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The signaling protocol for the ISDN interface is configured here.

Euro ISDN D-channel protocol:

EDSS1: This type of signalling has gained worldwide acceptance for ISDN subscribers and, despite the name, is also common outside Europe.

QSIG D-channel protocol:

This is a standardised signalling method mainly used to interconnect traditional PBXs.

Unfortunately, there are several variants of the QSIG standard and various implementations; some conform more and some less to the standard.

The gateways therefore support two different variants:

QSIG ECMA1: Using B-channel numbering (1-30)
QSIG ECMA2: Using timeslot numbering (1-15, 17-31)

On T1 interfaces, both variations are identical, as the B-channels 1-23 correspond to timeslots 1-23.

Please note that there are more settings relevant to QSIG on the interfaces Interop page.

US D-channel protocol:

NI: USA (National ISDN 1)
DMS100: USA (new standard)


Point-to-Point: Switches on the point-to-point connection.
Point-to-Multipoint: Switches on the point-to-multipoint connection.