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These release notes describe the 2012 iQM.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

iQM 2012

Hotfix 01

4580 - Agent client shows cleared calls

Ticket #133641. Build 80047 - 01.2015
Ticket #130735, 133256, 103355

4785 - Agent Group in/out just for calls from the WQ

Ticket #142820. Build 80059
Agent will be checked out from the group only if the call was originated from the Waiting Queue (previous version also if an agent was called directly).

4244 - Agent View on iQM Server

Ticket #119792. Agent view window in iQM server was oldstile and not well sincronized.
Fixed with build 80019
See also ###119069

4338 - Agent View shows agents in group and Afgent list hide unreg Agents

Ticket #122718. The Agent view shows also the number of agent in the group, not just the ready agent.
In the agent setup can be switched on or off the display of unregistred agent in the agent list.
Build 80023

4383 - Agents can be booked in/out group

Ticket #124994. If enabled in the agent setup an agent can also log in/out in the group any other agent. So a supervisor can enlarge or stretch the group in any moment. To do these just do a double click on the status cell of the agent.
This feature is also available in the iQM server Agent view (without doing any setup). Note that there is a delay between the double click and the effective switching (some seconds).
If this feature is just requested for the agent just the agent version has to be updated, if also in the server Agent view the switching is requestet also the server version must be updated.
Available from build 80033 on.

4399 - Automatic Report

Ticket #125828. Bug: Sending reports automatically works just for 6 times.
Solved with build 80036

5267 - Braille

Ticket #159690. A system wide key combination can be selected to bring the cursor and the focus to the brail line.

4938 - Build 80071 New Feature

Ticket #147389. -

-Automatic log in/out if iQM Server is stopped
-Login/out if registrations change
-Following myPBX
-Allow login/out on other Agents
-Swap DD/MM
-Disable Check in/out buttons
-Hide abandoned/recall list
-Hide unregistered Agents
-Colour Agent table
-Minimized just Main View
-Threshold Warning missed Calls
-Work as iQM Admin
-Stop iQM Server
-Sound file
-Login as Start-up
-Logout at Stop
-Logout if not registered
-Login if registered again
-Launch installed myPBX

4967 - Build 80085

Ticket #148245. - Even if the feature callback is off the server tries access to the CF causing continuously error events. This could cause delay execution and memory consumption.
- If a name of a group is part of the name of a larger group mismatch occurs. Example: “MyGroup” and “MyGroup1” won´t word. Fixed.
- Wrong display of connected partner. In larger setup the calling party number could be displayed wrong. The PBX send all parties involved in a call with the same call-id, so if a group is called all numbers are transmitted. Fixed.

5029 - Build 80093 - New Release

Ticket #150713. Ldap Name resolution sometimes failed even if calls are sufficient long in the WQ. Quick answers from the Agent will cause no number display on the iQM Agent main view. ###148615###
Keyboard Activity detection will fail on newer Windows Versions, just Mouse events will trigger. MS changes the key value form integer to short format. ###150062###
The Speed-dial keys won’t work if no secondary screen is available.
The iQM-Server Version is available just as an unofficial Build. ###146435###

5317 - Build 80132

Ticket #162438. Build 80132
New Layout for the Agent iQM client.
See sample for previous layout
See sample for actual layout
Localized Languages will follow.
The help url can be defined in the agent setup.
The actual agent setup items are described in the relative online help setup, see
Revised Reference will follow.
New concept for two WQ and two iQM server (one for each queue). One server is defined as Master and one as Slave. Just the server will do all PBX logging. A client serving a queue on the salve requires also a link to the master.
Online help for the master is actual, see
Revised Reference will follow.

4941 - Call Back Requests without drive mapping

Ticket #147447. Up build 80081 there is no more drive mapping, the access to the CF is done via http.

5032 - CFU and Wrapup form WQ

Ticket #150788. If an Agent set a CFU and in the setup of the WQ in the PBX the flag „CFU disables Operator” is checked the iQM consider the agent not in Group (even he is a member). The feature cannot be switched during operation because the iQM read out the WQ parameter just during start up. If the flag is not set in the PBX the iQM works without taking care of the CFU. ###149363###
If in the PBX the flag “Set Operator Presence” is checked the iQM will no longer activate the internal wrap up but following the Queue wrap up. The individual wrap up and switching on/off the wrap up is disabled. The warp up time is synchronized with the PBX, so if the time is modified in the PBX the iQM will follow. The Dash-Bord will also following that operational mode. Please note that for a complete correct operation also the flag “Presence disabled Operator” has to be switched on.
If the flag is not checked in the PBX the iQM works using internal warp out as before. ###146471###
Build 80094

5160 - Display conversation time

Ticket #154539. Like on the Phone sets the actual talking duration is displayed in real time. This counter will be shown automatically when the agent answers the call and hide when the call ends. The talking duration will be displayed on any type of call (incoming and outgoing, calls from any source).

See also ###153592###
Build 80099

4959 - Double Groups

Ticket #147893. If an Agent has assigned the same group in the PBX more times (error condition should never happen) the iQM delete all groups and leaves just one. An error message is reported in the log.
The delete is done only if the group is dynamic, static groups are not touched.
Build 80083

4544 - Enhanced Agent Recall list

Ticket #132073. The list of the calls given up in the WQ is now updated in a different way. Same numbers (the same external user calls more than one time and gives up) are stored just in one line, the date/time of the latest call is displayed. If all 20 positions are full the iQM will overwrite first the jet recalled positions.
Each line can be cleared (deleted) even manually.
In the Agent view a threshold for free positions can be inserted (from 1 to 20). If the number of free positions goes under this threshold a warning triangle is displayed near the counter of missed calls in the list and the border of the counter becomes red.
See also ###103735###

4360 - Error in Excel processing

Ticket #123766. For older Excel versions a dll was missing, that caused different types of Excel errors.

