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The Bootcode is the initial software that is executed in the VoIP device after powerup or any other reset. The main function of the bootcode is to start the firmware. For configuration and recovery of bad firmware bootcodes provides some additional features that are described here.


Long Reset: Reset configuration

In some case the use wants to reset the configuration back to factory defaults. This can be done by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds, or 15 blinks of the ready LED. Then the device clears the configuration. That process may take some seconds, depending on the size of the configuration, during the process the ready LED is flashing fast. After clearing the configuration the device enters TFTP mode. TFTP mode is indicated with a ready LED flashing once every 2 seconds or ( if the hardware support this ) are orange ready LED.

The default configuration is to use DHCP automatic mode, see Reference7:Configuration/ETH/DHCP . Be carefull with a long reset to avoid unintended configuration resets.

Medium Reset: Entering TFTP mode (legacy)

Pressing the reset button for a time between 1 second and 10 seconds resets the device into TFTP mode. In this mode, the device can only be accessed with the GWLoad tool and thus allocated an IP-Adresse. Further information on the innovaphone GWLoad tool can be found here: How_to_use_gwload.

Short Reset: Reboot

Pressing the reset button for a time shorter than 1 second resets the device and restarts the firmware.

Corrupted firmware

During firmware start the bootcode calculates a checksum on the firmware to detect if the firmware is ok. If the firmware checksum is wrong the firmware cannot be started. In this case the bootcode includes a small version of the firmware, the minifirmware. The minifirmware provides the IP stack and the Webinterface and should be used to flash a firmware. The minifirmware has a reduced webinterface and shows itself as IPxxx(Bootcode) .

If also the minifirmware checksum is wrong the device enters TFTP mode.

Alternate bootcode

Some hardwareplatform keep a alternate bootcode. In case the bootcode checksum is wrong the alternate bootcode is started. The alternate bootcode starts the minifirmware. The resetsource in the trace indicates that the device started witht the alternate bootcode. In this case a bootcode upload should be done.

Bootcode flags

Bootcodeflags can be set from the firmware and change startup behaviour.

For testing the bootcode can be forced to start the minifirmware included in the bootcode

config flags B...
config write

tftp mode can be forced with the commands:

config flags T...
config write

The default ( start the firmware ) can be restored with

config flags ....
config write
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