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This is the Firmware 13r3 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second Monday each month. For each of the service release, the complete set of tests is executed. If problems show up during the tests, the problems are fixed. This may cause a delay. The tests are started early, so that some delay is covered, but it still may happen that the patchday has to be moved. In this case it is hard to predict when the service release is good. It may be any day, so it would not be good to move the patchday by a fixed number of days, it still should be released as early as possible.

Please see:

Firmware 13r3

13r3 Service Release 1 (137766)

137126 - App Switchboard: Peer data not updated for queued calls

When a call was added to "In the waiting queue" section, the peer information (name and number) was not updated when a "CallInfo" with msg "update" message arrives.

136809 - App Users/Search API: Instance restarted if there is an user named "root"

The query to get the extension with the node prefix returned an error if there is an user named "root" on the DB, which called a DB Shutdown and the instance restart.

136999 - HTTP proxy: Fixed a crash if the proxy was given by hostname rather than IP

136832 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: User Notification from Microsoft leads to non-functioning presence subscription

If a user notification is received from Microsoft then the presence subscription is not functional because of non-working license check.

136936 - IPxx10: LLDP power request too low

Since 13r2 sr18 the power requested  for  IPxx10 boxes via LLDP was too low (6.4 W instead of 13 W)

It was observed that an Aruba switch switched off/on  power after about 10 minutes.

137215 - myApps Android: Fixed a rare deadlock when going idle that caused a white screen afterwards

137085 - myApps Android: Fixed crash with new foreground service restriction in Android API level 31

136983 - myApps Android: Incoming calls didn't ring on operation with phone account "myApps" not set

136762 - myApps Android: Proximity sensor should not take effect in landscape mode to not interfere video viewing

137089 - myApps Android: Update to a recent Firebase Cloud Messaging library for up to date push notification services

136854 - myApps iOS: make sure that the local network privacy alert triggers on installation otherwise it may disturb the first call

137226 - myApps: didn't select a proper preferred local address

136760 - myApps: Fix for crash on overlap dialing

myApps crashed on overlap dialing.

137011 - myApps: Prevent playback controls on iOS lock screen

After the initial user login myApps plays a startup sound.

For this sound the iOS lock screen showed playback controls that did not disappear after the playback was finished.

137108 - myPBX Android: Incoming calls sometimes ringing silently on specific devices

137145 - myPBX Android: Two ringtones were playing at the same time in certain situations

136982 - myPBX/myApps Android: On Samsung XCOVER5 the ringtone volume is low after an incoming call

136837 - OAuth2: do not enforce nonce claim support report by openid configuration

The nonce claim support is now just checked and if not reported just shown as warning instead of an error.

The server still must echo the client nonce inside the id token, otherwise the authentication will fail.

137017 - PBX: Unexpected restart because of null pointer access

Could happen on registrations with no matching user

137198 - Phone-App: Fix for failed consultation call

User was not able to release a failed consultation call.

Failed (disconnected) consultation call disappeared from MediaPanel.

136558 - Phones/PBX: Reduce high load on PBX caused by config changes

Config changes trigger phones to re-new all their subscriptions even if no changes where made to user's favorites.

Load on PBX can go to extreme if changes are made to config template. Lots of phones get new config at the same time. Keep all these phones from terminating and restarting all their subscriptions.

137034 - SIP: Fix for dialog-info subscriptions

Dialog-infos were sent with wrong state.

E.g. "early" instead of "terminated".

Causing calls to be displayed on BLF after call was gone.

137110 - SIP: Fix for reverse media negotiation

Send INVITE without SDP.

Recv 200/OK with SDP offer.

Send ACK with SDP answer.

Must NOT send ACK without SDP.

137106 - SIP: New interop tweak /x-cisco-srtp-fallback

If set, the Supported header (INVITE and 200/OK) includes "X-cisco-srtp-fallback".

137013 - SMTP client: Didn't work with IPv6 yet

136816 - Softphone-App: Camera blocked after 3pty conference

Local video camera stays blocked after 3pty conference was ended.

136770 - Softphone-App: Cannot send DTMF during early-media

Cannot send DTMF while call is in early-media state.

136766 - Softphone-App: Fix for early-media

Softphone-App in browser-context failed to negotiate media before connect. But only when calling waiting-queue.

136814 - Softphone-App: Mute-by-Admin notification not deleted at end of conference

Mute-by-Admin notification not deleted at end of conference.

Also chat-badge-count was not deleted at end of conference.

Displayed at following calls.

137130 - Softphone-App: Sometimes call diversions are not executed

Sometimes call diversions are not executed when calling from Softphone-App (myApps native client).

137000 - Softphone2: possible crash if UI was closed and a diversion message came from the PBX afterwars

137123 - Update of * certificate in trust list of devices

The old * certificate expires on 10.02.2023.
This software update installs the new * certificate to the trust list of all devices.

136501 - Users Service: Rework password reset workflow

To improve the security, the workflow of the password reset has been changed. Now a random ID is generated when requesting a password reset, which is sent with the email. After clicking on the email link and only then the new password is added. Like this no fake link can be generated.

137122 - Web-Access: Allow to join without microphone

Allow to join conference without microphone.

136964 - WebAccess: Fix for wrong console warning

E.g. "SRFLX candidates missing" or "RELAY candidates missing"

137280 - Webserver: Should keep the connection consistently after error responses

13r3 Service Release 2 (137786)

137914 - Allow call reroute by Waiting Operator

Was only possible if Enable Operator CFB/CFNR was set

137708 - App Contacts: "Display Name" Wasn't Editable

A contact's displayname name wasn't editable and wasn't rendered correctly.

137292 - App Switchboard: Add button to send per email the contact details

137706 - App Switchboard: Call not interactable once a second call is disconnected by peer

With 2 calls once the second has been disconnected by the peer, the first call is no longer interactable. The second call was still displayed on the phone and the first was permanently on hold. An UserClear message must be sent after r-disc arrives.

137325 - App Switchboard: Callback request email during an incoming or outgoing call.

When there is an active call, it should use the available information and add the name and number from the caller/called party as information for the callback request and the email address of the employee.

138098 - Certificate validation: possible trap with broken vars in config

If the vars contained broken certificates, the box could trap during certificate validation.

Note: This trap can only happen, if the admin adds broken certificates to the vars using a ! vars create command. When using the advanced UI certificates are always checked before they are installed.

137928 - Chat problems with users not all lower case characters

138728 - Conference-Web-Access: Show helpful info text if meeting room is full

Show helpful info text if meeting room is full/occupied.

137363 - Counters: Fix for PING statistic

No pixels drawn is response time is 4ms or below.

137929 - Firmware: added option "TLS/SSL certificate checking" for Devices websocket registrations

The certificate must be in the trust list and the hostname must match to the received certificate.

If this option is used, the App Platform certificate where the Devices App is running must be added to the trust list in order to get a working connection to the Devices App.

The trust list must be also kept uptodate if the webserver certificate of the App Platform is updated.

137733 - Fixed incoming call/missed call notifications on Windows Server 2016

A workaround was introduced 2019 with Fix 66897 to have working notifications on Windows Server 2016.

This workaround is now counterproductive and has been removed so that a call/missed call notification doesn't prevent new notifications from being shown anymore.

137935 - Gateway: stun/turn config on Internal Registrations did not work with some characters

e.g. ':' if used to add a port

138097 - HTTP-Client: Support 401 response with Connection:close and Content-length

401 HTTP responses with Connection: close and Content-length did not work.

138752 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Configuration whether Presence or Line State are synchronized

137943 - IP-DECT: New registration on every LDAP update

Every update by LDAP causes a new registration for the user even it is not necessary. During a call it is disconnected. This is fixed now.

138649 - IP-DECT: UI Error with App Devices

Button "activate mirror" does not work. This is fixed now.

137219 - IP232: Non-working backspace symbol in multi-line-editor

Backspace symbol displayed but not usable.

137018 - IPVA NIC: Hyper-V, VLance Improvements


Fixed problem with frames received out-of-sequence

Increased Vmbus buffer space

Increased numbers of rx-, tx slots


Increased numbers of rx-, tx slots


Enabled caching of previously uncached memory spaces

Increased queue lengths on abstraction for software switching level

138497 - Memory leak receiving ISDN CEI facilities

Problem with very high uptimes

138009 - myApps Android/iOS: Make sure that all kind of phone numbers of a smartphone contact are found

138289 - myApps Android/iOS: Make sure that the web content cache is consistent on unexpected termination.

138147 - myApps Android: Prevent a crash on failure to start audio with Java API by trying continuously

138274 - myApps iOS: Added a registration check for the PBX websocket connection of the softphone app

137703 - myApps macOS: Fixed stall in some environments with Jabra headset

138113 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed a crash if permission READ_PHONE_STATE was not granted

138011 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed crash with Android 12 if audio API "RTP" was used.

137774 - OAuth2: added configuration options to support Microsoft Azure AD

The upn property must be mapped to email and a scope must be set (to openid).

138102 - On Softphone call with media relay and wakeup with push, initial setup was sent without media-relay

138498 - PBX Broadcast: UC Lic could not be configured anymore

Needed for some special configurations

137926 - PBX crash on XML Import with some configs

If the config contained lots of small items, a 30K chunk could exceed the maximum number of XML elements

138496 - PBX Manager/Templates: The Store phone config flag was not written correctly

138741 - PBX: Fix for call monitoring (dialog-info)

Keep additional video-only connections from call monitoring (dialog-info).

138074 - PBX: Hanging calls on some rare Timing during connection establishment

Esspecially when media is switched multiple times. For example on a waiting queue, when first an announcement is played and then the operator connects

137936 - PBX: Unexpected restart on register a 13r2 standby to a 13r3 master

138494 - PbxSignal Api: New Check command

To verify the connection

138510 - Phone-App: Added tooltip to buttons in status-bar

Status-bar: Added tooltip to buttons and use sematic tag <button> for buttons (instead of <div>) for better accessibility.

137224 - Phone-App: Fix for problem on Mac OS

JS exception because older MacOS does not support ResizeObserver.

137317 - Phone-App: Fixing end of local 3pty conference

Sometimes the two remote parties remain in conference mode after conferenceing endpoint went inhook.

137347 - Phone-App: Sometimes call can not be terminated

No effect when clicking hangup button.

138493 - Potential buffer overrun in SOAP FindUser

In case of long numbers or prefixes. Maybe caused by loops in Node Tree

137922 - Potential restart when using PBX Exec object

Together with multiple secretaries on 64bit platforms

137417 - RCC-App: Calls missing in call list

Calls cancelled by RCC-App do not appear in callees call-list.

Missing call entry is missing on called side.

137830 - recordings: filter with timerange not working in all cases

137747 - recordings: Licensing source (pbx/appobject) shown in info field

137743 - recordings: manager plugin missing texts for delete mode and reporting selection

137738 - recordings: only one configure access number shown in pbxmanager plugin

136759 - recordings: solve js exception and disapperance of buttons on small window

137842 - recordings: stop times out sometimes with app not responding

137740 - recordings: user gui search fileld not working correctly

not all matching entries listed

137741 - recordings: wildcard in gui searchfield

wildcard funtionality in searchfield

137742 - recordings:reporting entities appear multiple times

in pbxmanager plugin the reporting entieties selection shows the same entry multiple times

71402 - Remove "Master" config from DECT object

Not used in 13r1

137912 - Reporting: buffer overrun if call flow contains too many events

137543 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-CITEC_AG-Universe_SIP_Trunk

Update SIP Profile - added tweak /always-send-100-trying

137539 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-oneCentral-SIP_Trunk_TCP

Updated SIP Provider Profile

137932 - SIP: Duplicate recording on Interfaces with Internal Registration

137326 - SIP: Fix for certificate validation problem

If there are several DNS host name records for the same SRV name, only the first host name will be checked during validation.

137273 - SIP: Fix for leak-check

tree_leak_check() was missing

137271 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

Unexpected restart when receiving 481 for BYE.

138480 - SIP: OPTIONS from alternative proxy not answered

OPTIONS request from an alternative proxy was not answered.

137902 - SIP: Sometimes no delay when trying alternative proxies that fail

Do delay when switching between (not working) proxies.

137560 - SIP: The AOR configuration field of the SIP registration truncates some digits if the AOR contains special characters, e.g. hashmark

137536 - Softphone-App: Added support for physical location

Added support for physical location to Softphone-App running web browser context.

137343 - Softphone-App: Fix for camera selection during conference calls

On slow android devices the camera enumeration takes long, causing _any_ camera to be started (not necessarily the selected one).

138536 - Softphone-App: Fix for diversion display

Active diversion was not displayed sometimes.

Softphone-App and Phone-App.

137345 - Softphone-App: Fix for video format in browser-context

Sometime aspect ratio of camera video is not the desired 16:9. Using additional constraint 'aspectRatio' helps to get 16:9 video from camera.

137404 - Softphone-Rcc: missed call notifications not visible in TS environments

138117 - Softphone2: crash if a control call arrives during release of a voice call

Signaling message from control call is wrongly considered part of the voice call leading to a crash.

137918 - Softphone2: diversion interrogate message could cause a crash if registration was removed

137699 - Softphone: domain was not added to physical location provided by the user during login in myApps

137407 - Softphone: no avatar image for missed call notifications

Avatar image was not provided to the notifications API

137944 - Users Service: Missing translations on reset password

Some translations where missing on the reset password page. 

13r3 Service Release 3 (137803)

138986 - Active diversions not displayed in Softphone-App

Conditional diversions (CFB and CFNR) not displayed in Softphone-App after restart of Softphone-App.

138714 - Added Maintenance/Port Check

To check if TCP can be established to a given addr:port

139670 - Addtional protection against theoretical XSS possibility in pbx_appclient_popup.htm

  • The page does not work anymore, if loaded without a window.opener.
  • The page does not work anymore, if loaded in a standard browser, just in the myApps launcher.
  • The URL-Parameter does not allow data-URLs anymore.

138868 - AP Manager: pass correct error message in case a restore fails due to conflicting instance properties

140248 - AP Manager: UI fixes

  • Long app version is not truncated
  • Opening the apps popup with the selected language

138819 - App Contacts: Huge Import Got Stuck

Importing a 200k users CSV got stuck in the very last step. A bulk delete statement started to behave as a never-come-back SQL statement.

139653 - App Platform Manager: clarified text of disk space threshold

"disk space" was missing and now added to threshold.

139865 - App Platform Manager: do not copy webserver traces to crashdump files anymore

In most cases this is not usefull and causes harder to read log files.

140386 - App Profile: * was unintentionally removed from CFx

When using the search to set the call diversions if an extension contained a * then it was removed when selecting it.

139184 - App Switchboard: Allow to set the queues group config with the Pbx Plugin

139820 - App Switchboard: If a contact was deleted from Contacts App then it could not be removed from the BLF

If a contact was deleted from the Contacts App, it is still displayed as empty on the BLF and it could only be removed with the Switchboard Admin.

139817 - App Switchboard: Mobile number was ignored for contacts on BLF

If the contact only had a mobile number defined, than the contact could not be called on the BLF.

138485 - App Switchboard: The sorting of favorites does not match the one in the phone app

The sorting was not right with accent marks.

140385 - App Switchboard: Time was wrong if call started before opening the app

The time parameter was ignored when an CallInfo "update" message arrives.

139808 - App Switchboard: Transfer cannot be cancelled

Once the transfer button has been clicked it waits for a click on an user or another call to do the transfer. If you want to click on the transfer button again to cancel the transfer it does not work.

139867 - App Users: App reloaded every few seconds on some installations

Everytime UpdateAppsInfo is triggered, then a SetArgs message arrives and this triggers a reload of the app.

140430 - App UsersAdmin: Segmentation fault when importing twice the same XML file with devices

When importing users using an XML file where the users contain devices a segmentation fault happen when registering the phone because the device already existed on the DB and no id was returned with the InsertSQL.

140398 - Avoid wrong authentication popups with "Password protect all pages"

If config option "Password protect all HTTP pages" was checked, erroneously the following pages showed an HTTP authentication popup in browsers:

  • Conference WebAccess
  • Conference App
  • Conference Search App
  • LDAP API App
  • Email-Links for myApps 2FA
  • HTTP redirect to default page (typically install.htm or myApps)

140096 - Command/Kerberos: Protect against multiple intersecting login requests

This fix protects the command module and kerberos client against certain traps, that could happen if the application erroneously sends more than one login at a time.

139038 - DECT sometimes no media after handover

137913 - dect_imx7: Support for 10Mbit Ethernet

139082 - Fixed typo in webserver

Fixed typing errors in webserver.

139648 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: After restart subscribe presence for pbx users may not work

139574 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Avoid hanging calls due to late notification of Teams Client

It can happen that the call of the pbx is too short and the Teams Client send its notification too late so that the Teams Notification triggers an alien call.

140072 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: User Notification can cause hanging calls on the PBX

139280 - Install: added scrollbars for smaller screens

140390 - IP-DECT: OEM license check changed

There is a change for an OEM license check which does not change other usage szenarios.

140394 - IP-DECT: User license check with UI

If an user is added with the UI, the user license is checked before the LDAP save operation now. Otherwise the user data is saved, but the user is not added to the DECT system.

138483 - IP2x2: External Signal Alert for alert state

External Ring Alert state was wrong, now this is implemented:

On Pin 9 a low level is signaled if the phone Alerts, otherwise the signal is high.

On Pin 5 a low level is signaled if the handset is offhook or if handsfree mode is active. Otherwise the signal is high

138495 - iPad: Video not playing on latest iPad OS

138291 - IPxx13 - add power consumption counter

the power consumption of the ipxx13 is rather high, specially when the SSDs are heavily used, but should not reach the PoE+ limit of 25W . An alarm should be raised when this limit is rached .

125712 - IPxx13 - handle missing interrupts

try to restart interrupt controller when  idle loop runs longer than 1/2 second without being interrupted 

139652 - Make warning "Excessive loss of Data" less intrusive

Keep it at upper end of media-panel (not central).

Make it disappear automatically after 2,5 secs.

140848 - Media: Fixed missing audio with 3rd party telephones transferring media over the TURN server public address

139376 - myApps Android: Fixed non responding user interface if contacts search operations are slow

140066 - myApps Android: If phone account myApps was not enabled call hold caused disconnect

139182 - myApps Android: Prevent a trap where the playout callback was apparently invoked without queue

140078 - myApps Android: Speed up the smartphone contacts search by reducing it to one query

138981 - myApps Android: Split long trace lines to log all information

139049 - myApps for Windows: audio distorsion problems

139802 - myApps for Windows: GPU chromium crashes and myApps does not start

Update Wiki Article!

140569 - myApps macOS: click on missed call notification had no effect

140850 - myApps macOS: Start the media processing thread with slightly higher priority to avoid chopped audio if other application use the CPU heavily.

