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Address Configuration: Automatic or static IP6 address configuration


IP6 Address: The IP6 address used by the network adapter.
Prefix: tbd


Default Gateway: The standard router used by the device.


Router Interface: tbd
Proxy ND: Enable replies to Neighbour Discovery requests if for queried IP6 address an active route exists
Disabled: Disable the interface

Static IP6 Routes

In the Static IP6 Routes section, additional network routes can be defined, if other network areas apart from the local network are required.

Destination: The network address of the destination route.
Gateway: The standard gateway of the network being routed.


Definition of global IP6 address filters to protect the device from unauthorised access.

Enable: Consider defined filters
IP6-Filter-Address: The network address to be filtered.
IP6-Filter-Port: The port to be filtered out of the defined network address.
Protocol: Protocol to which the filter is applied. UDP or TCP.