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This is the Firmware V9 Release Notes Document.

The release date of the next Hotfix is planed for the second monday of a month. Please note that this a scheduled and no fix date.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Firmware V9

V9 Release

4409 - Fixed comparison of FTY_IM_MESSAGE in unit tests

Ticket #126338. In fty_event_im_message::is_identical fty_event_im_message::data was handled as a null terminated string but it is a bufman buffer.

3725 - SRTP: Better diagnostics for SRTP on IP6000 IP2000

Ticket #105043. !mem info srtp_socket

1436 - V9 und V8 PPP port configuration geht nicht richtig auf ip6010

Ticket #63427. Da erscheint in V9 bei Auswahl von PPPOE das ISDN Menu, dafür ist bei <none> jetzt kein weiterführendes Menü sichtbar. Das sollte auch bei V8 so sein.

Bei V8 erscheint derzeit auch bei <none> das ISDN Menu, dafür ist bei V8 das PPPOE Menü korrekt vorhanden wenn man PPPOE0/1 als Schnittstelle auswählt.

V9 Hotfix 1 (90600.01)

1562 - A Bootcode Update could disrupt the Media stream for some seconds

Ticket #64631. This was observed on phone devices with relatively slow flash memory when a bootcode update took place while a call was active.

1557 - A PBX user with "Full PBX Administration" Rights could not edit phone configuration

Ticket #64572. The configuration pages could be opened once but after changing an item the input was disabled

1656 - AD Replication, Alphanumeric symbols were rejected in maps

Ticket #65499. A bug introduced by code-adaption from v8 to v9. I.e. this problem is new with v9 and does not occur under v8.

1680 - Appended called number to CF at gateway object needs to be adjusted acording to destination node

Ticket #65754. Reroute from master to slave in an e164 scenario for IP down did not work

1639 - Associating a call from a Gateway object with Gateway object Node did not work if CGPN represented an incomplete Number

Ticket #65359. This can result in not finding the correct Node Extern interface

1563 - Bootcode: Support for RGB LED added

Ticket #64636. ...

1487 - Calling Tone garbled when using G722 with a framesize > 40 milliseconds

Ticket #64015. The maximum G722 framesize is 40 milliseconds (320 byte packets). A configured size > 40 was not adjusted correctly and triggered the calling tones too fast.

1454 - calling tone missing in some cases

Ticket #63667. the calling tone was switched off when RTP data was received from remote party after the alerting indication even if the data did not contain in-band info.

1502 - Conference on IP6000 Hardware 200 and lower not working with v8hf14 and v9

Ticket #64132. The ADSP serial port has been changed from SPORT1 to SPORT0 for the IP6010.
Old IP6000 hardware has the SPORT0 not connected, so now SPORT1 is again used on IP6000.

1455 - config download may trap when malformed LDAP config data has been uploaded

Ticket #63678. a buffer overrun happens on config download when a "mod cmd FLASHDIR0 add-view nnn cn=..." line with a length > 63 characters has been uploaded.

1723 - Config upload error message changed to show all skipped lines

Ticket #66133. Request from Ascom

1707 - debug.xml, Tracing Modified

Ticket #66004. A few trace options were altered

1726 - DECT: Call waiting without Feature Codes

Ticket #66153. Call waiting is not working if the feature codes are disabled and the first call is in alerting state. Now the following call is not rejected.

1759 - DECT: Configuration option for OEM device

Ticket #66425. New configuration option 'Output Power' in DECT Radio for an OEM device.

1731 - DECT: Delete duplicate LDAP 'pbx' <gw> items

Ticket #66174. Now duplicate LDAP 'pbx' <gw> items are deleted by the DECT users module.

1691 - DECT: Device state info for OEM GUI

Ticket #65864. Device state info for OEM GUI added.

1521 - DECT: File upload for user import

Ticket #64264. File upload fixed. Used for user import by an OEM device.

1518 - DECT: forward info message to radio

Ticket #64245. The info message is forwarded from the gatekeeper to the radio in an early call state now. The message is used for display updates by a OEM PBX between call setup and alerting response from DECT.

1717 - DECT: Gateway menu missed

Ticket #66077. Now, the Gateway menu is added again in V9 for the IP1200.

1571 - DECT: Increase number of anonymous RAS registrations

Ticket #64761. Now the number of the allowed anonymous RAS registrations is increased to 30.

1529 - DECT: Internal endpoint information 'assigned-by'

Ticket #64316. The DECT system saves the information with which method an endpoint was assigned to an user - by the administrator or with the feature code 'user login'. It is used by OEM modules.

1674 - DECT: License check for OEM

Ticket #65727. The DECT Master checks the DECT Radio license for an OEM device and PBX.

1532 - DECT: Location update option for UTF-8 support

Ticket #64371. A new option is added for the location update events to distinguish between latin1 and UTF-8 handsets. This feature is only used by an OEM device and OEM handsets for display updates to support UTF-8.

1610 - DECT: Master Call GUI close/clear for OEM

Ticket #65137. The link 'close' and 'clear' of the DECT Master call page did not work for an OEM device and is fixed now.

1456 - DECT: menu in IP6000/IP6010/...

Ticket #63679. The DECT menu is visible in the IP6000/IP6010/IP0010/IP1060/IP3010 devices, if the required DECT multi-cell license is available.

1473 - DECT: OEM device user configuration

Ticket #63883. For an OEM device the user data handling must be different. This does not concern the IP1200.

1600 - DECT: Option not to use TLS

Ticket #65053. for easier debugging

1669 - DECT: Option short busy tone

Ticket #65693. New option 'Short busy tone' for the DECT system added. If this is enabled, the busy tone after remote hangs up is shortened.

1572 - DECT: Registration string for test registration

Ticket #64766. The registration string for the test registration is fixed to work with V9.

1670 - DECT: Trap during registration up handling

Ticket #65698. Trap in DECT Master fixed. It occurs if the master endpoint is in delete state and a RAS registration up event is received.

1527 - DECT: User import file convertion

Ticket #64297. Support for latin1 to UTF-8 conversion for user import added. The import feature is only used in an OEM device.

1603 - DECT: Wrong packetsize sometimes used after renegotiation

Ticket #65086. This could cause interop problems with some PBX, which was not able to receive media packets above a certian size.

1516 - DHCP configuration with secondary but no primary gatekeeper not possible

Ticket #64232. This kind of configuration is required in some redundancy scenarios. It could be configured manually on the phones but not distributed via the innovaphone DHCP server. Keep in mind that only new telephone firmware will understand a DHCP configuration providing the secondary gatekeeper only.

1528 - DNS/Hosts: SRV-Record, Port Default 5060 Confusing. Removed.

Ticket #64312. Edit field is now going be empty

1616 - firmware of a certain image size did not boot from scattered flash segments

Ticket #65154. when booting from scattered flash segments the firware is decompressed in smaller chunks. A false alarm was raised after successful decompress for a last chunk smaller than 5 byte.

1703 - Gateway SIP Interfaces: Could not configure internal registration for a disabled interface

Ticket #65975. and if a interface was disabled afterwards, the config for the internal registration was lost

1493 - Gateway: Allow interface maps for analog interfaces as well

Ticket #64068. Was prohibited in the past, but there are uses for this.

1650 - Gateway: Allow sending of Date/Time in Connect on ISDN interfaces

Ticket #65445. Was missing in the User Interface, so it could not be configured

1631 - Gateway: Configured signaling port got lost, when ediiting interface maps

Ticket #65303. The signaling port was reset to the standard port when saving interface mappings

1719 - Gateway: New interface option "No Early Media" for SIP interoperability

Ticket #66092. New config option "No Early Media" in section "SIP Interop Tweaks".
Required for LYNC interoperability to ignore SDP answer in 183 Session Progress,
since no inband progress information is provided by LYNC.

1630 - Gateway: Not possible to enter wildcards ('.') in interface maps

Ticket #65280. wrong check for correct value

1439 - Gateway: Outgoing Call Completion did not work when outgoing call was routed through TONE interface

Ticket #63517. Outgoing CC request did not went out to ISDN interface.

1649 - Gateway: Record URL at SIP interface was lost when Internal registration was configured

Ticket #65443. UI problem

1474 - GW Route Configuration: XML Content Not Well Formed When Inserting A Map

Ticket #63884. Could happen with certain types of routing maps

1497 - H.323 limit registration redirects to avoid high load on misconfiguration

Ticket #64116. In a non-replicated PBX environment it could happen that a loop of registration redirections is configured. In this case the endpoints were redirected as fast as the resources allowed between the different destinations. This could produce high load on the PBXs.

1621 - H.323: Display call state in "Signaling Timeout" error log

Ticket #65194. To provide better indication about the nature of the problem

1609 - H.323: Don't forward G.729B capability if silience compreession not enabled

Ticket #65133. This solves quality issues some SIP provider have with G.729B.

1714 - H.323: Media Negotiation problem, with reverse media calls thru media-relay/exclusive media interface

Ticket #66037. This could result in no media with mobility calls to sip provider

1640 - HTTP /home did not work for URLs containing more then one '/'

Ticket #65364. /home could be used for PBX0/MY/start.htm, but this did nor work because of multiple '/'

1501 - HTTP server: Query string is lost on redirect for "Force HTTPS"

Ticket #64128. The location header of the redirect does not include the initial query string.

files: http.cpp, http.h

1438 - HTTP-Client: Bad encoding of uri parameter in digest authentication

Ticket #63469. Uri parameter in digest authentication was not URL encoded

1556 - HTTP-Client: Trap in minifirmware on requests using a domain name

Ticket #64568. The HTTP client does not check if the DNS module exists before using it. In the minifirmware there is no DNS module.

Files: httpclient_i.cpp

Test: 9.00/unit-tests/httpclient/basic/150-get-dns-missing

1727 - HTTP-Server: Configuration page was broken

Ticket #66166. The processing of the configuration form accidentially produced a too long command line.

files: http.cpp, http.h

1728 - HTTP-Server: Restrict number of filters and paths on configuration page

Ticket #66167. The GUI looked like the user could define more than ten entries. Also there was a trap when the user defined one CF path too much.

files: http.cpp, http.xsl

1584 - Incorrect rpcap timestamp after TRACE LOST messages

Ticket #64915. The RPCAP timestamp (Wireshark) after a TRACE LOST message was incorrect, as the TRACE LOST message contained an incorrect timestamp.

1535 - IP200A IP230 IP240: manufacturing test not working

Ticket #64378. write fixed bootheader fails

1568 - IP222/IP232 Bootcode: Support for hardware 300

Ticket #64701. USB-Clock is generated from PRE-USB Clock, needs a 25 pre-divider

1667 - IP222: Alpha input using the num block

Ticket #65681. Alpha input using the num block

1594 - IP222: changes for new hardware

Ticket #64967. * Reduce average current through IR-LED
* Re-init LCD orientation (fight against resets of the display controller)

1666 - IP232: Implemented touch keyboard

Ticket #65680. Implemented touch keyboard

1601 - ip241 - G722 3party conference did not work

Ticket #65078. When a 3party conference was setup with at least one G722 connection involved the microphone data of one party was terminated at the conference point

1520 - IP241 - VLAN frames > 1514 bytes were not accepted

Ticket #64251. The default maximum receive length of 1518 does not permit for a 1516 byte frame.
With the maximum receive length set to 1536 such frames are received.

1452 - IP241 DSP may freeze under heavy load

Ticket #63648. A function key test script which creates/releases a big number of calls (single calls, conference calls, intrusion calls) in a very short time resulted in a frozen DSP.

1534 - IP241!: IP230X not working

Ticket #64376. wrong UART used

1629 - IP241: Call list does not show display name if call was diverted

Ticket #65269. Display name of the diverted-to party was not shown in call list.
Also truncate names and numbers to avoid interference with date and time.

1661 - IP241: Connected call was displayed as transferred call

Ticket #65641. When name was dialed instead of number, the connected number (received with connect message) caused display to show transfer condition.

1551 - IP241: Directory entries did not show number tag

Ticket #64555. Number tag indicates type of number (M = mobile number)

1575 - IP241: Diverting/Transfering party was not shown

Ticket #64775. If name (not number) was called and call was diverted/transferred
the diverting/transferring party (dialed name) was invisible.

1696 - IP241: Do not hide all fkeys in active state

Ticket #65923. Keep these fkeys on display that do not interfere with call controls.

1665 - IP241: Fix for display rendering

Ticket #65678. Zeroize png object when image loading fails.

1668 - IP241: Fix for multi line editor

Ticket #65686. Fix for multi line editor

1676 - IP241: Fix for XML screen dump

Ticket #65737. XML screen dump is only used for automated testing.

1530 - IP241: IP230X not working

Ticket #64355. wrong UART used

1590 - IP241: Multi line text ctrl must support line break

Ticket #64938. Multi line text ctrl must support line break when displaying received text messages or when composing new text messages.

1519 - IP241: Number information interfere with status information on call ctrl

Ticket #64250. Truncate number information to match screen metrics.
Show status information if space available only.

1617 - IP241: Show active CFU destination on idle screen

Ticket #65176. Show active CFU destination in header bar of idle screen.
Not only a symbol on status bar.

1645 - IP241: Time and date not refreshed while menu screen is active

Ticket #65394. Refresh staus bar in menu screen

1673 - IP241: Trap on display rendering

Ticket #65726. When entering too many digits while preparing block dialing.

1721 - IP3010/6010: fax problems

Ticket #66110. * CED is not transfered
* Wrong T38 encoding in V8

1693 - ip6010 - ethernet statistics counter values missing

Ticket #65905. only the counter names but no values were displayed on the ethernet statistics page

1711 - ip6010 - frame loss on ethernet ports running in a VLAN

Ticket #66028. receiving of VLAN tagged frames did not work stable, when running ping -t over a longer time a frame loss from 5 to 10 percent was reported

1699 - ip6010 - same MAC address was assigned to ETH0 and ETH1

Ticket #65939. this results in problems when both interfaces are connected to the same LAN segment

1491 - ip6010 family : CFLASH overcrowds trace buffer if trace flag is turned on

Ticket #64061. dto

1559 - IP6010, IP6000: Use optimized memcpy

Ticket #64587. Use of load/store multiple and shifts for 32 bit alignment speeds up memcpy by a factor of approx 2

Orginal memcpy
<info product="IP6010" mips="800Mips">
<memcpy bytes="1000000" time="2ms" speed="347.826Mbyte/s"/>
<read bytes="1000000" time="2ms" speed="347.826Mbyte/s"/>
<write bytes="1000000" time="2ms" speed="470.588Mbyte/s"/>
<stack_memcpy bytes="1000000" time="7ms" speed="133.333Mbyte/s"/>
<uncached_memcpy bytes="1000000" time="41ms" speed="24.169Mbyte/s"/>
<aes bytes="1000000" time="135ms" speed="7.373Mbyte/s"/>
<sha bytes="1000000" time="70ms" speed="14.260Mbyte/s"/>

Optimized memcpy:
<info product="IP6010" mips="800Mips">
<memcpy bytes="1000000" time="1ms" speed="888.888Mbyte/s"/>
<read bytes="1000000" time="2ms" speed="347.826Mbyte/s"/>
<write bytes="1000000" time="2ms" speed="421.052Mbyte/s"/>
<stack_memcpy bytes="1000000" time="7ms" speed="142.857Mbyte/s"/>
<uncached_memcpy bytes="1000000" time="15ms" speed="64.000Mbyte/s"/>
<aes bytes="1000000" time="138ms" speed="7.200Mbyte/s"/>
<sha bytes="1000000" time="70ms" speed="14.285Mbyte/s"/>

CPU load with the test test/9.00/box/dsp/ip6010 shows approx 1% lower CPU load.
Enet test test/9.00/box/enet/ip6010 shows 10638Kbyte/s transfer rate, compared to 9708Kbyte/s with the old memcpy.

With ECC enabled the CPU load was 19% / 21% without SRTP and 31% / 33% with SRTP
With ECC Enet test test/9.00/box/enet/ip6010 shows 10638Kbyte/s transfer rate10309

1742 - IP6010-CF: Kingston compact flash was not recognized

Ticket #66269. the card was not recognized because a register was wrongly initialized.

1579 - ip800 trace telling wrong information about power source

Ticket #64826. PCBs since V300 cannot detect POE power and trace therefore told 'not powered'.

1752 - IPVA, Double-Fault Handling Should Skip Trace History

Ticket #66362. Otherwise a triple fault occurs in case of a corrupted trace buffer

1552 - IPVA, Include NAT

Ticket #64557. Include the NAT0 module as in other innovaphone products

1712 - IPVA, More Watchdog Info

Ticket #66029. a bit more diagnostics info is written in case of a watchdog

1593 - IPVA, RAM-Dependent Flash Limitation

Ticket #64961. Flash Utilization must be limited with RAM <= 64MB
To prevent loss of flash data when uploading IPVA v9hf1:
1)Perform Maintenance/Config/Download
2)Upload the new ipva.bin
3)Perform Maintenance/Config/Upload with the step 1) config.