139977 - myApps macOS: Video didn't play if the video window was separated

140314 - myApps macOS: With a non-zero badge count the myApps window didn't come to foreground on call accepted via notification

139829 - myApps redundancy: physical location was remembered even if configuration was removed

If the user configured an explicit physical location as a parameter at the Server Name, that config was remembered, even if the parameter at the Server Name was removed.

139801 - myApps redundancy: support for license master

Slave PBXes with the license-only flag returned their license master as the alternative PBX, which is incorrect, as they should act as a master PBX themselves.

140131 - myApps Windows/macOS: prevent hanging close due to race condition in update download

140003 - myApps Windows: fixed potential crash on race condition with Office Integration and unresolved lookups

139812 - myApps: Allow Web Share API in app iframes

We added "web-share" to the allow attribute of app iframes.

139931 - myApps: App link from URL was lost on redirect

myApps accepts an app link as URL parameter. The specified app is opened after authentication.

Before the fix, this app link was lost after redirects (to a different PBX or build number). But it should be passed to the new URL.

140886 - myApps: badges set from running app were not displayed in start bar

The start bar of myApps did not show the badge counts set by the app, but only badge counts set by the app service via presence. (13r3 only)

137921 - myPBX: since Android 12 configuration via web link didn't offer to open in myPBX

138823 - Option to create debug builds

Nature of build shown in release state

140414 - PBX Exec was called directly even if secretary was available

Collateral damage from 

137922 - Potential restart when using PBX Exec object

139674 - PBX Fax: T.38 renegotiation for outgoing calls

The FAX interface does try to renegotiate to T.38 for outgoing calls. Normally, the called gateway has to renegotiate, but if it does not, the innovaphone FAX interface does this after a timeout.

Now, the PBX Fax object sends an UUI message, because the signaling connect message is not forwarded to the interface for outgoing calls by the PBX.

This helps if the remote fax gateway decides to use an audio coder for the transmission and an innovaphone FAX interface only with T.38 is used.

139668 - PbxAdminApi: fixed objects of the regs array in GetRegsResult

The output of the GetRegs was not formatted as stated in the PbxAdminApi documentation. The regs array contained mixed elements (objects and strings).

138977 - phone USB Headsets: add additional product-ID 0x030c for Jabra Evolve 65 (wired) product

Newer Evolve65 Headsets come with product-ID 0x030c instead of  0x030b.

137434 - Phone-App: Own screensharing was displayed mirrored (locally only)

The local display of shared content was displayed mirrored.

138533 - Phones: Fix for display of presence note

If a user sets a presence note containing # (hash-mark) it is stored in escaped form (double hash-mark).

When presence note is displayed a single hash-mark must be displayed.

139100 - Phones: Fix for display of STUN/TURN config on phone UI

Sometimes "/turn" was displayed as STUN server when no STUN server was configured at all.

139689 - Potential endless loop in SNMP on IPxx11 platform

Problem with AES-CFB encryption/decryption on IPxx11 platform.

138867 - Replace Icon for STT app with correct size

140838 - SIP-Provider Profile BE-X2com-X2voip

New SIP Provider Profile

139920 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-4Ts_Computers-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

140839 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Swissnet-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

140841 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Linkt-TRUNK_SIP

New SIP Provider Profile

139417 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-oneCentral-SIP_Trunk_TLS

New SIP Provider Profile

139783 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-SonaBusiness_BV-SIP_Trunking

New SIP Provider Profile

139919 - SIP: Avoid registration at backup server when registration is canceled

Sometimes a registration at backup server was started when registration was about being cancelled.

137923 - SIP: Fix for interfaces not registering

Sometimes SIP interfaces do not register at carrier, becase sometimes IP6 address is picked from DNS results, but no local IP6 address is available.

Better switch to alternative IP address.

139831 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

Assertion failed when provisional response was reveived.

139291 - SIP: High memory and cpu load when switching to alternative server

High memory and cpu load when switching from one server to another.

137728 - SIP: Interface did not switch to alternative IP address

SIPi nterface did not switch to alternative IP address.
But only in case no SRV record was available.
E.g. one IP4 address by A query and one IP6 address by AAAA query.

139279 - SIP: Memleak when checking certificate name

Small memory leak when checking certificate name.

137807 - SIP: Send P-Asserted-Identity header in UPDATE

Send P-Asserted-Identity header in UPDATE (not P-Preferred-Identity), if option /pai is set.

139990 - SMTP client: authMethod was not initialized

137751 - Softphone-App did not work on myApps iOS 12

Fix for error message "Browser does not support WebRTC".

138492 - Softphone-App: Silent ringing while DND is active

Don't play ring tone while presence is set to "Do Not Disturb".

140402 - Softphone2: add sendingComplete attribut to setup message

Signaling bekommt jetzt ein neues "complete" Attribut in "UserCall" Message. Wenn true wird dieses "complete" Attribut in "setup" Message hinzugefügt.

139577 - Softphone2: G729 audio codecs not implemented in signaling module

139579 - Softphone2: softphone app in the foreground if call connected with the headset

139868 - SSL: trace some errors just with TLS log flag

140890 - TLS 1.3: Use separate session tickets per local certificate

The TLS client should use different session tickets for connections using the device certificate and connections using the installed certificate.

Otherwise the registration option "Prefer installed certificates" would not take an effect on the next registration.

137266 - Tracing: SIP messages as complete text-dump

Write inbound and outbound SIP messages as complete text-dump to trace buffer.

140359 - Web Access: Rework device configuration

Devices are pre-selected automatically.

Name of selected devices is displayed on drop-down controls.

137350 - Webserver: Possibility to set status code

137420 - WebserverPlugin: Enable SetTransferInfo function for all IWebeserver* handler interfaces

Will be for 14r2, 13r3 and 14r1

13r3 Service Release 4 (137818)

139303 - Adding an App to an user failed if name of the App object contained the name of another App object

Exampe adding sql-console could not added if console existed as well

142560 - App Devices: do not allow to provision a device to a different domain if already provisioned

It is not longer possible to provision a device into another domain if the device is already inside a domain in devices.

If you want to reprovision a device to a different domain, you must first remove it from its current domain.

142769 - App Devices: prevent trap on incoming sysclient connections with invalid values

141168 - App Store: Download page shows "License needed" if license type was empty

If no license type or an empty one is defined on apps.json, then free should be set by default.

142399 - App Switchboard: CFx could not be edited if there were already diversions with boolean

If the user had already a call diversion defined which included a boolean, then the diversion of the same type could not be edited.

142323 - App Switchboard: No audio on retrieve with 2 calls on hold

If there are 2 calls on hold and you retrieve the first one, it did not work. A connect must be sent with the retrieve.

140840 - App Switchboard: Number of WQ agents where not updated to all opened sessions

If there are several switchboard sessions opened then the number and the list of users are not always updated when the switch is clicked changes.

141401 - App Users: Buttons not aligned

When clicking on the 3 dots button a small menu is opened. There the buttons were not well aligned.

142325 - App Users: Crash if no data returned when reading node prefix

A check if the query returned data or not was missing.

137457 - App Users: Crash when reading users if no escapes where parsed

When reading the users list for the Users App, if there were no escapes to parse the node prefix the instance crashed.

140951 - App Yealink: Do not deliver cfg file if the phone has been deregistered

142465 - Calendar: Changed handling of Exchange Redirect request to same address that already had been used

142773 - Calendar: Handle EWS URL not given for user

142461 - Calendar: Prevent PBX connection to be closed if sending if presence failed

142949 - Call wrongly disconnected if remote peer did not offer ICE candidates

142044 - Fax: T.4 decoding

Line decode errors occur with correct data. This is fixed now.

141741 - Fix for problems related to 3-party-conference

Fix for problems related to 3-party-conference in combination with "Busy on ... calls" option.

Missing video during 3-party-conference and ghost calls to non-participants.

143389 - Fix for unexpected restarted caused by torture testing

Special crafted SIP messages caused a controlled  restart.

142344 - Force HTTPS funktioniert nicht mehr

Fix for the Fix 140654  

140654 - http: Exclude install.htm and configured homepage from "Password protect all" option

The configured homepage is for example appclient.htm

139986 - Increase webserver get request size from 8000 to 32000

142998 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Add User Assignment Table in Configuration

142327 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Crash when loading many Azure Contacts

142882 - IP-DECT: Exchanging a base station causes disconnects

If a removed base station is exchanged with a new one, the move-RFPI command causes a disconnection of all base stations. This is fixed now.

141934 - IP-DECT: Radio registration alarm timeout increased

If radios are not registered, the timeout to send an alarm is increased to five minutes in the case if the IP-DECT switches from standby to the active role.

142610 - IP222A: fix hanging transfer to IP2x2x extension

When large Favourite lists were  sent to the ip2x2x extension module the data transfer did sometimes hang. Subsequent transfer request were queued. The  large buffer allocated to each queued request finally raised an out of memory assertion. 

142557 - IP222A: Lost keys on short key press

When dialing a  number fast on the keypad some digits may be lost. 

The debounce timer was 60ms.

The debounce timer is now decreased.

141186 - Kerberos: OEM fix for password length

The maximum password size was increased before. But it did not work using replicated Kerberos servers yet. This is fixed now.

142343 - Missing diverting name for calls forwarded from trunk to busy, no-response, ... destinations

141875 - myApps Android: Do not show the play icon in video elements

142491 - myApps Android: H.264 codec was not declared as supported in 13r3 any more

141738 - myApps for Windows: add support for webcams with 25 fps rate

This frame rate was not implemented and customer webcam was not working

143081 - myApps for Windows: disable outlook search with the PBX did not work properly

141697 - myApps iOS/macOS: Speed up audio connection by eliminating unnecesary audio switching.

142405 - myApps macOS: Update the Yealink headset SDK to version

142314 - myPBX Android: Fixed a small leak on mod cmd AC-DSP0

142671 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a trap on start during registration that appeared with iOS 16.x since the required minimum version became iOS 8.0

142301 - myPBX/myApps iOS: Not possible to answer a call with the green button of the app

142388 - New PBX Node Flag: Members not to be called

Indicates that no calling party number should be generated to address these members without the node prefix. Needed for e.164 scebarios in countries with inconsistent numbering plan (e.g. Switzerlans)

141912 - No missed call notification shown for iOS and Android

138978 - PBX Group Chat did not work after update of Messages object untill reset of the PBX

138825 - PBX Potential restart when activating loop detect in gateway object

142389 - PBX: Apps not shown as unlicensed after Apply in Advanced UI

143402 - Phone IP222A: upload IP2x2x firmware after each reset of IP222A

After an IP222A firmware upload the IP2x2x extension module kept running the firmware uploaded at the last powercycle. now on an IP222A reset the IP2x2x is reset via command too and receives a firmware upload after restart.    

142315 - Phone-App: Ignore recording-calls

When Recording-by-Call is used, the deskphone has 2 connected calls:

- the real phone-call

- the recording-call

Phone-App must not display a 3pty-confernce.

142922 - Phones: Could not start consultation call while inbound call is waiting

There was no way to start an outbound consultation call in a situation like this:

- having one call connected

- having one (or more) inbound waiting calls

Now the plus button [+] is available to start an outbound consultation call.

142312 - Phones: New symbol displayed when recording is OFF

There are two different recording symbols now.

One for active recording and different one for non-active recording.

Used on the button for recording-control.

142938 - Phones: Start USB controller 10 seconds after boot

extension module firmware upload runs smoother when not struggling with the the basic startup process

142408 - Potential problem with H.323 registration thru RP

Due to uninitialized data

142156 - Potential unexpected restart on collision of mobility call clearing and start of SOAP/RCC monitoring

142382 - Prevent Calendar from resetting in some cases of Exchange Errors

140425 - RCC on mobility does not show diversion info

leg2 info was missing

140948 - RCC-API: Incoming call UUI missing in CallInfo

UUI received with SETUP did not appear in CallInfo.

(Or received in User-To-User with INVITE.)

142383 - Rcc-App: Diverting party info was missing in Windows notification

Diverting party info was missing in Windows notification.

143193 - RCC-App: Fix for wrong Missed-Call notification

There was a Missed-Call notification when an incoming call was accepted elsewhere (e.g. broadcast call).

141025 - Rcc-App: Lookup phonenumbers in local Outlook

When receiving calls without display name a lookup in local Outlook is performed to find a display name.

142467 - Rcc-App: not possible to start a second call

If a call was already connected a second call could not be startet

139115 - recordings: crash loop after start

140115 - regex: make non-ascii characters in pattern working

non-ascii characters (UTF8 codes) in a regex pattern did not match the same characters in string  anymore since 13r3 final.


141696 - Replace icon of STT App

141688 - Reverse proxy, PBX: case independent matching of MAC address and certificate name

Registrations over TLS failed, if the case of the mac address in the device certificate and the register message had a different case.

Base problem: IP73 sends its MAC address in the registration in a different case than in the certificate.

142552 - SCNF interface: More available channels

The software conference interface got more available channels for some devices:

  • IP311: 15 channels
  • IP411: 15 channels
  • IP511: 30 channels
  • IP811: 30 channels
  • IP0013: 150 channels
  • IP6013: 150 channels

138824 - Setting device admin account by !config change was not possible anymore

collateral damge when increasing password length

142367 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-4Ts_Computers-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

142380 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-Swissnet-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

142384 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Plus_Vier_Eins-IPTelefonie

New SIP Provider Profile

142381 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Swissnet-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

142992 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-UPC Business-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

142364 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-VoIP_Tel_Internacional-SIP_Trunk_Voip_Tell

New SIP Provider Profile

142379 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-4Ts_Computers-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

141861 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Netcologne-SIP_Premium_TLS

New SIP Provider Profile

142385 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-Enreach-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

140714 - SIP: Fix for From-URI with IP6 address

IP6 address was not in square brackets in headers: From, P-Asserted-Identity, P-Preferred-Identity

143213 - SIP: Saving energy on mobile devices

Saving energy on mobile devices by NOT starting a timer-tick.

141754 - Softphone-App: Cannot answer incoming call while DND is active

Cannot answer incoming call on Softphone-App while own presence is set to "Do Not Disturb".

141775 - Softphone-App: Clear search input control when call is started

Clear search input control when call is started.

Like already done in Phone-App.

142345 - Softphone-App: Could not dial Universal International Freephone Service (+800)

Could not dial Universal International Freephone Service (+800) from Softphone-App or Phone-App.

A zero was removed from entered number.

E.g. +80002000951 -> +8002000951

141997 - Softphone-App: Could not send DTMF during Early-Media

Now DTMF can be sent as soon RTP channel is established.

Required to send DTMF to waiting queue.

142112 - Softphone-App: Fix for console error

Fix for console error (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'cameraPaused'))

137845 - Softphone-App: Indicate if trunk recording is active

Show recording indication while remote recording is ongoing (trunk).

138712 - softwarephone: phone config tab empty

142322 - Web-Access: Fixing device trouble on Firefox

Load Web-Access.

FF does not provide devices (cam and mic as "unknown"; speaker none at all) .

FF asks for permission.

User allows access (not persistent), but still no devices listet.

Only when persistent access is granted and website is reloaded, the devices are listed.

13r3 Service Release 5 (137834)

144055 - App Devices: fixed iSC calculation in the UI for project discounts with hardware rental with not yet rented products

The iSC calculation in the UI was wrong if a project discount was bound with hardware rental products where no such product was yet rented at all.

The server side iSC calculation was not affected.

143898 - App Store: Store and send JSON data in chunks

Apps.json is already bigger than WS_MAX_DATA_SIZE.

143547 - App Switchboard: 2 clicks are needed to cancel a transfer

To be able to cancel a transfer the button had to be clicked twice.

143523 - App Switchboard: Calls cannot be parked if another call is ringing

On the phones if there is another call ringing you cannot unpark a call. This must be also de case on the Switchboard App, otherwise even if you unpark it the call will be still ringing on the phone.

143725 - App Switchboard: Contact is sometimes deleted from BLF

A contact in BLF uses the Search API to get the contact data. If the Users APIs answer arrives before than the contacts one, it could be deleted from the BLF because no data has arrived.

143549 - App Switchboard: Contacts with no phone cannot close BLF details

If a contact on the BLF has no phone number, when opening the details a JS error prevent the dialog to display the close icon.

143554 - App Switchboard: Display the Info field from Contacts

In the old Operator, we had the option to add manually Info to a User ( for example. Employee is free on Friday). This missing feature could be solved by just showing the Contact Details field, Info Field.

Changes can be done in the Contacts App and it is shown in Contacts App for all Users and in the BLF for the Switchboard App users.

143593 - App Switchboard: If a user is static on a group, it should not change to dynamic when joining/leaving a queue

143759 - App Switchboard: Number normalization missing when starting a call

Phone numbers from contacts must be normalized to be able to start a call.

144026 - App UsersAdmin: Add firstname and lastname to XML import

143462 - App Yealink: Replace XML-RPC with JSON API

143535 - Enable "password protect all HTTP pages" in install.htm

After completing the installation, the option shall be enabled by default.

Idea: hide information like device type, MAC address, firmware version that is displayed on the start page of the advanced UI.

143987 - HTTP-client: fix handling of 401 responses with chunked encoded payload

To prevent sending the same packet twice for PUT requests first a PUT with length 0 is sent to check if authentication is required.
After a 401 response the full packet with the required header is sent then.
This did not work work when the 401 response  included a chunked payload, for example an error message explaining the reason for the 401 response. 

144528 - IP-DECT: Trap with user license check

This is a fix for the previous fix "IP-DECT: User license check with UI".

143758 - IP111/IP112: support for new hook switch version

Starting with IP111 HW1501 and IP112 HW1601  use a new hall sensor for the hook switch function, and this software fix is needed for the new hardware

143988 - IP112: Fixed memory shortage in the echo canceller.

143401 - IP6013: Update DSP code

Try to fix sporadic DSP crash.

Update from DSP code from 721.64 to 724.33

143780 - myApps Android: Didn't ring on incoming call if phone account was not enabled

143452 - myApps for Windows: Win key not working with Hotkeys

143590 - myApps ios/macOS: Missed call notifications didn't always show up.

143533 - myApps iOS: Web content not inspectable any more since iOS 16.4

144494 - myApps Windows: Fixed speech fragments suppressed at the beginning by the echo canceller

144019 - myApps Windows: improved signature validation in update service

143855 - myApps Windows: Update of the Yealink headset SDK to version

143822 - myApps Windows: Yealink headset buttons were not woking

143762 - myApps: Add new languages ca and eu

We added the languages Catalan (Català) and Basque (Euskera) to the list of supported languages.

Texts that are not translated yet will default to Spanish.

143779 - myApps: Fixed a read past end of buffer trap during creation of the missed call notification

143764 - myPBX/myApps Android: diverted number was not shown on incoming call.

143522 - PBX Manager: Avoid wrong authentication popups with "Password protect all pages"

If the option "Password protect all HTTP pages" was enabled, the browser showed an authentication popup when opening PBX Manager, asking for admin credentials. 

144061 - Phone-App: Added "Cancel transfer" button

Button appears when Transfer button was clicked on active call.

