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These release notes describe the Operator V8 (that is, Reference8:Innovaphone_Operator).

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Operator V8

Operator8 Hotfix 1

1760 - Display Diverting Party in Call Journal

Ticket #66456. Such that it becomes obvious for whom a missed call was destined.

1745 - Don't show objects with activated checkmark "Hide From LDAP"

Ticket #66292. No change required within Operator 8. This entry just serves as a pointer to corresponding firmware changes in v8hf17, v9hf1.
* V8HF17: FindUser should not show hidden objects
* V9HF1: FindUser should not show hidden objects

1746 - Operator 8: Configuration/LDAP/Filter overrides internal filter

Ticket #66296. This new edit field allows to alter the internally utilized default LDAP-filter "(objectclasss=*)" into something different as e.g.: "(&(!(objectclass=contact))(telephonenumber=*))". Useful in Active Directory environments.

1749 - Operator 8: Localized to french (fr)

Ticket #66300. Operator 8: Localized to french (fr)

1747 - Operator 8: PBX Search index selectable by "Long Name" or "Name"

Ticket #66297. *"Long Name" as was before corresponds to the common name (cn) of an object
*"Name" corresponds to the h.323 name

1748 - Operator 8: Present Display Name For PBX Search Results

Ticket #66299. If available, a PBX search result entry is going to be titled by its display name. The fall-back title will be the long name, as was before.

1735 - Operator8, Password protected Configuration Dialog

Ticket #66207. Such that the configuration can be secured by administrators

1758 - SOAP, Receive leg2Info.originalCalled Info

Ticket #66424. Requires Firmware v9hf1, v8hf18

Display for multiple diverted calls:
Allows the operator to display such calls by the 1st diverting party, instead of by the last.

1763 - Tooltip for Diverted Call Symbol Displays Diversion History

Ticket #66498. Such that it's possible to see for a diverted call which party was originally called and which was the last diverting party.

Operator8 Hotfix 2 (8104)

1643 - Operator8: Offering list to administrate operator rights

Ticket #65376. Restrict visibility of calls for selected persons/endpoints.

Operator8 Hotfix 3 (8107)

2120 - Operator8, Focus On Incoming Call

Ticket #71832. New configuration option File/Configuration/Misc./Autofocus

2338 - Operator8: Suppress Audio Indication at end of call

Ticket #75574. Suppress Audio Indication at end of call, if call was disconnected by the operator application.

2341 - PBX-SOAP: UserHold without MOH to local User

Ticket #75577. UserHold was sending MOH to the local and the remote User. With the argument remote=true, the MOH is sent to the remote user only

2114 - phone: Mic Off/On controllable via Soap:UserRc(<call>,14/15)

Ticket #71721. To allow Soap app's control of the mute key