Solved with build 80025

See ###123441

5161 - Error reset from iQM client

Ticket #154540. If in the iQM agent the Dasboard and iQM Admin feature is switched on a server Error message can be cleared. The relative Reset button appears automatically near the error message.

Build 80099

4187 - Excel

Ticket #117794. If Excel logging data are transmitted via email the relative attached excel file is "release" just after a certain period. The reason is that Microsoft holds a file busy if not explicit declared as free in the software until a garbage collect routing will force releasing. The result is that an error occurs because iQM receives the error message that the file is used by another user. Fixed in Build 80014 forcing release after sending.

4372 - Excel and Node

Ticket #124522. Excel functions still not work in some installations, basically because a excel dl list not installed automatically. If the dll is present because e newer excel in installed the system recovers and anything works, in older excel installations not. See also ###123441###.
If Agents are working in nodes the wrap-up will not word. This is because the relative routines are e164 instead of CN bases. See also ###124419###.
Both issues solved with Build 80030.

4851 - Full path to CF - Build 80070

Ticket #145031. From Build 80070 on it is also possible indicate the entire path in an additional field.


5001 - Hide individual wrap-up

Ticket #149895. Minor bugs like wrong tooltip text fixed.
If no individual wrap up time is available the relative button will be hided (also in Dashboard remote control)
“Stop iQM Server” was not activated after a restart of the client

4445 - Hourly Queue Status

Ticket #127589. See [^]
for details.
Requires build 80041 or higher

See also ###127258###

4975 - iQM Agent speed dial key

Ticket #148541. See relative Wiki article

4911 - iQM as a Service

Ticket #146652. Requires Build 80075 or higher

4359 - iQM automatic excel report just for queue

Ticket #123763. From Build 8.0025 on in the setup can be selected if the automatic excel report using exchange contains the waiting queue data and the agent data or just one of the two statistics.

see also ###119792###

5136 - iQM client: 2nd WQ in function of number of agents

Ticket #153933. In the setup of the agent, panel “2nd Waiting Queue”, a number of agents can be defined. This number is the “normal” number of agents. If more or less agents are logged the threshold are changed dynamically.
The threshold is calculated doing a multiplication with the integer result of “logged agents”/”setup agents”. If the result is zero “1” is assumed. If in the setup the field “number of agents” is 0 or left blank the feature is off and the feature work s
Example: Threshold = 4, number of agent = 2
If there are 2 agent logged the result of the threshold is equal to 4 x 2/2 = 4 calls
If there is just one agent logged the result will be 4 x 2 / 1 = 8 calls
If there are 8 agent logged the result will be 4 x 2/8 = 1 call.

Build 80098. See also ###153604###

5116 - iQM Client: Automatic docking after start up

Ticket #153623. If in the setup automatic docking is selected this will be done immediately after start-up and the user will have the exact layout when terminated.
Build 80097. See also ###151540###

5110 - iQM Client: Columns width autostore

Ticket #153617. Even in further versions the width of the columns in the Agent-view and recall-list can be modified. This is usefully if for example a number is long and will not fit in the default size or a column is not important and should be minimized.
Form build 80097 on the size of the single columns will be stored and reloaded if the application is stopped and started again.
Build 80097. See also ###151540###

5111 - iQM Client: Display Activity Control counter

Ticket #153618. If enabled in the iQM Client setup a counter near the activity control icon shows after how many seconds the client will log out the user. Of no action is done it is a count-down counter, on action (mouse, keyboard or call) the counter will reset to the interval value. This could be also usefully to understand and debug the activity control.
Build 80097

5132 - iQM Client: Display Call Source

Ticket #153929. If a call from the 2nd WQ rings on the phone of an Agent, the clients shows the label “2.WQ” in yellow colour while this label will have a white colour if a call enter from the first WQ. The agent can therefore distinguish the call source (first or second WQ).
Calls (number and Name) are displayed on the Agent form when the agent phone is ringing while the total call duration of this call will be displayed just when the agents answers the call. Number and name of the call is cleared in the agent list (on client and server) when the call is released.
If a call pass call forward (for example because of a not response time out) the last number of the call forwarding path will be displayed before the calling number and separated with an “-“, while on a Phone display this information is displayed on more lines. No name resolution is done for this last caller.
Example: The Number “0451234 Smith” calls the WQ and for there an Agent, the Agent display shows “0451234 Smith “. The call is forwarded to the extension “36”, this user will not respond and the calls after the CFNR timeoutl returns to the Waiting queue and from there to the Agent phone.
The Agent display will show “36-0451234 Smith”.
Build 80098. See also ###153592###

5135 - iQM client: Display wrap up status

Ticket #153932. In the agent list of the client the wrap up status will be displayed. In the column where the status is displayed during an agent wrap up “wrapup” is displayed, at the end of the wrap up the actual status is displayed again. Please note that there is no localisation for that item and during wrap up status changings (for example if the agent is doing an active call) are not displayed, but the actual status is reported immediately after the end of the wrap up.
Build 80098. See also ###153606###