143990 - Phone-App: Display Transfer-Button at favorites

Display Transfer-Button at favorites while having an active (transferable) call.

144064 - Phone-App: Smooth sliding tab marker

Like Calllist-App has implemented.

116999 - phone: USB Headset - adjust plugin timing for Plantronics BT600 dongle

New versions of the Plantronics BT600 USB/Bluetooth Dongle need more than 1000 milliseconds to reach stable connected state after plugin. For former versions and all other devices supported so far 300 milliseconds were sufficient 

143817 - Reverse-Proxy: Add Via header to forwarded SIP requests

Reverse-Proxy must add Via header when forwarding SIP requests to outside.

143464 - SIP: Fix for parsing multipart bodies

Parsing of multipart body terminates prematurely in some cases. Could result in SDP being NOT processed.

143542 - Softphopne-App: Auto-onhook did not work in some cases

Auto-onhook did not work in cases where "disc" was received instead of "rel".

143772 - softwarephone: update tab missing

144041 - Web-Access-Client: Fix for JS error


Failed to execute 'setParameters' on 'RTCRtpSender': Failed

to set parameters since getParameters() has never been called on this


143406 - Working App on Release Store

The beta version of the working app is already available on the release store. This version is license free.

13r3 Service Release 6 (137840)

144264 - App Calendar: Fixed a bug where an anchor mailbox was missing for a request which leads to an ErrorNoRespondingCASInDestinationSite error.

144343 - App Calendar: Fixed crash when no GUID is given by replicator

144342 - App Calendar: Resolved problem where a fail to subscribing restarts the whole calendar

144483 - App Platform Manager: do not send update messages do not yet authenticated websocket sessions

144457 - App Profile: Added timeout to enable diversion input field

Added a timeout to enable the input field when the diversion is edited if the search failed.

144284 - App Store: Assert when requesting the apps.json from UI

Assert because the chunk was bigger than WS_MAX_DATA_SIZE which was requested from the Webbuild menu on the upload dialog. 

144505 - App Switchboard: Ignore call info on callback email from history

If an callback request email is triggered from the history and not the BLF, then the active call info should not be added to the email, as it happens if there is no active calls.

144753 - App Switchboard: Prevent user update on PBX if no config has been received

If GetObject was answered empty, then when the user joins/leaves a queue an UpdateObject is triggered with empty parameters, which deletes the user's configuration. 

145482 - Chat to group with attachment but without text did not work

Chat was forwarded only if there was text


Trace problem only, no functional issue:

Remote certificate name could contain random characters, as it was not copied properly to the trace buffer.

144341 - Hide recording-calls from call-list

Hide recording-calls from call-list.

- Do not display in call-list on phone device

- Do not display in call-list on myApps (reporting)

145478 - Improved traces for PBX signaling

144370 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Reconnect due to unexpected HTTP shutdown in Token Provider

Sometimes it can happen that the connection of the Token provider gets an unexpected shutdown. It should try to reconnect to get a token from Microsoft.

145779 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: User notification can lead to undefined behaviour

If a user notification arrives during the initialization of the Connector, the presence subscription does not work properly.

145740 - myApps iOS: The selected ringtone didn't apply

145476 - myApps macOS: Fixed a crash on specific installations when making a call

145348 - myApps macOS: Update of the EPOS headset SDK to v11.3.3

145339 - myApps Windows: Optionally use the Echo Canceller of the Windows Voice Capture DSP

For internal testing purposes.

145479 - myApps: Fixed a race condition trap if media disconnected immediately again

145485 - myapps: headset plugin/remove not correctly detected

headsets with names containing special german character are not properly recognized sometimes

144194 - Phone-App: Display Chat-Button at search-results

144170 - Phone-App: Display Transfer-Button at search-results

Display transfer-button on search-results, while an active call is present.

144178 - Phone-App: Fix for external call info

Info provided by other apps using the API was displayed on wrong call.

144581 - Phone-App: Fix for sporadic fails when adding video

Fix for sporadic fails when adding video channel to an audio-only call.

145490 - Phone-App: Keep big avatar popup from being overlayed by call indicator

144282 - Phone-App: Sometimes display names missing in call history

Display names from local Outlook missing in call history, if Phone-App was started before Outlooksearch was started.

144227 - Phones: Let simple R-key abort a non-connected consulation call

Let user abort a non-connected consultation call with simple R-key press.

143420 - RCC-App: Fix for unstable OS notification

OS notification sometimes appear, disappear and re-appear when new call comes in.

145759 - recordings: new trace level "linkage" implemented

145776 - recordings: scrolling in pbxmanager plugin does not work

143077 - recordings: sometimes not all recordings configured in access list are shown

145757 - recordings:recordings deleted in certain call flows

145483 - Signaling: Fixed a null pointer trap on a certain start sequence of the softphone

145742 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-4TS-SIP_Trunk

Update name of profile

145744 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-4TS-SIP_Trunk

Update name of profile

145741 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-4TS-SIP_Trunk

-Update name of profile

144366 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-CompanyFlex_TCP

- Update SIP Profile, adding of CDPN-Out MAPS for calls with local subscriber number.

144367 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-CompanyFlex_TLS

- Update SIP Profile, adding of CDPN-Out MAPS for calls with local subscriber number.

144453 - Softphone-App: Remote party information not updated on transfer

Remote party information not updated when getting transferred to an anonymous caller.

13r3 Service Release 7 (137863)

146577 - AP Manager: Fix stop instance when a services crashes

The stop instance task is stopped when an instance crashes on stop.

147613 - App Devices: add checkmark to select/deselect all domains

Added this checkmark to be able to quickly deselect previously selected domains.

146639 - App Devices: security fix for a possible privilege escalation through the provisioning process

Requirements to perform the attack:
* enabled checkmark "Deploy domain passwords on all devices" on the domain
* standard PBX user account with access to the Profiles App

Attack scenario:

* phone provisioning using the Profile App could be abused to gain access to the domain password by authenticated but non-privileged users

* the creation of provision codes through the Profiles and Users Admin App now creates non administrative provision codes
* the creation of provision codes through the Devices App creates administrative provision codes (as just administrators have access to the Devices App)
* if a non administrative provisioning code is used, the provisioned device gets a random password as administrative password
* if an administrative provisioning code is used, the provisioned device still gets the domain password

Already provisioned devices:
* all non phone devices will be automatically handled as if provisioned with an administrative provisioning code and will still get the domain password
* all phone devices will still get the domain password, but you can decide to switch these devices to random passwords too: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

New devices:
* all devices provisioned by the automatic provisioning process will get random passwords (no matter which device type)
* a device provisioned with a provisioning code will get either a random or the domain password depending on how the code was created (see Fix above)
* phone devices added manually in the Devices UI will get random passwords
* non phone devices added manually in the Devices UI will get the domain password

Direct access to a device with a random password:

you can request the clear text password in the Devices App in the settings of a device

If you reprovision an already provisioned device, the device will get a new random sysclient password.

Discovered by PenTesting of SSyS

146366 - App Devices: support for individual agreements and SMB licenses

147181 - App Platform Manager: fixed potential trap while the manager closes

If the vaccumdb process finishes after the manager database connection was closed, a trap occurred.

147554 - App Profile: Reduce diversions search timeout to 5 seconds

It was 10 seconds before.

146462 - App Recordings: boot loop during app login when login info long

147177 - app recordings: call report pdf only generated in german

147100 - app recordings: crash when cdr info long

146467 - App Recordings: when new pseudo object is added access list does not work on this number

146472 - App Store: Parse JSON in chunks

The customer uses the first option to add a build from our Release Store. There the decode apps.json exceeded the JSON limits. There the JSON must be parsed in chunks as it is done on the Manager.

147525 - App Switchboard: Contact dialing not working anymore

If phone number with text caracters should be called as e164 and not as txt

147507 - App Switchboard: Wrong contact displayed if several contacts had the same CN

The link property returned by the SearchInfo message must be checked to be sure that the right contact is displayed.

148169 - Firmware http client shouldn't connect to local drive with DNS names in URL

The URL <a href="" target="_blank"></a> caused the http client to connect to the local drive instead of resolving in some cases (seems to depend on the network interface configuration).

145771 - Fix for media problem when Softphone-App is used with Media-Relay

Endless re-negotiation loop when two Softphone-Apps calling each other with Media-Relay.

147119 - Gateway: Support H.323 local domain

For H.323 federation, if PBX System name does not match DNS Domain

147319 - H.323: Preconfigured physical location got lost when switching over to secondary gatekeeper

146319 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Different call types of Microsoft Teams could lead to wrong display of presences

147673 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: New added teams user is not subscribed

147180 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Potential trap after restarting app and pbx is not connecting with app

147420 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Potential Trap if notification of Microsoft does not contain a dataType

146391 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft365: false delete of httpClient leads to assertion

144197 - Install: transfer turn extern configuration from prototype to the media configuration in Devices

146141 - myApps Android: Didn't always use the headset if selected.

147120 - myApps Android: On Xiaomi devices direct to show on lock screen permission during first install

147509 - myApps macOS: Fixed a trap if a Yealink Bluetooth headset adapter was used.

147471 - myApps macOS: Fixed an exception during camera start while requesting a minimum frame rate

148164 - myApps macOS: Sometimes myapps resumed ending in an endless loop if the macBook was re-opened after long time.

147565 - myApps macOS: With Jabra and Yealink headsets Hold/Retrieve disconnected the call

146088 - myApps Softphone: New config option "No physical location"

There is a new config option PBX / Config / myApps / Softphone Registration / No physical location that changes the Softphone behaviour.

If the checkmark is enabled, the Softphone in the myApps Launcher will not use any physical location, unless it is explcitly configured. So in general the trunk line of the actual registration PBX will be used.

For details see:

146569 - myApps Windows: Improved noise suppression if the Windows echo canceller is used.

147973 - myApps: Dialing and DTMF from the Yealink WH66 headset didn't take effect yet

147672 - myApps: Wrong initial presence in header of focus app

If an app was started and then set as the focus app, the header showed presence available instead of the actual presence. After the first presence update the presence was correct.

146492 - myPBX Android: App stayed visible on lock screen if an incoming call aborted quickly

145794 - myPBX Android: Fixed a short dead time for incoming calls around 10 seconds after locking the smartphone

146753 - myPBX/myApps Android: A call initiated via GSM dialer or smartphone contacts didn't reliably start

145902 - myPBX/myApps Android: Shortened the audio gap on a switch between handset and speakerphone mode

146638 - myPBX/myApps iOS: Should not terminate if the user denied microphone permission

146990 - myPhoneKeys App on Release Store

The final version of the myPhoneKeys App is available on the release store.

146490 - Name information was not always visible in Windows Notification

Name information was not always visible in Windows Notification.

147052 - Non-premium chat: First message was sent only after connect from the remote side

This way no windows notification was created with first message and sequence of messages could be changed

146827 - Option to create debug builds for broadcast problem

147058 - PBX Trunk: Internal loopback was executed for call to invalid number

147056 - PBX Waiting Queue: Set Operator Presence feature did not work if operator used softphone and softphone was not yet registered

Softphone not yet registered is normal after startup of myApps. It is typically only registered after wakeup with call

147129 - PBX XML Import did not restore password anymore

collateral damge from increasing the password length

147777 - Phones: Wrong symbol on retrieve-button

Retrieve button does not display "play" symbol.

Instead it displays "pause" symbol.

While the call is on hold.

147718 - Plugin Waiting Queues: Boot-Not set as null when updating agents

The waiting queue PBX object data was overwritten with the result of GetObject but the bool-not parameter was received as string instead of boolean.

148328 - RCC-App: Could not pick calls from other Softphone-Apps

Pickup on RCC-App did not work when trying to pick a call from a Softphone.

146998 - RCC-App: Hide button for diversion activation/deactivation on favorites

Must hide button for diversion activation/deactivation on favorites, because this feature is not available in RCC-App.

Button did not work at all.

146691 - RCC-App: Pickup did not work sometimes

Calls could not be picked by Call-GUID via RCC-API.

147592 - RP/SIP: Fix for Via header added by Reverse-Proxy

Fix for Via header added by Reverse-Proxy.

Problem was: branch value in CANCEL was different from branch value in INVITE.

146297 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-VoipTel_International_SA-SIP_Trunk_VoipTel

Update name

146318 - SIP: Fix for GRUU handling

Fixed an issue for Globally Routable UA URI (GRUU).
Paramters "gr" and "gruu" should NOT contain angle brackets, while "+sip.instance" should.


Contact: <sip:callee@>


145983 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

Fix for crash in SIP stack.

(Assertion failed line 10266 in common/protocol/sip/sip.cpp, !channel)

147375 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

Fix for unexpected restart.

145906 - Softphone-App: Display error message when diversion activation fails

Diversion activation may fail due to administrative restrictions.

147635 - Softphone-App: Fix for unneeded headset activation

Problem reported with Jabra 930.

The headset was always active while Softphone App was started. Headset LED is always ON and battery is discharged.

148162 - TURN server: Wrong LIFETIME value in REFRESH_RESPONSE messages

The TURN server echoed back the LIFETIME value from the REFRESH_REQUEST, but actually used a fixed value of 600s. This led to connections losses, because clients requesting a longer lifetime used a wrong value and did not refresh on time.

With the fix, the TURN server always answers REFRESH_REQUEST messages with the actual value of 600s.

147288 - Twin-Phone: A connect on a call could disconnect a call on another endpoint, which is also waiting on this endpoint

Example a call is sent via WQ to endpoint A and B. On A another call is received and connected. This disconnected the original call on B

142948 - Unite support

Unite support for innovaphone DECT devices IP1203 and IP1202 is added.

147121 - Updated translations

146995 - Webserver: Answering an OPTIONS request with a Redirect from the app could crash the webserver.

13r3 Service Release 8 (137877)

149305 - AP Manager: Enhance logging in statistics tasks

  • To investigate a potential hanging statistics task

149035 - App Platform Manager: restrict access to manager logs

The log file directory of the App Platform manager itself had wrong access rights which allowed read access for non root users.

147721 - App Profile: Store CFx when the Search is triggered

When entering a CFx the input value must be store on the local storage before the search is triggered. Otherwise if the user does not click on any search result, then nothing is stored and when opening the app again the field is empty.

149855 - app recordings pbx manager plugin: short domain names lead to newly added instances not shown

149856 - app recordings: Action log entries only in english

149153 - app recordings: do not delete unlicensed recordings for a grace period of 30 days

148367 - app recordings: in pbxmanager plugin objects are not matched to the plugin, all shown

149857 - app recordings: when pressing the manual update button the loading screen appears forever

146797 - app reports: when recording from a gateway the recordings are lost

149671 - App Switchboard Admin: Replicator not working on master-slave scenario

The Switchboard Admin uses the replicator to get the list of users. This connects randomly to the master or the slave, which may generate a different list of users. 

A config item has been added to define the PBX to connect and if empty it works as before.

149471 - App Switchboard: If a search was done with "-" then the current call was disconnected

148211 - App Users: User details not displayed when the app was opened

If the user opens a user from the homescreen, then closes the user details, goes to the homescreen again without closing the app and clicks on another user to open again the user details, then they are not displayed.

149889 - App Working: Updated break suggested texts

Update the texts displayed when a break is suggested after 6 or 9 hours. To fit the new texts the size of the dialog must be increased.

148260 - Calendar: Allow mapping of busy presence

148263 - Calendar: fix sync cancel if setting of presence failed

148704 - Conference App in location PBX does not work correctly

  • No badge counts
  • No active conference participants shown

145949 - Do not offer RTCP-Mux in SELECT message if PROPOSAL arrived without RTCP-Mux

Signaling did not check if remote peer was using RTCP-MUX and set RTCP-MUX always to true. 

148867 - IP1203: Support for new phy

148862 - ipxx11-AP: set complete AP/OS communication area to uncached

When the AP is started 1 MB RAM is reserverved for communication between the AP and the innovaphone OS  (ethernet & console) but only one half was set to uncached. Now the complete area is set to uncached.

148377 - ipxx13: improve SSD detection info

sometimes an SSD is not detected after reboot, thus more info about the detection process is required. 

147789 - myApps for Windows: bring myApps to the foreground was missing connecting the call with the Headset

147098 - myApps for Windows: Chromium update to .199

149034 - myApps for Windows: external apps not available if deployed via MSI

149114 - myApps iOS: Phone numbers with decoration could cause a crash

149208 - myApps macOS: Improved app startup time on systems with huge local contacts database.

149280 - myApps macOS: Restored compatibility with macOS 10.13

147732 - myApps macOS: Update of Yealink headset functionality

149992 - myApps Windows: Fixed missing audio on specific PC's

149211 - myApps Windows: Update to the Yealink headset SDK because myApps didn't start in certain environments

149629 - myApps: Small fixes for closing behaviour of popup dialogs

Some popups closed erroneously when the client received updates.

Some popups didn't close when another popup was opened.

149697 - OAuth2: allow configuration of additional authorization URL query parameters

You can e.g. configure '&prompt=login' for Microsoft AD to enforce a relogin independent of already existing OAuth2 sessions.

148763 - PBX CDRs: rel-to/rel-from missing on CDRs from Broadcast in some special call scenarios

For example for forked calls, which get picked

148216 - PBX: App Service Licenses not updated in the testmode

The AppWebsocket connection from the PBX to the App Service was not reestablished when changes were made to Licenses (Service Lic) on the App object if testmode was active. It is necessary to send changes to the App Service. Now the AppWebsocket connection is always reestablished in testmode when any changes are made to the App object are done.

148741 - PBX: Conference ID missing in CDRs for calls blocked by filter

147122 - phone: restore hotdesking registration after reboot

By default all hotdesking registration info at the phone is deleted after reboot but in certain cases it's required to restore the registration after reboot. This is controlled by the new checkmark Restore Registration after Reboot  in the configuration menu of the hotdesking key

146146 - phone: USB headsets - support for yealink headsets

Add support for Yealink headsets:

  • UH38 Mono Teams-'W/O BAT, Product: USB Wired Headset, Model: UH38 Mono
  • WH62 Dual UC DECT Wireless Headset, Model: WHD622/WHB620 (Headset/Base)  WH63 DECT Wireless Headset,   Model: WHM631/WHB630 (Headset/Base)

148722 - phone: USB Headsets -additional product ID for Jabra Evolve2 40

The Jabra Evolve2 40 headset is now sold with product ID 0x0e43 instead of 0x0e41. The additional ID is added to driver.

147730 - RCC/Softphone-App: Problems when starting consulation call

Sporadic problems when initiating consulation call on RCC-App.

Sometimes the consulation call was not displayed in RCC-App.

148735 - Remote-Control added to CDRs

To allow to identify special calls, like recording

148637 - Search API: Limit number of results to 20

147878 - Signaling: reject call if user already has a call with the same ConfId

149968 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Vodafone-IP_Anlagen_Anschluss_TCP

New SIP Provider Profile

148765 - SIP: Do not reject REGISTER with "420 Bad Extension"

Do not reject REGISTER with "420 Bad Extension" if it contains "Require: gruu".

