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DSP: Device status timeout

If the DSP doesnt send periodic status messages the DSP is restartet. This takes a fraction of a second, voice calls are not terminated.

If the DSP shows an error an event is generated, like:

06.10.2016-12:08:23	Error	0x001f0000	Indeterminate	AC-DSP0	dsp status timeout 

In addition a core dump of the DSP can be actived with the Web UI. Thick the checkmark "DSP traceoff/coredump" at http://addr/debug.xml ->Tracing Usually it is reasonable to tick also "DSP" and DSP control messages" and "DSP data messages"

If the core dump is written, another event is generated:

06.10.2016-12:08:32	Error	0x001f0000	Indeterminate	AC-DSP0	core dump written, status=2 

Then the core dump can be downloaded the http://addr/debug.xml -> Tracing -> download DSP core dump The core dump is large, around 64Mbyte. Once the coredump is downloaded the trace should be read and the system is ready to write another core dump if needed.

See also fix #14901 - IPxx11: Added DSP core dump option Firmware 11r2 - 11r2 Service Release 20 (113635) Firmware 12r1 - 12r1 Service Release 3 (120936)

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