-The flash directory space is 13MB with 64MB Ram
-The max. flash directory space is available from on 192MB Ram

1733 - ISDN: New interop flag to forward network provided or checked cli only

Ticket #66183. Useful if the real calling number is needed and not a number provided by CLIP no screening

1751 - Kerberos: Disable RC4 encryption by default

Ticket #66352. RC4 encryption is now disabled by default. It can be turned on on the General/Admin page.

1658 - Kerberos: Do not allow registration of multiple databases for one realm name

Ticket #65589. This happened when a box hosted multiple PBXes with the same system name.

kerberos_kdc.h (v9 only)

1722 - Kerberos: Wrong RC4 key usage type for authenticators

Ticket #66113. The AP-REQ message uses key usage type 7 if it is encapsulated in an TGS-REQ.


1451 - License: Character encoding problem

Ticket #63645. Character encoding problem

1582 - Linux: Fix address from ETH1 network

Ticket #64877. Linux network configuration is not working if Linux gets a fix ETH1 network address. The default gateway address is wrong from ETH0. Now the network mask and the default gateway can be configured.

1577 - Linux: Reset required links

Ticket #64813. Reset required links in the Linux XML pages fixed.

1499 - Media negotiation problem H.323 to SIP call, with reverse Media and media relay

Ticket #64124. a call without Media in both directions could be the result

1542 - memory leak check missing for last parked call info

Ticket #64445. when a call is parked using the 'Park' function key info about the parked call is kept for later checks when the call is unparked again. the leak check for this info was missing.

1694 - Message Waiting Interrogation: Result message coding wrong

Ticket #65912. a malformed message was displayed in wireshark

1490 - missing response 'reset required' when changing PRIx-Lx config options

Ticket #64055. changing i.e. the ,NT-Mode' config option didn't show the 'reset required' link button after pressing 'OK'.

1679 - MWI does not work in various Node/Pbx combination

Ticket #65750. MWI does not work in various Node/Pbx combination

1506 - myPBX launcher: Hotkey does not work for same number two times in a row

Ticket #64169. files: TextPeeker.cs

1459 - myPBX launcher: Hotkey should always bring myPBX to front

Ticket #63718. Not only if a number is marked


1465 - myPBX launcher: Map all variants of the Norwegian language to "no"

Ticket #63771. There are three ISO 639-1 language codes for the variants of the Norwegian languages.

Norsk (Bokmål) (nb)
Norsk (Nynorsk) (nn)
Norsk (no)

myPBX only provides a translation for "no". To avoid that users with the "nb" or "nn" locale get the English translation, all language codes have to be mapped to "no" by the myPBX launcher.

Files: ctiwin.cs, start.js

1522 - myPBX launcher: Open configuration dialog if no URL is configured

Ticket #64265. On startup the config dialog should show up if no URL is configured, yet.

files: ctiwin.cs

1453 - myPBX launcher: Remove standard URL

Ticket #63652. Currently the launcher uses a standard URL ( This is obsolete and should be removed.

files: ctiwin.cs

1659 - myPBX: Default values for configuration of external LDAP search

Ticket #65593. Use the same default values as on the phone.

Name Attributes: "sn,givenName,company"
Number Attributes: "telephoneNumber:D,homePhone:P,mobile:M,:@"

files: pbx_client.cpp

1561 - myPBX: Detect standby cases in a different way

Ticket #64611. Needed because the behaviour of api_other_location has changed (#64540)

files: pbx_client.cpp

1671 - myPBX: Forward instant messages only once in order to prevent loops

Ticket #65699. Forwarded messages are detected by comparing the remote endpoint and the sender name.

files: pbx_client.cpp
test: unit-tests\client\iteration07\402-multisession-loop2

1475 - myPBX: Handling of calls with no name and no number

Ticket #63885. myPBX updated calls only if a number or a name was set in the call-update or contact-call-update message.

Files: client.js

1462 - myPBX: Improvements of Finnish translation

Ticket #63747. files: pbx_client_localisation.cpp

Soita => Puhelu
Keskustele => Keskustelu

1606 - myPBX: Improvements of French translation

Ticket #65115. Transfer direct -> Transférer
Transférer -> Mettre en communication

files: pbx_client_localisation.cpp

1662 - myPBX: Outgoing IM session did not reach state "up" on instant connect

Ticket #65651. The following message was missing when the remote entpoint connected the call right away: <update-im id="0" state="up"/>

files: pbx_client.cpp, pbx_client.h

1663 - myPBX: Performance improvements

Ticket #65654. Searching in lists was suboptimal
Removed unused method

files: pbx_client.cpp, pbx_client.h

1480 - myPBX: Redial

Ticket #63930. Add a button to the web application that writes the last dialled number into the number input field.


1498 - myPBX: Save button for contacts stays disabled when using autocomplete

Ticket #64117. This can happen using Firefox. Turn autocomplete off and use the oninput event additionally.

files: client_contact.htm

1460 - myPBX: Script error on line 1351

Ticket #63744. A script error is thrown when there is an unexpected missed-call-auth:
client.js, Line 1351, this.manager is null

files: client.js

1613 - myPBX: Sessions sometimes get stuck

Ticket #65143. Session IDs used the full dword scope but btree_compare can only handle values in the positive integer scope.

files: pbx_client.cpp

1678 - myPBX: Show allows that are configured using templates

Ticket #65746. So that the user can see all access rights

pbx_client.cpp, client_allows.js

1511 - myPBX: Show login screen after logout instead of closing window

Ticket #64194. files: client.js

1596 - myPBX: Usability improvements for call transfers

Ticket #65032. Blind transfer of incoming alerting calls.
Transfer of outgoing alerting calls.
Autoselect new outgoing calls.
Hide transfer buttons on the selected call.

files: client.js

1508 - myPBX: Use different icon for logout

Ticket #64184. So that users can better see the difference between logging out and closing the window.

files: window_action_logout.png

1672 - myPBX: Use displayname as sender name of instant messages

Ticket #65704. The cn was used before. Now one of the following attributes is used: dn, cn, h323

files: pbx_client.h, pbx_client.cpp
test: unit-tests\client\iteration07\250-singlecall-dn

1612 - Network Link GUI

Ticket #65142. The network (ETH0/ETH1) Link page was not reloaded after pressing 'ok' or ' clear' in IP800 and IP1200 and is fixed now.

1636 - new License Mechanism <type>@<num>=n

Ticket #65339. For hosting provider

1466 - no dialtone and no audible connection on ip24, ip22 and ip28 with V9

Ticket #63780. even in both directions

1489 - No received cause code should be treated as 'normal clearing'

Ticket #64043. Was sometimes treated as cause code to do re-routing. This happened esspecially with multiple registrations to v8 gateway object. A call sent successfully to the gateway on the first regsitration was sent again on the second registration after call clearing.

1488 - One-way audio when using G711u

Ticket #64036. Playback of G711u RTP audio may fail and error log "Wrong Payload Type received" is set in some cases.

1517 - Out Of Memory Trap when running VM without prompt files

Ticket #64243. When calling into a Voice Mail object without prompt files
memory objects are allocated at high rate without being freed.
Memory is freed at disconnect.
This may cause a OOM trap when call stays connected for a longer time.

1715 - PBX Admin UI: When editing allowed access, show configuration inherited from templates

Ticket #66059. Result was sometimes confusing, because it was very hard to find templates from which the current object inherited config

1753 - PBX administration: Slave password is lost when configuring myPBX

Ticket #66380. When the configuration of myPBX was submitted on the PBX/Config/myPBX page the slave password was reset.

1628 - PBX Broadcast: CFB configured at broadcast was always executed if "Execute member diversions"

Ticket #65261. If "Execute Member Diversions" was checked a call to Broadcast was also sent to CFB destination

1713 - PBX Broadcast: CFNR was executed only after No Response Timeout even if no member

Ticket #66032. If there is no member in the broadcast group, a CFNR configured at the Broadcast object should be executet immediatelly.

This was a collateral damage from hotfix

65261: PBX Broadcast: CFB configured at broadcast was always executed if "Execute member diversions"

1544 - PBX CDRs: Dummy call to endpoint because of SOAP UserCall generated CDR

Ticket #64449. The PBX-SOAP UserCall function initiates a call to the endpoint and transfers this call to the destination given by UserCall. This initial call to the endpoint should not generate a CDR

1618 - PBX CDRs: Missing transfer-to on operator connect, when calling waiting from other PBX

Ticket #65178. This was a general problem with transfer on another PBX. Happens with normal transfer on other PBX as well

1592 - PBX CDRs: On Transfer to Waiting, the "connected" message did not contain peer

Ticket #64955. Happend with transfer with consultation to a waiting queue

1587 - PBX CDRs: Transfer not indicated if transfer initiated by myPBX

Ticket #64924. in case of transfer with consultation

1657 - PBX CDRs: Transfered call generated 2 cdrs. This was confusing

Ticket #65521. For an incoming call which was transfered, one CDR for the incoming call and one for the outgoing transfer was generated. Now one CDR for the incoming call including the information for the outgoing transfer is generated

1585 - PBX CDRs: Wrong Display Name sometimes with Pickup

Ticket #64917. when calls routed between locations were involved

1598 - PBX CDRs: Wrong information if forward on other PBX

Ticket #65041. The leg1 info from the other slave was not evaluated for CDRs

1738 - PBX External UC: Update presence of users with correct External UC set only

Ticket #66223. If presence info was received on an External UC interface for users not configured for External UC, the presence was still updated. This was wrong

1725 - PBX Mobility: Min-Alert/Max-Alert timer on configured mobility

Ticket #66152. This way it can be prohibited that an announcement from the mobile provider accepts a mobility call

1597 - PBX Mobility: Use of RTP-DTMF was prohibited even if media terminated in PBX itself

Ticket #65036. For DTMF within a call (e.g. ** for R-Key) RTP-DTMF cannot be used end-to-end, because the Mobility object would not see these DTMFs.

If media is terminated in the PBX (because of media-relay or whenever tones are played by the PBX itself) RTP-DTMF can and should be used

1483 - PBX Root Node Extern on Slave for calls from Master

Ticket #63995. If a Root Node Extern interface was configured on a slave this was currently only used in case this was a "License Only" slave.

Now this interface is also used for calls from the master with no destination found. This can only happen in non-replicated environments.

1642 - PBX UI: Registration with Admin Pwd misleading, PBX Pwd is better

Ticket #65370. The Admin Pwd could be understood as the General/Admin password. PBX Pwd should be pretty clear what this is.

1567 - PBX User Interface did not work with Groups containing XML reserved characters (&,<,>,...) or non-ascii

Ticket #64695. XML or URI encoding was missing in some paces. The browser could not display the page.
This happend when using the left PBX/Group tree for nvigation

1689 - PBX User Interface: Text refers to pages PBX/General or PBX/Password which do not exist anymore

Ticket #65834. Should be pages PBX/Config/General and PBX/Config/Security

1570 - PBX v5 SoftwarePhones licenes did not work on v9 or v8 PBX

Ticket #64709. An old v5 SoftwarePhone license installed on a v9 PBX did not work for v5 SoftwarePhones

1729 - PBX-CDR: Forwarded call representation improved

Ticket #66169. CDR for incoming call, which shows the forwarding as well and another CDR for the outgoing call to be used for billing only

1684 - PBX-CDR: Transfered call representation improved

Ticket #65805. On an endpoint transfering a call two CDRs are generated: One for the original call and one for the call created by the transfer. The one created by the transfer has an event "transfered". This one can be omitted from a calls list.

1700 - PBX-SOAP: Don't provide caller number if CLIR was used on call to monitored endpoint

Ticket #65944. If this was an internal call, the PBX knows the calling number anyway, but it should not be sent on SOAP

1737 - PBX-SOAP: FindUser should not show hidden objects

Ticket #66216. Could be confusing

1646 - PBX-SOAP: Trap if initiating multiple outgoing calls from a Waiting object at the same time

Ticket #65418. Some applications do this to deliver voice messages

1702 - PBX-SOAP: UserDTMF did not send DTMF to Voicemail or Waiting Objects

Ticket #65958. It only sent DTMFs to a VOIP connection

1720 - PBX/Access: Visibility defined for a domain, should just add to the other definitions

Ticket #66104. Other then a definition based on a name, which should overwrite everything else

1647 - PBX: BC Conference instant messaging support

Ticket #65422. Instant messaging support with myPBX for the "Bc Conference" PBX object added.

1627 - PBX: Busy on ... Calls should be executed on calls from on object to itself

Ticket #65260. was disabled in 2008, no idea what this should be good for. Can be very confusing

1653 - PBX: Call-Intrusion could result in wrong name display

Ticket #65462. esspecially for silent intrusion

1472 - PBX: CDRs from Waiting Queue in case of call thru DTMF map wrong

Ticket #63882. The CDR just ended without the transfer and following events

1589 - PBX: Conference trap

Ticket #64936. A zero pointer trap in the broadcast conference PBX object is fixed.

1549 - PBX: Failover to WAN for calls to Slave PBX did not work

Ticket #64540. accidentally broken in v9

1494 - PBX: Group not configurable for PBX object

Ticket #64075. needed by SOAP applicatons (e.g. TAPI) to find slave PBXs

1558 - PBX: IM sessions to external UC did not work

Ticket #64583. The session was not initiated towards the external UC

1632 - PBX: Name Identification was missing when initaiting IM Session

Ticket #65304. No display name of initiating party was sent

1730 - PBX: Name not case sensitive anymore

Ticket #66172. An object Name in the PBX can now be used as user part of a SIP URI and this is not case sensitive. This could be a compatibility issue if users are configured with names which are the same except the case.

1504 - PBX: Potential Trap on calls to exec, map or waiting object

Ticket #64135. under some rare circimstances, which are unfortunatly not known, there could be a NULL pointer access

1560 - PBX: Publish to external UC, From header wrong

Ticket #64591. A From header of anonymous was sent

1495 - PBX: Rej.External Calls not possible for all object types

Ticket #64111. when creating the objects it was sometimes possible to set this checkmark but later when editing the object the checkmark was not displayed anymore

1553 - PBX: Reporting licensing for standby operation did not work

Ticket #64560. Reporting did not work for endpoints registered in standby mode, because of license check failed

1686 - PBX: Routing did not work correct for calls between Nodes/PBXs for some Facility Calls

Ticket #65825. Some Facility calls are routed without checking for call-forwards (e.g. MWI interrogation). When these calls where routed to a different PBX, routing to an object not within root node did not work, if caller was not in root node

1513 - PBX: Send 'Connected Name' in Connect

Ticket #64199. This is for example needed to display E-Mail Icon in myPBX for contacts in remote PBX

1492 - PBX: Transfer Recall timer was not started if destination was ringing after blind transfer

Ticket #64064. After a blind transfer without consultation to a busy destination the recall timer should be started as soon as the destination is not busy anymore and the call is delivered

1524 - PBX: Trap on security denial of 'unknown' registration

Ticket #64269. If there is a 'unknown' registration attempt with wrong password (Unknown Registrations - With Admin Pwd only enabled) another attempt is rejected during security hold off period. If during this period another registration attempt with correct password happens, the PBX traps.

1573 - PBX:OEM Voicemail license did not work

Ticket #64769. collateral damage from supporting licenses from different versions on a PBX

1463 - phone ip241 - monitor mode (handset/headset + speaker) cannot be disabled once enabled

Ticket #63750. if monitor mode is set by pressing the speaker key while in handset or headset mode the handsfree speaker gets the same data as the handset or headset speaker. pressing the speaker key again must mute the handsfree speaker.

1505 - phone orchid: called party microphone muted after a G722 call has been connected

Ticket #64139. This is an effect of the sampling rate change when switching the channel from G711 (ringing) to G722. The microphone was unmuted when the speaker volume was changed thereafter. Now the volume settings are restored automatically after the sampling rate has been changed.

1543 - Phone trap when leaving User-Choose screen with Menu key

Ticket #64448. problem: Phone trap when leaving User-Choose screen with Menu key. Missing "SaveChages?" screen.

solution: fixed in code. TXT_EMPTY==SvgChg Id. Worst Case occured.

files: phone_user_config.cpp

products: All Telephones

risks: none

1611 - Phone UI: Truncate h323id on header of idle screen to reserve space for e164 number

Ticket #65140. Long h323id's may take all available space and keep e164 number from being displayed.

1625 - Phone UI: Truncate h323id on header of idle screen to reserve space for e164 number

Ticket #65258. problem: Long h323id's may take all available space and keep e164 number from being displayed.

solution: new user pretty print algorithm now tries to display the whole e164 number and fills the remaining space left aligned with h323 id. ellipsis is only one char on the phone lcd and notes that the text ahead of it has been shortened. following cases are possible:
1) |123...| number too long
2) |123456| number just right
3a)| 12345| no name found or less than 2chars left for name
3b)| 1234|
4) |n... 1| name shortened with ellipsis, number complete
5) |nam 23| enough room for name and number
6) |name | no number - enough space for name
7) |name01| no number - enough space for name (just right)
8) |nam...| no number - name shortend with ellipsis

files: forms_impl.cpp

products: all inca telephones

risks: none

1660 - Phone: Bei "Nachricht antworten" wird von der gerade aktiven Reg gesendet

Ticket #65630. Es sollte aber von der Reg gesendet werden, auf der die Msgs empfangen wurde.
Wird ja bei Voice-Calls auch so gemacht.

