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This function disables certain phone functions in normal or in locked mode, a whitelist defines which numbers are permitted permitted to dial when normal outbound calls are disabled, a prefix list defines which calls are to be considered external calls.


Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP110 V7
  • IP150 V7
  • IP200 V7
  • IP230 V7
  • IP240 V7

More Information

Two bitmasks to disable certain phone functions in normal or in locked mode, a whitelist with numbers permitted to dial when normal outbound calls are disabled and a list with prefixes identifiying external calls can be entered via the Web Interface:

  • "Phone/Protect/Fine grained Function Locking"
  • "Phone/Protect/Functions to lock via PIN"
  • "Phone/Protect/Numbers for Emergency Calls"
  • "Phone/Protect/Prefixes for External Calls"

The same information can be entered by config upload'ing the following command line:

config change PHONE USER /lock-mask <mask> /pinlock-mask <mask> /whitelist-e164 <numbers> /external-e164 <prefixes>

Currently the following functions can be disabled:

PHONE_LOCK_DIAL_EXT        0x00000001  -  disable external call if not on whitelist
PHONE_LOCK_DIAL_INT        0x00000002  -  disable internal call if not on whitelist
PHONE_LOCK_DIAL_QUERY      0x00000004  -  disable directory search on outbound calls
PHONE_LOCK_DIAL_HISTORY    0x00000008  -  disable outbound call list access
PHONE_LOCK_RING_EXT        0x00000010  -  ignore (but log) inbound external calls
PHONE_LOCK_RING_INT        0x00000020  -  ignore (but log) inbound internal calls
PHONE_LOCK_RING_QUERY      0x00000040  -  disable directory search on inbound calls
PHONE_LOCK_RING_HISTORY    0x00000080  -  disable inbound call list access
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_COMPLETION 0x00000100  -  disable call completion
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_TRANSFER   0x00000200  -  disable call transfer
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_BROKING    0x00000400  -  disable handling of multiple calls
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_CONFERENCE 0x00000800  -  disable conference
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_DIVERSION  0x00001000  -  disable call diversion
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_REDIAL     0x00002000  -  disable automatic dialling if call completion is not locked at all
PHONE_LOCK_MSG_SEND        0x00004000  -  disable sending messages
PHONE_LOCK_MSG_RECV        0x00008000  -  disable receiving messages
PHONE_LOCK_FKEYS           0x00020000  -  disable function keys
PHONE_LOCK_MENU            0x00040000  -  disable any menu
PHONE_LOCK_DND             0x00080000  -  disable Do Not Disturb via mute key, function key and menu
PHONE_LOCK_DIRECTORY       0x00200000  -  disable directory access
PHONE_LOCK_PHONE_SETUP     0x00400000  -  disable phone setup functions: direct dial, lock phone, change pin
PHONE_LOCK_USER_LIST       0x00800000  -  disable user list functions: activate, function keys
PHONE_LOCK_REMOTE_CONTROL  0x01000000  -  disable remote control of phone device
PHONE_LOCK_KEY_INFO        0x20000000  -  do not display function key labels or lamps
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_INFO       0x40000000  -  do not display missed calls and active diversions
PHONE_LOCK_USAGE           0x80000000  -  restrict phone access to emergency use


+ 0x80000000
+ 0x00000100
+ 0x00000800
+ 0x00001000
  0xC0001900 <---- hide-mask

The mask defined under "Fine grained Function Locking" (/lock-mask) is applied when the phone is in normal mode. The default for this mask is 0x00000000.

The mask defined under "Functions to lock via PIN" (/pinlock-mask) is applied when the phone is locked with a PIN entered in the corresponding menu. The default for this mask is 0xffffffbf, i.e. only the directory search on inbound calls remains enabled.

  • outbound calls are restricted according to whitelist, an empty whitelist disables any outbound call.
  • inbound calls are ignored but logged in the call list
  • function keys are deactivated but show their current state (probably it would have been better to supress key state display, thus this default may be changed in a later release)
  • missed calls are displayed
  • aktive diversions are not displayed (this is currently not controlled by the pinlock-mask but by the pinlocked state itself, thus this cannot be changed in current version but it will be in following versions).

The whitelist is a comma separated list of numbers, including any necessary prefix. This is different to the whitelist handling of version 5 where the prefix for an external call defined in the dialling location (usually '0') was skipped before checking the further digits dialled.

The prefix list is a comma separated list of prefixes identifiying external calls, in the most simple case this list may contain only a '0'.

* Note: This list does not consider the PBX call Filters

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