148671 - Starting a 3-pty conference with phone app could result in diversions to be executed unexpectedly

Disconnecting video calls could result in execution of CFNR at initiator of conference

13r3 Service Release 9 (137886)

151413 - App Devices: do not show discounted costs with expired project discounts

150227 - App Platform Manager: reconfigure sysctl.conf to support coredumps for long app service ids

The old sysctl.conf configuration didn't support coredumps for long app service ids.

Now the coredump is generated correctly for such ids.

150985 - App Profile: Search results not displayed anymore on CFx

151475 - app recordings: action list name filter does not work with special characters

151474 - app recordings: action list translations not complete

150680 - app recordings: user gui time filter leads to crash

151343 - app reporting: crash when call flow empty

150681 - app reporting: occurance of "er" cdr leads to crash

150776 - App Reports: speed up calllist queries

The calllist queries could take up to 30s for certain report databases depending on the call amount, even on fast x86_64 platforms.

The calllist queries have now been changed so that such a query just takes around 1ms.

This should be quite a performance boost even for databases which didn't suffer of performance issues yet.

151256 - App Store: New builds on 3rd-party apps not always schon as available to upload

In the apps.json not always the latest major release is placed first.

149930 - App Switchboard: Changing the device several times will duplicate the calls displayed

When the user changed the selected device several times and a new call alerts, it will be displayed duplicated.

151010 - App UsersAdmin: Wrong cd on config after editing

If a CFx is edited on Users Admin, then the cd shown on the config is not right. If h322 is set, then an empty string is added for the e164 and vice versa.

150777 - App Working User: Focus on minutes missing after a few seconds

150971 - AppWebsocket connections from App Objects to AppService reconnected from time to time in standby mode

150989 - Chat: Pictures with uppercase filenames were not displayed

151046 - Detect reroute loop if a reroute is performed to a waiting queue, which called the rerouting user again

150746 - Don't show recording calls in calllist Mantis 361292

150700 - Firmware httpclient: increased maximum allowed HTTP header size

An HTTP header larger than 2000 bytes caused an HTTP client request to fail.

Now the header can be 32k bytes long.

150702 - Firmware OAuth2: ignore x5t parameter in keys JSON

The x5t parameter is not mandatory and thus not checked anymore now.

150979 - Firmware SMTP: STARTTLS Not Working with Tobit Server

2nd EHLO Response, containing a STARTTLS line, triggered a 2nd STARTTLS. The session was terminated with 503/Bad Seq. of Commands.

150980 - Fixed chopped audio or long audio delay on discontinuous transmission if the peer clock rate deviated substantially.

151013 - IP111/IP112: Increased the maximum volume in handset monitoring mode.

150383 - IP112: Fixed a potential division by zero in handsfree and USB headset mode.

150834 - ipxx13: add "dbg-out"command to send text to serial port

in test scenarios where a serial logger or a serial/USB adapter is connected to the serial port  a command to send a line of text to the port was missinng.

"!mod cmd CPU dbg-out <text>"

sends <text> followed by a newline to srial port. 

151485 - Media ICE: Avoid unnecessary TURN channel binds in case of RTCP mux

150222 - myApps iOS: Fallback to secondary PBX only after long delay

150933 - myApps iOS: Preconfigure the PBX hostname via MDM was not working

150384 - myApps macOS: Updated the Jabra headset SDK to

150387 - myApps macOS: Updated the Jabra headset SDK to

150382 - myApps macOS: Updated the Plantronics headset SDK to 3.25.53799.37131

151041 - myApps: HTTP proxy support for TURN TCP was missing

149965 - OEM update of opensrc libraries

151035 - PBX Admin UI: App object groups not displayed after Apply

151045 - PBX Mobilty: Mobile number was forwarded to the caller if call to mobile was forwarded to other PBX

151034 - PBX: CF to "-" should prevent no-response forwarding from trunk

151026 - PBX: Use Node prefixes to adjust called party number

143999 - PBXManager - Trunks - enable "No Presence/Dialog Subscribe" by default

150867 - phone IP240A,IP101,IP102: indicate broken gatekeeper or network connection in active call

On IP240A  and on all other phones based on INCA chip  and also on IP101 and IP102 a broken network or gatekeeper connection was not indicated while a call was active.

Now the call duration counter is replaced by the corresponding "network down" or "gatekeeper not connected" icon in this case. 

150443 - Phone-App: Display-Name not always displayed

Sometimes the remote party's display name was not displayed in media-panel.

150791 - Phone-App: Sometimes pickup was not offered at a favorite

After initiating a semi-attended transfer the pickup button was not displayed at the favorite where the call was transfered to.

151043 - phone: USB headsets: make some old headsets working again

some old headsets did not work correctly anymore after upgrade to sr8 because of a change in hookswitch handling for fix #146146 - phone: USB headsets - support for yealink headsets

151052 - Phones: Fix for Hotdesking fkey on extension module

Login screen was not visible under some conditions when HOTDESK fkey on extension module was used.

151522 - Potential loop when checking for registration changes on location/standby up/down

150981 - Range of forking delay value should be checked

A negative value or a very high value  could cause a trap

150498 - RCC-App: Fix for phone number normalization

Phone number "+49 (0) 173..." was wrongly normalized into "+490173...".

151418 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-CompanyFlex_TCP

edit cdpn-out

151266 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-CompanyFlex_TLS

edit of the cdpn-out maps

151426 - SIP: Allow session refresh interval smaller than 30 seconds

For specific application a smaller interval may be required.

146555 - SIP: Fix for problems on presence interworking with Estos procall 7

If Estos procall 7 is used as External UC.

150982 - SIP: Fix for URI parsing

Problems parsing SIP-URI's with "ext" parameter in user-part

150993 - SIP: Fix for wrong RTP port in SDP

If different ports were offered for RTP and SRTP.

150542 - Softphone-App: "No Ringtone" did not work

Ringtone was played if "No Ringtone" was selected.

150454 - Softphone-App: Do not play busy tone if another call is active

Do not play busy tone when remote party (on hold) hangs up, if another call is active.

150450 - Softphone-App: Get display name from favorites

Problem on Softphone-App in context of native-client.

If remote-party number matches one of the favorites, the display-name of the favorite is now displayed.

151160 - Softphone-App: No ringing on incoming calls

Local ring-tone was not played on incoming call if Softphone-App is running in browser-context.

Was no problem in context of native myApps client.

Bug was introduced with SR8.

151387 - Softphone-UI: Avoid overlapping buttons on very narrow layout

Media panel buttons could overlap on very narrow layout.

150983 - Trap on download of PBX config in case PBX password is not configured

13r3 Service Release 10 (137898)

151818 - App Devices: allow to extend rental with iSC automatic reloading service manually

151521 - App Profile: Check if is allowed number on CFx

151770 - App Profile: Photo not cropped right on narrow windows

If the window width is smaller than the photo, the photo is resized but when cropping it the original size was taken into account.

151718 - app recordings: softphone, hand currentUserSip over to recording

151760 - App Store: DB error when restarting the service

PSQL error on a query during the initialization of the DB.

152847 - App Switchboard: myApps freezing when docking/undocking the app

The beforeunload event has been removed and the log out from groups is now done on the service side.

152846 - App Switchboard: Shortcut to connect 2 calls not working

The state holded was not allowed for the transfer. If you connect 1 call, starts another call and it is connected, the first one will be on hold. 

151941 - App Switchboard: Wrong url on the AppWebsocket connection

152719 - App Users Service: Removing the domain from the email cannot be case sensitive

When adding a new user with the registration form or using the password reset form, the email domain is removed if it is the same as the PBX domain. This must be case insensitive.

153478 - App UsersAdmin: Take picture from camera on browser not working

JS error of undefined variable prevents the picture from been take. 

151578 - App Working Admin: It should not be possible to edit times

153263 - App Working Manager: Error on CSV export when file size > 65535 and added time interval

When the CSV file was too big, there was an error from the Webserver and the data must be sent in chunks. Added also a popup to select the time interval for the times and the absences for the export, so that not all DB is exported but just the desired times.

152985 - App Working PBX Plugin: App object URL not parsed right if the URL ends with extension

Wrong parsing to know if it is Working User or Working Manager if the App Object URL ends with ".htm".

151338 - App Working: Rework CSV export files

Added to times.csv:
  • personal number
  • start date
  • start time
  • stop date
  • stop time

Added to absences.csv:

  • date
  • personal number

152742 - Chat from myPbx to myApps was not started, when myApps chat was open alread

139296 - Connector for kuando®: Config App - Temporary calendar entry was used for the led

If you have a manual status in myapps, then apply the automatic calendar entry and then open the config app, the calendar entry is incorrectly used as the status.

152961 - Connector for Kuando®: LED unexpectedly turns green during a call after a HUB update

There KuandoHUB Version 2 send unexpected Websocket messages which will cause an unexpected LED state.

151841 - Connector for kuando®: Lost lamp state after manual myApps presence and a later recieved temporary calendar presence

The state of the lamp will not be overwritten (and lost) anymore if the temporary calendar entry arrive. myApps will recover automatic to the correct state when the calendar entry is gone.

148246 - Connector for kuando®: myApps reload or new browsertab remove call state

A running call-state in the launcher was removed if you reload the launcher/browser or open myApps in the browser

152581 - Connector for Kuando®: Sometimes service not work if myapps are faster then kuandoHUB in windows autostart

151846 - Connector for kuando®: Support KunadoHUB detection for new x64 HUB Setup

152615 - Cumulative update for TLS

Support for additional signature schemes in X.509 certificates with RSA keys

  • sha256WithRSASSAPSS
  • sha384WithRSASSAPSS
  • sha512WithRSASSAPSS (needs 2048-bit or larger key)

Allow creation of 3072-bit certificates and certificate requests on the advanced UI

Fixes for TLS 1.3 ticket cache

  • Invalidate stored TLS tickets when installing a new device certificate
  • Fix for storing TLS tickets in VARs

153324 - DECT RTP workaround for Unify bug

151581 - DNS: Give IPv4 results priority over IPv6 since they are still more reliable.

152741 - First message got lost when chatting from myPBX to myApps

151940 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Cut domain does not work with cn(Long Name)

152464 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Get License from master Pbx instead of slave pbxes

152911 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Subscriptions do not work if a User notification of a deleted user in Azure Portal is received

151629 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Take new pbx connection even if the old one still exists

151773 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Try to get a new Token if a http_authentication_failed is received

151742 - Media interface: do not disconnect an interface until the call is terminated

- User has two interfaces.

- Only one interface gets RELAY candidates (avoid using too many allocations)

- User starts or gets a call and connects with the no TURN interface.

- Interface with TURN allocations must be left opened in case a transfer happens because ICE may now need TURN candidates to connect.

151844 - Media interface: SRTP fails due to RTP sequence jump

SIP Provider is generating RTP sequence changes every 30 seconds and some of them produced authentication errors.

151442 - myAApps iOS: make sure that the WebWiew is not longer kept active than absolutely needed.

152414 - myApps Android: Fixed missing local video on specific devices

153319 - myApps Android: Fixed unexpected idle shutdown that could cause an incoming call miss

151523 - myApps Android: myApps could stay in front of the keyguard/lock screen on quickly aborted incoming calls.

150986 - myApps iOS/macOS: Update to openSSL 1.1.1v

151635 - myApps iOS: Keep the status bar readable by blurring the content behind

152967 - myApps macOS: Updated the Sennheiser headset SDK to

151768 - myApps Windows: added commandline argument to get chromium major version

myApps.exe --version-chromium-as-exitcode

This returns the chromium major version as exit code and myApps exits at once.

Needed for nightly test automation.

151772 - myapps: new headset sdk versions implemented

151634 - myApps: redundancy information about primary PBX was lost on manual reload

If the user right-clicked the myApps window and then reloaded the page, the primary PBX was set to the current PBX.

Instead the primary PBX from the config should be kept.

152848 - myPBX/myApps Android: Avoid a crash if Android depriorized the push notification of an incoming call

151715 - myPBX/myApps Android: During normal operation avoid the popup that asks for read log permission on Android 13

151524 - myPBX/myApps Android: Update to target API level 33, i.e. declare ready for Android 13.

152636 - PBX Group visibility settings should add to other visibility settings

153297 - PBX sometimes hanging calls when using Phone App

collateral damage from SR8 148671 - Starting a 3-pty conference with phone app could result in diversions to be executed unexpectedly

152739 - PBX-Waiting: Allow up to 128 characters for primary groupd name

153317 - PBX: Add "Send Number" to CDR as attribute "fake"

152335 - PBX: Increase size of SOAP Admin messages

The size of XML messages for SOAP Admin commands increased from 10000 to 64000 bytes.

152738 - PBX: Potential unexpected restart in complex szenarios with EXEC, MOBILITY and others combined

152728 - Phone-App: Show app-sharing in large-view

When entering a conference and someone is already sharing desktop, this app-sharing-content must be displayed in large view automatically.

Otherwise the UI starts in gallery-mode.

146758 - Profile/UsersAdmin App: Display the service property on provisioning

In the Users Admin/Profiles UI when there are multiple entries in the "providers" array with the same "title" , use the "service" instead "title" property to display. The "service" property is the long name of the app object and is unique.

152638 - Remove H.323-NAT Logging option from config

H.323-NAT is not supported anymore

150984 - Signaling: create new ICE credentials if remote peer offers sends a new PROPOSAL

151599 - Signaling: softphone app does not start if myApps is connected to StandBy and is not selected as standard app

152119 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Sewan-Trunk_SIP

New SIP Profile

151473 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-Vodafone-Vodafone_One_Fixed

- Update of Profile

151496 - SIP: Fix for ACK for 200/OK for forked INVITE

Fix for ETSI Conformance Test Specification for SIP (SIP_CC_OE_CE_V_019).

152984 - SIP: Fix for config option /keep-tcp-connection

Make config option /keep-tcp-connection work also on outbound TCP connections opened for subscriptions.

152176 - SIP: Fix for problems on interworking with External UC

151497 - SIP: Must not send ACK to additional final responses

Must not send ACK to additional final responses, except to real retransmissions.

Fix for ETSI Conformance Test Specification for SIP (SIP_CC_OE_CE_V_038).

151931 - SIP: Provide user's external number in From-URI

Provide user's external number in From-URI.

151942 - SIP: SNI for TLS outbound connections

Use Server Name Indication (SNI) on outbound TLS connections.

152142 - Softphone App: DTMF was not dialed if separated from the phone number by more than one comma.

151737 - Softphone-App: Avoid popup about missing video device

Don't check video devicen config if user has no video-license.

153079 - Softphone-App: Fix for sporadic no-video

Sometimes remote video is not displayed in UI although received.

153121 - Softphone-App: Sometimes local camera stays active after a conference call

 Sometimes local camera is not stopped at the end of a conference call. Upcoming calls cannot use local camera then. myApps needs restart to get camera working again.

152740 - Unlicensed chat did not allow concurent chat to different destinations

Chat window was closed instead of just hidden, when changing the destination

152640 - Voicemail object: Config option for UC, Voicemail and Reporting licenses was lost

13r3 Service Release 11 (137919)

155698 - App Platform Manager: just use default NTP servers if no NTP servers configured

Just use default NTP servers like if no NTP server is configured or received by DHCP.

153570 - app recordings: avoid permanent connect retries from replicated pbx

accept connection from replicated pbx and do nothing

153571 - app recordings: avoid unneccesary object info retrievals

155102 - App Switchboard: BLF users not loaded on master-slave scenario

If a user was connected to the slave PBX, the data of the users on other PBXs cannot be loaded.

155160 - App Switchboard: No busy signal when calling to a busy destination

Display that the user is busy if the call fails when User Busy is received, until user hangs up.

155635 - App Switchboard: Queues missing after changing the monitored device

After the connection reset when chaging the monitorized device, the queues where not initialized afterwards.

155715 - App Switchboard: WQ call still displayed on the app after it has been connected

    To reproduce the issue:

    • Start the Switchboard App on both users A and B.
    • A calls B and B connects the call with the switchcboard
    • C and D call the WQ
    • A disconnects the call with B
    • A connects the call from C (WQ)
    • The call from C is removed from B's Switchboard
    • B connects the call from D (WQ)
    • The call from D is NOT removed from A's Switchboard

    154057 - App UsersAdmin: Users imported (CSV) must always include CN

    If no CN have been defined, the user data should be ignored.

    155316 - Calculator App on Release Store

    The release version of the Calculator App is available on the release store. The version is license free.

    The calculator allows you to carry out simple and complex calculations. The range of functions includes:

    • Basic and Advanced functionalities
    • Trigonometric functions
    • Calculations with different number systems
    • Local history with insertable results

    For details see:

    154729 - Discard all previous TLS tickets on change of certificate configuration

    If the device certificate or the trust list has changed, all old TLS tickets shall be invalidated on client and server-side.

    155624 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Licenses are requested from the user location

    155697 - IP102/IP112/IP222A: Improved the sound quality with headsets that only support 48 kHz

    154399 - IP222A: Checking "Phone/Protect/USB: Accept Audio Devices only" disabled extension module

    When "Phone/Protect/USB: Accept Audio Devices only" was checked the extension module(s) did not boot. This is fixed now.

    154849 - myApps Android: Request missing Android 13 permission to post Notifications

    155207 - myApps Android: Since Android 13 myApps didn't appear in the standard telephony app choice any more.

    153982 - myApps Android: With latest Android not possible to answer call with Bluetooth device

    151983 - myApps for Windows: Chromium update to 117.0.5938.150

    Chromium 117.0.5938.150

    156060 - myApps iOS: Adapt to the audio device selected in the native incoming call UI

    155342 - myApps iOS: Since iOS 17 apps sometimes stayed "connecting" for tens of seconds following a network change

    154398 - myApps iOS: Speakerphone mode ended on conference entry tone and conference chat tone

    155745 - myApps iOS: Video likely froze on start or if the smartphone was held to the ear.

    155719 - myApps macOS: Fixed a crash on incoming call push if myApps was re-installed but not yet logged on to the PBX.

    156229 - myApps Platform Services: Added missing Window title for the start and config screen during installation.

    154098 - myApps Windows: Fixed invalid value that was set for Environment variables LIBJABRA_TRACE_LEVEL and LIBYEALINK_TRACE_LEVEL

    154887 - myApps Windows: HTTP Proxy exceptions with wildcard e.g. * were not supported yet.

    152413 - myApps Windows: send computername and username in launcherapi updates

    153312 - PBX Gateway object: Use same prefix handling for connected number as for calling party number

    156863 - PBX Waiting Queue: Original called info missing on DTMF two stage dialing

    155626 - PBX:Send PresenceUpdate on Softphone Registration

    If a Softphone was registered or unregistered no PresenceUpdate was sent on the presence subscriptions.

