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Create Registration

In the active status, a further user is registered for the telephone. Therefore, the registration can take place:

  • with the same telephone system
  • with a different telephone system or
  • directly with a provider for IP telephones

For this, a choice of H.323 or SIP protocol is offered. The assignment of the parameters in the active state needs to be ascertained from the respective system provider. With the “Set active” setting, the new registrations are activated.

Note: You can specify an “active user”. Outgoing calls are made under the user’s parameters, and the function keys are transferred to a different IP telephone if necessary.

First, you must select the required protocol for registration. The options are H.323 or SIP. The respective parameters are automatically adjusted to the selected protocol.

H.323 protocol:

  • Gatekeeper address: The IP address at which the innovaphone PBX or the responsible gatekeeper may be reached.
  • Gatekeeper identifier: If several gatekeepers are to be active at one address, a particular gatekeeper is identified amongst them using the name entered here.
  • Number: Here, you specify the call number required for the registration.
  • Name: The name you enter here is only required for the registration if the number was not specified.

SIP protocol:

  • Server address: IP address at which the responsible SIP server may be reached.
  • Domain: Instead of the IP address, you can specify the domain of the provider, which is found after the @ of the URI.
  • User ID: The user ID, which corresponds to the part in front of the @ of the URI.

Note: The user ID can be numeric or alphanumeric.

  • User name: In some SIP registrations, a separate user name is required for authorisation. In all other cases, the field should be left empty.
  • STUN server: The IP address or domain name must be configured if the telephone uses a non-public IP address, but the server is accessible under a public IP address. The value is given by the SIP provider or administrator.

The following parameters can be set protocol independently. These parameters are automatically negotiated during connection setup. A change is only necessary if the gatekeeper/server has special requirements regarding the connection protocol.

  • Password: The registration requires a password, which can be agreed in this setting.
  • Retype: The confirmation prompt for the password.
  • Coder: The protocols for voice compression are listed in this parameter.
  • Framesize [ms]: The packet sizes are automatically negotiated with 60 ms. With this parameter, you can specify a different RTP packet size.
  • Exclusive This parameter allows no negotiation, but accepts only the preset parameters.
  • Silence compression: No outbound packets are transmitted from the IP telephone during silence (no conversation). Noise is played on the other side.
  • Set active: Once registration has taken place, this registration is set as the active registration.