1638 - phone: blinking of central MWI-LED could not be disabled for a MWI function key without an own LED

Ticket #65354. When the MWI function key was assigned to a key without an own LED the central MWI-LED did blink although "Active State/LED" was set to "off".

1619 - Phone: Broken "Display Name on Pickup/Partner Key" Option

Ticket #65179. problem: Broken "Display Name on Pickup/Partner Key" : pickup function key always displaying numbers, never H.323 alias (name)

solution: fixed in code

files: box/forms/lcd/phone_forms_impl.cpp phone/app/app_disp.cpp app_ctl.h

products: all inca telephones

risks: none

1709 - Phone: Changing current presence activity does not remove presence note

Ticket #66017. Remove presence note when changing presence activity.

1739 - Phone: Changing or resetting the presence activity leaves presence note as is - should delete it

Ticket #66246. problem: phone: Changing or resetting the presence activity leaves presence note as is. Which usually does not reflect what the user wants; remove the (absence) note.

solution: fixed in code, remove note upon activity chnage from function key or in user-menu

files: phone/app/app_disp.cpp phone/app/app_gui.cpp

products: all telephones

risks: deletes the old user activity note on the phone.

1664 - Phone: Croatian translation completed (some missing entries)

Ticket #65661. problem: Croatian translation completed (some missing entries)

solution: translated

files: phone/text/*

products: all phones

risks: none

1741 - phone: DHCP provided configuration was not displayed under "Phone/User x/General/Options"

Ticket #66268. DHCP provided configuration values always override locally configured values. A locally changed value is stored and displayed in the edit fields but has no effect as long as as DHCP provides another value. To make this clear the currently active values are displayed below or behind the corresponding edit field.

But instead of the active values the local values were displayed.
Thus when ticking for example "Enable Secure RTP", 'enabled' was displayed behind the checkmark even when Secure RTP was not enabled in the DHCP configuration.

1695 - phone: disable call intrusion via partner key when recording is active

Ticket #65918. Call intrusion cannot be performed while recording is active:
- recording establishes a 3party conference between local party, remote party and recorder.
- call intrusion establishes a 3party conference between local party and the two remote parties
- recording and call intrusion at the same time would require a 4party conference which cannot be set up because the phone has only 2 DSP coder channels.

Now if any kind of recording is configured call intrusion is neither offered in 'recall' menu nor performed via partner key.

1740 - Phone: Function key "Park" not displaying parked calls

Ticket #66258. problem: phone; Function key "Park" not displaying parked calls

solution: fixed in code

files: forms/lcd/forms_phone_impl.cpp, forms/lcd_lib/forms_color.cpp

products: all telephones

risks: none

1750 - phone: Hexadecimal values instead of descriptive texts were displayed for some rare disconnect causes

Ticket #66343. "0x57 - unknow cause" was displayed instead of "user not a CUG member". Mainly german descriptive texts were missing.

1484 - phone: improved czech display texts

Ticket #63998. now all texts are translated to czech, previous errors were fixed (translations provided by

1675 - Phone: Message reply uses current registration instead of registration which received the incoming message

Ticket #65729. problem: Message reply uses current registration instead of registration which received the incoming message. Now message sending functions also take message source as parameter.

solution: fixed in code.

files: phone/app/* phone/list/* phone/dir/*

products: All Telephones

risks: none

1564 - phone: picking up a call failed sometimes

Ticket #64679. Sometimes pressing the partner, pickup or park key to pick up an alerting or parked call had no effect.

1710 - Phone: Pre-load more directory entries

Ticket #66026. Until to now the number of pre-loaded directory entries was defined by number of lines on screen.
More entries have been loaded on demand when scrolling up or down.

1565 - phone: prevent the pc port of the ethernet switch from receiving frames directly from the phone firmware

Ticket #64689. In some cases is not desired that frames sent by the phone firmware via the cpu port are recieved by the pc port. This may be prevented now by
config add ETH0 /isolate-pc

1576 - phone: Secretary/Executive function of Partner key does not work when "Subscribe for Dialog Info" is checked.

Ticket #64783. When "Partner Type" is 'Secretary' or 'Executive' and "Subscribe for Dialog Info" is checked the key does not work correctly because this functionalities require group indications. To prevent configuration errors "Subscribe for Dialog Info" must be supressed in this case.

1509 - Phone: trap upon deletion of user reg on pbx if registration information being viewed on the phone

Ticket #64186. problem: trap upon deletion of user reg on pbx if registration information being viewed on the phone

solution: fixed in forms code (unbind screen)

files: box/forms/lcd/forms_impl.cpp

products: phones

risks: none

1546 - Phone: trap when redefining function key (long press access) from destination to partner

Ticket #64498. problem: Phone traps when redefining function key (long press access) from e.g. destination number to partner

solution: fix in code

files: phone_user_func.cpp

products: All Telephones

risks: None

1580 - Phone: When activating a callback through function-key, the stored number behind the function-key is also called

Ticket #64830. problem: phone: When activating a callback through function-key, the stored number behind the function-key is also called. press function key invokes the callback, release function key in idle mode invokes idle-function-key action

solution: fixed in code: now ignoring function key invocations through function-key-release if popup active

files: app_fkey.cpp forms.* forms_impl.*

products: all telephones

risks: none

1644 - phone_orchid: handsfree mode does not work with DSP Fimware 494E003ce4.640.11

Ticket #65379. the calling party was fully echoed when the called party was in handsfree mode.

1510 - PPPOE: specific configuration not reachable from config web page

Ticket #64192. problem: PPPOE: specific configuration not reachable from config web page, so no new PPPOE can be configured (already present ones run though), also ISDN part always visible

solution: fixed

files: ip_pppif.xsl (now check for PPPOE0, PPPOE1 and PPPOE2 types)

products: all (gateways effected)

risks: none

1461 - Presence functionality is not available when registered via H323 at a non-innovaphone PBX

Ticket #63745. Presence operations via H323 are encoded in private facility elements which are unknown to a non-innovaphone PBX. Presence control calls sent to such a PBX may be misunderstood and routed back as normal voice call to the sending phone.
Thus no presence control calls must be sent to such a PBX.

1477 - Preserve number of calls on SIG_CONN without connected number

Ticket #63906. On calls across PBXes the number is discarded when the SIG_CONN does not contain a connected number.

files: pbx.cpp (pbx_connector::receive_connected_number)

1496 - propagating comma separated option values to multiple device dependent config lines did not work

Ticket #64114. Some devices (for example ip110, ip200a, ip150, ip230, ip240) use an identical firmware which is configured at boot time according to the device it's running on. This configuration is kept on device specific config command lines. A "config change" was not handled correctly.

1716 - QSIG: Avaya expect Progress Indicator with external calls

Ticket #66074. Avaya uses the Progress indicator 'Interworking with a public network' to identify a call as external. This Progress Indicator is now added for calls from a Number NOT with private numbering plan (which is our way to identify internal calls)

1507 - SDP: Wrong clock rate for G.722 codec

Ticket #64182. RFC-3551
Even though the actual sampling rate for G.722 audio is 16,000 Hz,
the RTP clock rate for the G722 payload format is 8,000 Hz because
that value was erroneously assigned in RFC 1890 and must remain
unchanged for backward compatibility. The octet rate or sample-pair
rate is 8,000 Hz.

1595 - Setup wizard used wrong default password on some products

Ticket #65024. If no password was entered on
- ip6010
- ip2010
- ip1060
- ip302
- ip305
- ip6000
- ip2000
A wrong password was configured

1620 - SIP-H323 calls with SRTP: No media after multiple Hold/Retrieve

Ticket #65185. After first Hold/Retrieve there was no SRTP, after the next Hold/Retrieve very often no media

1623 - SIP: add an "alias" header field parameter to the Via header field

Ticket #65235. According to RFC-5923 to allow TLS connection re-use

1470 - SIP: Allocated message size to small for INVITE redirect response (Avaya)

Ticket #63829. Memory allocation is a bit to tight to fit the message due to many Via headers.

INVITE sip:3003@;transport=UDP SIP/2.0
Record-Route: <sip:5793d7f@;transport=udp;lr>
Record-Route: <sip:;lr;sap=315810451*1*016asm-callprocessing.sar1905633216~1304428214402~-1054885358~1>
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bKC0A896726E7526620194612-AP;ft=
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKC0A896726E7526620194612
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKC0A896726E7526621194610
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKC0A896726E7526621194609
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK0e2106b7388e016424db9a29200-AP;ft=11786
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK0e2106b7388e016424db9a29200;avaya-cm-term-reaction=shortcut
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bKC0A896726E7526620194608-AP;ft=12651
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bKC0A896726E7526620194608
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bKC0A896726E7526621194606
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bKC0A896726E7526621194605
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK0e2106b7388e018424db9a29200-AP;ft=11786
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK0e2106b7388e018424db9a29200
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK200_f1774512c29cc2e5cd78966_I2371
User-Agent: Avaya one-X Deskphone AVAYA-SM- Avaya CM/R016x.00.1.510.1
Record-Route: <sip:5793d7f@;transport=tcp;lr>
Record-Route: <sip:;transport=tcp;lr;sap=315810451*1*016asm-callprocessing.sar1905633216~1304428214355~-1054885362~1>
Record-Route: <sip:5793d7f@;transport=tcp;lr>
Record-Route: <sip:;transport=tcp;lr>
Session-Expires: 1800;refresher=uac
Content-Type: application/sdp
Content-Length: 215

1692 - SIP: Allow message bodies larger than 20kB

Ticket #65880. Problems handling Event Notification Extension for Resource Lists.
Bodies can grow very large.

1732 - SIP: Decode application/rlmi+xml for presence from external UC server

Ticket #66175. Decode application/rlmi+xml for presence from external UC server

1690 - SIP: Fix for SDP answer to SDP offer with "a:inactive"

Ticket #65863. Interop with CUCM.
Should return RTP/AVP(inactive) if offer was RTP/AVP(inactive).
Not not RTP/SAVP(inactive).

1648 - SIP: Gateway interfaces without registration need another config option

Ticket #65436. New config option "Local Domain" added.
Required for URI processing on incoming calls.
If domain part of destination URI matches the local domain,
the domain part is stripped from the destination information.

1701 - SIP: Handling of NOTIFY(message-summary) on gateway interfaces without registration

Ticket #65946. Required for LYNC interaction

1548 - SIP: Handling on INFO inside instant message session

Ticket #64535. INFO sip:xxx@;transport=TCP SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/tcp;branch=z9hG4bK.DF25F93ADB524A283550ECBD871BC73B
From: <***>;tag=902D6B1B5622453B000172A9724270D4;epid=00000003
To: <***>;tag=1440372429
Call-ID: 5D4FA4260D42445F4071AEA032D4321B
CSeq: 3 INFO
Contact: ***
Content-Type: application/xml
Max-Forwards: 70
Supported: timer
Content-Length: 82

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<KeyboardActivity><status status="type" /></KeyboardActivity>

1706 - SIP: Improved CCM interoperability

Ticket #66002. Required for IP-DECT

1574 - SIP: Interworking of "Q.931 CALL PROCEEDING" into "183 Session Progress"

Ticket #64770. Required if only CALL PROCEEDING and no ALERTING is received.

1588 - SIP: Interworking of calls with Q.931 Bearer Capability "Unrestricted digital information" rejected

Ticket #64932. Calls with Q.931 Bearer Capability "Unrestricted digital information" were rejected.

1500 - SIP: L16 codec handling was wrong

Ticket #64126. Dynamic payload type for L16/16000 and L16/8000 got lost.

m=audio 5000 RTP/AVP 107 105 0 8 9 101
a=rtcp:5001 IN IP4
a=rtpmap:107 L16/16000
a=rtpmap:105 L16/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:9 G722/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:101 0-15

Decoded into:
1:L16/16000(10) . xmit(20) recv(20) (
1:L16/8000(10) . xmit(20) recv(20) (
1:G711u/8000(0) . xmit(20) recv(20) (
1:G711A/8000(8) . xmit(20) recv(20) (
1:G722/16000(9) . xmit(20) recv(20) (
1:DTMF/8000(101) . xmit(0) recv(0) (

1550 - SIP: Locating remote federation server with another SRV query

Ticket #64549. There are different service name decorations in use
and also

1705 - SIP: Media negotiation problem during hold/retrieve

Ticket #65995. Media negotiation problem during hold/retrieve on local media

1435 - SIP: Media negotiation problem during transfer to early media source

Ticket #63422. test\9.00\relay\early-media failed

1503 - SIP: Memory leak when receiving small datagrams on SIP port

Ticket #64134. Some SIP clients send small UDP datagrams in order to refresh mapping on NAT devices.

1440 - SIP: Message buffer too small for REGISTER request for re-try with authentication

Ticket #63539. On some installations a change-of-nonce at server side may cause volatile "Registration down error" on client side.

1633 - SIP: New config file option /add-cn-capability

Ticket #65313. Required for mediation server (lync) interoperability.
Otherwise mediation server complains:
"The Gateway peer does not support comfort noise"

1602 - SIP: New config file option /no-alert-info

Ticket #65084. Supress Alert-Info header for interoperability with Thomson ST2030 and Thomson TB30

1683 - SIP: New config file option /no-app-rerouting

Ticket #65801. Interoperability with Ingate Session Border Controller.
Required when handling redirect responses.

1444 - SIP: Not accepting calls from alternative proxy

Ticket #63600. When being registered at a proxy with 2 ip addresses the gateway does not accept calls from the alternative ip address.

1526 - SIP: P-Asserted-Identity in UPDATE not working

Ticket #64289. PAI with changed remote party identification was not handled
if also Session-Expires header was present in UPDATE request.

1426 - SIP: Session refresh was taken as session modification

Ticket #63310. Local SRTP key was re-calculated after re-INVITE for session refreh was received.
Causes SRTP decode error at remote side.
CUCM scenario

1697 - SIP: Set CLIR if display string of From-URI contains "Anonymous"

Ticket #65925. Not only if userpart of From-URI contains "anonymous".

1405 - SIP: SRTP re-keying when retrieving held call

Ticket #62620. Required for Cisco interoperability

1547 - SIP: Trap when mypbx changes presence and external uc is configured

Ticket #64504. Trap when mypbx changes presence and external uc is configured.

1704 - SIP: Trap when receicing provisional response with RSeq header

Ticket #65986. Trap when trying to send PRACK

1566 - SIP: Treat "Privacy:off" like "Privacy:none"

Ticket #64692. Treat "Privacy:off" like "Privacy:none" when receiving INVITE

1607 - SIP: Use DNS query without recursion on closed federation interfaces

Ticket #65126. Keep DNS server from doing automatic recursion when resolving domain names on closed federation interfaces.

1754 - SOAP, Send leg2Info.originalCalled Info

Ticket #66407. As CallInfo.No with type="leg2orig"

1599 - Sockets: misleading trace: connect & bind events carry uninitialized IP6 addr

Ticket #65045. problem: sockets: misleading trace: connect & bind events carry uninitialized IP6 addr

solution: now set to 0, fixed in code

files: types.h socket.h

products: all products

risks: none

1476 - SoftwarePhone: conference no speech

Ticket #63902. Sometimes the SoftwarePhone 3pty conference is not working. It is fixed now.

1467 - SoftwarePhone: de-registration at application end

Ticket #63781. The application sends a de-registration to the PBX, if the user closes it.

1447 - SoftwarePhone: default configuration

Ticket #63632. The default configuration is changed to coder G.711a and license type PBX.

1734 - SoftwarePhone: GN 8120 USB volume keys

Ticket #66204. The volume up and down key mapping for the GN 8120 USB is fixed.

1681 - SoftwarePhone: Jabra BIZ 2400 support

Ticket #65755. Now the Jabra BIZ 2400 is supported by the SoftwarePhone.

1688 - SoftwarePhone: Jabra LINK 320 USB support

Ticket #65833. Now the Jabra LINK 320 USB is supported by the SoftwarePhone.

1698 - SoftwarePhone: Jabra PRO 94xx support

Ticket #65933. Now the Jabra PRO 9400 serie is supported by the SoftwarePhone.

1687 - SoftwarePhone: Jabra SPEAK 410 USB support

Ticket #65832. Now the Jabra SPEAK 410 USB is supported by the SoftwarePhone.

1448 - SoftwarePhone: license information

Ticket #63633. If no valid license is received from the PBX, a information is printed directly now.

1445 - SoftwarePhone: reloading current configuration

Ticket #63607. The device configuration is correctly loaded in setup.