    154052 - phone imx6 USB headset: Gigaset ION did not work

    After plugin of the USB/DECT dongle of the Gigaset ION speakerphone/handset combo the USB controller stopped working until next powercycle. This is fixed now. 

    155270 - phone IP102/IP112/IP222A : fix problem with headsets requiring 48kHz audio

    Some headsets require 48kHz stereo audio and this did not work correctly over builtin or external hubs.

    153672 - Phone-App: Fix for call diversion control

    Diversion control wrongly indicated an active diversion.

    155661 - prevent trap on IP DOS attack

    on a certain DOS attack a trap in IPv4 could happen 

    154026 - RCC-App: Fix for failed calls

    Keep failed calls in UI until user hangs up.

    This allows user see reason of call-failure (e.g. user busy).

    155612 - recordings: avoid deadlock when wrong pbx configuration

    155034 - Signaling: call cannot be disconnect with headset if call is being held

    152977 - Signaling: Payload Type in PROPOSAL was not updated in SELECT

    Media Modules was using the remote payload for RTP but SELECT was still providing the default PT.

    PT in SELECT is now updated with the payload type provided in the PROPOSAL message.

    150712 - Signaling: remove null after country code

    153152 - Signaling: SendRel instead of ClearCall for RCC/Switchboard App dummy calls

    155089 - SIP: Fix for another certificate validation problem

    Sometimes SIP stack rejected a remote server certificate. SIP interface did not register.

    153987 - SIP: Fix for DNS handling

    Take all available IP addresses and use it as fallback if SRV response contains multiple targets all with the same priority.

    153693 - SIP: Fix for H.264 profile-level-id

    SDP answer now contains the same profile-level-id as the SDP offer.

    155307 - SIP: Send session refresh earlier

    From 13r3 Service Release 9 on we send session refresh 2 seconds before expiration.

    Turned out to be too late in some scenarios.

    Better send refresh once half the session interval has elapsed.

    155496 - Softphone/RCC: Support for overlap dialing

    Added support for overlap dialing via RCC-API (UserCall + UserInfo).

    13r3 Service Release 12 (137926)

    156689 - App Contacts: Editing failed

    Editing failed for a contacts searched by number

    156240 - App Devices: fixed rental license usage if device has all available licenses bound

    The rental menu was not usable anymore if a device had all available licenses bound.

    156975 - App Platform Manager: fixed deletion of old users App log files

    If an old users App with service id "users" has been upgraded to a new version with service id "usersapp", the old files haven't been deleted anymore.

    156595 - App Platform Manager: fixed not working manual vacuumdb and further confirmation questions

    The old confirm popup didn't work anymore and has been fixed for these cases:

    - database vacuumdb of instances

    - instance restore overwrite question

    - manual webserver/manager upload question

    - diskthreshhold start service question

    156868 - App Reports: add debug logs to investigate wrong call list entries

    156867 - App Reports: ignore h323/sip changes for pseudo objects

    Avoid table updates for pseudo objects.

    156563 - App Switchboard: With 2 parked calls the second could not be unparked after the first one

    If there are 2 parked calls and the first one is unparked, the second one could not be unparked.

    156156 - App UsersAdmin: Only the email of the first user was added on CSV import

    Wrong parameter added.

    156823 - Fix for AES hardware support on xx11 platform

    The intialization contained a bug that could lead to sporadic traps.

    157970 - Fix for possible trap in administrative PBX session commands

    Before the command "PBX0/ADMIN execute /session" was used for automated testing, only. But as it is now documented in the wiki it has to be robust against wrong parameter values.

    155099 - H.323 hanging calls if an outgoing call is terminated very quickly

    156859 - IP-DECT: Rare trap on user unregister

    There can be a rare trap if the user's handset registration to the PBX is closed. It can occur during a configuration upload by an OEM update service. This is fixed now.

    156526 - IP101/102: Allow to hide CLIR option

    Fine grained function hiding: Allow to hide CLIR option (anonymous calling)

    #define PHONE_HIDE_CALL_CLIR (0x00400000) 

    155721 - Messages App Service crash if Chat connection is terminated quickly after connect

    157072 - myApps Android: External USB cameras were not supported yet.

    158313 - myApps Android: Fixed a trap on fail to connect to camera service

    157827 - myApps macOS: Fixed a crash on specific environments if AppSharing is initiated

    157821 - myApps macOS: Fixed a crash with H.264 video.

    156961 - myApps Windows Officeintegration: check URI case insensitive

    Otherwise contacts are not found and thus the presence not updated in Office products.

    156972 - myApps Windows: do not download updates if a DVL build version is running

    If a myApps DVL build is running, an update shouldn't be downloaded and offered.

    156257 - myApps: Avoid re-opening app links on app updates

    App updates triggered the start.onargschanged event in the current active app. Therefore it erroneously looked to the app like the last app link was clicked again.

    156621 - myApps: Fixed a possible crash on end of recorded softphone calls

    157810 - myApps: Fixed a rare trap during myApps shutdown.

    156995 - myApps: Handle "online" flag in visibility settings like on the phones

    myApps did not show any presence information if the "presence" flag was not set in the visibility settings. So the flags "note" and "online" only worked together with the "presence" flag.

    This was inconsistent with the phones where the flags have the following meaning:

    ​* Presence - show presence activity

    • Note - show presence note

    ​* Online - show online state

    156244 - myAppsOutlookSearch: Better Thread Handling if system error occurs

    155289 - Number format in facilities sometimes wrong

    155098 - PBX AdminApi: GetAppObjects could not read unlimited number of objects

    Now the limit/more mechanism is implemented

    155107 - PBX Manager Plugin for Waiting Queues: Editing groups did not work anymore

    Collateral damage from 147718 - Plugin Waiting Queues: Boot-Not set as null when updating agents

    157872 - PBX Phone Apps: Potential unexpected restart on collision of local and remote call clearing

    155100 - PBX restart on Waiting Queue URL > 260 bytes

    155104 - PBX: Push/Wake was sent, even if no call was sent

    This was caused by incosistent call handling, which caused other problems as well, like missing CDRs for calls rejected because of twin-phone setting

    156950 - Phone-App: Fix for non-working search providers

    Added 2,5 secs timeout for search queries.

    151281 - phone: unregister key missing in hotdesking registration restored after reboot

    On initial creation of a hotdesking registration an unregister key is provided automatically in the newly created registration. This key was missing when the registration was recreated after a reboot. 

    157340 - phone_imx6: Adjust LCD clock

    156847 - Pickup from secretary did not show that it was an exec call

    154397 - Send configured email to App Service on login

    156155 - Signaling: ignore call proceeding message if the call is connected

    A proceeding message changes wrongly the status of the call and makes the disconnect ton play longer than expected.

    157097 - SIP: Allow customized mapping of SIP code in reason header in incoming CANCEL

    By default "reason=200" is mapped to Q931_CAUSE_NonSelectedUserClearing (26).

    156293 - SIP: Fix for timer E in Proceeding state

    A non-INVITE client transaction must re-transmit at a constant interval of 4 seconds after provisional response has been received (Proceeding state).

    156745 - SIP: Fix for transaction handling

    Incoming request was not detected as re-transmission if Request-URI was changed from original incoming request.

    ​But Request-URI does not matter acc. to RFC3261 17.2.3.

    156921 - Softphone-App: Fix for double calls

    Sometimes two outbound calls to same destination are initiated.

    157873 - Softphone/macOS: Fix for JS exception on WebAudio API

    JS exception:

       <a href="null" target="_blank">TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'ac.createOscillator')</a>

    156227 - Softphone: Sometimes no name-lookup in local outlook

    Sometimes no lookup for a display-name is performed.

    150991 - Trunk should adjust connected number if trunk number shadows escape

    157763 - Update of * certificate in trust list of devices

    The current * certificate expires on 15.01.2024.
    This software update installs the new * certificate to the trust list of all devices.

    156849 - With unlicensed chat switching between concurent chats to different destinations did not work in small viewport

    13r3 Service Release 13 (137934)

    158643 - Adjust local number to international for reverse lookup

    In case none of the prefixes match

    159317 - Advanced UI: Prevent XSL injection

    The servlets for the advanced UI accept an "xsl" URL paramter that

    specifies the XSLT file for displaying the corresponding page.

    Before this fix it was possible to specify a URL containing a colon represented in XML entity encoding.


    157823 - AP Manager Login: Fix for brute force attacks


    159389 - App Devices: show prominent success hint on domain/project link

    158663 - App Reporting: fixed wrong calllists showing calls from pseudo objects

    159763 - App Store: Check for new available versions not returning the greatest build

    On Firmware and Software the check for available new versions on a source store was only checking the first entry of the array on the JSON but the greatest build is not always on the first entry of the array.

    159791 - App Store: Display app title on the source store selection menu

    Instead the ID, the title should be displayed for the apps and software. The user cannot always find the app looking for the ID.

    159294 - App Store: Error on decoding apps.json if DB is empty

    If apps.json is empty or includes just "{}" an error was show that the file could not be decoded, but the file content should still be valid and just no apps will be uploaded.

    159762 - App Store: Firmware, software and app platform selection on source store empty after reopening the app

    Unlike the apps, the selection of firmware, software and app platform is not retained.

    158770 - App Switchboard: Check for duplicated call history entries not working with unknown callers

    If the caller number is hidden, the check for duplicated entries on the call history does not work because the remote field does not exist.

    159417 - Calendar: Added name of task for logs in case that a task failed

    159416 - Calendar: Fix - always try continue when HTTP connection get lost

    159414 - Calendar: Fix - in some cases, an HTTP shutdown wasn't handled asynchron which could lead to freezes

    159415 - Calendar: Fix - limit number of appointments to get frome exchange when getting the list of upcoming appointments

    159418 - Calendar: Fixed crash in case of redirect-request during autodetection of server settings

    158125 - Chat: Group updates did not work, if there was an active chat

    157434 - Gateway: New placeholder "{internalnumber}" for config option "add uui"

    Config option "Add UUI" on gateway route now supports placeholder "{internalnumber}".

    159606 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Master Pbx Connection is displayed wrong

    If the Pbx name and the configuration of the master Pbx in the connector match the entire length of the Pbx name, it is displayed in green, even if the configuration is incorrect.

    158043 - IP29: remove ETH1 from Advanced GUI

    The IP29 has not physical ETH1 interface and thus this is better not shown as a configurable interface.

    158042 - IP6000: increase LLDP power request

    Some switches do not provide more power than requested and thus a device may not boot completely. Now 13 W are requested.

    158004 - JS SDK: Memory optimization for callbacks

    Callback functions passed to the JavaScript Runtime left a small amount of memory after the callback was deleted.

    159313 - myApps iOS: Fixed missing audio if mobile data provided only IPv6 addresses.

    159306 - myApps Windows/macOS: Could not accept call with headset button if no ringtone was set.

    159666 - myApps Windows: Fixed a state where myApps crashed on start and thus didn't open.

    156964 - PBX Trunk: Set UUI to internal calling number if the number was replaced by an external number

    159310 - PBX: Add QR codes for downloading myApps smartphone apps

    We added pictures containing a QR code that can be used for downloading the mobile app for the version of the PBX.

    The corresponding URLs are:

    • <a href="https://<host>/PBX0/APPCLIENT/myapps_qr_android.png" target="_blank">https://<host>/PBX0/APPCLIENT/myapps_qr_android.png</a>
    • <a href="https://<host>/PBX0/APPCLIENT/myapps_qr_ios_macos.png" target="_blank">https://<host>/PBX0/APPCLIENT/myapps_qr_ios_macos.png</a>

    158223 - phone: USB headsets - support Yealink UH34, UH36, UH37, UH38

    support for wired yealink headset models 

    154736 - phone: USB headsets - support Yealink WH62, WH63, WDD60, WH66, WH67, BH71, BH72, BH76, BT51

    Support Yealink DECT and Bluetooth headsets

    159296 - Phones: Images from some Webcams not displayed

    Images from some Webcams not displayed, if download size of image frame exceeds 0,5MB.

    Allow up to 2MB download size per frame.

    159614 - Readd Devices Tab in IP16x

    157816 - Reporting: LDAP resolution not used if e164 in setup and alert events differ

    159311 - Reverse Media with softphone strange media negotiation

    159724 - SIP: Fix for missing DNS refresh on interfaces without registration

    Interfaces without registration did not refresh DNS information.

    Now DNS information is checked on every outgoing call. If stale a new DNS query is performed.

    158116 - SIP: SDP answer must have same media-descriptions as offer

    SDP answer must have same media-descriptions as offer.

    ​The m-line's proto field must be equal in offer and answer.


    158984 - Softphone-App: Calls handing after cancelled by RCC

    Outbound call hanging in released state in Softphone-App after cancelled in RCC-App.

    159581 - Softphone-App: Fix for disabled (grayed) connect-button

    In some cases the connect-button remained in disabled state (grayed not clickable).

    ​May happen on a collision of local call-connect and remote call-cancel.

    159323 - Softphone: Sometimes facility like name updates got lost

    Depending on timing, when updates where sent during connetion establishment

    157314 - Store lookup name in database when e164 from alert-to and lookup are equal

    Before when parsing CDRs the e164 attribute of "setup-from" and "lookup" tags were compared before the looked up name was stored in the database as remote_dn. These values may be different (with or withour national prefix). What instead should be verified is the e164 of the "conn-from", "alert-to"... with the "lookup" e164 attribute.

    <a href="<a href="" target="_blank"></a>" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></a>

    160575 - TechAssist: Add test for v12 Push Concept

    157796 - TechAssist: Date display in tests shifted by 1 month

    160524 - TechAssist: Websocket chunk reassamble failed

    13r3 Service Release 14 (137941)

    161007 - #160633 - Fix crash when a to old recordings request is removed from the queue (list)

    When recordings asks for the call meta data and recordings doesn't find these datas the reordings app tries for 8 hours before deleting the request. This caused a crash and is now fixed

    160412 - App Contacts: Adding to Global Directory Not Working

    160633 - Fix crash when old recordings requests are removed

    Recordings make request to the reporting app in order to find the meta data for a recorded call. These requests are stored in a list and processed one after another. In very rare cases, when a request was not processed for over 8 hours that request is removed from the list. This caused a crash and is fixed now. 

    162137 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: New Try if subscription request is send but no response is received

    161505 - myApps Android/iOS/macOS: Use a distinct Web Server TCP Ports to avoid collision if different myApps versions are simultaneously used

    Please note that after the update the user needs to enter the server name and to re-login to myApps once again.

    160865 - myApps: fixed missing audio in call flows where a new call was accepted while busy tone of a previous call still played

    160520 - Phone-App: Could not create favorite with identical names

    Could not add a new favorite with a display name identical ot an already existing favorite.

    161625 - recordings app: call info pdf shows the creation date of the wave file instead of the call

    159179 - recordings: check reportings for unobtained cdr

    when the link between recordings and reporting is broken, the recordings are stored without the metadata. when the link comes up again while recordings is still running this info is retrieved. If recordings is restarted the missing info is never retrieved

    161224 - SIP: Close unused TCP connections

    Close TCP connection when registering at a different server. Keep the number of TCP connections low.

    160381 - SIP: Fix for sporadic registration problems on SIP trunk (e.g. Telekom)

    Fix for sporadic registration problems on SIP trunk (e.g. Telekom).

    160866 - Softphone-App: Phone number not displayed in history panel

    Sometimes the phone number is not displayed in history panel.

    Only happens on entries where the display-name is retrieved from local Outlook directory.

    13r3 Service Release 15 (137958)

    163045 - AP Manager: Fix hanging session when a service fails to start on upload

    162931 - App Contacts: mt:StatisticsResult Failed on Import

    After an Import, the number of entries within the database didn't show up anymore.

    163247 - App Fax: DB error with latest SQL-DB version

    There is a DB error with the latest PostgreSQL version. This occurs during sending a mail by the service and is fixed now.

    162999 - App Fax: PBX Manager Plugin External Resources

    The existing external resources are not completly available in the selection. This is fixed now.

    163164 - App Platform Manager: check shared library existence on App installation

    To prevent uploading of Apps which are linked to libraries which do not exist on the system, the manager now checks all linked shared libraries before the install.

    163123 - App Platform Manager: fixed App compatibility checks in the App Store

    163832 - App Platform Manager: fixed backup download in native clients

    The backup download was not started in native clients.

    162904 - App Platform Manager: fixed database reconnect if database server isn't available longer than 9s

    The reconnect mechanism was broken if the database server was not available longer than 9s as another timeout interrupted the mechanism.

    162902 - App Platform Manager: preparation for PostgreSQL 16 compatibility

    PostgreSQL 16 changed the way how to switch from standby to primary mode on a replication server.

    ​This change ensures compatibility with both PostgreSQL 14 and 16.

    163046 - App Profile: Do not allow to enter an empty privacy filter

    162112 - App Switchboard: Contacts with SIP cannot be added to the BLF

    159470 - App Switchboard: Disable autostart softphone

    By default the softphone is autostarted if the device is selected on the hamburger menu. A new setting stored on the browser can disable the autostart.

    161508 - App Switchboard: When a call is rejected with "User busy" it could not be removed from the UI with disconnect

    If a call is rejected with "User busy", then it could not be removed from the UI when the agent clicks on the disconnect button.

    162839 - App Switchboard: With "Operator connect for SOAP" selected connected calls where not removed from the Queues section

    If "Operator connect for SOAP" was selected on the WQ configuration, the calls were not removed from the "In the waiting queue" container because the "CallInfo" message with delete is not sent if the call is connected by another agent.

    162771 - App Working Manager: Target monthly hours wrong with non-integer values

    If the daily target hours values are a non-interger, the target monthly hours values are wrong.

    162236 - App Yealink: Provisioning user changes not shown on UI

    When the provisioning user/password were edited on the hamburger menu the old value was displayed on the input field after saving the changes.

    133796 - Connector for kuando: MacOS green default light not working

    165956 - Connector for kuando: Prevent startup in linux launcher

    162934 - Firmware OAuth2: support custom https port

    The redirect URI didn't contain a non standard https port.

    162619 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Long Pbx calls could not be synchronized to teams over the time

    PBX calls which are longer than 15 minutes could not synchronized with teams over the time. The first 10 minutes Teams will show you InACall but after that it can happen that teams show you the last presence which was configured.

    162138 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: New Try if License Check gets no response from PBX

    162249 - IPxx11: modify linux kernel upload for 6.x.x kernels

    the compressed linux kernel is now loaded to a higher address in linux RAM area. This speeds up  kernel start a little bit because the kernel must not shift itself to a higher address before uncompress .


    163151 - IPxx11: Tracing must not be stopped after a reboot command

    After a reset triggered by a reboot command tracing was stopped and the real reset reason had to be discovered in the trace text.

    ​Now tracing is not stopped anymore and the reset reason is explicitely noted:

    reset-source=WATCHDOG(2) triggered by reboot command

    164455 - myApps Android/iOS: Waiting queue information was not shown on incoming calls.