5134 - iQM Client: Extend and clear wrap-up timeout

Ticket #153931. Agents can abbreviate, extend and fix his log out status during setup.
If an agent is ready before the end of the wrap-up timeout he can press the agent symbol and log in prematurely (clearing the wrap up time).
During wrap up automatically two additional symbols are shown, an “o.k.” symbol and a clear (“x”) symbol.
If during wrap up the clear symbol (“x”) is pressed the agent is logged out permanently; after wrap up he will not be logged again. Note that from a statistic point of view the entire wrap up is counted and displayed. To enter again in the group and receive again calls the agent has to click the agent symbol (or login pressing the phone feature key).
If during wrap up the “o.k.” symbol is pressed the wrap up time is extended (reset to the original value) again. If for example the wrap up time is set to 10 seconds and after 5 second the key is pressed, the wrap up countdown starts again with 10 seconds. This operation can be done as many times required. Status and statistic count the total wrap up time.
The remaining wrap up time (count down) is displayed near the agent symbol and can be estimated at a glance.
In the setup of the agent the display of the remaining wrap up time, extend the wrap up time and staying offline after wrap up can be enabled (default = off)
Build 80098. See also ###153607###

5108 - iQM Client: Help URL can be configured

Ticket #153614. Like in other innovaphone products (like for example the softwarephone) also in the iQM client a path to a help file can be defined in the setup of the iQM client. If no path is defined the default innovaphone online help is shown (like up to now).
Build 80097. See also ###148615###

5137 - iQM client: new activity control

Ticket #153934. The activity control feature works slightly different from now on. Auto-login is no more option but always on. If activity control is switched on in the agent setup a desk symbol is displayed on the main view.
Activity control can be switched on and off pressing the desk symbol. If the function is switched on a glimmer is shown, no glimmer means that the detection is switched off.
The timeout is displayed near the desk (option, can be switched on/off in the setup), so if the feature is on and no activity is detected the agent see the countdown, if zero is reached the agent will be put out of the group. The icon of the desk shows an occupied desk, when the activity control switch off the group the desk will be shown empty. If activity is detected again the agent will be switched in the group automatically.
If an agent press the agent symbol and logs out manually the detection is switched off. Even if the Agent enter again manually in the group the feature remain switched off and has to be activated manually again.
During wrap up the countdown is stopped and resumes at the value after the wrap up.
If an Agent logs out from the group pressing the relative key on the IP-Phone the activity control continuous his count down, once reached to zero and detected again activity automatic login will be done.
Please note that the feature “Logout no answer” works independently. If for a given threshold time in the setup a call is not answered the user will be logged out. If this happened the activity control is switched off automatically and no automatic login will be done.
Build 80098.

5112 - iQM Client: New user interface – Part 1

Ticket #153619. iQM client with new Icons and layout. This process is still in progress and not terminated.
The Build number and version can be displayed with a double click on the headline.
Wiki documentations is still old, has to be revised.
Build 80097

5115 - iQM Client: Presence localized

Ticket #153622. Presence information will be displayed in the selected language (D/E/I/F) while eventual additional information will be display near the status.
Build 80097. See also ###151540###

5113 - iQM Client: Priority on 2nd Waiting Queue not stored correctly.

Ticket #153620. The setup Priority to the second WQ is not saved and loaded again correctly.
Build 80097

5118 - iQM client: Support Display Zoom 125% and 150%

Ticket #153626. Some customer sets the display to zoom in the PC setup. If absolute values in Pixel are indicated some windows, symbols or keys are not show correctly. A complete dynamic adaption to the Zoom has to be created. Please note that the Display Zoom has nothing to do with the resolution of a screen (the resolution is returned always the one of the screen independently of the windows zoom feature).
Build 80097. See also ###151759###

5117 - iQM Client: Symbol to active Dashboard

Ticket #153625. Even up to now if Dashboard operation on a iQM client is selected the Dashboard will pop up automatically and the client window is hided. If the Dashboard is closed the client Window appears to terminate the operation but even to allow the access to the setup. As option the agent window could also be opened always. If in this situation the Dashboard is closed the application has to be started again to show the Dashboard. Now on the client window there is a key to show the Dashboard.
Build 80097. See also ###148609###

5159 - iQM Master and iQM Slaves

Ticket #154537. While a single installation of one iQM Server or more iQM Server but without sharing Agents is not a problem in complex scenarios some special situations are be considered. So we are talking about the sharing of agents, for example because agents belong to many nested groups with iQM servers or because the second queue feature is on and there is even a second iQM server on that queue.
The problem is that two independent servers try to modify the PBX database of the same user, but there is no record locking mechanism in the PBX. The result could be Agents with multiple same named Groups entry or unforeseeable status.
To change a group assignment the iQM server read out the record, modify it, delete the actual one and write the record in again. This has to be done in this way because there is no working “change” mechanism using SOAP. This procedure works fine but only if just one Server is doing changes. If for example one server is deleting a record and in this moment a second serve reads out the database the result will be that the record of this user has no group assignment, not true because some milliseconds after he will have. And so the second sever will add a group; the result will be that this user has now two times the same group, maybe also with different status.
From Build 800099 on two new mechanisms are introduced to avoid these situations.
The main is that now just one iQM in a scenario changes the PBX database. This iQM is called iQM Master while all other iQMs are called iQM slave. Note That “Master” and “Slave” has nothing to do with the innovaphone Master-Slave ideas. Remember also that just the Salves sharing the same Agents has to be slaves.
All iQM (Master and Salve) build up an SOAP connection and receives real time data and send commands to the PBX. But just the Master will do setup change. Spooling the jobs in a Stack and workout one after the other no conflict should be faced.
The Master has no idea to be a Master, he will just receive special commands from (he believes) iQM Agents clients. Therefore just in the Salves there is to do a small setup and put the IP address and Port of the iQM Master. If the iQM Server found in the setup socket indication the Group operations will not be transmitted to the SOAP but to the indicated address. While up to now the iQM Server was a “Server”, now he has also the relative “client” routines in. Please note that a Server can be restarted just 4 times, after that the iQM Salves has to be started again.
The second change in design was a new and robust approach. The Server will now first delete all groups entry, just the static one will be skipped. If for example the group status of the group “myFirst Group” should be “dynanmic in” the Server will delete all group entry “myFirstGroup” (so dynamic in and out) and just if the PBX response shows no more entry the new desired group and status will be written. To avoid looking situations the maximum number of deleting groups is limited to 10 cycle.
A user will not be aware of that; just the operation could be slightly longer.
Build 80099

