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Message Waiting

In order to access the Message Centre, the access data defined by means of the call number and name is required.

If no messages exist, it is possible to listen to old messages (state 0) or to rephrase the announcement, for example. In state 1, new messages can be listened to.



Broadcast MWI to all registrations on the same gatekeeper. This function is used when the voicebox of another registrations is monitored for MWIs.

To monitor the MWI of another registration, you need a second registration for the respective user at the phone. This second registration needs also a MWI - function key. The 'Global Flag' must be activated on this second registration MWI - key. By this when MWI - message is received, the 'Global Flag' will ensure that the status change is communicated and displayed also at the first(main) registration.

innovaphone Voicemail Aspects

The recommended setting is as follows:

  • Number The number of the voicemail object
    • Note: If the voicemail object and a serviced endpoint do not reside within one node - a node number, probably applying for a voicebox owner, must be appended manually.
  • Append Own Number Shall be activated

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