    164275 - myApps Windows: prevent crash if http client connection during update download closes unexpectedly

    164270 - PBX empty filter overwriting template could get lost

    e.g. by myApps Login/Logout

    164271 - PBX Exec: Call from extern could call directly if secretary had CFU to extern

    163061 - PBX SOAP messages potentially broken

    164269 - PBX Waiting: A user with disabled mobility should be regarded unregistered

    161969 - PBX: For CFx configuration 32 numbers to filter for should be possible

    All CF configured disappeared from UI if more then between 10 or 20 numbers were entered

    164268 - PBX: Wrong handling of reroute loop

    The rerouting call should be disconnected, not the calling. Result is the same except, if the call was sent to multiple destinations

    165335 - Push: Exponential backoff for connection retry

    from 10s to 42min

    162203 - SIP: Wrong ACK message was sent

    ​Outbound INVITE without SDP:

    When receiving a re-transmission of 200/OK an ACK without SDP was sent in some cases.

    161788 - Softphone-App: Do not allow to answer incoming call while initiating an outbound call

    Do not allow to answer incoming call while initiating an outbound call

    161624 - Softphone-App: Ringback tone stops if inbound call is received

    Ringback tone of outbound call stops if another inbound call is received.

    157469 - TechAssist: Add test for detecting user objects with duplicated CFx

    161178 - TechAssist: Add test if Linux is enabled but not used

    The test checks if the App-Platform support is enabled but not installed to prevent unnecessary memory usage

    163001 - Techassist: License Overview - Allow "all" items on one page

    161177 - Techassist: New Test: Active Alarms

    161181 - Techassist: New Test: Calls in disconnecting state

    161167 - Techassist: New Test: Invalid Recording CDR configuration

    161174 - Techassist: New Test: IP29-20 - Missing PoE+ Power Input

    161173 - Techassist: New Test: PoE+ Power Input

    149299 - Techassist: Test: VM Object as App in User config

    164530 - TechAssist: XML Parser not work on self closing closing tags without childs

    It happens for example if WH2/WiFi Phones in the PBX registration are parsed.

    13r3 Service Release 16 (137962)

    164561 - App Files: Announcements paths do not begin with https

    165294 - App Platform Manager: Fix crash when registering a domain with empty SMTP configuration

    167009 - CDR missing for call to User without registration but Push config

    168991 - Chat: Paste of link from Edge did not work

    168887 - Do not adjust CGPN according to node prefixes

    Collateral damage from 151026 - PBX: Use Node prefixes to adjust called party number

    167005 - Fast Renegotiations one after the other could fail

    Happend on transfer to a conference

    167160 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: App is crashing if Microsoft sends empty activities

    163566 - IP-DECT: Lower user rights for adding unassigned handsets

    Now, all user admin rights except of cf group only are accepted for adding unassigned handsets to the system. Previously, the user admin right full was necessary.

    168479 - IP1x2 USB Headsets: support Yealink BTD51, Jabra Link 390

    These bluetooth dongles require special handling when directly connected to the root port of a IP1x2 phone. On phones with a HUB (IP2x2, IP222A) this is done in the HUB.

    167520 - IP240A: trap with pickup key and braodcast group

    In a special constellation of pickup key and call braadcast group a trap happened when the phone received and accepted  a call via the broadcast group and another call to the  the broadcast group  was indicated to the phone.

    167161 - IPxx11: Trap when starting LinuxApplication Platform V10

    The Linux V4 kernels did not start and this resulted in a trap. This is fixed now.

    165943 - IPxx13: limit time to wait for start of secondary CPUs

    A watchdog assertion was raised when the start of  secondary CPU  failed. Now an error is logged when the  CPU did not start within 5 seconds

    165042 - IPxx13: prevent trap when reading crash dumps from flash

    The IPxx13 stores up to 5 trap dumps which can be read by "!mod cmd CPU crash-load [/resolve-names][dump-number]" .  "/resolve-names" requests resolving of event and object names  for dumps created by the currently running firmware.

    In rare cases this may trap and thus it isn't done by default anymore.

    163953 - IPxx13: Tracing must not be stopped after a reboot command

    When an IPxx13  was restarted after a reboot command tracing was stopped. 

     ​Now the reboot command is handled like a normal reset command, trace is started and the last line of a trace taken shows:  

    reset-source=WATCHDOG(2)   triggered by reboot command

    161230 - myApps for Windows: Chromium update 121.0.6167.75

    168993 - myApps for Windows: start webcam while it is being stopped may lead to a lock

    166614 - myApps Windows: allow longer titles in certain notifications

    E.g. missed call notifications can now have titles with up to 3 lines which allows longer display names of the caller.

    163952 - Phone USB Headsets: additional Product ID for Jabra Link 400

    For the  Jabra Link 400 USB Dect Dongle an alternative  product ID was  reported. The ID is added to the whitelist now. 

    168485 - phone USB Headsets: support Jabra EVOLVE2 40 SE

    add support for the Jabra Evolve2 40 SE Mono & Stereo headsets

    166651 - Phone USB Headsets: additional Product ID 1136 for Jabra Link 400

    The third product ID for the Jabra Link 400 dongle seen in the field is added to the whitelist. No functional changes required.

    167924 - Phone USB Headsets: support EPOS IMPACT 760T , IMPACT 860T

    add support for the EPOS IMPACT 760T & 860T headsets

    167983 - Phone-App: Show "Presence with Alert"

    167632 - Reverse-Proxy: Add Via header to outbound ACK (SIP)

    Reverse-Proxy must add Via header also to ACK message as for any other outbound requests.

    164336 - Search API (Users Service): Wrong extension if search string contains more than 3 words

    The query when the search string contains more than 2 words was different to the ones applied when the search string contained only 1 or 2 words.

    166507 - Signaling: call cannot be terminated with the headset during busy tone

    165044 - Signaling: presence from teams or calendar was sometimes ignored

    168480 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Backbone_Solutions_AG-sipcall_SIP_Trunk

    - Update SIP Profile

    167001 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-CompanyFlex_TLS

    Update SIP Profile - Add CDPN-Out map for 11xx short numbers.

    163967 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-Sewan-Trunk_SIP

    - New SIP Profile for ES-Sewan-Trunk_SIP

    166163 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-KONVERTO-SIP_Trunk

    New SIP Profile

    167809 - SIP: Fix for out of memory condition

    Unexpected restart (Out Of Memory) due to inbound INVITE transactions accumulated over time.

    167316 - SIP: Fix for registration problem

    Fix for registration problem when switching between primary and secondary server. Esp. when receiving 301 redirect response from server.

    161574 - SIP: New advanced option /installed-certificate

    New interop-tweak /installed-certificate

    C​an be used to use user-installed certificate for TLS.

    167026 - SIP: Support for P-RTP-Stat header

    Read P-RTP-Stat header from BYE request.

    167002 - Softphone-App: Longer timeout on directory search

    Do not cancel directory search after 2,5 seconds.

    ​Display spinner while search is ongoing.

    167978 - Web1: New library for parsing presence notes

    Location: web1/presence/innovaphone.presence.js
    The library can be used to generate a translated string for a (calendar) presence containing hashtags.

    13r3 Service Release 17

    170226 - add 'debug' option to 'mem' and 'buf' command

    the mem/buf commans without any option returned the current memory/buffer statistics to caller and wrote them also to the trace buffer. Now writing to the debug buffer must be explicitely requested with the debug option, i.e. !mem debug  must be used instead of  !mem.    

    169533 - App Platform Manager: fixed replication fallback in certain scenarios

    A replication fallback from standby to non standby mode might not have worked in some cases (not clear how these cases where triggered at all).

    168886 - App Profile: An empty privacy filter should delete it from the PBX

    If the user edits the name of the privacy filter and saves it empty, it should be removed from the PBX.

    168923 - App Profile: Crash if TestFilter (PbxAdminApi) was sent when the connection was broken

    If the app is restarting and the PBX connection is broken, TestFilter should not be sent, otherwise a  Segmentation fault will crash the app service.

    168888 - App Switchboard: Added "tel:" to the callback email

    171002 - App Voicemail: Avoid encoded slashes in the audio url

    Now it will be only user and filename url-encoded to avoid some firewall issues.

    171860 - IPVA: option to limit size of virtual flash disk

    By default the size of virtual flash memory is derived from the size of the associated virtual hard disk up to a maximum of 512 MB . 

    With !config add CPU /smallflash the maximum size of the virtual flash memory is defined as follows: 64 MB for DRAM > 265  MB, 32 MB otherwise .

    170720 - myApps Android/iOS: on incoming call the remote number of a PBX local peer was sometimes shown in international format instead of extension only

    170886 - myAppsOutlookSearch: Better Thread Handling to avoid traps by searching users

    168974 - PBX: Potential unexpected restart because of access to invalid object

    171933 - Phone USB Headsets: support Yealink WH66 and WH67 DECT stations

    support the Yealink DECT stations WH66 and WH67

    169776 - Phones: Do-Not-Disturb did not work on background users

    Presence dependent DND only worked for the foreground user.

    ​Presence of background users was not monitored.

    168939 - Push for chat could contain HTML entities

    Something like &nbsp;

    167018 - RCC 32bit handles instead of 16bit

    Under some special conditions we could run out of handles and this can cause a restart

    168994 - Restructure HID driver

    Internal code change, no new functionality.

    171554 - Signaling: null wrongly removed after 992 country code

    Country code 992 from Tajikistan allows telephone numbers with a null after the country code.


    171938 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

    SDP with too many m-lines causes crash.

    168301 - SIP: Sometimes no RTP was sent

    No RTP was sent if SDP offer was received where SAVP contains a zero-port.

    170692 - Softphone-App: Fix for search spinner

    Search spinner introduced with fix #167002 could be stuck on display when search input field was cleared during search.

    171885 - Softphone-App: Normalize phone number when activating call diversion

    Remove decorations otherwise decorated numbers would be handled as names.

    13r3 Service Release 18

    172306 - App Platform Manager: Fix potential buffer overflow when requesting pbx plugins

    171245 - myApps for Windows: missed notification not shown if call waiting is deactivated

    13r3, 14r1 and 14r2

    ​After Beta3 and SRs

    172957 - PBX-Trunk: Config option to suppress call-completion requests sent out to provider

    172778 - phone USB headsets: adjust silence samples provided by headset microphone

    Unusual samples sent by some headsets in case of silence result in slight noise at the receiver.

    ​These samples are replaced now.

    172898 - Service licenses on global app objects were counted for each PBX

    172311 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-NetCologne-SIP_Premium

    Profile Update

    Main improvements in 13r3

    124819 - App Calendar: Presence mapping

    Presence can be mapped to an other value (e. G. out of office to free)

    136202 - App Calendar: Priotization of appointments based on title

    For presence mapping, appointments in the calendar can be priortized based on words occurring in the title.

    122826 - App Contacts: Personal Directories and Edit Functionality

    Users can maintain personal directories for contact entries.

    Contacts are editable: add, modify, delete.

    Visibility of directories is administratable to be globally visible or visible only to specific users or groups.

    124582 - App Devices: new expert configuration

    The expert configuration allows to configure an update script.

    More information can be found here:


    131355 - App Fax improvements

    There are new features for the innovaphone App Fax:

    • Node support:

    PBX fax objects can be in nodes and the user's node number is included.

    • Fax resource of other objects:

    Other PBX fax objects can provide the registered fax resource to other fax objects.

    • Transmission report:

    A notification or a transmission report in PDF is sent by mail for a successfully transmitted document.

    • Error notifications:

    If a document can not be sent, a notification is sent by mail.

    • Translated email texts:

    The email texts are translated to the user's language.

    • Customized email texts with variables:

    The configured email texts can include variables which are substituted with document information.

    • All fax object registrations:

    All fax object registrations are used as fax resource. If one is used and no channel is available, the next registration is tried.

    • Automatic deletion:
    Fax documents can be deleted by the app service after a configured time.

    • Number decorations:
    Number decorations in the search field inserted by users or in found contact numbers by search providers are removed.

    131219 - App focus in myApps

    With the "app focus" you can make any app your default view.

    • The app will be shown automatically when starting myApps.
    • Closing any other app will return to the focus app.
    • The header of the focus app contains your own presence, like on the home screen.


    • There is a new "focus area" in the start bar of myApps. Drag the icon of a running app into the focus area to bring it into focus. Drag it out again to return to the normal behaviour.
    • In the hamburger menu of myApps you can disable the app focus function if you don't need it.

    119721 - App Platform replication

    • One or multiple standby servers can be configured for a primary server.
    • Standby servers are just readonly.
    • Just the same system architecture can be used for replication (e.g. arm/arm, x86_64/x86_64 etc.)
    • The failover must be triggered manually. There is no automatic failover mechanism.

    119885 - App Store: new configurations for apps and download site

    Now it is possible to configure on the apps:

    • descriptions with translatios for the app service
    • the list of available apps with descriptions and translations
    • requirements to run the app service with translations
    • do not allow to edit cascaded apps (only editable from the source store)

    These new informations are also available on the download site.

    The footer links on the download site can be also now configured on the app hamburger menu.

    124826 - Badge count on Conference App

    The icon of the app shows a badge count indicating the number of participants.

    134957 - Better support for third party phones

    • Recommended configuration with media relay
    • Optional support of TURN
    • No ICE/DTLS required from phone


    119787 - Call forwardings depending on myApps online state

    Call forwardings can now be configured depending on the myApps online state.

    The feature can be switched on or off by the user in the Profile app.

    120182 - Conference Web Access

    Now it is possible to generate an access link in the conference app. An external person can take part in a conference call with this link with a supported browser.
    A conference room can be generally accessed  or a terminable meeting link for a temporary room can be created.

    A STUN/TURN server must be available and the firewall of the client must allow the conntection to use this feature.

    156477 - Connector for kuando: MacOS version error in config

    119724 - Meeting invitations

    A conference web access link can be generated in the conference app for a terminable meeting in an extra conference room. This temporary room is also accessable by the generated SIP address.

    135942 - myApps and Softphone redundancy

    A failover mechanism for standby cases has been added to myApps.

    Details: Reference13r3:Concept_myApps_Redundancy

    A similiar failover mechanism has been added for Softphone registrations. Additionally we added support for the physical location.

    Details: Reference13r3:Concept_Softphone_Redundancy

    120420 - myApps Android: Added Video App Sharing

    App Sharing support for Android smartphones and tablets.

    134101 - myApps: Windows authentication using OAuth2

    myApps users can now sign-in using OAuth2 / OpenID Connect. We support Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) as an ID provider.
    Details: Reference13r3:Concept_OAuth2_Windows_Authentication

    121845 - New App: Connector for kuando®

    With the app, your current line state will be synced from 3rd party platforms (MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex, ...) to innovaphone. Furthermore, you can connect a USB Busylight to show colleagues in your vicinity or in the family's home office whether you are currently available or busy. 

    Details: Reference13r3:Concept_App_Service_Connector_for_kuando®

    131887 - New App: innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365

    • The innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365 synchronises the Teams presence and call status of Teams users with the innovaphone PBX.
    • Details: Reference13r3:Concept_App_Service_Connector_for_Microsoft_365

    120102 - New config option "Hide own number"

    Can be found in Softphone-App's config screen.

    If enabled calls are initiated with CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restricted).

    127109 - Pin apps to myApps main window

    We added the possibility for the user to pin apps to the main main window of myApps.

    • Pinned apps are started automatically by the myApps client.
    • They are always running and can't be closed.
    • The setting is stored per-client per-user. So users can pin different apps on different instances.

    124827 - Search for conference rooms

    The conference object now comes with a search provider for conference rooms. It can be used to search for rooms by name in other apps like phone and softphone.

    134114 - Softphone Recording

    The new Softphone App in combination with the launcher (windows,android,macos,ios) is now capable of audio recording. Within the app you can choose between:

    • Recording is by default on/off - if you want to record all calls as soon as you start them or not.
    • Record external calls only - if you only want to record external calls only

    Independent of these default settings the user can manually turn on/off the recording during the call (if the admin sets the appropriate permissions) with a new switch inside of the media panel. 

    The administrator can also set the default settings inside of the PBX and can decide if the user should be able to change them or not.

    Furthermore the recordings app was improved. It is now possible to download the audio file as well as a PDF file containing the call flow.

    122059 - Softphone2 and Multi-Video-UI

    The Softphone App in 13r1 or 13r2 versions was implemented in Javascript and ran entirely on the browsers. That means a running UI was needed to establish a connection to the PBX and to start and receive calls.

    A new C++ signaling module has been developed in 13r3 for the native clients which establishes the registration to the PBX and handles signaling messages for the calls. Main advantages of this solution:

    • Calls are signaled to the user even if the UI is not opened (important in mobile environment to present the call faster to the user)
    • Calls are not terminated if the UI is closed (important in Teams environments)

    A general rework of the Sofphone UI was also done to support Multi-Video UI like in the Conference Web Access environment.

    And some features presented in the old myPBX or deskphones will be available in the new Softphone2.

    118458 - Support for TLS 1.3

    All boxes now support TLS 1.3.

    134537 - TEXT-Interface

    A new Interface for the transcription of audio to text

    Other improvements in 13r3

    131351 - add counter of frames received in ethernet driver

    To see which of the frames counted in hardware are really passed to the driver the "Rx Frame Total" counter is added 

    122472 - Added !mem info pbx_appclient_presence

    For internal debugging purposes.

    125990 - Added legal info for new buildroot 2022.02

    119439 - Added readonly TaskInitConfig for Config library

    This is needed for apps in standby operation, when the database is readonly.

    128801 - Admin account could get corrupted when uploading config

    127796 - AP Manager App Store: Allow to search for apps by manufacturer name

    120362 - AP Manager App Store: Fix installed apps display

    When an app is installed, it should be displayed under the right manufacturer section

    119491 - AP Manager/App Devices: prevent endless loop on parsing incomplete JSON array item

    If the first found array item is directly incomplete, the decoding buffer is too small.

    124595 - AP Manager: Add platform architecture to app compatibility check

    • Check platform architecture along side release and image version.

    123141 - AP Manager: Add progress callback for stopped statistics

    • Wait for the statistics tasks to stop to avoid an illegal delete on Service/Instance stop.
    • Relevant for service/instance statistics

    121719 - AP Manager: added src to UploadAppRequestResult answer

    131207 - AP Manager: check SMTP server value before sending mails

    Otherwise an empty server might lead to a crash.

    119270 - AP Manager: create alarm/events on vacuumdb/backup failures

    If vacuumdb fails, an alarm is now raised, as this may indicate database corruption.

    If a scheduled database backup fails, an event is sent, as this may also indicate database corruption (or HTTP server is unavailable etc.)

    121098 - AP Manager: do not crash if an empty file is uploaded as app service binary

    120957 - AP Manager: do not send update messages while sessions are not yet authenticated

    The AP Manager sends update messages over sessions and these were sometimes sent during the App Websocket authentication handshake which caused a connection close.

