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An innovaphone IP-DECT system stores system parameters in the so called DECT system LDAP object. If the DECT system runs standalone this object is created automatically. In a setup where the users are replicated from an innovaphone PBX, it cannot be created automatically, because a replication client is not allowed to create objects. In this case it has to be created on the PBX. For this purpose this object type is used.

The Long Name of this object must match the DECT System Name as configured under DECT/Config/System on the IP-DECT Master.

PBX, You can bind the DECT system to a PBX

A DECT System object once created on the PBX user interface can only be deleted, it cannot be changed.

See Reference9:PBX/Objects#General_Object_Properties for generic object properties.

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