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The App Service Messages provides the persistent storage of Chat and microblogging messages as available with the premium chat and the social tool called Connect App, which can be used for organization internal communication.

Applies To

  • innovaphone PBX from version 14r2


Provides Database function for other Apps like the Connect App, or the Premium Chat App.


  • innovaphone AppPlatform with valid NTP settings
  • innovaphone myApps


Connect App

The Connect App is a microblogging user interface using the database of the Messages App Service:
Reference14r2:Concept App Connect

Chat App (Premium)

The Premium Chat app is also using the database of the Messages App Service for persistent chat message storage:
Reference14r2:Concept Chat

Technical Concept

<insert here about technical concept of connect/messages>


PBX Manager Plugin

After creating the instance for the Messages App Service in the Application Platform, all further configuration is depending on the App which should be configured.
For example, the configuration of the Connect App is described in the corresponding concept article:
Reference14r2:Concept App Connect#Configuration

Search App

For the search app to search inside connect, the following requirements must be met:

  • the user need access to the "messages-api" app (at best, this would be deployed via the config user template)
  • the connect app obeject need access to the "messages-api"


App Service Log

  • App WebSocket
  • Database

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