4979 - iQM on Large PBX

Ticket #148593.

5114 - iQM Server: Count all calls or just the calls from the Waiting Queue to an agent

Ticket #153621. In the statistic of the agent as default all incoming calls are counted and displayed in the Statistic. In the setup of the iQM server can flagged a new option “Log only calls dorm WQ”. If on just calls from the Waiting Queue will raise the agent counter. This option is for the entire system.
Build 80097. See also ###150740###

5105 - iQM Server: https LDAP fails

Ticket #153610. LDAP Name resolution fails on https connections.
Note: a warning message appears and disappears automatically (could also be confirmed manually) on start-up.
Build 80097. See also ###148615###

5106 - iQM Server: https LDAP fails

Ticket #153611. LDAP Name resolution fails on https connections.
Note: a warning message appears and disappears automatically (could also be confirmed manually) on start-up.
Build 80097. See also ###148615###

5109 - iQM Server: IVR data fails on webdav

Ticket #153615. The IVR data feature works only using the native CF, not on the webdav drive of the application processor.
On top the IVR symbol in the iQM Client could be shown not correctly after changing the setup wrong after restart.
Build 80097.

5107 - iQM Server: LDAP myPBX display

Ticket #153613. LDAP name resolution is done by the iQM using the myPBX client. With a button on the iQM server (near the Excel invite buttons) the actual status of the myPBX can be displayed for easier trouble check.
Build 80097. See also ###148615###

5133 - iQM Server: Wrap up using the Queue Presence feature

Ticket #153930. If the Wrap up is done using the WQ Presence feature the Server during start-up will read out that information from the PBX and disable the wrap up using the group feature. The wrap up time will be displayed on the server and also on the client and counted in the relative Excel statistic (like the the internal one).
Please note that the wrap up extension is displayed on the client if enabled in the setup of the agent but has no action, so to be switched off.
Please note that it is not possible using the presence queue wrap up and a dynamic 2nd WQ. If Two WQs are required and the assignment should be dynamically also the wrap up has to be done using group.
Build 80098. See also ###153605###

5035 - LCR TCR

Ticket #150838. The LCR XML works not correct if the CF is used as webdav server. The reason is that the XML can create an empty file while on the webdav server a file must have content. The XML file TCRec.xml was modified in build 1003

4912 - Login Counter

Ticket #146664. Build 80077
When an agent answers a call and an individual or general wrap up is switched on, the agent is immediately logged out from the group. This is done because checking out the Agent at the end of a call can cause wrong status if heavy traffic is on the PBX. A possible even small delay in checking out just at the end of the call can force a call to the agent and no wrap up is observed.
This changes in the previous builds changes also the meaning of the counter “Logged Agents”, because if an agent answers a call he is immediately booked as not logged.
Some customers want know in any moment haw many agents are logged excepted the agents in “real” wrap up time. This build will do that and not count down the logged agent number after answering a call (even if they are technically no more in the group”), just if the agent is in the real wrap up.
On top the main iQM window shows a counter that summarized logged and agent in wrap up, therefore at a glance the number of “active” agents in the group is displayed.
Even in the Agent view the behaviour of the logged counter is modified as described. In the Dashboard view an additional counter and graphical bar is displayed showing the logged user (like the new counter in the main display).

4418 - Mobile Agents

Ticket #126772. There is a new option in the setup, “Allow Agent Forking” : If checked an Agent can even be a not registered Phone, if a Forking e164 destination is configured in this user object the iQM consider that Agent like a registered one. So if he is in the group he will become calls, and the counter “ready” will also count hose dummy forking extension. On start up anyway the error “no registered Phone” appears (the triangle in the agent count), to avoid that switch on “No Unreg Warning”. In the Agent list instead “UREG!” a “UNREG/FORK” is displayed if idle. Wrap up etc. will work like on a “normal” Agent user.

Fixed in Build 80039, See also ###124378###

4947 - More Agent client with the same name

Ticket #147524. An agent client will be recognized by the server by his name, unique normally in a System. Even normally just one client works on or for one phone. If more clients use the same name (or because Dashboards no name) the communication will work randomly.
This problem was solved using not just the name but also the IP-address of the agent PC. If for an error on more workplaces the same agent is logged now the server distinguish between und send information to the correct PC.
Remain the problem same PC and same Name and multiple starts. Form this build on the Agent software will look in the Task manager if there is jet a iQMagent process and warn the user.

