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With this page PBX administration rights can be configured for a user. The user may login to the system using the 'Name' and the 'Password' configured in the User object as authentication.


See note on Password protect all HTTP pages for limitations when this flag is used.

Full PBX Administration

All settings of the PBX and PBX objects may be changed the same way as a system administrator can do. Including the rights for users.

If Kerberos is used and based on the PBX users, users with the right Full PBX Administration are administrators in the Kerberos realm. Users with other rights are viewers.

Administration of all Objects

All settings of all PBX objects may be changed. The 'General' and 'Security' settings may not be changed.

Administration of non critical Objects

Objects which are marked as 'critical' and the 'critical' flag itself may not be changed.

Groups/Call Forwards only

Only group memberships and call forward settings of non-critical objects may be changed.

Viewing only

You can only view the objects, it's not allowed to configure or change any settings.

Limit to Node

Except for the 'Full PBX Administration' right the rights to change any objects can also be limited to a single pbx or node.