1446 - SoftwarePhone: ringing through device

Ticket #63608. Ringing through device fixed, if there are more output devices than input devices.

Ticket #64414. The setup about innovaphone logo was changed.

1450 - SoftwarePhone: trap with busy external call

Ticket #63642. If a call to external is busy and is hooked off with myPBX, a trap occurs. This is fixed now.

1512 - SoftwarePhone: Tray Icon

Ticket #64198. Now the SoftwarePhone runs as Windows application with an tray icon.

1531 - supress "Send Number" for calls triggered by a 'Dial' function key with 'Send as Control Call' checked

Ticket #64365. When using a 'Dial' function key with 'Send as Control Call' checked to control a call recording device the unique original calling party number must be passed to the recorder. The 'Send Number' configured in the the PBX user object may be the same for a group of phones and does not identify a certain phone.

1554 - Timeout when calling Mobile endpoint which does not send alert

Ticket #64563. Some SIP carriers do not send correct alert but only something which can be translated to CALL-PROC. In this case the CALL-PROC was not forwarded to the caller and therefore the call timed out after 12s

1569 - TLS: Error on processing huge handshake messages

Ticket #64702. The current implementation does not work with handshake messages that are bigger than 8 kilobytes. Especially the CertificateRequest message that is used for MTLS can be bigger.

files: tls.cpp

1635 - Trap in rarely used OS function bufman::remove

Ticket #65338. could result in negative length of buffer

1464 - Trap when starting from flash_stick

Ticket #63752. and flash memory not yet programmed with bootcode

1457 - Trap with conference (ADSP driver)

Ticket #63706. A trap in ADSP hardware driver occurs if a new member joins an existing conference in exclusive listen mode. All devices with ADSP hardware: IP6000/IP6010/IP0010/IP1060/IP3010.

1682 - Trap: When Dectmaster registers user at PBX using SIP protocol

Ticket #65798. Occurred on IPBL[4.1.22]

1536 - Truncating UTF-8 aware string copy function

Ticket #64380. New string library function to correctly truncate an UTF-8 string to fit in a buffer.

1533 - Trunk Park/Pickup (line keys) did not work anymore

Ticket #64373. Collateral damage from fix

fix: #61590: PBX: Boolean Function Key was not updated when joining group

1555 - User Interface: OK, Cancel, Apply buttons inconsistent

Ticket #64567. The sequence is sometimes different. Should always be OK, Cancel, Apply

1537 - VM, <prep-callinfo> doesn't apply with <pbx-xfer>

Ticket #64384. VM, <prep-callinfo> doesn't apply with <pbx-xfer>

1652 - VM, email attachments weren't sent for https URLs

Ticket #65458. VM, email attachments weren't sent for https URLs

1651 - VM, Project script didn't run for endpoints having "Send Number" configured

Ticket #65456. VM, Project script didn't run for endpoints having "Send Number" configured

1604 - VM, Session Guard Timer Not Stopped For <pbx-record>

Ticket #65097. The following script didn't work correctly with v9:

1718 - Web-UI: Fixed links into wiki reference

Ticket #66079. Fixed dead links into wiki reference

1449 - Web-UI: PBX password length is limited to 15 chars

Ticket #63640. Added tooltip and fixed maxlength attribute on input elements.

1708 - Web-UI: Removed config option "external style sheet"

Ticket #66006. Does not work in version 9.

1655 - Web-UI: Restyled Config Wizard

Ticket #65489. Config wizard got new look

1525 - X.509: Use random serial numbers for self-signed certificates

Ticket #64279. Currently the serial numbers start at 0 after long reset and are incremented by 1 for each new certificate. This causes collisions with old certificates that were created before the long reset.

Use a random number in order to avoid collisions after long reset.

Files: x509.cpp, x509.h

V9 Hotfix 2 (90600.02)

1807 - additional choices for 'loop current' on ip22/24 ip302 and ip28 gateways

Ticket #67396. for special applications higher loop currents above 26mA are requested. Implementation adds 30mA, 35mA and 40mA values.

1784 - Allow configuration of SRTP crypto suite, to be used for media proposals

Ticket #66810. This is needed, because some equipment (e.g. Microsoft Lync) is not able to adapt to whatever proposal it receives

1811 - Compact Flash: possible trap when deleting directories

Ticket #67456. There has been a chance for a trap when deleting directories.

1762 - configurable DHCP client hostname to be sent in DHCP requests

Ticket #66487. By default the hostname sent in DHCP client requests is the catenation of the short device name and the last 3 bytes of the mac address, for example IP241-2a-00-c6.
The MS DHCP server creates a DNS entry from this name and the assigned IP address.
A configurable name may better meet existing naming conventions.

1786 - DHCP-client monitors ethernet link down/up events and revalidates current lease after link up

Ticket #67006. This prevents problems when a device is hot plugged to another network.
Further this helps to overcvome a problem with certain cable modems.

1796 - Fax: Progress informations

Ticket #67228. The FAX interface provides progress and error informations, now.

1771 - Gateway: Trap in case of collision of hold and clearing from remote

Ticket #66642. This could happen on gateways with analog interfaces if the R-Key was pressed right when the other side hung up

1764 - H.323 Media Re-Negotiation Problem if reverse Media call to Media-Relay/exclusive Coder Interface

Ticket #66547. This could happen if a call from an mobile endpoint was initiated to a SIP Trunk with media-relay/exclusive coder and re-negotiation happens, e.g. because the call was sent to a TONE interface before

1772 - H.323 potential trap if AlertingNumber is received

Ticket #66710. is no problem with existing equipment, because we don't know of any sending an AkertingNumber. Could become an problem if we do this sometimes in the future

1792 - IP110 enters boot loop after power cycle with v9hf1

Ticket #67158. ... other phone_incas like 200a 230 240 are not affected.

To recover from this gwload is needed.

1799 - ip22/24/28/302/305: Reduce memory footprint

Ticket #67304. The new DSP code increases the needed memory, on boxes PBX (IP302/IP305)
the memory may be already low. So we split the binary with the extra IP28 DSP code to save some bytes.

1795 - IP241: Disable LINK LEDs not implemented

Ticket #67225. on IP240 this function is available

1791 - IP241: embedded test: Function key LED test didnt work

Ticket #67142. init was missing

1756 - IP2x2x: Reset USB Hub, OHCI and LCD during softreset

Ticket #66418. was missing on softreset.
Also enable/disable USB power added

1801 - IPxx10 traps when clicking on Linux stop

Ticket #67314. wenn Linux gestopped wird, trapt das Gerät

1789 - myPBX launcher: Accept language code from configured URLs

Ticket #67137. Use the language code from the URL (lang=it), if configured. Otherwise use the language of the current windows login, like in prior versions.

1790 - myPBX: Workaround for redrawing problems in IE9

Ticket #67138. IE9 does not redraw the presence note when the activity image stays the same.

This can be fixed by avoiding to replace an image or text by the same image or text.

1767 - PBX CF Filter for external calls did not work as expected in case of chained CFs

Ticket #66599. A filter for external calls did not match if the external call was forwarded already by an internal user

1793 - PBX CF Filter worked different if previous divertion with CFU or CFNR

Ticket #67212. This was confusing

1769 - PBX-CDR: Generate CDRs for Broadcast objects

Ticket #66628. No CDR was generated from Broadcast object.

1774 - PBX-CDR: In CDRs generate for a Gateway object with prefix, the prefix was removed from the number

Ticket #66719. For a call to a Gateway object with Prefix checkmark set, the local number was provided with out the prefix (the number of the Gateway object itself). This was different from the behaviour of a Trunk object and the number could not be used without the knowledge of the object.

1779 - PBX-SOAP: Don't show dummy call, which is generated by UserCall

Ticket #66748. The UserCall (make outgoing call) function initiates a call to the user phone first and then transfers this call to the outgoing call. This initial dummy call should not show up as call, when monitoring the user from a different application

1766 - PBX-SOAP: Support for Fax Server interface

Ticket #66590. UserFindDestination function added

UUI Protocol Discriminator fixed

1782 - PBX-SOAP: Support receiving of UUI

Ticket #66758. needed for Fax Server

1765 - PBX-SOAP: When monitoring a Gateway object, dialing information received with overlap receiving was missing

Ticket #66559. Applications, which monitor a gateway object, and want to connect the call depending on the number dialed, need this information

1794 - PBX: Syslog for registration attempt to unknown user wrong

Ticket #67224. The reason for the reject was provided as "Missing Authentication". It is now changed to "User unknown".

1788 - phone orchid: Audible Signal after alerting for partner/pickup key did not work

Ticket #67094. audible signal was triggered but not played

1787 - phone orchid: DTMF digits typed in handsfree mode sometimes duplicated when speaker volume is high

Ticket #67092. an audible feedback for the typed digit is sent to the speaker. when the speaker volume is high this feedback is received by the microphone and detected as if it was generated for example by a DTMF tone generator.
Now this detection is disabled while typing DTMF digits.

1773 - phone: local/default coder config was overriden by unsupported or wrong DHCP config

Ticket #66716. DHCP provided coder config was not checked before overriding the locally defined configuration or the default values.
Now a ';' separated list of coder configurations can be specified as well for the general as for the local coder, for example
If no coder in the list is supported by the device the respective default coder and frame size is used together with the SRTP-flag(x) and the DTMF-flag(n) from the last entry in list.

1798 - possible noise in PRI connections with ip6010 ip3010 ip1060

Ticket #67302. some few gateways may produce noise when using the PRI ports. This can be fixed with a new CPLD code contained in future firmware.

1770 - Relay: Forward facilities to local destinations

Ticket #66629. The relay forwards all facility events if interworking is disabled and the destination is local. This is needed for some interfaces.

1777 - Release not forwarded in quick dial object

Ticket #66728. If the called party released the call, the remote party didn't get the release.

1802 - RTCP: Interval reduced to 5 secs (from 10 secs)

Ticket #67322. For interop with Lync.

1778 - SIP: Always add payload type 13 (CN) to SDP

Ticket #66735. Config file option /add-cn-capability is obsolete and replaced by /rem-cn-capability now.

1775 - SIP: DNS resolving failed on no-reg interfaces if DHCP takes longer than 10sec from boot

Ticket #66720. DNS resolving does not work as long as local IP config is not complete.
DNS resolving is part of initialization process of SIP interfaces.
SIP interfaces give up on DNS after 10 secs of retrying.
Local IP config may take longer if DHCP is used.

1808 - SIP: Handling if transport errors on connection oriented transport types

Ticket #67398. Handling of transport error was added for SIP/TCP and SIP/TLS.
Transaction timeout (32secs) is no longer required to elaps.

1780 - SIP: Lync interoperability

Ticket #66750. Lync uses same Rseq number on several provisional responses.
Must send PRACK for each of it.

1810 - SIP: NOTIFY sent after 302 moved temporarily

Ticket #67450. After processing "302 moved temporarily" on an outbound call a NOTIFY (sipfrag) was sent.

1804 - SIP: Presence: Support for presence/person/activities/note

Ticket #67363. Not only decode presence/person/note

1768 - SIP: SIP/TLS registration was not accepted

Ticket #66625. Inbound SIP/TLS connection was not accepted since client certificate was checked.
Usually client certificates are self signed and not trusted by innovaphone PBX.
Mutual TLS was done.

1805 - SIP: Trap when receiving unsolicited NOTFIY with dialog-info

Ticket #67368. Trap when not subscribed for dialog-info

1809 - SIP: Web UI for cause code mapping

Ticket #67440. Configuration of mappings between ISDN cause codes and SIP response codes.

1783 - SoftwarePhone: Muting ringer from context menu

Ticket #66801. Now it is possible to mute the ringer with the context menu item 'Mute ringer' of the tray icon. This option is not saved for the next application start.

1800 - Web-UI: Vertical alignment of ui elements

Ticket #67313. Diagnostics/Counters and others

1755 - X.509: Add key usage to certificate requests

Ticket #66413. The Microsoft CA (standard) does not write the key usage into the certificate if it is not specified in the request.

V9 Hotfix 3 (90600.03)

1923 - ac_dsp3: support echo canceller trace

Ticket #68649. required to analyze echo canceller problems

1909 - body onload attribute can be extended and tab_active method doesn't crash anymore

Ticket #68430. Custom PBX object XSL had no method anymore to set the onload attribute of the body. This can be now extended with a XSL template parameter.
Additionally the tab_active method has been called by default and the default value caused the method to crash.

1825 - Call to Voicemail did not work anymore with SRTP

Ticket #67672. This was a collateral damage from fix

1819 - cpld update not working on ip241

Ticket #67629. -

1812 - DECT: IP6000/IP6010/... default config Master mode off

Ticket #67479. Now the Dect Master is in mode off by default for the IP6000/IP6010/...

1939 - Denial of Service filter in ethernet library did not work

Ticket #68907. this filter can be useful to prevent DOS attacks on non routing devices

1903 - DTMF user configuration with invalid checkbox check for presence setting

Ticket #68383. The check of the checkmark of the presence setting was wrong.

1882 - Gateway: Allow configuration of username and password for ENUM/SIP interfaces

Ticket #68147. For rare where remote destination server asks for authentication.
(And all remote destination servers ask for same auth or remote destination server s always the same.)

1839 - Gateway: Interface Name with multiple "Umlaute" did not work

Ticket #67737. There was a length limitation of the URL encoded output, which was already exceeded if three "Umlaute" (or any character which is encoded in more the one byte with utf-8), were used

1887 - Gerneral/Admin page was broken if too many authentication servers were configured

Ticket #68231. The number of authentication servers is now restricted to 10.

1847 - H.323 Malformed packet

Ticket #67803. The ASN.1 encoder had a bug under one special condition: For a constrained character string with a maximum length of more or equal to 16bits, with an effective length of zero, the padding for octett alignment was missing for the zero length bitfield containing the string.

In H.323 this only happens for the CallIdentity used for H.450 call transfer message in case of blind transfer without consultation.

This fix breaks compatibility with earlier versions, for this reason this fix is available for version 9,8,7 and 6.

If phones and PBX with versions containing and not containing this fix are mixed the following problems will occur:
- A blind transfer without consultation (initiated with the redial key) is not possible
- A call which was transfered without consultation is not displayed at the transfered-to phone as transfered

1846 - H.323: A name_id of length 0 resulted in invalid H.450 coding

Ticket #67796. An empty name identification received was forwarded in H.323 as invalid H.450. Such a name is now forwarded as 'name not available'.

1916 - HTTP-Client: Allow user names longer than 16 characters

Ticket #68499. Now user names with up to 64 characters are allowed.

1853 - improved test for Timeslot Switch Chip of ip6010 ip3010 ip0010 ip1060 and ip6000

Ticket #67840. intension is better analysis of hardware problems

1900 - IP-DECT: Adding OEM radios to Kerberos realm did not work with passwords containing special characters

Ticket #68377. The password was not URL-decoded when reading it from the UI.

1918 - IP-DECT: Allow setting empty text for idle display

Ticket #68553. Some handsets will not show signal strength and battery symbols if idle display is defined, they must be set to empty string.

1859 - IP-DECT: Changed channel option SRTP crypto suite

Ticket #67904. Now DECT system channel configuration option 'Secure RTP' is a drop down box. The DECT Master correctly transmits the changed option. This feature was changed in V9 Hotfix 2, related case #66810.

1952 - IP-DECT: Configuration of Media preferences did not work anymore

Ticket #69056. Media preference were ignored. This was a collateral damage introduced with fixes from the last hotfix

1857 - IP-DECT: Configuration XML data for OEM device

Ticket #67858. A new configuration XML attribute is added for changing a OEM GUI.

1874 - IP-DECT: OEM registration string

Ticket #68058. The Radio registration string of an OEM device is changed to check a OEM license in the DECT Master.

1840 - IP-DECT: Packetization could change after handover

Ticket #67738. On the new radio the RTP should be sent using the same packetization as was negotiated with the original call

1907 - IP150: dimming of key LEDs and LCD backlight

Ticket #68414. to save power in special environments the key LEDs can be dimmed by
config add KEYS0 /light-off
The lcd backlight can be configured the usual menu way on the phone.

1870 - IP150: OEM specific WEB GUI modifications did not work

Ticket #67992. manufacturer specific stylesheets have to be be adjusted to the new GUI style

1823 - ip200a/230/240: handset conversations can be monitored in a directly connected headset

Ticket #67666. This feature is required for a special application and is supported only for ip200a/230/240 phones with a directly connected headset (non DHSG).
It is enabled via
config add INCA_DSP /handset-spy <volume>
whith <volume> in the range from 1..8

1855 - ip22/24/28/302/305/6010/3010/1060/241/222/232: False DTMF detects

Ticket #67844. Seen on IP222 and IP6010

1849 - ip22/24/28/302/305: DSP affected by certain fax tones

Ticket #67821. Brother fax problem, the first fax is transfered, the next fax transfers fail.
Switch to fax from remote is now done without reopening the channel.
Closing the channel waits until t38 is switched off.

