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This is the SDK 14r2 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second monday each month.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

SDK 14r2

Main improvements in 14r2

Other improvements in 14r2

167007 - Generate backtraces without GDB

GDB doesn't interprete coredumps correctly anymore an ARM 32bit.

​So signals like SIGSEGV are now intercepted and the App itself generates a backtrace with the lib backtrace.

165536 - innovaphone.lib1.js: loadObjectScripts now ensures script loading order

Scripts are now loaded in the order as handed in the array, one after the other and not in parallel as this caused dependency issues if script b finished loading before script a loaded and script b depends on a.

167451 - JS Runtime: Remove unneeded debug code

The log flags were always enabled: LOG_DATABASE, LOG_APP, LOG_APP_WEBSOCKET.

165832 - JS-SDK: Skip database tables with reserved name "config" in config.json

​If config.json specifies a database table "config" the table is now skipped and an error message is logged:

"config.json database: error in table=%s, name 'config' is reserved"

166299 - PostgreSQL: avoid crash on InsertSQL with a query which might not return an ID

Instead return 0 in DatabaseInsertSQLResult

164683 - Set 'titillium' font as default for <button> elements

Set 'titillium' font as default for <button> elements.

158823 - Use 64 bit time and filesystem functions in App Platform SDK

Set _TIME_BITS 64 and _FILE_OFFSET_BITS  64 in platform.h that 64bit timestamps and file system stats are used.

165132 - Web1: New library for parsing presence notes

Location: web1/presence/innovaphone.presence.js

​The library can be used to generate a translated string for a (calendar) presence containing hashtags.