From Build 80082 on even more clients can use the same name if on different IP-address (PC). On top if a customer try to start the agent twice on the same PC a warning message is shown and invite him not to start the second client. Ignore this warning if different users are assigned.


4889 - New Feature Colored Agent/Comand line/Remote control

Ticket #146148. Build 80074

4361 - Phone not ok

Ticket #123767. “Phone not ok” is detected even if the agent phone is registered.
Solved with build 80025

See ###123594###

4888 - Pick up in WQ

Ticket #146147. If a call is picked up the further calls are not cleared anymore.

See also ###144282###

4378 - Position Dashboard and lounch parameter

Ticket #124905. If the Dashboard is minimized and the Agent Software terminated after a new startup the position is invalid and the window not visible.
The parameter Ad-String in the setup for the Agent is not saved correct, therefore after a restart the option is again disabled.
Fixed in Build 80031, See also #124825

4398 - Queue Name - Phone not ready - Excel

Ticket #125760. If the Queue name is shorter than 3 digits it is not recognizes as valid. Now even one digit names are accepted. ###125280###
IP Phone where detected as not ready even if they are fine.
Average waiting time in the first resuming tab is wrong in the detail lines. Can be adjusted modifying the Excel formula, for newer month this is done automatically.
Excel: wrong header labeling (row F and I inverted)

Fixed in Build 80035

4581 - Recall LIst

Ticket #133710. Build 80048
Agent Recall List is now ordered by date and time

4963 - Recall List

Ticket #148141. If in the iQM Server and/or the iQm Agent client the time format is not set in the hh:mm:ss format the recall list will not be displayed.
Resolved in Build 80084

4577 - Restore Counter

Ticket #133161. After a start counters are loaded from a file. This file is written when the iQM is stopped. The loading was done without check the actual date and time. Therefore real time counters could start with wrong values. Now form Build 80046 on the counters are restored in function of the actual time and date.
See also ticket ###131743###

4371 - Total waiting time wrong for abandoned calls

Ticket #124456. If calls in the Queue gives up the total waiting time is not added correctly. This happens just for call giving up in the queue, not if the call is the first (actual) one. Even the Excel statistics shows wrong data, but in this case the waiting time of abandoned calls is not count at all.

Solved in Build 80027
See also ticket ###122592###

4362 - Wrap up time

Ticket #123769. Up to this version this is done at the end of the call, but if in this moment there are other calls and/or heavy traffic or a slowdowns in the PBX and/or the iQM it could happen that the call is “faster” than the logout of the group and the phone rings.
From build 80025 on the logout is done when the agent answers the call.

See ###121235### and ###122985###

4955 - Wrong called numbers in Agent view

Ticket #147840. In the Agent view (list of agent) the number of the last called user could be displayed wrong.
Resolved in Build 80082

Hotfix 02

5344 - Build 80128

Ticket #163575. Introduced fixes described before.

5343 - Call Forward Indicator

Ticket #163431. If a user activate a CFU to the WQ this will be shown in the Queue and Display of the iQM Agent. The Recall List will not show the CFU. The name resolution is done just on the calling number, not on the CFU. CFU on the 2. WQ are not shown.
Example: "37¬34 Test" = the caller 37 Test calls the User 34 (diverted to the WQ).
If an Agent picks a call from the WQ the wrap up will work partially and not login again the Agent after the timeout (must be done manually).
If a ping to the active PBX fails and the second ping works the iQM cannot recover correctly.

5323 - Saving Daily routine fails Build 80125

Ticket #162846. In some setup the Saving Daily Data Routine fails because of incorrect path.
Error recovering in case of e.result.user = empty could fail, fix to avoid the try.

Hotfix 03

5367 - Build 80132

Ticket #165776. iQM Client
After a restart of the client the column width of the Agent list is set to default. Now if the user modifies the column width of the Agent list this is stored and after a restart the width is set as saved (#148609#)
If the client starts the cursor is switched to waiting and only if the connection to the iQM Sever is up switched again to the default cursor. (#148010#)
In the Setup the ip-address of the client can be set. This is just for special situations, leave blank for default. (#148010#)

5371 - Build 80135

Ticket #165985. If the screen is set to 125% or 150% layout the iQM client is not resized (###165654###)
The number of call in the 2nd WQ is displayed on the client with just one digit, wrong indication if more than 9 calls are in the 2nd Queue (###80134###)
If there is just one WQ the feature “Hide unregistered Agents” is not working (###148609###)

5394 - Manual 2. WQ

Ticket #167110. Scenarios with two WQs. If in the setup of a client, Tab “2nd Waiting Queue both, “less calls in my WQ” and “more calls in 2.WQ” are not checked the queue is considered automatically in “manual” mode, the stack symbol is hide while in background the mode is forced to manual. A click on the Avatar will change the group status.