1946 - IP222/IP232: Hookswitch on some PCB not working

Ticket #69001. Reduce LED frequency from 12kHz to 6 kHz

1905 - IP222: Alpha input using the num block

Ticket #68398. Automatic switching back to numeric mode when leaving input ctrl.

1912 - IP241 - handsfree speaker volume to low

Ticket #68451. The handsfree speaker volume was too low even when configured to maximum. Now the general output volume is increased by 3 dB. In case of problems the general output volume can be changed by
config add AC-DSP0 RINGER /VoiceOutputGain n
with n = 1..63 -> (-32 + n)db, n = 32 -> 0dB, n = 0 -> mute

1897 - IP241: Activate external background image from phone menu

Ticket #68351. External background image source can be configured on web ui.
Background image can be selected on phone menu.
Now also external background image can be selected.

1885 - IP241: Fix for display rendering

Ticket #68181. Display of diversion destination was corrupt.
Pickup fkey labeling was wrong when party information needed truncation.

1894 - IP241: New fkey backgrounds

Ticket #68304. Less transparency to avoid interference with personalized background images

1858 - IP241: Remote party information truncated more than necessary

Ticket #67872. Line 3 of call ctrl

1889 - IP241: Updated some display text information

Ticket #68234. No need to strongly abbreviate disconnect cause text.

1854 - IP2x2: Handset microphone gain increased

Ticket #67843. changed from 22.5db to 30db

1938 - IP30x V9 hf2 media problem: Echo canceller not reliable

Ticket #68901. Sometimes voice from ISDN/Analog to the IP is muted after some time.
Seems to be a problem in the latetest echocanceller.
Change to old DSP code until fixed DSP code is available.

1850 - IP30x, IP1060, IP2010, IP6010: Fax did not work if rerouted from ISDN interface to a Voip destination

Ticket #67823. DSP was not configured correctly

1797 - IPxx10: error handling in sata driver

Ticket #67229. Old cards are producing DMA errors that were not handled properly. Try again read/write operation after error recovery.

1843 - Leak checking improved

Ticket #67783. sometimes leaks were falsely detected. Problem if objects are about to be deleted, which were not owned by any module anymore. This happend esspecially with httpclient.

1911 - License: Be safe against factory reset during license invalidation

Ticket #68447. If factory reset is done before license invalidation procedure is complete,
will keep you from completing the license invalidation.
Now the procedure can be completed even after factory reset.

1863 - myPBX: Always send an ID with CT_INITIATE

Ticket #67932. This is needed for interoperability with phones using v9hotfix2 or older. (See #67803)

1895 - myPBX: Chunked response from application sharing provider did not work

Ticket #68311. After receiving HTTPCLIENT_RECV_RESULT, pbx_client did not send another HTTPCLIENT_RECV.

1898 - myPBX: Hide passwords for application sharing and reporting in config

Ticket #68352. The passwords are moved from the config line to the VARS.

PBX0/MY-A - Application sharing password
PBX0/MY-R - Reporting password

1948 - myPBX: Login did not work with system names containing special characters

Ticket #69033. Missing URL encoding when sending the connect-request message.

1831 - myPBX: Show active sessions on the admin interface

Ticket #67708. The active myPBX sessions are shown on the page PBX/myPBX.

1883 - myPBX: Support for WebEx meeting passwords

Ticket #68172. In WebEx a meeting can have a password that must be entered by the attendees when they join. Some WebEx accounts can only create meetings with passwords.

The possibility to configure a global meeting password is added to the PBX/Config/myPBX page.

1942 - myPBX: Use display name for sending meeting urls and conference numbers

Ticket #68992. For normal chat messages the DN is used as the sender name. For sending the links for application sharing or audio conferences the CN was used.

1893 - myPBX: Wrong charset was used when authenticating against reporting or changing user password

Ticket #68258. Javascript uses Unicode. The PBX and the reporting use UTF8. Therefore strings have to be converted to UTF8 before encrypting them using RC4.

1951 - PBX Mobility: Mobility object hanging if call establishment with SOAP/myPBX canceled

Ticket #69052. If a call for a mobile phone is initiated by SOAP or myPBX, a call is first sent to the mobile phone. If the mobile phone accepts the outgoing call to the destination is initiated. If the mobile phone did not accept the initial call, no other calls could be done from then on.

1852 - PBX Trunk/Gateway: Round robin within registrations to same device, different devices sequentially

Ticket #67835. This way both round-robin or sequential usage of gateways can be configured

1834 - PBX Trunk: Problem with Forking to trunk if multiple GWs are registered to Trunk

Ticket #67720. If one of the gateways rejected the call (no channel, not connected, ...), the original call from which was forked was disconnected

1866 - PBX Waiting: A call rejected on a primary operator was never sent to all operators

Ticket #67945. if again and again rejected on all primary operators. Problem happend also if rejected by "Do not disturb" on operator phone.

1827 - PBX Waiting: Call forwarded with DTMF mapping was shown in myPBX for each registration

Ticket #67682. The call was not sent with the original conferenceID, so myPBX could not detect that it was in fact the same call

1869 - PBX-CDR: Mobility calls to Trunk, external number was missing in CDR

Ticket #67978. only the number of the trunk itself was available

1873 - PBX-SOAP: Support UserClear for pending outgoing calls on Waiting Queues

Ticket #68009. UserClear was ignored in this state

1851 - PBX: Allow CFB on Gateway Type Objects

Ticket #67827. A CFB is triggered by a User Busy. If a CFB is used for example at a Trunk, the CFB is executed when the called remote user returns busy. Because this may be unexpected the CFB was not executed at a Gateway Type Object.

It is now enabled again, because it is useful when connecting external systems which return busy to indicate an out of channels situation

1945 - PBX: Conference trap

Ticket #68998. A zero pointer trap in the broadcast conference PBX object is fixed.

1871 - PBX: End of call intrusion was not signaled to the phone

Ticket #68007. The call intrusion tone was generated even if the intrusion was terminated

1837 - PBX: License accounting did not work with Unknown Registrations under some special conditions

Ticket #67731. It could happen that a registration to a user was not accounted for if the endpoint used for this already had an unknown registration at the time the user was created

1829 - PBX: License accounting in centralized licensing scenario wrong if master not available

Ticket #67698. When the master is available the slave stores the licenses from the master including the usage. This stored usage included the licenses used by the slave itself, so if after a reset the master was not available the local usage just added to this.

Now from the stored usage the local usage is subtracted.

1867 - PBX: Master/Slave compatibility problem with version 9 and version 8 and non-ascii characters in PBX name

Ticket #67956. In version 8 only latin1 characters were allowed, which means in unicode the high byte was always 0. So it could be ignored and when sending location information between master and slave sometimes the high byte contained 0xff.

In version 9 this non-ascii location information was not correct unicode at all.

The problem happened only if non-ascii characters were used when naming a PBX.

1842 - PBX: New presence activity "do not disturb"

Ticket #67777. If a users sets this presence activity no calls are passed.

1824 - PBX: Translation of Cause "Call Rejected" to Cause "User Busy" for endpoint objects only

Ticket #67668. If the cause is received from a gateway, it is forwarded transparently now

1872 - PBX: User Interface Inconsistency. Same thing was sometimes call 'Response Timeout'/' and 'No Response Time'

Ticket #68008. Only Response Timeout used anymore

1860 - Phone: "Function keys not modifiable on the phone" mask should disable creation of new function keys of masked type

Ticket #67905. Description: Phone: "Function keys not modifiable on the phone" mask should disable creation of new function keys of masked type. Currently, only modification of preset function keys is disabled, but the creation of new ones enabled and possible.

1933 - Phone: "Keep Calling Party Info on Pickup Key" option from Phone->Preferences not working, fixed

Ticket #68820. Phone: "Keep Calling Party Info on Pickup Key" option from Phone->Preferences not working, fixed

1865 - Phone: Added command line option to hide Administration Menu and/or MAC/Serial completely

Ticket #67943. Description: Phone: Added command line option to hide Administration Menu and/or MAC/Serial completely. See /hide-mask option to PHONE ADMIN-UI in wiki for more information.

1890 - Phone: Added loud note to web-ui that bool funnction key can only toggle if boolean object addressed by number

Ticket #68240. Description: Phone: Added loud note to web-ui that bool funnction key can only toggle if boolean object addressed by number

1836 - Phone: Added new function keys to Phone-UI (Toggle & Prepare Override)

Ticket #67729. Description: Phone: Added new function keys to Phone-UI (Toggle & Prepare Override)

1821 - Phone: Automatic key repeat did not work on IP222/IP232

Ticket #67661. Automatic key repeat did not work on phone w/o alpha keyboard

1917 - Phone: Call forwarding (always, busy, no reply) destination now choosable from dial-menu

Ticket #68504. Phone: Call forwarding (always, busy, no reply) destination now choosable from dial-menu. Usage: enter number or search for phonebook entry, press menu-key, scroll down to choose call-forwarding (always, busy or no-reply) and acknowledge choice in CF-screen.

1835 - Phone: Calls received with CLIR appear in call list with an empty entry

Ticket #67722. Description: Phone: Calls received with CLIR appear in call list with an empty entry; now fixed to display the CLIR text: anonymous/unbekannt/...

1929 - Phone: Changing config option /sip-hold does not call for reset

Ticket #68691. Reset is required and 'reset required" must be displayed.

1832 - Phone: CLIR on text messaging did not work

Ticket #67710. CLIR on text messaging did not work

1919 - phone: DHSG headset not reset to idle after a hookswitch signal in idle state

Ticket #68567. most DHSG headsets generate a hookswich signal and enter voice mode when taken out of basestation. This hookswitch signal was simply ignored.
Now the voice mode is cleared after one second if there is no other DHSG event before.

1937 - Phone: DnD Absence Message containing newline dumped to config-file breaks phone upon config-file upload

Ticket #68898. Solution: All flashdir entries cotaining newline now dumped as binary.

1845 - Phone: Enable "Activate Registration" without user/password authentication if "Protect Configuration at Phone" set

Ticket #67791. Description: Phone: Enable "Activate Registration" without user/password authentication if "Protect Configuration at Phone" set. Activating a registration is a state change, and not a configuration modification, so allow this option.

1904 - phone: Finnish translations updated

Ticket #68395. no english placeholders anymore, Texts begin with upper case letter

1943 - Phone: Hide calling party on Pickup key fixed

Ticket #68995. Phone: Hide calling party on Pickup key fixed

1891 - phone: intrusion call started in handset mode is not terminated when going on hook when TAPI or operator run on PBX

Ticket #68249. With TAPI or operator running on the PBX the the signaling of a busy condition is changed such that a disconnect instead of a release is sent. The disconnect was not handled correctly, the hookswitch state was lost and the next on-hook signal was ignored. TThus teh call could be terminated with the disc-key only.

1826 - Phone: long function key titles hide idle screen information

Ticket #67681. Description: Phone: long function key titles hide idle screen information.
Fixed: important idle screen information now shortens the amount of displayed function key name. Following information is now displayed over the function key text: a) crossed bell icon on do-not-disturb (lines 2+3) b) CFU + CFU-destination (lines 2+3) c) missed calls, unread messages and waiting callbacks (line 4)

1818 - Phone: Main menu scrolling below last item broken

Ticket #67618. Phone: Main menu scrolling below last item broken.
1st item hould be activated upon down arrow press (done) and screen focus moved up (not being done - bug).

1886 - Phone: Message function key

Ticket #68208. Description: Phone: Message function key. Multifunctional depending on number of unread messages. Stores one prepared message (with destination and message text) and presents the new message screen when invoked. If incoming messages pending, display the letter/message icon and jump to incoming-messages subscreen upon invocation.

1931 - Phone: On IP240, make OK key a headset activation key (along with Space Key)

Ticket #68774. Phone: On IP240, make OK key a headset activation key (along with Space key).
Enabled from Phone/Preferences : Use Newline/OK Key as Headset Key.

1892 - Phone: Switch presence fkey light on if presence activity is set

Ticket #68256. Switch presence fkey light on if presence activity is set

1878 - phone_inca: "ETH0/Isolate PC Link" checkmark could not be cleared via WEB UI once set

Ticket #68098. Only a WEB UI problem, a "config rem ETH0 /isolate-pc" did help.

1947 - phone_orchid - builtin speaker test did not work

Ticket #69026. works only over channel 0

1908 - phone_orchid: begin of voice mail prompt was cut off sometimes

Ticket #68416. Connection of Voip to DSP channel was delayed and thus the first packets of the RTP stream were lost.

1856 - phone_orchid: builtin color display test

Ticket #67845. After the builtin test function has been started the display test mode is entered when the 'Esc' key is pressed. Numeric keys trigger a full screen test display, all other keys stop the display test mode.
To the keys 0..9 the following patterns are assigned:
DarkGray, White, Grey, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta

1896 - phone_orchid: call pickup via partner/pickup key fails when the key is pressed immediately after audible signal

Ticket #68313. When "Audible Signal after alerting" was configured on a partner/pickup key and the key was pressed while or a short time after the audible signal was played then the picked call was mute.

1876 - phone_orchid: DTMF Tones detected in voice data from microphone were propagated to remote side

Ticket #68075. DTMF tones may be detected from audible feedback on pressing a dial key in connected state and also from some other source. It's better to propagate only tones requested explicitely via a dial key and not from some external source.

1830 - phone_orchid: microphone is not mute on a call intrusion in silent monitoring mode / microphone cannot be muted in a conference

Ticket #67704. On a call intrusion in silent monitoring mode the microphone of the intruding party must be mute. In a conference the micro should be muted when the micro key is pressed and unmuted when the micro key is pressed again.
Muting the microphone did work when only one call was active but not when two calls were active as in a intrusion/conference.

1920 - SIP/TCP: Transport error when connection is closed by client

Ticket #68578. If transaction client closes connection before final response has been sent,
the server tries to open a new connection toward ephemeral port of closed connection.

1881 - SIP: Diagnostics of transport error "Remote server certificate mismatch"

Ticket #68142. If remote sverer certificate does not match the destination domain name
signaling connection is refused by client.

1861 - SIP: DNS problem when SRV response provides no additional records

Ticket #67907. If 2-step resolving is required (SRV and A) the service port
of the SRV response got lost and default SI Pport 5060 was used.

1899 - SIP: Failed to register on dynamic PBX

Ticket #68362. Attempt to register on a dyn PBX with SIP protocol was rejected with "301 Moved Permanently".

1816 - SIP: Fast re-routing on gateway interface w/o registration

Ticket #67593. OPTIONS is used to check availability of remote peer.
If OPTIONS fails, not trying to send INVITE.

1921 - SIP: Fix for Dialog-Info notification

Ticket #68581. Send an empty dialig-info XML after inbound subscription.
Required for interop with Grandstream GXP2010.

1841 - SIP: Fix for early media from Waitng Queue

Ticket #67775. PROGRESS after ALERT was not handled by SIP stack.
Now 183 Session Progress with SDP is send after 180 Ringing w/o SDP.

1875 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation with SRTP

Ticket #68067. Exchange of SRTP key may fail after hold/retrieve

1927 - SIP: Fix for REFER handling

Ticket #68663. Support for attended transfer between two calls from/to different SIP endpoints.
As long as both calls belong to the same signaling interface.

1868 - SIP: Generate new SRTP key on every incoming re-negotiation

Ticket #67958. Required to have different encryption after transfer.

1844 - SIP: Generate/add SRTP key on media-relay interfaces

Ticket #67789. This enables even partial SRTP (SRTP on one side of media-relay).

1924 - SIP: Handling of 491 response on reliable transport

Ticket #68652. Re-try of re-INVITE was missing.

1884 - SIP: Interoperability with LinkSys SPA3102

Ticket #68174. LinkSys SPA3102 gives "g729a" as RTP payload type mapping:

o=- 510843041 510843041 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 16404 RTP/AVP 18 100 101
a=rtpmap:18 G729a/8000
a=fmtp:18 annexb=no

Needs to be handled.

1888 - SIP: Interoperability with Lync

Ticket #68232. Media negotiation problem on calls coming from on Lync client
and getting forwarded to another Lync client.

1820 - SIP: Interoperability with Lync and media-bypass

Ticket #67645. Ack contained wrong To-Tag when calling a lync client in media-bypass scenario.
Results into call drop after 30 seconds.

1833 - SIP: Interoperability with Lync: Handling of REFER from Lync

Ticket #67713. REFER for blind transfer was rejected with "406 Not Acceptable",
due to absence of user part in refer-to URI.

1864 - SIP: Must answer every request - even unknown/unsupported methods

Ticket #67935. Lync sends proprietary NEGOTIATE request and waits for response.
Otherwise transport connection is blocked for any upcoming request.

1822 - SIP: New config file option /no-ms-acceptedby

Ticket #67665. Some IP phones get confused by this Microsoft extension.
Cisco SPA 303 and Cisco SPA 962 don't stop ringing anymore

1932 - SIP: Out-Of-Memory trap if Group Indications are enabled

Ticket #68804. If 'Group Indications' are enabled on a PBX object where a SIP client registers,
an OOM trap may occur in case of heavy call activity on PBX.

