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Prepare Override

This function key is used to prepare a call with some override options and to complete the number or the name with further digits or letters. Dialing is started by lifting the handset or pressing the speaker or the headset key:


  • Remote party number. A comma (,) can be used to insert a 300ms pause between the digits. This is useful e.g. for destinations accepting DTMF after connect.


  • Remote party name (H323 ID).


  • Dial immediately with the given parameters.


  • None: No Override Options.
  • Caller: The default calling party number and name are overridden by Caller Number and Caller Name.
  • Diversion: The call is sent directly to the given Number and Name ignoring any diversions set by the called party.

Caller Number

  • Overriding calling party number.

Caller Name

  • Overriding calling party name.

If the key is pressed when...

- the phone is idle and Dial is checked a call is set up immediately even if both Number and Name are empty.

- the phone is idle and Dial is NOT checked the indirect dialing menu is opened. The menu footline indicates the kind of override (CO - Caller Override, DO - Diversion Override).

- the indirect dialing menu is active (opened by this or any other key) a call with the given override parameters is set up to the target entered in the menu.

- the phone went just off hook and no digits were entered so far the call is restarted with the given parameters.

- the phone went just off hook and some digits were entered already the key is ignored.

- there is ONE connected call a second call is set up.

- there is more than one call the key is ignored.