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This article explains how to configure and use 3pty conference calls on DECT phones.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • all innovaphone DECT devices (IP1200 and IP1202) from V9HF11.

More Information

The innovaphone IP-DECT devices are able to use the innovaphone conference hardware (CONF interface) to establish a 3pty conference call with firmware V9 hotfix 11 or later. If the 3pty conference is started by the user, first the IP-DECT device starts a call to the configured conferencing unit number. If this call connects, the connected number is used to connect the other call parties to the conference call.


  • innovaphone IP-DECT device with firmware V9 hotfix 11 or later
  • innovaphone device with CONF interface with support of connected number (V9 and later)


  • PBX: The innovaphone CONF interface is registered to a PBX Trunk Line object (or a Gateway object with the Prefix check-mark ticked). The Trunk Line must have a number and be called by the gatekeeper the DECT users are registered.
  • IP-DECT device: The Conferencing Unit Number of the DECT Master is to be set to the Trunk Line number appended by *1# (If Trunk Line is 8, set Conferencing Unit Number to 8*1#).


To start a conference by a DECT phone use the R-key feature R+3 during a call. You must have at least one inactive call. To stop the conference again use also R+3. R+2 stops the conference and toggles to the last inactive party, or to a waiting call, if present.

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