    122636 - AP Manager: Dynamic creation of temp file/working folder of an instance

    • Not saved in database anymore

    124651 - AP Manager: fix database enum/function ownership of restored backups

    The ownership of enums and functions was wrong (postgres) after a restore of an instance.

    The ownership is now fixed on first startup of the AP Manager once and during the restore process too.

    123855 - AP Manager: fixed possible traps in ramdisk and if database connection is down

    Most GET/POST/WEBSOCKET requests must be cancelled within Ramdisk and if there is no database connection, otherwise a trap may happen.

    111762 - AP Manager: fixed rare trap on restore of a backup

    120317 - AP Manager: new configuration "Default URL"

    Possibility to configure a default URL to which the webserver redirects if just IP/DNS of AP are used.

    120670 - AP Manager: omit empty DNS/NTP servers in config files

    120195 - AP Manager: shutdown system completely on ARM64

    An IPx13 gateway itself recognizes such a shutdown and can stop the CPU in this case.

    114500 - AP Manager: write app service information to trace files

    A downloaded trace file now contains version, uptime etc. of the app service.

    The archive with all trace files contains a file apps.txt inside /var/log/apps with this information with all app services.

    114215 - AP Webserver: fixed handling of socket shutdown from peer (e.g. needed for syslog usage)

    A peer socket shutdown ran into TCP timeout until this change, as it wasn't notified.

    121169 - Apimonitor: Font did not load through AppProxy

    118689 - App Contacts: Company Name with Plus,Ampersand Character weren't searchable

    Characters '+', '&' shouldn't be treated as stop-characters when parsing a company name.

    118278 - App Contacts: Considering 'Company' for 'CN'-Synthesis

    Attribute 'cn' is going to be auto-synthesized from 'sn', 'givenName', 'company' (new)

    118737 - App Contacts: Normalization of Area Code failed

    A function to remove a surplus '0' from an area code didn't work properly.

    114914 - App Contacts: Share by Email, Indenting by ": <space>"

    was by <tabulator>

    117782 - App Devices/Install: DTLS-SDES is new SRTP key exchange default

    112289 - App Devices: added possibility to un-/check all categories at once

    119098 - App Devices: added support for "No physical location" flag in FXS and PHONE configurations

    The flag "no physical location" can now be used in FXS and PHONE configurations.

    126111 - App Devices: fixed possible crash during shutdown of the App

    If a rental update is canceled by a shutdown, the Devices App might have crashed.

    119657 - App Devices: open AP Managers with language argument

    To have the client language inside AP Managers opened through Devices too.

    117327 - App Devices: prepare for app stores with many apps when requesting apps

    The response message on querying an app store is now split into multiple messages to support app stores with a larger amount of apps.

    112282 - App Devices: retry update jobs with failed updates

    An update job is now retried twice if updates failed.

    The retry is done 10 minutes after the update job finished previously.

    101576 - App Devices: show conflicting device configuration on overlapping categories in error message

    The error message on such a conflict now contains the description and category of the conflicting device configuration.

    110775 - App Devices: show count of unassigned devices in domains tab

    102835 - App Devices: update job checkmark to disable myApps launcher update

    118042 - App Devices: websocket message RemoveDevice now requires domainId property

    This ensures that a device can be just removed from a domain where the current websocket session has access to.

    125242 - App Events: possibility to show raw XML data of events

    Sometimes the XML contains more data than shown. This adds the possibility to show the whole XML.

    119380 - App Profile: Crash if domain was not sent on ReadUser

    The Users Service crashed when a ReadUser JSON was sent without the domain parameter.

    119354 - App Profile: Email address can be modified on websocket message even when it is not allowed on the UI

    The email in the Profile App can be changed by directly modifying the WebSockets communication, although this action cannot be carried out in the interface.

    121440 - App Reporting: added combined index to speed up missed calls queries etc.

    115522 - App Reporting: speed up reporting query

    Changed the query to be faster under certain conditions (which are unclear).

    117783 - App Store App: Read-only fields for 3rd party apps

    When an app has been cascacaded from another source App Store (3rd-party app) the data fields are read only. So it can only be modified from the source App Store and it will be updated when a new version is updated.

    117738 - App Store: Added requirements field to the apps

    The requirements text field has been added for the apps. This can also be translated like the descriptions and obtained with .../download?requirement=appid&lang=en

    Also a boolean "requirement" has been added to the JSON to indicate if requirements have been set.

    110136 - App Store: Allow to edit the devices array on linux.json

    Until how the devices array was not editable. When adding a new App Platform we need to be able to change it on the UI.

    120026 - App Store: App binaries should also be found if the name is not the one defined on the app object

    If the manual upload was used, the binary name could be anything. The id_files files file is generated automatically but by default on the UI the content of this file was not checked and the binary name defined on the app object was the one that was looked for on the DB.

    116832 - App Store: Changes on release/build/label labels

    Now the given labels have been updated:

    Release -> Major release version

    Build -> Build number

    Label -> Release state

    Also when adding a new app a preview of the version is displayed. For example: 

    13r3 136001 [dvl]

    123177 - App Store: Cross-origin error when updating 3rd-party apps descriptions

    117350 - App Store: Display descriptions translations

    Now translations for the descriptions of the apps and the app service can be configured on the App Store. They must be displayed already translated on the app and the download page. English is the default language.

    116751 - App Store: Display the right terms and conditions URL depending on the language

    Now the Terms and confitions URL for the innovaphone apps changes depending on the language.

    118644 - App Store: Download ZIP package not finishing

    DB error due to the last changes to add the requirement field.

    118643 - App Store: fixed sporadic crashes on file upload

    When uploading a file to the DB, HTTPClientRecvCanceled was being called where a buffer was freed, which was part of the received buffer. This generated an double free of the received buffer on HTTPClientShutdown.

    120958 - App Store: Store the allapps, allfirmware, allsoftware and alllinux jsons on DB

    To reduce load and open the download site faster, the JSON with all the versions is stored on the DB so it is not generated dynamically anymore but just updated whenever there are any changes (as it is done for example with apps.json).

    118841 - App Store: Wrong sorting of App Platform versions on download page

    The newest version should be first.

    136528 - App Switchboard: Add title to BLF undocked window

    The URL was displayed insted of a title. Now "Switchboard BLF" is displayed.

    115933 - App Switchboard: Allow to expand user details on BLF and Favorites

    Now the popup to expand the user details can be also displayed for BLF users and phone favorites.

    115477 - App Switchboard: Allow to transfer a call to searched results and favorites with drag&drop

    Dragging a call from the calls container and dropping it over a phone favorite and a searched user, transfers the call to the given user. Same logic as with the users in the BLF.

    131925 - App Switchboard: BLF groups not sorted right with drag & drop

    The dragged and dropped over groups were switching the order instead of inserting de group after it.

    124267 - App Switchboard: BLF problems with usernames with comma

    When a username contains a comma, the user may be displayed wrong on the BLF. Now the information of the BLF users is stored URI encoded on the DB.

    116338 - App Switchboard: Display info if the call is released because the user is busy

    An error message is displayed and the call is removed from the UI only when the user clicks on disconnect.

    119503 - App Switchboard: DN should be displayed on calls instead of CN

    117250 - App Switchboard: Expand user details was not possible with small icons

    133680 - App Switchboard: Logging in/out of a WQ many times, displayed duplicated calls

    If an user logs in and out of a WQ several times, then a single WQ call is displayed many times. This is because the UserInitialize message has been sent everytime the groups configuration changes.

    131293 - App Switchboard: Only shows the last redirection information

    The information displayed should be the same as on the phone app. leg2orig was being ignored by the app.

    131092 - App Switchboard: Remove localAPI from Impersonation to allow Session Multiplexing

    The localAPI must be removed so that the Session Multiplexing works again on 13r3 Switchboard. Now a new --innovaphone-impersonation JSON API is used to manage the favorites monitoring instead of using the general --innovaphone-queues.

    127269 - App Switchboard: Results from Contacts didn't match

    The UI display could fail for Busy lamp field field entries originating from App Contacts. 

    #changed innovaphone-switchboard-prototypes.js

    122728 - App Users/Search API: Deliver the relative number with escapes

    Until now on App Users and on the Search API only the extension was delivered. This cannot be used to call if the logged in user and the delivered user are not on the same node. Now the relative number with escapes is delivered and can be used to directly start a call.

    128833 - App Users: Added support for multiple provisioning provider

    The Users Admin App and Profile App supports now multiple provisioning provider.

    114634 - App Users: On small windows, SIP and email are cutted even having enough space

    114643 - App Users: Password Reset - Phishing attack protection

    - Set a random key for every password reset try. If when clicking on the email link this key does not match with the one on the DB the password will not be changed.

    - The loc parameter to redirect to the confirm page is not sent anymore with the email. It will be managed inside the app service.

    - The new password is saved on a new DB column and will only replace the old one when the link is clicked. So the new password will not be sent with the email.

    - As the key and the new password are deleted from the DB when the link is clicked, if the user clicks twice then nothing will happen.

    136556 - App UsersAdmin: Add dn to XML export

    124398 - App UsersAdmin: Add dn to XML import

    It was missing from the list of parsed parameters.

    131189 - App UsersAdmin: Add extension to the provisioning CSV export file

    When replacing old telecommunications systems, only the extension number is displayed on the terminals. In order to improve the rollout of the Innovaphone devices, the phone number has been added on the CSV provisioning export file, so it will include: provisioning code, username, cn and extension.

    118006 - App UsersAdmin: Add hint when provisioning a Yealink phone

    Added a label next to the input field to show that the MAC must be entered there.

    119462 - App UsersAdmin: Add media relay and single reg. flags on devices

    130657 - App UsersAdmin: App Service crash with wrong CSV file

    A CSV import file with the wrong format may crash de app service. The import tried to add an empty user to the DB and the service crashed during the replication.

    131871 - App UsersAdmin: Import CSV was ignoring device/name

    So the name of the device was not added.

    121325 - App UsersAdmin: Provisioning with many PBXs, nodes or templates is not user friendly

    When provisioning on UsersAdmin if there are many many PBXs, Nodes or Config Templates the menu to filter users was not very user-friendly. 

    - Add scrollbar to the filters list

    - Sort the items alphabetically

    - Add searchbar to the filters to look for a certain PBX, Node or Template

    117790 - App Voicemail: Date display is not sorted by date

    117346 - App Voicemail: cannot be unzipped

    117532 - App Yealink: Allow to define admin username and password

    If an admin username and password are set on the config tab, these will be added to the configuration file.

    118044 - App Yealink: Remove phone from Devices when deprovisioning

    133946 - Appclient: Add test-id's for automated testing

    Add test-id's to Appclient for automated testing.

    123099 - Apps/myApps Windows: fixed leaks in socket implementations if Recv is called while socket is already in shutdown state

    135074 - Apps: Fetch PBX manager sources always fresh from the PBX to match the app when it is started later on and updates itself.

    114642 - Avoid repeated ICE gathering

    PBX may restart the media-negotiation (e.g. when calling to a user with multiple devices). Results in short period of no-audio after connect.

    131908 - Calendar: Make new way to resolve names optional for compatibility reasons

    Allowes to use the impersonation user for name resolving (faster but depending on the configuration maybe throw an error), or the various user names the calendar can create with the information received from the PBX (possible slower).

    131910 - Calendar: Number of subscriptons per Connection can be defined

    124161 - Chat:Better handling of connection loss

    For example if the PC/Smartphone goes into deep sleep

    111650 - CONF: No video-only calls possible to busy interface/room

    This is fixed now.

    135250 - Conference-Web-Access: Fix for iPhone

    On Apple iPhones all video players automatically go to full-screen mode, if not forced to play inline.

    116085 - Conference-Web-Access: Videos after websocket reconnect

    Sometimes wrong videos displayed after re-entering conference room (after websocket got lost).

    127267 - Connector for kuando®: Implement Exponential Backoff

    127266 - Connector for kuando®: Implement SDK Autostart

    119540 - Contacts: ASSERTION triggered

    An ASSERTION triggered within LDAP handling

    LdapSession::Rx_LdapNotImplemented (this=this@entry=0x3321e9a0, op=op@entry=0x33208b70) at contacts/contacts_ldap.cpp:506

    119442 - Discard corrupt VARs

    The admin could create VARs with a name, which was longer then the used buffer. The check for this was insufficient.

    This is already fixed. But VARs created before this fix could lead to an unexpected restart. These VARs with a name, which is too long are now discarded.

    134562 - Display "JSON" as protocol in PBX calls view

    Display "JSON" as protocol in PBX calls view instead of "WebRTC".

    129368 - DNS resolution did round robin only between results of same precedence.

    124160 - Don't store Chat messages sent inside Media Calls

    Chat inside a media call is considert volatile, so it should not be stored. This is esspecially true for chats within a conference

    115697 - Emojis selection only if editor has focus

    Otherwise not clear where emojis are inserted

    119510 - Extend CF on precence by option to execute CFNR if offline

    Use myApps online status for this

    115919 - Firmware AP installation might trap on HTTP client request timeouts

    132285 - Firmware: fixed leak on too early TCP connections

    If a TCP connection was triggered too early after a reboot, the socket connect caused a leak.

    127751 - Firmware: In case of TURN and RTCP-Mux the RTCP packets were not correctly sent.

    118455 - Fix chunked decoding for Json data

    Is used at several places. SDK documentation updated to explain chunked decoding

    126706 - Fix for hold via RCC/SOAP

    "UserHold" and "UserRetrieve" via RCC-API or SOAP-API is handled in PBX.

    The controlled endpoint is not aware of that actions and goes out of sync.

    131816 - Fix for styling of innovaphone.ui1.Switch

    Arguments 'height' and 'width' expect strings (e.g. "15px"), not integer values.

    128799 - fix garbled error message in advanced UI IP4/ETHx/IP

    an arbitrary string could be displayed instead of an error message. 

    121208 - Fix small glitch on Edge browser (chromium)

    111776 - Fixed a crash with enabled logging in postgresql implementation with a race condition

    Could just happen with an active transaction and another user triggering a query and enabled database logging.

    113754 - Fixed delayed shutdown of TLS socket used for hanging GET request

    118779 - Fixed displayed numbers on several call-diversion scenarios with concentrator PBX

    New feature "No Prefix Number" for Gateway object.

    130534 - Fixed opening of Devices with URL arguments

    Devices ignored given URL arguments.

    114698 - Fixing button's tooltip

    Fixing tooltip text of call-buttons.

    122953 - Gateway: Set error log when rejecting call due to license issue

    If Gateway application rejects a call, an error log will be added now: "Missing channel license"

    Code 0x00010004

    117084 - Gateway: Support UUI's longer than 127 bytes

    UUI configured on a Gateway route is truncated to 127 bytes maximum.

    HTTP-URLs to app platform are often longer and do not work due to truncation.

    134717 - Give color to side-buttons

    Give accent color to side-buttons if they are active (panels are pulled).

    123397 - H.323 federation: Only SRV query for destination of call

    No A or AAAA query

    133947 - Handling of "ct_complete"

    Das Backend bekommt von der PBX ein "fty":[{"type":"ct_complete","remote":{"num":"00049703173009670"},"remote_name":""}]

    und muss das an das Frontend durchreichen.

    134150 - Hide Chat button if chat is not available

    If no provider of Chat-API can be found, the Chat button is not displayed on fav-items and recent-contacts.

    118456 - HTTP Client now supports read until connection closed for "Connection-Type: Close"

    120412 - HTTP server: Fixed a crash if the TCP connection broke at the instant of login credential check.

    134356 - ICE: Accept binding reponses without fingerprint

    The ice-lite implementation of Cisco CUBE sends BINDING_RESPONSE messages without the FINGERPRINT attribute, during connectivity checks.

    Our implementation checked the presence of the FINGERPRINT according to RFC8445 that tells "The fingerprint mechanism MUST be used for connectivity checks" and rejected those binding responses.

    After the fix, we accept binding responses without the FINGERPRINT attribute for compatibility reasons.

    133997 - Improve UI for very narrow display

    Down to 320 horizontal pixels.

    124848 - Include presentation restricted info in H.450 call-transfer messages

    119401 - Increase max. admin password length from 15 to 63

    133594 - Install: added option to enter public IP address of the firewall

    116616 - IP111/IP112: Audio not passing immediately because tones didn't stop before the first silence period elapsed

    130311 - IP222/IP232: Adapt equalizer for the changed handset receiver.

    130160 - IP29-20: start all TEL interfaces when PoE+ is indicated via LLDP

    The interfaces TEL9...TEL20 started only when PoE+ was detected by ethernet hardware at boot time. Now they are also started when PoE+ is indicated via LLDP later

    108307 - ip6013 - simplified set_level(), reduced irq backlog

    set GIC priority level directly in set_level(), an extra function call is not required. don't save hppir, contains no usable info.

    108933 - ip6013: support 2 ethernet ports on evaluation board

    to run IP6013 tests also on the LS1046AFRWY evaluation board both ethernet interfaces must work there

    108370 - ipxx11/ip29-20, ip2x2: set LLDP power request according to device type

    some switches don't provide enough power over ethernet when the power request is too low. 

    121323 - ipxx11: enable/disable use of neon operations in crypt functions

    use of neon operations can be enabled/disabled by setting  ARMV7_CRYPT to 1 or 0 in ip311.mak

    122007 - IPxx13 AppPlatform: stop Linux CPUs automatically on PSCI_SYSTEM_OFF indication

    On receipt of a "Shutdown" request the  AP-Manager terminates linux  with a "poweroff" command which finally triggers a PSCI_SYSTEM_OFF event.

    The host  CPU intercepts this event and stops the Linux CPUs.

    117698 - IPxx13: app_platform support for linux kernel 5.10.78

    the new kernel must be loaded at offset 0 and not at fixed offset 0x80000 from dram base

    118848 - IPxx13: prevent corruption of trace buffer

    reduce the probability of overriding of parts of the trace buffer by a firmware bug

    118702 - IPxx13: write trap info to serial port first

    a trap in _lock_linux() called by trap handler caused a trap loop without leaving back any usable info.

    Now trap info is printed to serial port first and _lock_linux() is called before saving the debug info in debug buffer.  when _lock_linux() is  called by trap handler it doesn't write to debug buffer anymore.  

    119874 - LDAP Control to pass User Context

    An LDAP control is added to allow passing user context within LDAP searches. Envisaged informations are a user's: sip/name, active group-memberships.

    #changed pbx/main/pbx.cpp

    #changed interface/reverse_lookup_if.cpp, reverse_lookup_if.h

    #changed service/reverse_lookup/reverse_lookup.h, reverse_lookup_ldap.cpp, reverse_lookup_ldap.h, reverse_lookup.cpp

    #changed interface/ldapapi.h

    #changed service/ldap/ldapasn1.h, ldaplib.cpp

    #changed contacts/contacts/dirlib/ldapcoder.cpp,ldapasn1.h,ldapcoder.cpp,ldapcoder.h

    #changed contacts/contacts/contacts_ldap.cpp

    124943 - LDAP object: Harmonize number of search results with Users and Contacts

    The LDAP object gave up to 20 results.