Hotfix 04

5442 - Adapt Agent List

Ticket #169331. The length of the agent list is adapted automatically to the number of valid entries even when the feature do not show unregistered agent is active.
Names of groups in the 2nd WQ longer than 20 characters are trunked. #1565053#
All presence entry are localized #151152#

5418 - Build 80141

Ticket #168270. iQM Server:
Bug: The date displayed in the „last day” counter frame shows the date of the actual day. No further problem, just creating confusion for end customer.
Bug: The Average waiting time for abandoned calls is not copied form the actual to the last day.
Bug: All The Average waiting time for abandoned calls shows not correct values.
New: The real time peak counter of the waiting time was triggered when a call finished: the iQM wrote in the value when this waiting time was higher than the stored one. This forks fine, but in some situations (for example when the PBX shut down the call, traps or due to communication error) this was not done while the real time expired counter was reported correctly. The average waiting time is calculated from the total waiting time divided by the number of calls. Therefore in some cases the peak counter was lower than the average counter. Now the peak timer is triggered in real time during the call. This change is done for all real time counter (also the 15 Minutes frames).
iQM Agent – Dashboard
Bug: After start-up the agent status is shown correctly just after a status change.
Bug: from 00:00 to 00:59 the clock is shown as --:02

5431 - iQM Agent - Persence with timestamp and free Agent indication on 2nd WQ

Ticket #168899. Build 80142
Presence indication status has a time and date timestamp. The timestamp is done by the iQM server when the presence status changes. Please note that the PBX does not keep any timestamp in and after a restart of the iQM server all timestamps will show the start-up time/date.
The number of free agents in the 2nd WQ is shown.

Hotfix 05

5516 - iQM Build 80154

Ticket #171843. After wrap up the Agent is logged in also in the 2.WQ. Now only if the Agent was in before wrap up.
Known Problem: If Agent is logged out manually from his first WQ and log in in the second after warp up he will be logged in his own queue. Will be fixed with next HF.

5478 - iQM Hotfix 5

Ticket #170596. - Check in/ out from a WQ sometimes fails (often in 2nd. WQ)
- Check in/out causes sometimes new groups in PBX
- Peak counters shows wrong values
- Dashboard sometimes shows wrong values (after changing view and updates works again)
- iQM Server crash sometimes under heavy load if Agent logs off
- If last active Agent do not log out but deregister the agent counter shows 1 agent available (#148609)
- New feature: if in an agent client the Threshold Warning for abandoned calls value is set to 1 the abandoned calls windows opens if closed (#148609)

5501 - iQM Master Slave Build 80153

Ticket #171562. If an Agent is registered on a Slave the Agent list is shown in a small window. Logging works not correct in this case.
Wrap up recover will not work correct for the 2nd WQ in a Master Slave scenario.
Known problems still to fix: if al Salve put the 2. WQ on Manual out after a wrap up he will logged in again even in the 2. WQ.

5500 - iQM Queue Excel Statistics - Build 80152

Ticket #171542. In the Excel Statistics a new line is entered, the unit line is overwritten.
The shows the peak Value: the highest value in the relative row. The line “Total” is still there showing the average of the values. In particular this is interesting for the waiting peak time; while the Total cell shows the average the peak cell shows now the highest value in the period.

5484 - iQM Server Queue Excel Data

Ticket #170782. In the Excel Statistic 15 minute periods without calls are not considered and all fields leaved blank

5537 - Threshold for short calls - Build 80155

Ticket #172680. In the setup can be defined a threshold in seconds for short calls. Calls shorter than this threshold are not counted as abandoned calls.

Bug: on 2 WQ and master slave setup presence status is displayed in English. #170745

Hotfix 06 - 07 - 08

13088 - Carryover Call duration

If a call is in the WQ and a measuring time period (a quarter hour, an hour, a day) changes the waiting time of the actual call is saved in the actual period and immediately starts with zero in the new period. If in this situation a peak is reached and the peak counter is counting the new peak value is saved in the new period. If in the new period no call is longer than the peak apparently a wring peak is stored, a simple miss interpretation of the system behaviour. Now in the setup a carryover Flag can be set, if checked, a waiting call is added to the new period. Please note that in this case the total amount of waiting time of two periods cannot be added.
The quarterly statistic Counter of the WQ did not count actual calls over the period, just calls in the period. That could cause lower average time than peak time.

15537 - Colour Agent

Colours of Agents are not displayed even if presence is off.

Fixed in Build 80191

8907 - Colour Status

Bug: The colour status work only if the presence idel status in the iQM sever is set to correct wording.
Build 80174
Ticket 148609

9681 - Colours

Tricky because there are many options to consider: with or without colour scheme, one or two WQ, display of 2.WQ hide or not, call details hided or not, presence or not, hide unregistered users or not etc.

8887 - CSV logging - Build 80160

New method for Agent and WQ logging.
See [^]
and [^]
Build 80160

8918 - Disable Presence time stamp

The feature can be switched off inthe iQM client

14763 - error 13 looping all Agents

In some installation random wise the error “looping all agents” appears, mostly during start up.
Fixed in build 80189

8890 - iQM Client flickering - Build 80163

New attempt to minimise flickering in the iQM client agent table
Build 80163

8889 - iQM Counter wrong Build 80162

Bug: iQM counter could show wrong values if calls are active during hour change. If a call wait in the WQ but the answer ore abandonee is in the next hour the carryover must care about that special situation. Even the new hour could not start with zero calls but must take care about the actual number of calls. On top even the average must be re-calculated and it cannot be done a simple carryover. The average and number of calls must be done dynamically even on day and month (where it is less probably but possible that calls are in at midnight) as well using the reset counters.
New Feature: if flagged in the iQM Server configuration a deregistered extension is not counted in the group logged Agents (even if technically the extension is in the group). This feature must be switchable because in forking agents are not logged (but in the group).

