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In this menu, the DECT system can be configured as a DECT radio, provided that a DECT master was already configured.

  • Disable: A checked check box disables the DECT radio (cell).
  • Radio ID:
    • In Singlecell operation, the radio ID 0 must be specified.
    • In Multicell operation, every radio must have a unique ID. The ID must lie in the range 0 - Sys-Mask (with Sys-Mask specification) or 0 - 254 (without Sys-Mask specification).
  • Sync source: The radio ID with which the radio is to synchronise.
  • Alt Sync Source: The radio ID with which the radio is to synchronise in the event that the sync master is not accessible. Here, it is to be noted that no loops must be created. In other words, if a sync master exists with the radio ID 1 and an alt sync master exists with the radio ID 3, then the alt sync master must on no account synchronise with any radio, since the radio synchronises with the alt sync master in the event of failure of the sync master.
  • Master:
    • Name: The DECT system name.
    • Password: The DECT system password.
    • Master IP Address: The IP address of the DECT master.
    • Standby Master IP Address: The IP address of the standby master.
  • Received Configuration: If the radio is connected to a DECT master the received configuration is shown here.


For configuration of DECT-Radios it is needed to specify explicit the IP address of the DECT-Master here and if present also of the Standby-DECT-Master. Name and Password needs to get configured if the device is only DECT-Radio and not registered to a local DECT-Master. This Name and Password have to be equivalent to Name and Password of the external DECT-Master configured under "Configuration/DECT/System". If the device itself is the DECT master, then the device or the local IP address ( must be entered. If no IP address is configured the DECT radio is in deployment mode for DECT masters and can be added to a DECT system by the master under "Administration/DECT/Radios/Uninitialized Radios" with "Add".