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All registered/unregistered DECT base stations are displayed row by row here. A row contains the following information: Name ID Address Sync Lost Busy Product Version Uptime:

  • Name: <Device type> + <NetBIOS name> for example, IP1200-a1-a2-a3 (the last three digits of the MAC address of the DECT device).
  • ID: The allocated radio ID of the DECT radio.
  • IP Address: The IP address of the DECT radio. If a configured DECT radio is not accessible, the "Del" link is displayed instead of the IP address and can be used to delete the DECT radio from the list.
  • Sync: If the DECT device in question is the DECT master, the character string Master is output. If the DECT device in question is a DECT radio, the number of the radio ID by which the DECT radio has synchronised is output. It is output in green if the DECT device has already successfully synchronised.
  • Lost: The first value in the Lost column relates to the sync master and specifies how often synchronisation to the DECT master was lost. The second value relates to the alt sync master and specifies how often synchronisation to the alternative DECT master was lost and therefore was entirely lost.
  • LDAP: Displays the status of the respective DECT device. Possible states: Up, Down, Starting and Stopped, Server and Replicator.
  • Busy: Displays how often all channels of a DECT radio were busy. This shows whether further DECT base stations are required.
  • In: The DECT radio calls in counter.
  • Out: The DECT radio calls out counter.
  • Ho: The DECT radio handover counter.
  • Fail: The DECT radio handover cancelled counter.
  • Product: Displays the name of the respective DECT device, in so far as it was configured in the Device Name entry field as described in chapter "Configuration/General/Admin". If no product name (Device Name) was configured, the standard name of the device is used (for example, innovaphone IP1200).
  • Version: Displays the current firmware version of the respective DECT device.
  • DECT Version: Displays the current DECT firmware version of the respective DECT device.
  • Connected Time: Displays the connected time of the respective DECT device in the format days hours minutes seconds.
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