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Call Forwarding

This function allows incoming calls to be diverted. Four states with different destinations can be configured (for example, mobile phone, voicemail), which are offered in succession. In each of these states, the following options can be used:

  • Always Continuous call diversion exists here.
  • Busy Call diversion is activated when the user's telephone is busy.
  • No response Call diversion is activated after a time delay, for instance after four dial tones.
  • Apply 'Always' Setting Only If "Apply 'Always' Setting Only" is checked the Function key toggles only over the 'Always' (i.e. CFU) entries and keeps other existing diversions untouched. Thus CFB or CFNR diversions set at the phone or at the PBX are not changed when toggling this key. (since V8 hf10)

Tip: Since the current call diversion is displayed on the display, the key labelling can be used to announce the next state to follow (active state). In the last state, it should therefore be displayed that further activation activates the state "0" without call diversion.

Please note that telephones registered with SIP can not set call forwarding in the PBX (as there is no standard to do so in SIP). Instead, the phone must perform and thus store the information locally. To enable this behaviour, you need to issue the command (since v9/v10) config add PHONE SIG /local-cf on or (since v11) config add PHONE/SIG /local-cf on

As such call forwards are executed by the phone itself, they will work only if the phone is up and running and registered.