1901 - SIP: Pending control calls on gateway

Ticket #68378. Incoming unsolicited NOTIFY(message-summary) may cause pending control call on Gateway.
Control calls are calls (signaling connections) without media channel.
These calls are now released.

1928 - SIP: Problem decoding INFO(application/dtmf-relay)

Ticket #68667. DTMF digit was not decoded from message body if whitespace between EQUAL and DIGIT.
E.g. Signal= 5

1813 - SIP: Send OPTIONS at configurable interval

Ticket #67519. For keep alive pruposes on interfaces without registration.
Required for Lync interoperability.
(config change TSIP /options-interval 30)

1877 - SIP: Trap handling 491 response on reliable transport

Ticket #68093. Trap with MAX_BUSY_TICKS

1862 - SIP: Trap when configuring STUN server on a SIP/TCP or SIP/TLS interface

Ticket #67923. STUN is for SIP/UDP only.

1941 - SIP: Trap when handling SUBSCRIBE on federation interfaces

Ticket #68976. SIP client object may be deleted while DNS query is pending.
But only under critical timing conditions.

1879 - SIP: Trap when outgoing SIP call is cancelled while DNS resolving is ongoing

Ticket #68099. Trap when outgoing SIP is cancelled while DNS resolving is ongoing

1906 - SIP: Trap when using TLS as transport

Ticket #68410. Only if remote side closes transport connection while requests are pending.

1925 - SIP: Treat domain part of SIP URI case-insensitive

Ticket #68653. According to RFC3261(19.1.4)

1817 - SIP: Uninitialized data in SDP offer/answer

Ticket #67617. Applies to G.726 exclusive calls only.

1848 - SIP: Unwanted media-relay sessions when using forking/broadcast/multi-reg

Ticket #67819. If in incoming SIP was routed to multiple destinations
the final session could be media-relay although not configured.

1922 - SIP: Use secondary proxy address on interfaces without registration

Ticket #68635. When secondary proxy address resolved by DNS it should be used to send INVITE to.

1930 - SIP: Web UI for cause code mapping (fix)

Ticket #68772. Did not work as expected

1814 - SoftwarePhone: DTMF to voice mail

Ticket #67563. Now, sending DTMF with myPBX is correctly working. This fixes sending DTMF to voice mail.

1944 - SoftwarePhone: No CT setup with remote connected calls

Ticket #68996. The call transfer setup facility is removed in the call setup if the call is a by remote control connected call used in case of outgoing calls with myPBX. This fixes an empty diverting party number information element in the PBX. Now it can be used with a trunk PBX object with the enabled option 'Set Calling=Diverting No', otherwise the calling party number was removed within this object.

1838 - User Interface: Alignment of tables fixed

Ticket #67734. Some strange alignments were introduced with the last hotfix

1815 - VM: Trap while processing self-forwarded call

Ticket #67570. VM: Trap while processing self-forwarded call

1902 - WEB GUI page cannot be scrolled completely when height of left hand logo is too big

Ticket #68382. Height of FHF logo is bigger than that of the default logo, this must be considered when computing size for iframe below tab lines.

1915 - wrong link to PPP Interface State Info Help

Ticket #68463. Link out of V9 namespace

1910 - X509: Fix for reading innovaphone info from flash

Ticket #68435. Parsing the innovaphone info text was incorrect

V9 Hotfix 4 (90600.04)

1989 - auto complete dtmf feature codes with '#' after 2 seconds

Ticket #69561. Optional feature for phones, which are not able to send a '#', e.g. the iPhone.
They dial a feature like a cfu with a destination number and after two seconds, the feature code is automatically completed with a '#'.

1967 - CX0-Wave-Encoding sometimes produced white noise

Ticket #69286. CX0-Wave-Encoding sometimes produced white noise.
Also a memory leak was eliminated.

1974 - G726 codec obsolete

Ticket #69388. The G726 codec was rarely used (if ever) in real life. In addition there are signaling problems specially with DECT peers when G726 is selected. Thus G726 is removed from the list of supported coders in all products.

2000 - H.323: Media Negotiation problem with Lync interop and SRTP

Ticket #69687. With a retrieve from the lync after hold (which is signaled as a reinvite with sendrevc) new media parameters were sent, containing new SRTP keys. These new media parameters cannot be used, on the PBX which is initiating new end to end media negotiation at the same time. These media parameter were not ignored properly.

1955 - Improved protection against Denial of Service attacks

Ticket #69166. flooding a box with different kinds of packets may lead to out of memory conditions. The Denial of Service filter in the ethernet layer is activated where required. TCP listening sockets have a backlog limit now. The http service restricts the number of half-open sessions and limits the number of concurrent sessions according to the total memory available on a box.

2008 - IP-DECT: Display update

Ticket #69770. Now, the endpoint's display is updated if the registration forwards a display update.

1970 - IP-DECT: Hanging call after call transfer

Ticket #69309. The hanging call in dectradio is fixed which occurred if a user does an unattended call transfer to an unassigned number and the transferred call is not disconnected.

2014 - IP-DECT: Location update (OEM)

Ticket #69863. Location update with message waiting information is fixed if the endpoint roams. This is only used by OEM devices.

1979 - IP-DECT: New radio BMC firmware PCS05Ak

Ticket #69468. The new radio BMC firmware PCS05Ak for the IP1200 fixes a trap by the DECT system if more than 255 DECT users without an endpoint subscription are sent to it.

1993 - IP-DECT: Reset link

Ticket #69584. The reset link of DECT System Config GUI page is fixed.

1999 - IP200: Manufacturing test fails is hwbuild is reprogrammed

Ticket #69662. Old hwbuild was not cleared, because on INCA devices the hwbuild is located on a higher address was not cleared.

1963 - ip22/24/28/302/305: DSP affected by certain fax tones causing a trap

Ticket #69250. Assert removed for testing

1962 - IP222/IP232: residual echo in handset mode

Ticket #69249. Change Codec config

1998 - IP222: Alpha input using the num block

Ticket #69646. Input mode changes back to numeric in screen "Wahlvorbereitung".
Should stay in alpha mode.

1976 - IP222: Call reroute did not work

Ticket #69455. Using redial key on in incoming not-connected call did not work.

1975 - IP222: Input ip addresses does not work

Ticket #69393. Entering an ip address on the phone's menu does not work.
All digits are doubled.

2013 - IP6010: SRTP using AES-192 and AES-256 did not work

Ticket #69828. Due to a bug in the encryption driver of the IP6010, only AES-128 worked on this platform.

1960 - IPVA didn't run on vSphere5

Ticket #69232. IPVA didn't run on vSphere5

1996 - IPxx10-sata: trap after config /trace /track activation

Ticket #69642. Instruccion was accessing uninitialized pointer.

1957 - ISDN interop issue with SecuGATE LI 30 from Sirrix

Ticket #69168. The SecuGATE LI30 is sending/receiving ISDN INFO messages in Call Proceeding State (State 3 and state 9), which was not supported

1934 - Kerberos: Protect against ping pong attacks

Ticket #68822. Do not answer with an error message to unexpected or malformed messages.

This protects against the "Kerberos Server Spoofed Packet Amplification DoS" attack. The attack causes two Kerberos servers to send each other error messages in a ping pong style.

2015 - Logging: Threshold for error event "SRTP authentication failed"

Ticket #69920. Error event was triggered at the very first decrypt failure.
Some decrypt failure are expected during media re-negotiation.
Trigger this error event after 10 decrypt failures in line.

1953 - Memory leak with each new telnet session

Ticket #69157. Memory leak with each new telnet session (last packet upon exit not cleaned up)

1980 - new: DHCP manufacturer specific option 'boot-cfg' provides an URL to read config from after any reset except 'creset'

Ticket #69472. This option permits to boot boxes with a fresh config provided via TFTP/HTTP without storing the config on the device.
It is intended to be used as follows:

1. the box is started with DHCP enabled (no initial configuration)
2. the box contacts the DHCP server and gets the ip-address and also the Vendor Specific Information in option 43.
Suboption 249 of the Vendor Specific Information specifies the URL of the boot config file.
3. the box polls the TFTP/HTTP server for the config file.
4. the box reads the config file and executes the commands provided in the file

The URL may contain the same meta-character strings an Update Server URL, for example #m (mac-address)
The length of the URL in the DCHCP suboption is restricted to 127 characters.

The URL is polled in 5 second intervals.
The config file is read and executed by the update process in the usual way.
A 'creset' commmand as last command of the file will restart the box with the new configuration without writing any 'config' command options to the flash.
After a restart by the 'creset' commmand the boot-cfg URL is ignored.
After a restart by any other of the 'reset' commands or by a power cycle the boot-cfg URL is processed again.

On an Innovaphone DHCP-Server configuration of a boot-cfg URL and providing it to clients via suboption 249 must be explicitely enabled by
config add DHCP0 /boot-cfg
config write
config activate
Once enabled the URL may be entered under "IP4/ETH0/DHCP-Server/Boot Config URL" and is provided to all clients then.

If an Innovaphone DHCP-Client receivess a boot-cfg URL it is displayed under "IP4/ETH0/DHCP/Boot Config URL".

1972 - Pass DNS-TTL to SIP

Ticket #69374. In order to do load-balancing SIP needs to ge hold on the TTL of DNS resource records.

2016 - PBX Calls Page/SOAP wrong number

Ticket #69921. In a configuration with escapes for calls from a slave and a node not the root node and the call forwarded to the master, because the number could not be resolved locally, wrong escapes were added to the called number

1964 - PBX Mobility: Support of transfer on mobile side, not using mobility

Ticket #69275. In case that the mobile phone transfers the call to another destination, this call must be removed from the mobility function, so that the mobility function is available for another call

1958 - PBX Twinning: Blind transfer to other phone in a twin phone configuration was not possible

Ticket #69170. Only normal call to other phone or consulation call was supported

1985 - PBX Waiting: In case of "Announcemen w/o Connect" together with Alert-Timeout 0, DTMF dialing was not possible

Ticket #69496. In this case as only response to the incoming SETUP a PROGRESS was sent. This meant, that the caller was still in overlap dialing state, so a phone does not send DTMF, but translates input keys to INFO dialing messages.

A CALL-PROC is now sent before PROGRESS, which terminates the dialing.

1987 - PBX Waiting: No ringback when doing two-stage dialing to a Gateway/Trunk object

Ticket #69531. A local ringback is now switched on, when receiving ALERT from called party

1983 - PBX Waiting: Not possible to send DTMF to Waiting Queue from myPBX Numeric Keyboard

Ticket #69482. The Waiting Queue prohibited the facilities used for this to be sent to calling phone

1977 - PBX: Call Diversion/Forward to '-' did not always show expected result

Ticket #69457. A call diversion to a destination'-' can be used to explicitly no execute a diversion of this type. So if a user has an CFU to '-' and this diversion is valid for a given call (Filter, Boolean), the phone should ring.

In fact the call was rejected.

There was also a problem with CFB in case of "busy on ... calls"

1984 - PBX: Filter for internal or external calls at CFs did not work CFB or CFNR if call already diverted

Ticket #69483. Problem:

User A has CFU to User B
User B has CFNR for ext. Calls only to User C

An internal call to A was diverted to B (ok) and after no response diverted to C (nok)

1990 - PBX: HTTP request to initiate call for mobile phone

Ticket #69570. To improve GSM client functionality

1981 - PBX: No CLIR on internal calls did not work for SOAP

Ticket #69474. If the features "No CLIR on internal Calls" is activated on a PBX a CLI is sent to the called phone even if the call was sent with "CLI presentation restricted". The same should be case on SOAP/TAPI when monitoring this user.

Now when "No CLIR on internal Calls" is enabled all number information available is provided on SOAP.

1965 - PBX: Phone config was not sent to phone, if phone was power cycled shorty after registration

Ticket #69280. The new registration after the power cycle was not detected as new registration but as re-transmission of the previous registration, so it was not reported to the PBX and no phone config was sent

1982 - PBX: Reject calls without media, if no known facility

Ticket #69477. Fixes compatibility issues between versions. For example presence subscription sessions from v8 phones being forwarded to voicemail

2001 - PBX: WSDL for SOAP API readable from box

Ticket #69688. Simplifies Application development in some environments

2017 - phone ip222: MWI LED not working

Ticket #69924. The MWI LED was not switched on for pending voice mails and/or pickups

2012 - phone: "Keep Calling Party Info on Pickup Key" option from Phone->Preferences did not work with very long numbers/names

Ticket #69816. speciall when using this option in conjunction with the "Display Name on Pickup/Partner Key" option the calling party info was not correctly displayed

1992 - phone: assume an outbound call to be an external call if connected number info is missing in connect event

Ticket #69581. In certain ISDN configurations the PBX can not provide the connected number info in the connect event for an outbound call. In this case the the call was assumed to be an internal call and consequently was not recorded when transparent recording of external calls was configured.
Now an external call is assumed in this case.

1995 - phone: VLAN signaling priority could not be configured via phone menu

Ticket #69633. Under "Menu/Administration/IP Settings/VLAN" there was only a "VLAN Priority" menu item. This menu item did override the 'Priority RTP Data' value but not the 'Priority Signaling' value as entered via WEB configuration.
Now the items "Prio. RTP Data" and "Prio. Signaling" replace the "VLAN Priority" item.

2020 - phone_orchid: checkmark "Phone/User-x/General/Options/No DTMF Detection" has no effect

Ticket #70114. If this checkmark is set DTMF digits entered via keyboard in a connected call shall be sent in-band as voice data, not encoded in RTP-DTMF packets as usual.

2004 - phone_orchid: Calls received with CLIR appear in call list with an empty entry

Ticket #69737. Calls received with CLIR or without a number/name appeared in call list with an empty entry; now either "anonymous" (CLIR) or "unknown" is displayed instead of a name

2003 - phone_orchid: wrong volume setting when monitor mode is entered

Ticket #69734. when monitor mode ise entered by pressing the speaker key in a handset conversation the handsfree speaker is enabled in addition to the handset speaker.
the volume was reconfigured with the wrong value.

1956 - PPP connection fails after LCP renegotiation with different authentication methods (PAP -> CHAP)

Ticket #69167. the active authentication entity was not stopped when another authentication was started and and signalled layer down after some timeout

2007 - Relay: Forward facilities to local destinations

Ticket #69764. This fix is related to the previous fix #66629 for V9 hotfix2. Now, facilities are only forwarded, if the destination is a physical interface, not e.g. a SIP provider.

1940 - RTP-DTMF: Start handling of RTP-DTMF on reception of END event

Ticket #68938. Workaround for Bug in MS Lync / Mediation server.
Mediation server changes destination port while sending RTP-DTMF redundancy retransmissions.

1988 - SIP: Bug when decoding SRTP keys from SDP

Ticket #69545. Bug in decode base64.

1994 - SIP: Do not check remote certificate name when calling PBX client with TLS

Ticket #69598. Check is reqired only when calling an unregistered client or when giving INVITE to registrar.

2006 - SIP: Get display information from Call-Info header in register refresh response

Ticket #69758. Get display information from Call-Info header in 200/OK

1961 - SIP: Interoperability of INFO(application/dtmf-relay) with Polycom

Ticket #69247. Fail to decode DTMF signal, since "application/dtmf-relay" body does not contain any CRLF.
While CRLF is required according to "SIP INFO Package for DTMF".

1954 - SIP: Media negotiation problem

Ticket #69159. On media-relay with exclusive codec we can answer an incoming SDP offer right away without passing to app.

1969 - SIP: New config file option /hold-notify-as-inactive

Ticket #69293. If set, holdNotific is interworked into "a=inactive".
If not, holdNotific is interworked into "a=sendonly".

1978 - SIP: New config file option /prefer-pai2

Ticket #69459. Interoperability with Telepo:
When receiving INVITE, get calling party id from second P-Asserted-Id header.

1949 - SIP: Presence interoperability with ESTOS UC server

Ticket #69050. 'Do Not Disturb' signaling without presence/tuple/contact element.

1986 - SIP: Send BYE with Reason header with "Q.850 Recovery on timer expiry"

Ticket #69500. If session refresh is outstanding the call is released with BYE with "Reason: Q.850;cause=16".
Better send BYE with "Reason: Q.850;cause=102"

1950 - SIP: Support for Mediation Server Cluster

Ticket #69051. Load balancing and fail-over acc. to spec.

1973 - SIP: Support of maddr parameter in redirect response for REGISTER

Ticket #69386. Set when redirecting REGISTER.
Read when processing redirect response.

2005 - SIP: Take SDP id and version as 64bit integer

Ticket #69738. o-line of SDP offer/answer is defined as 64bit integer
Interoperability with MX-ONE

2009 - SIP: Trap when handling NOTIFY(application/qsig)

Ticket #69771. Traps if no progress indicator present in tunneled DISCONNECT message.

1971 - SRTP: Bad key exchange on H.323/SIP interworking

Ticket #69353. MKI was added in SDP due to uninitialized data object.

