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This function hides certain phone functions and is used in scenarios where heavyweighted "Hide Complete Configuration at Phone" and "Hide Administration Configuration at Phone" do not exactly match the hiding principles and requirements of a customer organisation.


Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP110 V9
  • IP150 V9
  • IP200 V9
  • IP230 V9
  • IP240 V9

More Information

The bitmask hides certain phone functions. Use the WEB user interface and insert a hexadecimal value into the field marked "Phone/Protect/Fine grained Function Hiding".

The same information can be entered by config upload'ing the following command line:

config change PHONE ADMIN-UI /hide-mask <hide-mask>

Currently the following functions can be hidden:

PHONE_HIDE_ADMIN_INFO_MAC        0x01000000  --  hide serial/mac from admin->info screen
PHONE_HIDE_ADMIN_CONFIG          0x10000000  --  hide config entries from admin-menu (keep admin->info only)
PHONE_HIDE_MM_ADMIN              0x08000000  --  hide admin entry from main-menu (hide from main-menu)
PHONE_HIDE_MM_USER_LIST          0x20000000  --  hide user-list entry from main-menu
PHONE_HIDE_MM_PHONE_SETTINGS     0x40000000  --  hide phone-settings entry from main-menu
PHONE_HIDE_MM_USER_SETTINGS      0x80000000  --  hide user-settings entry from main-menu
PHONE_HIDE_US_PREFERENCES        0x00000100  --  hide preferences from user-list
PHONE_HIDE_US_RING_MELODY        0x00000200  --  hide ring melody from user-list
PHONE_HIDE_US_FUNCTION_KEYS      0x00000800  --  hide function keys entry from user-list
PHONE_HIDE_US_REGISTRATION       0x00001000  --  hide registration entry from user-list
PHONE_HIDE_PS_BGIMAGE            0x00000001  --  hide background-image entry from phone-settings menu (on phones with color displays only)


To hide all the functions but allow the configuration of the ring melody, we hide MM_ADMIN, MM_PHONE_SETTINGS and MM_USER_SETTINGS, but allow the MM_USER_LIST and hide the US_PREFERENCES, US_FUNCTION_KEYS and US_REGISTRATION. So

+ 0x40000000
+ 0x80000000
+ 0x00000100
+ 0x00000800
+ 0x00001000
  0xD0001900 <---- hide-mask


  • Administration screen can not actually be hidden, the main manu entry "Administration" will always leave the "Information" submenu available
  • "Hide Complete Configuration at Phone" from Phone/Protect Menu is identical with hide-mask 0xFFFFFFFF.
  • "Hide Administration Configuration at Phone" from Phone/Protect Menu is identical with hide-mask 0x10000000.

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