8891 - iQM Dashboard long waiting times - Build 80169

Dashboard can now show in realtime waiting times longer than 99 seconds.
Agents can start the same client more times. The system gives a warning message but that can be ignored. In theory that operational mode is allowed if the user give different agent names to the client. If not the server receives messages from the same client and in case of failure unclear log entry or even instable connections.
Now ad id not just the name of the agent and his IP address is used but also a unique long random generated number.
Unique Agent ID #176830

9784 - Multiple Agent sessions

Fix to resolve multiple user sessions on the same PC and improve iQM server performance
Build 80175

15542 - Outgoing Calls

Outgoing calls and tranferred calls count missmatch
Fixec in Build 80192 (###189239###)

8917 - Variable Farben

The user can set the colours in the iQM client

15944 - Wrap up

If a agent is in a call and the PBX restarts (or the SOAP Session crash and will recover) the actual call number is not cleared. The effect is that the wrap up will not work.
Fixed in uild 80193 (inofficial), the fix require just the update of the server.

Hotfix 09

11210 - iQM: Agent regarded as available if activity is "available" even if note is set

The presence of a note should is not be taken into account

11253 - Number of outgoing calls

Active call counter (in the Queeu 15 Minute statistic) re-enabled. Rollback of earlier change. The counter shows each time an agent did an active all (internal or external) .
Excel Logging is for this version on disabled (CSV logging is default)

#179869, #181318
Build 80178

13738 - Password client server

A password can be defined in the iQM Server, a client must have the same one. To avoid that a user deletes the iQM Client setup (or installed a new one) and connect to the iQM server. #175397#

13739 - Wrong colour presence status

Hotfix 10

14034 - Client update

Frequently restart of client (>100 times) causes missing client update

Hotfix 11

14488 - Hotfix 11

Build 10.0188

Synchronisation problems between iQM client and iQM server. The Server data are correct while the client data could show an incorrect number of calls.
The Agent list can be hidden.
If the connection to the iQm Server is down or the iQM Server has no connection to the PBX the client shows “—“ in the counter.

Hotfix 12

15253 - Wrong Agent Statistic

Agent CSV Statistic Data are not cleared correctly at midnight

Build 80190

Hotfix 13

16406 - SOAP error - agent statistics

If the SOAP connection fails the iQM server try to start up again a new session. If during this recovery the connection to the PBX fails again the agent statistic could be partially or complete lost.

16405 - SOAP error - wrap up

If an agent is in a call and the PBX restarts (or the SOAP Session crash and will recover) the actual call number is not cleared. The effect is that the wrap up will not work anymore.

Hotfix 14

17513 - Statistic Agent Data

Agent Statistic Counter will count even second calls. On top the minimum duration filter acts also in case of agent statistics. If Call data are received in a reverse order the iQM is able to associate data also after was detected. Logging capability enhanced for statistical data. #189239#

Hotfix 15

21523 - Poor Colour support

  1. 200820 PC with poor colour scema fails to reproduce the innovaphone "black" colour. Nor simply black is displayed.

21522 - Send Number

  1. 200618 If more than one agent share the same send number the iQM fails (calls are shown as busy).

Hotfix 16

22919 - Agent in wrap up calls own WQ

If an Agent has wrap up in the WQ and he is in Wrap-up and now call his own WQ, and while he is waiting for response the wrap up timer expired and the Agent gives up his status is still in wrap up.

22920 - Long wrap up time

If rap up time longer than 99 second is set in the WQ just 2 digites are displayed (the correct timeout is performed)

Hotfix 17

25336 - mail counter logging with speaking abject

The object in the mail ist not very well in detail and so the customer confuses mail. The object should also contain the period (time or date) in clear.
Easy modification.
Build 80208

25337 - monthly counter

If mail notification each day is selected at the end of the month also the month counter should be sendet.
Easy modification.
build 80108

28005 - Peak Overlow

If a call is rining longer than 99 minutes the peak time is shown wrong while in the client more counters are shown wrong.
If a call is waiting longer than 99 minutes the iqm display now 99:99 as peak waiting time.

28004 - Wrong Wrap up

In some setups the user is logged out but never logged in again.

Hotfix 18 - Build 80212

29823 - No logout

New: If the last Agend log out form the group a red frame will be dosplayed on the iQM Server and the client
New: With an flag in the iQM Server it can be forced the the last Agent cloud not exit from the group.
If the iQM receive from the PBX the message he will book in the group the last agent in again.
Bug: Monthly data would not be transferred at the end oft the month in some situations.

Hotfix 19 - Build 80216

30548 - Agent in Nodes

If Agents are in nodes the release is not detected.

30673 - iQM through Reverse Proxy

Endpoint behind a RP have all the same IP. The iQM use the IP address of a phone for hotdesking.
Even it was not possible enter a name in the iQM server PBX IP address (possible yes but the iQM checks if the input is a valid IP address).

Hotfix 20 - Build 80223

32741 - Wrong display

Client: If the main form is hidden by other windows and clicked again, also all other open windows will go in foreground.

33071 - Wrong Display on transfered calls from WQ

Wrong Display if a Agent pass a call form the WQ to another agent.

Hotfix 21 - Build 80235

34450 - Color and Presence

If a iQM Client is working with the Slave iQM Server the presence status is not displayed correct.
If English is the language, the idle presence status is not displayed.

34449 - Number in nodes

If a WQ is working in a node (= not in the root) the number of the original number in the WQ is displayed.
This is fixed, anyway in the WQ is still displayed the (correct) WQ number.

34448 - Recall List

The recall list is not loaded after the iQM start up.
The recall list is not updated always automatically at all clients

Hotfix 22 - Build 80231

34856 - Ageent view Sizeable

The window of the agent viwe is sizable.

