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Tools clipart.png FIXME: This product is in the beta phase and is not yet finished

Applies to

  • innovaphone PBX from version 14r2


  • innovaphone PBX
  • innovaphone Application Platform
  • V14r2
  • myApps for Windows. Note : in v14r2 Remote Control App is only supporting remote sessions between myApps Windows Client !


Remote Control is an application to access a remote PC.
The application can be used by the IT department to provide remote support or it could also be used as a collaborative tool for remote work.


  • TBD


With the PBX manager AP app installer plug-in

Ap app installer.png

Go to the PBX manager and open the "AP app installer" plugin. On the right panel, the App Store will be shown. Hint : if you access it for the first time, you will need to accept the "Terms of Use of the innovaphone App Store"

  • In the search field located on the top right corner of the store, search for "remote control" and click on it
  • Select the proper firmware version, here "v14" and click on install
  • Tick "I accept the terms of use" and continue by clicking on the install yellow button
  • Wait until the install has been finished
  • Close and open the PBX manager to refresh the list of the available colored AP plugin
  • Click on the "AP remotecontrol" and click on " + Add an App"
  • Enter a "Name" that is used as display name (all character allowed) for it and the "SIP" name that is the administrative field (no space, no capital letters). e.g : Name: Remote Control, SIP: remotecontrol
  • Tick the appropriate template to distribute the App
  • Click OK to save the settings and a green check mark will be shown to inform you that the configuration is good


Remote Control (remotecontrol)

This is the standard UI App for Remote Control. Parameters:

Set options a the object TBD

PBX Manager Plugin AP remotecontrol

With the Remote Control coloured plugin, App object can be created, edited and deleted, template can also be applied to distribute the app in the same time



A user (viewer) sends a request to another user (sharer) to have access to the sharer's PC.
The sharer accepts the session and start sharing its desktop content with the viewer.
The viewer also gets automatically control over mouse and keyboard.


Several functionalities are provided:

  • Multiple monitors support: Viewer can switch between desktops by clicking on the monitor icons.
  • Direction of control: Switch direction of the sharing, a viewer would become a sharer.
  • Screen scaling: Two different views of the remote desktop, original or adjusted size.
  • Notifications: At the remote PC if the sharer does not have Remote Control opened or is busy with another session.
  • Multiple users : many viewers for a sharer.
  • Copy & Paste support


If you open a support ticket you will need to provide us debug data of your issue. Do not forget to flush the previous log/trace before creating new one in order to have a clear trace. You can also send us screenshot/videos of the behaviour that need to be reported to us. Do not forget to sent us also the PBX standard Configure file.

Trace flags of the App instance on the App Platform

Select the corresponding App instance of the Remote Control App service and click on the Diagnostics button. Tick the following trace flags:

  • App
  • App Database

Trace flags of the myAPPS Client

Go to myApps burger menu, click on more and then click on the magnifying glass. Tick the following trace flag:

  • AppSharing