2018 - Trap during fax transfer

Ticket #69950. Seen on Ip28, can happen on AC_DSP3 ( IP22/24/28/302/305/1060/301/6010 )

1968 - USB Driver merge from v10 to v9

Ticket #69288. First step to support USB headsets. This is not functional yet.

2010 - Voicemail <pbx-query-obj> queries new properties

Ticket #69781. "user_type": returns "1"(endpoint) or "2"(other object like gateway)

"pseudo_type": returns types alike "vm", "bc_conf", "trunk"

"pseudo_text": returns friendly texts alike "Voicemail", "Bc Conference", "Trunk Line"

2011 - WEB-UI Config Upload screen blank after upload of a file with a lot of failing lines

Ticket #69812. When uploading a file with about 50 failing lines the screen was left blank without any info about the failing operation.

1959 - Web-UI: Fixed layout of DynPBX configuration

Ticket #69197. Use min-width for fieldset.left

1991 - Web-UI: Input field to small for SIP-URI

Ticket #69578. Input control on "UC" tab of External UC properties dialog was too small.
Only part of SIP-URI was visible.

V9 Hotfix 5 (90600.05)

2055 - <pbx-getcallinfo> returning diversion reason

Ticket #70697. as
<pbx-getcallinfo out-leg2-reason="..."/>

2037 - added support for USB tracing with Wireshark

Ticket #70373. USB traces are now supported by the debug class and can be opened with Wireshark and a new innovaphone.dll.

2078 - CX0 Wave-Encoding Not Working If Fact-Chunk Present In Header

Ticket #71290. CX0 Wave-Encoding Not Working If Fact-Chunk Present In Header

2079 - DHCP Server Identifier could not be cleared via WEB interface

Ticket #71305. When the field 'Server Identifier' was cleared and OK was pressed the just cleared value reappeared but after a reset 'Server Identifier' was clear.

2045 - ethernet broadcasts bearing unicast IP packets with an arbitrary destination address were passed to the local IP-stack

Ticket #70503. some load-balancing implementations send unicast IP packets (specially TCP-SYN) as ethernet broadcast packets.
Such packets must be silently discarded if the IP destination address is not the address of one of the local interfaces.

2047 - Gateway: Forward Display Info received from ISDN Setup to H.323

Ticket #70562. needed for compatibility with SecuGATE LI30

2086 - H.323 re-negotiation: Don't reuse media proposals if a select was already sent

Ticket #71435. This fixes compatibility issues with SIP, especially when SRTP is used.

2085 - H.323 Signaling Timeout event was generated for 'normal' RAS re-transmissions

Ticket #71434. A single retransmission is normal under heavy load, so this is no reason for an event. Signaling Timeout events are now generated only if they cause a state change.

2102 - H.323: No Alarm/Event should be generated by shutting down registration due to reset

Ticket #71545. no event is sent to the application about this kind of unregistration

2043 - H.323: Renegotiation to Fax did not work under some conditions

Ticket #70462. Problem happened
- If switch to fax was done right after connect. This is typically done by IP Fax Servers
- If multiple signaling hops (e.g. multiple PBXs) were used
- If connect to a tone interface happened during dialing

2076 - IP-DECT: CSS changes for new OEM device

Ticket #71282. For a new OEM device with a changed style some CSS classes are added.

2023 - IP-DECT: Default frame size to 30ms

Ticket #70140. Now the default frame size is 30ms.

2056 - IP-DECT: Hanging call after failed call transfer

Ticket #70756. The hanging call in dectradio is fixed which occurred if a user does an unattended call transfer and the call transfer fails.

2062 - IP-DECT: License restriction for OEM device

Ticket #70887. A license restriction for an OEM device is added. It is not used in the IP1200.

2026 - IP-DECT: Master radio list sync highlighting

Ticket #70150. In the IP-DECT Master radio list the active sync highlighting is fixed, now.

2105 - IP-DECT: Ring back tone after transfer

Ticket #71610. If in-band ring back tone is sent and the call is transferred to a new destination with no in-band ring back tone, a local ring back tone must be played to the DECT handset. This is fixed now.

2029 - IP222/IP232: Handset volume with 90772 andHF4 too low

Ticket #70226. This is a side effect of the echo canceller setting, volume in IP222/232 increased. IP241 uses old settings.

2033 - IP222/IP232: Sporadic Problem with the LCD Display after soft-reset

Ticket #70269. It seem to be problematic to reset all orchid modules, e.g. the DMA module during software reset.
Now only USB and ENET modules are reset, the display gets also reset.
The display reset is released in the firmware.

2048 - IP222: Cannot leave menu screen with ESC when IP address ctrl was active

Ticket #70569. ESC was taken as BS (backspace).
ESC must be handled as ESC when BS is no longer possible (empty input).

2053 - IP222: Use R-key as BACKSPACE on edit fields

Ticket #70664. Not ESC-key.
ESC-key is for leaving screen only.

2110 - IP232: Fix for touch handling

Ticket #71674. Do not open touch keyboard on controls with CTRL_READONLY.
Do not open touch keyboard on controls without CTRL_ACTIVATE.
Using KEY_SHIFT has modified key to uppercase permanently.
Cursor positioning on text controls did not work.
Multi-line editor control was not displayed after hiding touch keyboard.
Hide overlay keyboard after next touched key.
Move and resize editor control when activating touch keyboard.

2134 - IP232: Redesign of touch keyboard

Ticket #71968. Redesign of touch keyboard

2024 - ip24/ ip6010/phone_orchid: in-band ring back tone generation into voice channel did not work

Ticket #70146. sometimes a ring back tone must be sent in-band to an ISDN channel. the tone was generated but passed to the wrong destination.

2099 - IP241: Added flag to hide background-image configuration from phone menu

Ticket #71513. See
for more information

2034 - IP241: Missing fkey icons

Ticket #70353. Icons types list, face, mask-white and mask-black are available now.

2038 - IP241: Moving focus on screen "Call Diversion" activates diversion

Ticket #70377. Using UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT keys on the "Call Diversion" screen makes ON/OFF changing it state.

2089 - IP241: Show both parties of each call on screen "Pickup List"

Ticket #71455. Currently only calling party infomation is displayed.

2080 - IP241: Show ISDN display information in full length

Ticket #71330. Use scrolling if required

2119 - IP241: Slow screen update when changing fkey type on fkey configuration screen

Ticket #71831. Removing and adding config controls is very slow.

2036 - IP241: Status icon for conditional call diversion

Ticket #70363. Now having 2 different status icons for diversion.
One for unconditional and one for conditional forwarding.

2032 - IP241: Use menu-key to enter tftp mode

Ticket #70263. tftp was activated with alt-key, on on IP240 menu-key is used

2133 - ip6010 - calling & dtmf tone timing did not work

Ticket #71966. the tone time was calculated much too short

2065 - IP6010: Wrong timer under high load

Ticket #71001. -Clear IRQ in handle-interrupt after os_interrupt is too late, since IRQ´s a enabled again and e.g. the timer irq is called again if a lower level IRQ like the enet occurs.
-The IRQ needs to be cleared in the serial-irq handler, in all case. After the serial-irq other interrupts are enabled.

2059 - IPVA, Keyboard Console, Credentials With Special Chars Couldn't Be Entered

Ticket #70873. The Scancode table wasn't finished

2118 - IPVA, Reset didn't work on VMware Player 4.0

Ticket #71818. IPVA, Reset didn't work on VMware Player 4.0

2137 - IPVA, Trap After Failed FW Upload

Ticket #71978. If a firmware upload failed with "wrong checksum" the box trapped occasionally, leaving the boot disk in an inconsistent state.

2074 - ipva, update to _platform_tracing.xsl

Ticket #71274. ip6 missing

2022 - Linux: VLAN GUI removed

Ticket #70131. It is not necessary to configure a VLAN to Linux. Now the GUI page Linux VLAN is removed.

2100 - Media: Discard RTP packets from wrong source

Ticket #71515. Packets arriving at RTP port must be discarded if the source if not the expected one.
To be save against DOS attack and for interop with Lync.
In some scenarios Lync starts sending RTP packets while having the call set to 'inactive'.

2051 - myPBX launcher: Hotkey does not work with some applications

Ticket #70623. Try to get the selected phone number using WM_COPY before sending CTRL-C. This should help in some of the cases where the hotkey didn't work before.

2041 - myPBX: Closing a chat window sometimes causes a Java Script error

Ticket #70439. client.js, line 2033

The Problem is a collision of closing the window and incoming messages for that window.

2058 - myPBX: Interface for IM provider

Ticket #70867. Interface between the JavaScript client and the myPBX launcher.

2044 - myPBX: Norwegian translation updated

Ticket #70477. Sent => Send
Logginn => Pålogging
Permanent logginn => Forbli pålogget

2104 - myPBX: Send existing invitation links to users that join the chat session later

Ticket #71608. Users A and B have a chat session.

1. A starts application sharing or audio conference
-> A and B receive an invitation link

2. A adds a third user C to the chat and C accepts
-> C should also receive the invitation link

This worked only for audio conference but not for application sharing.

2072 - myPBX: Show implicit visibility in groups

Ticket #71250. Active members of groups can see the presence and the calls of other group members. In order to make that clear to the user, now the visibility settings of myPBX show in what groups the user is visible.

2081 - NAT: Mapping to different internal UDP port did not work

Ticket #71339. Configured destination port got lost after configuration

2174 - PBX Mobility: Potential Trap when initiating a call with myPBX or SOAP while another call is waiting

Ticket #72637. A waiting means a call which was received while another call was active and the active call being disconnected and the waiting call not yet sent, or a call waiting for recall.

2101 - PBX: Blind transfer with consultation to BC-Conference failed

Ticket #71540. The call was disconnected

2094 - PBX: CFU was executed on PRESENCE_PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE calls

Ticket #71479. This was unexpected behaviour. You want to see the presence status of the configured user and not the presence status of the destination to which this user has configured a call forwarding

2050 - PBX: Conference presence info

Ticket #70581. Now the broadcast conference object updates the presence info and is shown as callable in myPBX.

2035 - PBX: Conference trap

Ticket #70362. Some reworks of the PBX conference object. Fixes traps with call transfers of conference calls and conference calls to other PBX objects or mobility. Object update is also possible without call and chat clearing, now. Set maximum call number takes effect for maximum incoming calls, now.

2087 - PBX: New User property 'Do not Disturb'

Ticket #71439. No calls are sent to the user if set.

Can be set by 'External UC' applications (e.g. Estos Procall)

2049 - PBX: Presence update for PBX objects

Ticket #70577. Now the presence is updated in myPBX for other PBX objects if the access is changed to allowed.

2108 - PBX: Send Name Identification with CLIR calls if "No CLIR on internal Calls"

Ticket #71643. The feature "No CLIR on internal Calls" did not work completetly. The number was sent, but the Name Id was still suppressed

2097 - PBX: Support up to six devices for a user

Ticket #71506. Sometimes 4 devices are to little.
A little bit of cleanup on the user interface was done as well with this change

2098 - PBX: Tooltip on "PBX/Config/Log Calls" checkmark wrong

Ticket #71507. It read "If not checked PBX calls are logged", should be "If checked PBX calls are logged"

2092 - PBX: Wrong web page when submitting an object and an error happens

Ticket #71470. If for example a dupicate number is detected, the same web page should be displayed including the error message for the duplicate number. But not the same page was displayed but a page which could contain information not related to the object.

2103 - phone-orchid: micro-speaker loop of embedded test did not work

Ticket #71566. Der Test war im Treiber nicht freigeschaltet

2068 - phone: dialog and presence subscriptions sometimes got lost after PBX restart when phone config was stored on PBX

Ticket #71198. This happened specially when both "Store Phone Config" and "Discard Config on Phone" was checked in the user object because of a unsubscribe/subscribe race condition.

2115 - phone: display info provided by SETUP or CONNECT was ignored

Ticket #71727. only the display info provided by an INFO event was handled

2071 - phone: LED mode of Join Group function key can be set both for idle and for active state

Ticket #71247. sometimes the "not in group" state must be signaled as the exception

2114 - phone: Mic Off/On controllable via Soap:UserRc(<call>,14/15)

Ticket #71721. To allow Soap app's control of the mute key

2096 - Phone: Presence-Fkey did not always show presence set by myPBX

Ticket #71487. Problem:
1) Set presence A with IP phone (fkey shows A)
2) Set presence B with myPBX (fkey shows B)
3) Delete presence with IP phone (fkey shows no presence)

Now Fkey shows presence B.

2082 - phone: send config to PBX only when the config was edited on phone

Ticket #71387. A config from an older PBX may contain duplicate elements which are stripped by the phone. I such a stripped config is sent back to the PBX the PBX will return the old config again.

2091 - phone: when a menu item was selected by the adjacent key sometimes the function assigned to this key was also executed

Ticket #71469. The function assigned to the menu item (for example pickup) was executed first and then the key-function (for example dial).

2116 - phone_orchid: continuous dialing tone stops after 10 seconds and is not restarted anymore

Ticket #71753. the continuous dialing tone as used in most countries must be played as long as no digit is entered.

2109 - phone_orchid: Ring Back tone missing when Silence Compression is enabled

Ticket #71670. When Silence Compression was enabled the tone generation was not triggered

2069 - Possibility to clear the call list in mypbx

Ticket #71202. A new button is now available in mypbx to clear the call list.

2107 - Ring Back tone missing after transfer when in-band tone was provided before but not after transfer

Ticket #71612. The initial local ring back tone must be restarted when no data is received after transfer.

2057 - SIP: Allow STUN to be used to map local media ports on SIP/TCP interfaces

Ticket #70809. STUN cannot map signaling TCP port, but UDP media ports.

2030 - SIP: Cannot use SIP phone with myPBX

Ticket #70252. Blind transfer (sending REFER) did not work since v9hotfix3.

2063 - SIP: Diagnostics of error "Registration expired"

Ticket #70938. Missing registration refresh

2060 - SIP: Diagnostics of transport error "SIP Overload"

Ticket #70883. Limitation of buffer allocation

2042 - SIP: DNS resolving did not work

Ticket #70449. Because of unusual DNS response.
Target attribute of SRV answer records did not contain host domain name, but ip address.

<result val="0" title="SUCCESS">

<answer_rrs title="Answer Records">
<rr rr-type="33" rr-name="SRV" name="" ttl="3407" priority="10" weight="0" port="3478" target=""/>
<rr rr-type="33" rr-name="SRV" name="" ttl="3407" priority="10" weight="0" port="3478" target=""/>

<ns_rrs title="Authoritative Nameserver Records">

<ar_rrs title="Additional Records">


2052 - SIP: Do not try to map local listen port with STUN when SIP/TCP is used

Ticket #70654. Mapping of local listen port is only required fur SIP/UDP

2073 - SIP: Endpoints behind NAT could not register at public PBX

Ticket #71266. PBX must send response to the (public) IP address where request was received from.
Not to the (private) IP address in Via header or Contact-URI.

2084 - SIP: Interop with Nortel CS1000 SIPLine GW

Ticket #71426. Nortel sends 183/Progress with 'sendrecv' answer
followed by UPDATE with 'inactive' offer
followed by UPDATE with 'sendrecv' offer.

Innovaphone SIP stack remains in 'inactive' state.

2095 - SIP: Interoperability with MX-ONE

Ticket #71480. A semi-attended transfer fails if MX-ONE sends INVITE(Replaces)
instead of 200/OK when connecting a call.

2066 - SIP: Media negotiation problem

Ticket #71009. Internal re-negotiation during early media on incoming SIP call.
Provide received offer to app again.

2021 - SIP: Message decoding error

Ticket #70116. Only concerns Message headers whose value starts and with quotes, but are not quoted.
Referred-By: "Huvudnummer"<sip:400@abcdef.ghi;fnrid=1759>;from-tag=5decdf1a;to-tag=2515833546;org-cid="6afa95ede909d311906f00013e11cdb3@"

2077 - SIP: No media after accepting a waiting call

Ticket #71288. Call waiting on a phone.
Going onhock while another call is waiting starts ringer.
After going offhook again the waiting call is accepted, but no media in both directions.

2064 - SIP: No route processing if neither Record-Route header nor Contact header is present

Ticket #70971. Misleading trace message:
sip_call::process_routing(0xA8) Unsupported transport protocol:;user=phone

2027 - SIP: No update of name presentation after transfer on QSIG interworking

Ticket #70155. Fix for QSIG/SIP interworking.
Display name of callTransferComplete was not passed to SIP.

2067 - SIP: Offer CLEARMODE only if bearer capabilities are "Unrestricted Digital Information"

Ticket #71162. On "Unrestricted Digital Information" only CLEARMODE is offered (no audio codecs).
On other bearer capabilities no CLEARMOE is offered (only audio codecs).

2040 - SIP: Prefer P-Asserted-Identity with tel-URI

Ticket #70417. Prefer P-Asserted-Identity with tel-URI over that with sip-URI.
In case there are two P-Asserted-Identity headers in INVITE.

