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All the settings on that page can be done per PBX. Note that they are not synchronized automatically across PBXes.

User Registration

  • Registration Page: the URL to the form to register a new user, e.g.
  • Reset Password Page: the URL to the form to reset the password, e.g.
  • Privacy Policy URL: an URL to a privacy policy document. If configured, it will be displayed on the login page of myApps.
  • Edit Profile App: the name of the Profile App (e.g. "profile") that will be opened when the button "Edit Profile" on myApps menu is clicked.
  • Tutorial App: the name of an app providing tutorials or manuals for the end user that will be shown as "Tutorials" in the myApps menu.

Launcher Software Update

Softphone Registration

No physical location (from 13r3 SR7)
If turned off, the Softphone App in the myApps Launcher will use the primary PBX (configured PBX) as the physical location.
If turned on, the Softphone App in the myApps Launcher will use the registration PBX (final redirect target) as the physical location.
If an explicit physical location is configured at the myApps Softphone, it will always be used, no matter how the checkmark is configured.
Recording URL
Configure the web link in order to send the recording raw data to the recording App service instance (for softphone App only)
Recording Username
Recording Password
Recording by default on
Choose whether calls will be recorded at the start of the call or not
Record external calls only
Choose if only external calls will be recorded
Recording incall control allowed by user
Choose if users are able to start / stop their recording during a call (default is on)
Recording URL in softphone app hidden
Omit display and change option of the recording URL used in the softphone app

Client Settings

This section contains administrative settings for the myApps clients connected to the PBX.
Hint: Changed settings only take effect on new myApps connections. So myApps or the PBX needs to be restarted before the new settings are applied.

If turned on, myApps will be started automatically each time the user logs in on his computer. myApps for Windows only.
Show in taskbar
If turned on, myApps will be displayed in the Windows taskbar, additionally to the task tray. myApps for Windows only.
Auto appear offline
The time of inactivity after which users should be displayed as offline. myApps for Windows only, applies for browser version also from 13r2 SR11).
Autostart video
This setting controls the default behaviour of phone apps on new phone calls. If on video telephony is done by default. If off audio-only calls are done by default. Note that during the call the user can turn video on or off at any time with both options.
Hotkey dial
The hotkey for dialling a selected phone number. myApps for Windows only.
Hotkey accept
The hotkey for accepting ringing calls. myApps for Windows only.
Hotkey reject
The hotkey for rejecting ringing calls or disconnecting active calls. myApps for Windows only.
Log flags
A hex string that represents the trace flags of the myApps launcher. See Reference14r2:Concept_myApps_platform_services#Troubleshooting.

Example trace flags:

  0x000000001 (activate App trace)
+ 0x000000008 (activate DNS trace)
+ 0x000000080 (activate HTTP client trace)
+ 0x000008000 (activate App WebSocket client trace)
+ 0x080000000 (activate AppProxy client trace)
+ 0x200000000 (activate Webserver client trace)
  0x280008089 <---- hide-mask

App, Browser, ICE, TURN, Signaling and Audio are the recommended flags to track call signaling and audio issues. Please use following mask: 0x856000001.

Alignment of the Docking Mode or deactivated
Show desktop notification
Enable/Disable native Windows Notifications
Audio/Video/AppSharing outside VPN
Enable/Disable ignoring ICE candiates with an interfacetype of IF_TYPE_PPP or IF_TYPE_TUNNEL
Disable Outlook search
Enable/Disable search in Outlook contacts when using native myAPPs-Windows-Client

For each setting there is a force checkmark with the following meaning:

force on
The administrative setting will be used by all clients. The user is not able to change it. Previous user settings are ignored. Note that the force checkmark has no effect, if the corresponding option is unset.
force off
The administrative setting is used as a default by all clients. The user can change it locally at any time. Previous user settings have priority.

Custom app for MS Teams

Download for a custom app that opens myapps inside MS Teams. The app is pre-configured with the DNS Name of the PBX.

For details see Reference13r2:Concept myApps Custom App for MS Teams