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  • Protect configuration at phone: Password protect changes of the administrative, phone and user configurations at the phone.
  • Hide configuration at phone: Do not display the administrative, phone and user configurations at the phone, these can be changed only via the WEB interface. The “Administration” menu displays version info only. The “User Setup”, “Phone Setup”, “User Setup” and “User list” are hidden.
  • Hide private call information: Show only calls from/to the currently active registration in call lists.
  • Numbers for emergency calls: Comma separated list of numbers (including any necessary prefix) permitted to call when the phone is locked. An empty list means that no calls are permitted when the phone is locked.
  • Prefixes for External Calls: Comma separated list of prefixes not permitted to dial when the phone is disabled for external calls via lock mask.
  • Fine grained function locking: Bit mask to selectively disable certain functions when the phone is not locked.
  • Functions to lock via PIN: Bit mask to define the functions disabled when the phone is locked by PIN, by default everything except emergency calls.
  • Fine grained function hiding : Bit mask to define the functions hidden from phone menus
  • Function keys not modifiable on the phone : Bit mask to define which function keys are not modifiable on the phone User Interface.

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