    Now it gives up to 25 results as Users and Contacts do.

    129696 - LLDP configuration via advanced GUI

    To overcome PoE+ problems with certain switches LLDP needs to be configured for example to omit PoE+ negotiation via LLDP at all or to omit some PoE+ or VLAN specific TLVs in sent LLDP frames.

    117375 - Make numbers of retries for transfer to busy endpoint configurable

    Default is 4, the recall happens after the last try

    114631 - Make sure ReleaseChannel is sent only once

    Fix for recursion.

    122209 - myApps Android/iOS. Blob URL's could not yet be downloaded

    115938 - myApps Android/iOS: Fixed bad video data sent on some calls if H.264 was involved

    129505 - myApps Android/iOS: Fixed blank screens due to temporary failures to load web resources.

    116001 - myApps Android/iOS: Fixed rare duplicate timestamp in video frames which affected decoding afterwards

    135394 - myApps Android: Cope with if the ringtone database is not accessible.

    118198 - myApps Android: Explicitly declare touchscreen as not required for Chromebook compatibility

    116599 - myApps Android: Fixed a crash if the camera preview could not be started

    116007 - myApps Android: Fixed bad video encode quality on some devices

    116003 - myApps Android: On some devices video was sometimes not shown due to temporary unavailability of the decoder

    127271 - myApps Android: Speed up audio connection on incoming call by eliminating unnecesary audio switching.

    126038 - myApps iOS: Fixed a race condition deadlock on incoming call.

    118626 - myApps iOS: Re-use buffers in video to avoid memory pressure if garbage collection is lazy.

    131402 - myApps macOS/Windows: After manual myApps update a previously pending update showed up again even if it is a downgrade now

    117784 - myApps macOS: Allow Java Script debugging via a Safari session on the same Mac

    135073 - myApps macOS: Fixed a sporadic trap when closing a video call

    116239 - myApps macOS: Keep on writing the debug log even if the UI thread blocks to tackle such problems

    119782 - myApps macOS: Popup windows did not close after reload of main window

    If the main window was reloaded, e.g. after PBX update, detached apps were not closed on macOS.

    122638 - myApps macOS: Prevent mute change on unrelated headsets

    129243 - myApps websocket client: Fixed a double free memory crash on redirect to a host name that can't be resolved.

    119536 - myApps windows/macOS: limit bandwith of update download

    A high network usage causes calls with bad quality.

    114163 - myApps Windows/macOS: postpone error message of a failed update download until three retries have been done (3 hours)

    This will avoid triggered failed update messages if the download succeeds after some time.

    134450 - myApps Windows: automatically start update on myApps restart

    If an update is available, the update is now automatically installed at once after a restart of myApps.

    A notification is shown during the update (as long as myApps notifications are not disabled by windows settings).

    115774 - myApps Windows: delay MSI installation for some seconds to prevent that files are still in use

    This might be a workaround for an issue, where some files do not exist anymore after an update installation.

    113003 - myApps Windows: support dialing in Microsoft Office 2019

    Use of newer interfaces which support dialing inside contact cards in Microsoft Office products.

    129307 - myApps/SDK: SMTP client couldn't mail to IPv6 server

    119935 - myApps: Add autocomplete attributes to login form

    The input fields for username and password now have the recommended markup for password managers.



    112502 - myApps: auto appear offline setting not working in default case

    Default value was set to 5 min but the timer used to check user activity was not startet.

    129116 - myApps: Domain names with non-ASCII characters could not be resolved

    124598 - myApps: Fetch web files again in case they are unaccessible from the cache

    127501 - myApps: Hidden apps should be removed from home screen immediately

    If the hidden flag of an app changes to "true", it is removed immediately from the home screens of running myApps instances.

    117662 - myApps: Notify dialog subscribers, if calls are gone due to connection loss

    After the PBX was restarted, old calls from dialog subscriptions were still displayed in the phone apps.

    134834 - myApps: Properly use the IPv4 or IPv6 TURN server address

    118092 - myApps: The text "Desktop" in app sharing was not localized

    119934 - myApps: Use passive event listeners for touchstart

    In order to improve scrolling performance in browsers (and get rid of browser hint).

    120051 - myAppsClient OutlookSearch: Avoid deadlocks in init of contact folders

    Sometimes there might be deadlocks by initializing the contacts folder. 

    122471 - myAppsOutlookSearch: Add check mark to search in personal folders only

    115928 - myAppsOutlookSearch: Better Search Results from Outlook

    117228 - myAppsOutlookSearch: Trap in contacts search

    122968 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed speakerphone reverting to handset mode if the smartphone screen turned off for power saving.

    121578 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed the collision of the outgoing call with the mobility callback for mobility mode

    115271 - No media on call from fixed phone to softphone with media-relay

    In case fixed phone uses Phone App and Media Relay and Softphone is second registration

    121901 - OEM: Firmware: HTTP client improvements

    Improvements for OEM:

    • Allow setting User Agent by application
    • Allow setting redirect-count by application

    121844 - OEM: Firmware: Possibility to use device certificate for update client

    Added config option /device-cert for update module for OEM.

    117239 - OEM: Increase programmatic password size limit to 64

    120339 - OEM: X509 changes for programming certificates in production

    Small extensions of the commands and events of the X.509 module.

    121224 - OPUS: Fixed bad voice quality when receiving from certain communication peers

    119168 - PBX Manager Plugin APs: fixed connection to external APs within native myApps clients

    The websocket connection is now established through the appproxy in the native client to prevent certificate issues.

    In a real browser, an error is now shown if the connection couldn't be established which hints, that the hosts certificate must be trusted in a separate window first.

    135501 - PBX Manager Plugin Groups: Only 64 group members where displayed

    134637 - PBX outgoing registrations: Support H.323/TCP and H.323/TLS

    Only standard H.323 was supported

    116901 - PBX Plugin for Templates does not show Apps if too many

    If there are too many Apps, the PBX did not send any App info.

    131612 - PBX-Manager WQs: CFx settings were not stored on PBX

    Bool-not was sent as "not" instead of true on UpdateObject (PbxAdminApi)

    ep-h323/e164 was not set if the OK button was clicked before clicking on the checkmark button. This stored the other settings but not this one.

    117654 - PBX: Advanced UI should show "unlicensed" for app licenses

    App licenses are now displayed the same as other licenses. If a license is configured, but could not be acquired, "unlicenses!" is displayed

    127248 - PBX: Don't send HOLD/RETRIEVE_NOTIFY to Media-Relay Device

    This is interworked to SIP sendonly, which can be harmfull for Media.

    130155 - PBX: Firewall address was not set correctly sometimes

    The firewall address is needed for third party phone without ICE, so transmit the media address for the internal TURN server.

    126009 - PbxAdminApi GetGroups could result in restart, if many groups

    More then 1000 groups could cause a problem

    122038 - PbxAdminApi: Added gk_domain to MonitorConfigInfo

    "Use as domain" is also sent now with MonitorConfigInfo and included on PbxConfigUpdate(const char* domain, const char* pbx, const char* dns, bool gk_domain). If it is false, then the sip must be sent without domain to the SearchApi and to Users App. Otherwise the PBX rejects the calls with "number unknown".

    116864 - PCAP-Recording did not work on SIP interfaces

    PCAP-Recording did not work on SIP interfaces.

    129606 - permit http client/server configuration in minifirmware

    the pages "Services/HTTP/Client" and "Services/HTTP/Server"  were empty in advanced GUI  of minifirmware.

    126871 - Phone App: Pickup from favorite defined with international number did not work

    The international number has to be converted with the prefixes defined for the node

    133234 - Phone apps: Normalize SIP-URI before dialing

    Remove whitesapace and remove "sip:" prefix.

    E.g. " " into "".

    112306 - phone USB: support Gigaset ION (DECT Handset/Speaker)

     add support for Gigaset ION (DECT Handset/Speaker)

    129697 - phone USB: support Snom A330M/D headset, C300 personal conference

    Add support for Snom A330M/D headset and C300 personal conference (speakerphone)

    116260 - Phone-App: Could not start local 3-pty conference while PCAP recording is active

    Could not start local 3-pty conference in Phone-App while PCAP recording is active on phone device.

    116201 - Phone-App: Improve search functionality

    Did not find "mueller" when search for "müller" or vice versa.

    117719 - Phone-App: Remove filtering of search results

    Remove filtering of search results from Phone-App and Softphone-App and Rcc-App.

    Display all results received from search-providers.

    113894 - Phone-App: Show diverting party information in desktop notification

    Show information about call diversion on desktop notifications for incoming/missed calls.

    133112 - Phone-App: Show remote phone number in call-history

    Show remote phone number in call-history, not only display-name and timestamp.

    126919 - Phone: Send absence-messages without CLIR

    Send absence-messages without CLIR even if CLIR is activated.

    111755 - Phones: Does not register with some configuration

    Phone does not register at H323 gatekeeper when there is a SIP proxy configured.

    127264 - Phones: Fix for MWI fkey

    In some scenarios MWI fkey was not deactivated when messages were played in Voicemal-App.

    117646 - Phones: International numbers not minimized before being dialed

    International numbers not minimized before being dialed. But only if fully qualified subscriber number is configured in dialing location (e.g. +49703173009).

    134980 - Phones: New recording button at call

    If fkey "recording" is configured another recording button is available at the call. This new button acts like "recording" fkey.

    126872 - Phones: Partner fkey with international number id not work

    Partner fkey with international number (+4912345678) id not work. No call activitywas displayed.

    118229 - Potential buffer overrun on long VAR names

    118253 - Potential buffer overrun related to utf-8 to ucs2 conversion

    In voip protocols and the gateway

    127749 - Profile: 3rd party provisioning provider appears multiple times on multi PBX systems

    List only provisioning providers from PBX configured in the Users Admin App settings

    131349 - Raise "PoE+ missing" alarm only when PoE+ is missing at all

    Alarm 0x00120004 Critical BOX Missing POE-plus

    should be set only if PoE+ is signalled neither by ethernet hardware nor via LLDP.

    117637 - Random memory content written to config

    110470 - Recording: Fix for redirect to HTTPS

    Devices configured to record via HTTP may be redirected by server to use HTTPS instead.

    Broken recording files were the result.

    130608 - Removed obsolete HTTP client authenticated URLs during install

    Two URLs for files and backup-files have been created which were not used at all.

    128950 - Reverse Proxy did not work with IPv6

    108195 - Reverse proxy: More information in Automatic blacklist events

    Service and Host is added

    121835 - Reverse Proxy: Restart after more then 65535 incomplete HTTPS requests

    Just TLS connect, no HTTP

    124726 - SeW-UsersAdmin failed with leak-check

    Address .. is 0 bytes inside a block of size 6 free'd

    #changed users.cpp

    114625 - Show active call diversion in Phone-App

    Show active call diversion in Phone-App and Softphone-App.

    135656 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Telematica-SIP_Trunk

    Update SIP Profile

    135973 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-TNG_Stadtnetz_GmbH-TNG Stadtnetz SIP_Trunk

    Update SIP Profile

    135974 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Codepi-TRUNK_SIP

    Update SIP Profile

    135976 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-Destiny-SIP_TRUNK

    Update SIP Profile

    135977 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-infopact-SIP_Trunk

    Update SIP Profile

    135978 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-KPN-Vast_bellen_Dienst_VoIP_Connect

    Update SIP Profile

    135975 - SIP-Provider Profile PL-Netia-SIPTrunk

    Update SIP Profile

    135972 - SIP-Provider Profile PT-G9Telecom-SIP_Trunk

    Update SIP Profile

    135967 - SIP-Provider Profile USA-Telnyx-SIP_Trunk

    Updated SIP Provider Profile

    117870 - SIP/TLS: Problem using STUN server

    123007 - SIP: Add elin-type to INVITE and 200/OK

    135556 - SIP: CFNR to SIP phone with Phone-App did not work

    A delayed call forwaring to a user with SIP phone and Phone-App did not work.

    127222 - SIP: CUCM Call Park missing MoH

    119297 - SIP: Fix for Request-URI validation

    Make interop-tweak /support-broken-registrar work again.

    120318 - SIP: Initiate callback in SIP (OEM)

    Support for OEM callback request.

    126796 - SIP: Offer encryption as optional in Media-Relay scenarios

    Offer encryption as optional (SAVP plus AVP) in Media-Relay scenarios, instead of mandatory (SAVP only).

    124505 - SIP: Privacy header was ignored when receiving UPDATE

    117873 - SIP: SDP answer sometimes misses rejected media description

    If SDP offer has multiple media descriptions (e.g. SAVP and AVP), the SDP answer must contain the same media descriptions in the same order.

    Sometimes only the selected media description was returned.

    123006 - SIP: Send empty uri-parameter elin in emergency call

    136591 - SIP: Try A-query if SRV-query fails with SERVER FAILURE (2)

    Try A-query if SRV-query fails with SERVER FAILURE (2). Instead of trying SRV-query repeatedly.

    116144 - Slash sound sometimes not played

    Beep-beep was played instead.

    134203 - SNMP: ifTable for "RTPTPx" Interface wasn't serviced

    An internal interface with description "RTPTP0" wasn't projected into the interfaces mib table, causing external SNMP agents to fail.

    117393 - Softphone-App (WebRTC): Allow microphone and speaker to selected separately

    Do not offer bundles of mic-and-speaker combinations.

    116136 - Softphone-App: Fix for JS error on missing dialing location

    131740 - Softphone-App: Must not play local ringback-tone if inband-info is available

    If inband-info (inband ringback-tone) is available the Softhone-App must not play its own local ringback-tone.

    111768 - Softphone-App: Start calls with 'sending-complete'

    Add 'sending-complete' flags to call setup message.

    Keep calls from getting delayed by enbloc timers.

    Overlap dialing is not supported anyway.

    133770 - Softphone: Display product-id and version-id in PBX registrations

    In JSON "Register" new attributes "productId" and "versionId" can be provided.

    132322 - Softphone: Fix for negotiation problem with Voicemail

    Sometimes calling voicemail ends with no audio after first audio prompt.

    133951 - Softphone: Send DTMF on all connected calls

    Send DTMF on both connected calls during local 3pty conference.

    131805 - Some Chat improvements

    Some shortcomings of chat are addressed with the 13r3 release

    • Group Improvements, minor UI changes and option to configure an avatar picture for a group
    • The behaviour of the badge counter is verified
    • Attachments identified as picutures are displayed as pictures
    • Performance optimizations
    • Synchronization of different clients. A message sent on one client is displayed on another client of the same user

    121916 - SRTP: Support for CSRC in RTP header

    Support for RTP packets including CSRC identifiers.

    120454 - TCP: Robustness to Blind In-Window Attacks

    Reduce the vulnerability for TCP Blind In-Window Attacks  (see RFC 5961)

    118897 - TCP: send keepalive frames steady if keepalive is configured

    if a packet from remote party was received before the keepalive timer fired the timer was restarted but no keepalive frame was sent. Thus it may take up to two keepalive periods before a frame is sent. To "use the TCP keepalive to maintain the NAT binding and be able to have a longer SIP expires time" this optimization is dropped and a keepalive frame is sent whenever the keepalive timer fires.

    117186 - TLS: Don't add registration certificates to reject list, when no system time is set

    125714 - TLS: Remove DHE ciphers from strict profile

    The following ciphers have been removed from the strict TLS profile:



    117659 - TLS: Workaround for incompatibilities with some .NET/Schannel TLS clients

    Depending on the Windows version and settings, the SChannel implementation offers DHE but blocks it once negotiated. Also on Windows 11 the ec_point_formats extension is missing in some cases, so ECDH could not be negotiated with TLS 1.2.
    • Allow missing ec_point_formats extension in ClientHello.
    • Change DHE ciphers to lowest priority in all TLS profiles.

    115508 - Trunk Plugin - New trunk object has empty "Name"

    A trunk now has the additional field "SIP" in the UI. No mandatory field. UI and behaviour thus analogous to other plugins

    135756 - TURN option to configure public address

    This is used for a TURN server placed in the internal network, and a firewall with UDP port forwarding to the TURN

    123580 - update bsd-regex sources to latest version

    Update to latest source code version.

    108050 - Use different DDBB connections for CDRs, Calllist and Reports

    Speed up reporting requests by using different DDBB connections.

    One connection for reception of CDRs, another one for the calllist queries and a last one for the generation of reports which could be specially problematic if large reports are requested.

    119173 - Users APIs: Added onclosed function to the appwebsocket connection

    131387 - Users Service: Check app session when JSON message is received

    Check which app opened the session and only allow certain messages for certain apps. For example, ReadProfile should only be allowed for innovaphone-profile sessions.

    119355 - Users-Register: Remove check if an user already exists on register.htm and password.htm

    With a HTTP request is done before sending the from on the registration page to know if the user already exists. It lets an attacker find out if a given user exists in the system.

    111653 - Voip registration new checkmark "Prefer installed certificate"

    This allows to use a user installed certificate together with the from the serial number automatically generated registration names

    126904 - Waiting Queue: Name id from reverse lookup on operator got lost with connect

    115486 - Web-Access-Client: Change mute/unmute implementation

    Instead of releasing/allocating microphone device for mute/unmute, better use audio track's 'enabled' property.

    Microphone devices stays occupied during mute.

    134406 - Web-Access-Client: Fix for device enumeration

    On PC's without camera sometimes not even a microphone was listed.

    116671 - Web-Access-Client: Fix for double/wrong videos

    Detect when two participant elements show the same video track.

    135989 - Web-Access-Client: Lower volume of disc-tone and play on selected audio device

    Lower volume of disconnect-tone and play on selected audio device.

    116340 - Web-Access-Client: Muted state sometimes lost

    Muted state sometimes lost when CTRL-T is pressed (or may other STRG combinations also).

    116633 - Web-Access-Client: Push-to-talk banner did not work anymore

    Push-to-talk banner did not work anymore

    126250 - Web-Access-Client: Support for participant with same SIP attribute

    Support for users participating with more than one endpoint.

    116705 - Web-Access-Client: Try to improve Screen-Sharing quality

    Esp. when using Chrome screen-sharing is often unreadable. Send with very low bandwith and high compression.

    117029 - Webdav-Servlet: Bug when handling Range request

    Bad response when end-of-range was omitted.

    E.g. Range: bytes=0-

    Only one byte was delivered instead of complete file content.

    119521 - Websocket client: Added a timeout in the HTTP handshake for robustness

    134001 - Websocket client: Fixed a crash if the response to Connection: Upgrade was received in fragments

    118005 - Yealink App: Delete device from User Object when deprovisioning

    When deprovisioning a device with the Yealink UI, the device was not removed from the User Object.

    127744 - Yealink: Provisioning using Profile App does not work

    The problem when the provisioning process stops after MAC address input was fixed.