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In this menu, the local DECT synchronisation configuration can be changed.

  • Sync Mode:
    • Slave: the Radio will try to synchronise to other Radios in the sync region.
    • Master: in this mode the Radio will act as primary synchronisation source for other Radios in the sync region.
  • Sync RFPI: an optional RFPI to synchronize a Radio in Slave Sync Mode from. If no RFPI defined, the Radio will try to find the other Radios to synchronize from automatically.
  • Alternative sync RFPI:
  • Reference RFPI: an optional synchronisation reference can be provided to synchronize the Sync Master from. Can be used to sync to other DECT systems running nearby to prevent interference.
  • Alternative reference RFPI:
  • Sync Region: coherent Radios should have the same Sync Region configured.
  • Action at reference sync failure:
    • Resynchronize on command
    • Resynchronize daily
    • Resynchronize weekly
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