34847 - Large Agent view

The Agent view window can be sized large #223665

34849 - LDAP Name resolution

The LDAP Name resolution works not correct

34846 - Presence color

In a colour agent list a busy user is shown red even if he has a presence status.#223665

34919 - Wrap up display

Even i the wrap up is done by the WQ the wrap up is displayed in the iQM client

34848 - Wrong Agent display

Bug: if there is a slave and a master iQM the status list of the Agent could be different if there are iQM client pointing to just the master or the slave and the master.
This is just a display issue, the log data should be correct.

Hotfix 23 - Build 80238

36671 - Abandoned Calls from 2nd WQ

Abandoned (missed) calls in the 2nd WQ can be reported in the general list of the abbandoned calls. Usefully if for example the 2nd WQ is just a general Menu.

36595 - Call Transfer

Fix: The Call Transfer Counter some times do not increment in case of transferred calls

36576 - CSV Logging

Fix: If a customer get a agent CSV log manualy during a day the actual day line is reported twice.

36512 - Hide Avatar on 2nd WQ

Fix: The Avatar on the 2nd WQ was not hide if option was on (just the avatar of the first WQ).

36596 - IVR Log

The IVR Log shows the entire ID of the Agent (with IP adress and UID).
Also the missed calls are saved in the IVR log. The log can be mailed.

36513 - Label in 1rst WQ

Fix: Variabel Label was not displayed.

36515 - Manual Agent reload

A double Click on the connection text in the iQM Main View will reload the agent list. This can be usefully if there are PBX changes on Agent without restarting the iQM server.
Please not that the agent status is not correct until a new agent message (some activity) occours.

35925 - Presence Log

The Presence log message has a fix length of 100 char.
Now the message length depends of the real presence message length.

36647 - Send CBR and Alarm files

The Dashboard iQM Admin can require the Call Back request files and the Threshold log files (email).

36389 - SOAP Session clear

A Soap session is active cleared just on case of error or traps in the iQM, not if regular terminated. The session is cleared form the PBX because of timeout.
Now the iQM terminate active a session.

36575 - Update IVR Messages

Tooltips and same design like the iQM Client layout

Hotfix 24 - Build 80240

38427 - Calls in Queue Window

Calls will be display in the queue window until the call ends. Fixed.

38426 - Move Agent Window

Click on the agent window move position. Fixed.
General move the client window is different because this window is sizable.

Hotfix 25 - Build 80245

43358 - IVR Files

The App Plattform will not reboot quick as a CF. Therefore the connection check is done each minute if a connection failes (in normal operation after 5 seconds).

43359 - IVR minimize

If the iQM client is minimzed the IVR form is not following

39707 - LDAP and nodes

If there is no plain numbering plan but nodes the LDAP name resolution will fail.
Ticket 1006875

Hotfix 26 - Build 80251

51379 - CFU on Start/Stop

A CFU can be switched on/off automatically when the client starts/stopps. On top a User can be defined as "just CFU" user for that feature extendable to all users in a PBX.

47182 - Enhanced email logging

SSL Mail can be set
Mail port can be set
More Debug Info
Error description in case of failure

51378 - Recall Counter

Bug: if there are more then 9 Recalls the number is not displayed correct (window to small)

46465 - Recall Overflow in IVR List

If the recall list is full and calls are not recalled will be saved in the IVR. If this feature is on no CF will be checked.
Can be activated in the setup.
See online help for further explanation.

Hotfix 27 - Build 80253

54418 - Activity Control trigger wrap-up

Bug: during Wrap-Up an activity control trigger the wrap event and will login the user.

Hotfix 28 - Build 80255

58762 - No Wrap up

Calls without numbers are not displayed in a correct way in the iQM client. Therefore the handling of the Wrap-Up could be wrong.

Hotfix 29 - Build 80256

60468 - Text to Speech

Bug: If a caller gives up and a 2nd call is in the queue the display on the client is not updated with the new number.

Characters to find or synchronize a braille device can be defined. The character will be displayed on the right side of the braille window.

Text to Speech: the display line showing the calling/called number (and name if available) and the number of waiting calls is promoted.

Hotfix 30 - Build 80259

63980 - V13 LDAP

In V13 or higher the LDAP name resolution works different and is not supported. Agent could use myApps Client to shows names.

New Feature Notes to call.

Hotfix 31 - Build 80269

68080 - Bug: Statistics - time in group

The time agent in a group was wrong in some cases.

68143 - Call Back Request

Enhanced Call Back Request handling including automatic dialing, personal notes, manual CBR, send CBR on remote server and outbound dialing.

68062 - e-mail

If in teh setup the field "From e-mal domain" and "To e-mail server" is blank the software try to start Outlook for sending the mail. Mail to all usual destination are possible (depending just on the outlook client setup). The PC must therefore have a valid Outlook installed.

68063 - Log File for missed calls and CBR (IVR)

The existing Log Feature was extendet and write in alle movements in the missed call list and CBR List. The file extensione was changed form txt to CSV.

Hotfix 33 - Build 80287

72372 - Bug - Client Stop dialog always stops

Bug: Even if ansered with "no" the software stops

103205 - IP Adapter

Some special VPN adapter (address and ports) are not detected automatically by the client, therefore the user can (must) now set the local adapter used by the iQM client.

72373 - sIVR support

The sIVR XML is supported.

Hotfix 34 - Build 80291

Hotfix 36 - Build 80308

Hotfix 47