object is described in this wiki article.



If an innovaphone device is used, the video codec must be filtered, because these devices do not support transcoding. Each room can be configured to either H.264 or VP8 is to be filtered out. The most devices support VP8, so this is the normally selected codec which is to be passed.


Chat messages can be exchanged between all participants of a conference room. The participant device must support instant messaging with the call signaling.

Chat messages are not stored permanently even for users with premium chat license. As long as one participant remains in the conference room, new participants receive the last 100 instant messages. When all participants of a room have left, all chat messages temporarily saved in this room are deleted.


The PBX conference object's name (H.323) must be SIP-compatible and must not start with a digit, otherwise the apps are not accessible.

Conference Search API (innovaphone-pbx-conferencing-search)

The conference object provides a search app. This is a hidden app which provides the Search API ( used by other apps. The app responses to search requests with matching room contacts. The contact data includes the default innovaphone conference icon. All conference rooms are also found with the translated words conference and room of the user's language as the search string.

The app searches only for static rooms, not for dynamically created rooms like meeting rooms. Therefore the app caches the conference object data for one hour and disconnects the connection to the PBX again.

The innovaphone PBX conferencing license is not necessary for this app.

Conference App (innovaphone-pbx-conferencing-one)

The conference object provides an app for each configured static room. One innovaphone PBX conferencing license is necessary for each PBX user which uses these apps.

The apps show all participants of the conference room. Participants can be muted or thrown out. The room PIN can be changed.

The web access of the room can be configured, this link shown or mailed, as described in this wiki article. In addition, meeting links can be created, as described in this wiki article.


Conference object

The conference object has a trace option (Options tab). This option allows to investigate problems with the announcements or resource allocation. If you activate this option, innovaphone debug messages are created which can be seen in a trace.

SCNF/CONF interface

The conference interfaces (CONF/SCNF) have a trace option. This trace flag provides more information about the various calls connected to the conference interface.