2031 - SIP: Presence interoperability with ESTOS UC server

Ticket #70257. Another fix for "Do not disturb".

2025 - SIP: Problems with CLEARMODE

Ticket #70149. CLEARMODE was not offered as prefered codec outgoing INVITE.
Destination accepted G711a instead of CLEARMODE:

o=- 18 1 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 16422 RTP/AVP 4 18 8 0 96 97 101 13
a=rtpmap:96 G726-32/8000
a=rtpmap:97 CLEARMODE/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:18 annexa=yes
a=fmtp:18 annexb=no
a=fmtp:101 0-15

o=cp10 131833822144 131833822144 IN IP4
s=SIP Call
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 33526 RTP/AVP 8 0 97
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000/1
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000/1
a=rtpmap:97 CLEARMODE/8000/1

2061 - SIP: Reduce memory footprint of SIP stack

Ticket #70886. Free INVITE request buffer when receiving ACK. No need to keep any longer.
Delete INVITE client transaction when cancelling.

2083 - SIP: Send first NOTIFY(dialog) after sending 200/OK for SUBSCRIBE(dialog)

Ticket #71413. NOTIFY(dialog) was sent before 200/OK for SUBSCRIBE(dialog)

Request: SUBSCRIBE sip:150@
Status: 401 Unauthorized
Request: SUBSCRIBE sip:150@
Status: 100 Trying
Request: NOTIFY sip:158@
Status: 200 OK
Status: 481 Subscription Does Not Exist

2028 - SIP: Support for transparent message headers on transfer

Ticket #70163. Interoperability with Telepo.

2111 - SIP: Trap on timer expiration during call release

Ticket #71699. Media negotiation watchdog timer expired after final SIG_REL went to app.
But before app deleted the call object.

2135 - SoftwarePhone: New Tray Icon

Ticket #71969. The SoftwarePhone has got a new tray icon differs from the myPbx one, now.

2054 - Trap: When Dectmaster registers user at PBX using SIP protocol

Ticket #70675. After closing regstration Dectmaster starts another call.
Call is rejected, but signaling enity is deleted before call object.

2093 - v8 to v9 upgrade problem with gateway registration names containing non-ASCII characters

Ticket #71474. In general this was a problem with config line arguments seperated by ':'. This happened with the <number>:<name> argument within gateway definitions. The ':' was url-encoded and <name> interpreted as <number>

2039 - Webmedia: Recording of G.722 did not work

Ticket #70382. Empty file was created.

2070 - when editing a phone config template the dialing location inherited from a predecessor template was stored in the edited templat

Ticket #71246. after a template has been edited unchanged information units inherited from predecessor templates must be removed from the edited template. this did not work for the dialing location and thus a later change in a predecessor template had no effect.

V9 Hotfix 6 (90600.06)

2132 - Debug information on assertion

Ticket #71961. More debug information on default event handler.

2131 - H.323 RAS: Registration with authentication to account without authentication failed in a strange way

Ticket #71958. Information was missing that no authentication was supported, so it was continued to retry instead of giving up right away

2247 - H.323: Renegotiation to SRTP after dialtone failed

Ticket #73698. Happens with Escape Dialtones configured in PBX and calls with SRTP enabled

2167 - HTTP: Accept authentication with both Latin1 and UTF-8 coding

Ticket #72512. The server does not know what encoding is used in Basic- or Digest-Authentication. Therefore both encodings shall be tried.

2241 - IP-DECT: DECT endpoint update for multicast identities

Ticket #73613. The update information to DECT is changed if the user logs out a handset. This is used to update the multicast identities in some OEM handsets.

2191 - IP222,IP232: Long key press on numeric block while being offhook does not open directory search

Ticket #72831. Long key press during offhook is expected to open directory search.

2223 - IP222/IP232: hand receiver volume too high

Ticket #73306. Die IP222/IP232 wird gelegentlich als zu laut empfunden.
Die Prozentanzeige mit den krummen Balken sieht "komisch" aus.
0% (Slider ganz links) wäre gut.
Mehr Werte wären gut.

2218 - IP222/IP232: voice quality in handset mode

Ticket #73263. * Neuer DSP code von Audiocodes ( patch Version 660 02 mit AMR_WB ).
* Kein StrongEC mehr nötig
* Codec PCM Bus läuft mit 16KHz
* Wideband Codecs zur Zeit disabled
* Konferenz erfordert noch Anpassung im Treiber

2163 - IP222: Take center key of 4-way-navigation control an OK key

Ticket #72477. Center key should enter selected menu item.
Not leaving the current menu screen.
ESC key can be used to leave current menu screen.
Phone app will ask whether to save changes.

2224 - IP232: Cursor positioning when touching ip address control

Ticket #73407. Make sure input cursor is at right side of touched octet.

2175 - IP232: Fix for touch keyboard handling

Ticket #72651. When editing call diversions, one of the on/off controls may render across touch keyboard.
Content of multi-line-edit-control was mis-placed when touch-keyboard was activated.
Display of first matching directory entriy on indirect dialing screen.

2141 - IP232: Input of capital Latin Extended-A

Ticket #72226. Input of capital Latin Extended-A

2251 - IP232: Memory leak in display rendering

Ticket #73864. Memory leak in display rendering

2192 - IP232: New touch control in menu header for screen exit

Ticket #72833. Re-design

2160 - IP232: Parameters for touch sensor fixed for latest sensor

Ticket #72455. latest touch was treated like the very old version that needed other parameters.
Old touch is not supported any more ( only 3 were build)

2106 - IP232: Presence fkey shows current activity, but not current note

Ticket #71611. Show current note in second line of fkey label.

2144 - IP232: Touch keyboard key highlighting

Ticket #72268. Added highlighting for key like SHIFT, BACKSPACE, etc.

2179 - ip241 - monitor mode (handset + speaker) did not work in V9hotfix5

Ticket #72702. monitor mode (handset + speaker) was displayed but the speaker was mute

2245 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Extra digits dialed when using RIGHT key on screnn 'indrect dialling'

Ticket #73694. '123123' instead of '123' was dialed.

2161 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Make password configuration more convenient

Ticket #72456. When entering a passwort on the phone's ui content is displayed as "****".
Show last enered character in plain text.

2243 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Missing "Recall possible" display text on call completion

Ticket #73628. Missing display text on 'recall possible' notification.

2209 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Show number of missed calls in status bar

Ticket #73140. New extended symbol is more eye-catching.

2195 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Support for hebrew and arabic presence notes

Ticket #72905. Hebrew and arabic text passages are rendered frmo right to left.

2194 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Support for unicode 0x308 (diaeresis/umlaut)

Ticket #72859. When ä,ö,ü are encoded as a,o,u followed by diaeresis from unicode block 'Combining Diacritical Marks' only a,o,u where displayed.
Now ä,ö,ü are displayed.

2240 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Symbol "new messages" and symbol "headset" do overlap in status bar

Ticket #73608. Moved "headset" symbol to right side of status bar.

2231 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Trap when scrolling down long call list

Ticket #73494. Out of memory trap when scrolling down long call list.

2199 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Update for CFU indication on idle screen

Ticket #73013. Not displaying "cfu:241" on header of idle screen
but "Diverted to 241"
or "Umgeleitet zu 241"
or "Renvoyé sur 241"

2187 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Wrong call state displayed

Ticket #72748. "Destination reached" displayed instead of "subscriber busy" if consultation call was rejected.

2149 - IP241: Disable Link LED not working

Ticket #72338. Timing problem with access to the paged MDIO registers

2168 - ip28 codec hang when TEL port configured to '600Ohms'

Ticket #72521. this option experienced problems in the past and should therefore not be selected. If selected the firmware will switch to default CTR21.

2156 - IP2x2: Fixed fkey handling of builtin test

Ticket #72442. Fkey test did not work for touchkeys, key symbols were misplaced on screen

2219 - IP2x2: Keyboard handling on call reroute

Ticket #73268. Redial key launches "Transfer" screen.
After entering the destination number, Redial key should cause execution of call reroute.

2185 - IP4001/IP6000 -UART driver did not work

Ticket #72743. the hardware requires the registers to be written 32-bit wise which was not respected by a fix one year before.

2242 - Ip6010 DSP Allow calls to start with T.38

Ticket #73626. Needed for some T38 fax applications

2162 - Ip6010 DSP Allow coder change from T38 to voice and back to T38

Ticket #72457. ..

2153 - Ip6010 DSP Disconnect timeout after fax session

Ticket #72403. Debugs added
* enable with http://addr/debug.xml DSP trace and DSP control message trace to printout all packets to the DSP with a descriptive string. That allows to analyse the message flow to the DSP after a trap.
* for further testing old fax disconnect procedure can be enabled with http://addr/AC-DSP0/mod_cmd.xml?xsl=dsp.xsl with "t38 skip fax close".

2238 - IPVA, crash-dump without backtrace, if tracing was switched off internally

Ticket #73574. IPVA, crash-dump without backtrace, if tracing was switched off internally

2129 - IPVA, Optimize Flash-Related I/O Operations

Ticket #71954. Specifically to reduce boot-time. Utilizing 64KB I/O accesses where possible.

2246 - ISDN Trunk: Transfer to ISDN Trunk with TONE interface failed

Ticket #73695. There was not media after the transfer

2239 - ISDN: Do not provide tones and no signaling of inband info for unrestricted digital information calls

Ticket #73603. There is equipment, which is doing unrestricted digital information ISDN calls, which gets confused if there is an ALERT message indicating inband tones (ringback).

2204 - LDAP replication from v7 could stop

Ticket #73052. LDAP replication from v7 could stop

2235 - Linux: Empty file check

Ticket #73554. Now, an empty file is not accepted as a successful file upload.

2211 - Media Negotiation: v9 XPARENT not compatible to v8 or earlier XPARENT

Ticket #73153. In v9 a dynamic payload type is used for XPARENT to be compatible to SIP, whereas in v8 an earlier payload type 0 was used. Within the media negotiation this should be detected and switched back to payload type 0.

2229 - myPBX: Allow overriding implicit allows

Ticket #73471. It was not possible to define an allow with the same name. This is needed to override allows that are inherited from templates or group memberships.

2221 - myPBX: Allow spaces in last LDAP attribute

Ticket #73276. Currently "j doe innovaphone" finds all internal users starting with j. It should only find internal users that start with "j doe innovaphone".

2124 - myPBX: Cause codes for instant messaging

Ticket #71878. Display causes why a chat session has been terminated.

For example: Unassigned number, rejected, no response...

2173 - myPBX: Configure visibility of online state and presence separately

Ticket #72632. Phone status and IM status are now called online status.
Activity and note are now called presence.

The visibility of both is now configured separately.

2147 - myPBX: Display invitation links in the chat window of the organizer

Ticket #72282. The organizer of an application sharing session or a audio conference wants to see all corresponding links in the chat window.

2136 - myPBX: Display reason why a browser is not supported

Ticket #71972. Currently it only says "Browser version not supported".

It should also tell what feature isn't supported:
- XmlHttpRequest
- WebStorage
- PostMessage

2158 - myPBX: Display shortened links in chat messages

Ticket #72445. Shorten the displayed part of the URL in order to avoid text overflow.
Cut overflowing texts at the right boundary of the chat box.

2202 - myPBX: Do not show bubble for outgoing chat calls and messages

Ticket #73039. Notifications are only needed for incoming calls and messages.

2146 - myPBX: Forward invitation links to incoming chat calls that are added to a chat conference

Ticket #72280. The same way like the invitation links (for application sharing and audio conferences) are forwarded to additional outgoing chat calls.

2205 - myPBX: Highlight incoming alerting calls

Ticket #73093. Highlight the alerting icon using an orange border.

2157 - myPBX: Improve presentation of chat conferences

Ticket #72444. Chat conferences should not be displayed as multiple calls but as a single item in the main window.

2125 - myPBX: Make call state icons clickable

Ticket #71886. Clicking a call state icon should have the same effect as clicking the text.

2126 - myPBX: Make more obvious that closing the chat window terminates the chat

Ticket #71893. Display warning message when the user tries to close the chat window.
Show disconnect icon instead of close icon in the window.

2165 - myPBX: Name and Number Display not correct on IM sessions across PBXs

Ticket #72491. for local sessions (same PBX) the number and the Long Name was displayed for the remote party and this should be the same for remote session.

Sometimes the number was missing, sometimes the Name was displayed instead of Long Name.

The number was not adjusted correctly if different Nodes were involved

2170 - myPBX: New icons for unknown phone and im status

Ticket #72536. The difference between open, closed and unknown was not understood well.

2189 - myPBX: New translations

Ticket #72768. For the other v9hotfix6 items regarding myPBX.

2127 - myPBX: Notification on disconnected chat sessions

Ticket #71918. Display a text that the chat has been terminated.

2142 - myPBX: Queue chat messages for im calls that are not yet alerting

Ticket #72237. The following fix did not work across PBXes:
#71608: myPBX: Send existing invitation links to users that join the chat session later

The problem was that messages were only queued in alerting state. When the call is made across PBXes this state isn't reached, yet.

2200 - myPBX: Simplify adding multiple users to a chat session

Ticket #73016. Do not unselect the chat session, after a person has been added. Replace "start chat" buttons by "add to chat" buttons when a chat session is selected.

2203 - myPBX: Skript errors in chat window

Ticket #73040. Closing the chat window caused different script errors in Internet Explorers and Firefox.

2248 - Option added to wait for the DSP to disconnect fax, needed only for some fax devices.

Ticket #73748. Use the prodedure of
Mantis 67821: ip22/24/28/302/305: DSP affected by certain fax tones
only if the option /t38-wait-fax-close set.

This avoids traps caused by disconnect timeouts if the DSP response is not received in time.

2176 - PBX Config Templates: When editing config Templates wrong inherited values are displayed

Ticket #72655. A config Template inherits only from the 4 other Templates configured in it directly, whereas any other object inherits from the Config Template configured with it and the four other Templates this is refering to.

2208 - PBX External UC: Support of multisite setup

Ticket #73115. This requires all calls to the External UC to be routed to one interface. Before this fix the calls were routed within the local PBX only.

Now a Name (not Long Name as before) has to be configured for the External UC interface.

2178 - PBX Mobility: Better support for Opticaller

Ticket #72701. HTTP request to initiate call for mobile phone

2188 - PBX Waiting: Ringback missing when using DTMF to dial from one WQ to another which is alerting

Ticket #72766. This was a collateral damage for a fix for Waiting Queue announcements from a Boolean Object

2220 - PBX Waiting: When using a waiting queue for outgoing dialing, the announcement was cut off at the beginning

Ticket #73274. This was because the announcement was started already when the call was sent out and not when the call was connected

2184 - PBX: Called Name displayed when calling an object with forking was wrong

Ticket #72735. The name of the forking destination was displayed instead of the name of the called object

2210 - PBX: Called party number wrong at original called phone with forking

Ticket #73145. If the forking destination and the original called phone are assigned to different nodes

2169 - PBX: Cause for release/reject of a IM session not signaled

Ticket #72533. Better feedback to the User

2215 - PBX: Conference GUI update with IE

Ticket #73256. The PBX broadcast conference object window is not closed if IE is used. This fixed now.

2196 - PBX: Conference no media

Ticket #72915. There is sometimes no media for a conference member. This is fixed, now.

2222 - PBX: Forward original received ISDN display element to picking up or forwarded call

Ticket #73278. In the display element from ISDN there could be vital information from equipment like crypto gateways. This should be available also if the call was picked or forwarded.

2145 - PBX: H.323 Names in some places (e.g. Waiting Queue Maps) containing non-ASCII charcters could break the user interface

Ticket #72277. This happened esspecially for Names as destinations for Waiting Queue maps, but it could happen at other places as well.

2237 - PBX: Navigating in locations and groups if non-ascii charaters were used, failed with internet explorer

Ticket #73567. Internet explorer buggy concerning url encoding of href attributes

2171 - PBX: New presence access flag 'online'

Ticket #72538. With this flag a user allows access to his online status

2186 - PBX: No Audio if call thru Waiting Queue DTMF destination, was transfered to BC-Conf

Ticket #72746. Problem caused by call state management error in PBX for calls connected without alert if alert was received later

2193 - PBX: Profiles/Access got lost when writing an User Object with SOAP

Ticket #72849. The respective tags were not allowed

2228 - PBX: Reporting licenses counting could be wrong if config templates were used

Ticket #73466. It could happen that a reporting license was used up by a config template object, if reporting was checked and other config templates where referenced

2213 - Phones: Update of phone text data

Ticket #73211. Some translations missing (Polski,Eesti).
Support for language typical letters (Polski).
Some abbreviation removed (for color phones).

2201 - RTP-DTMF: Digit may get lost during media re-negotiation

Ticket #73037. Receiver starts handling on END event.
Sender may stop sending before END event was sent.

2143 - Scheduling improved to avoid processes not being scheduled during long flashman operations

Ticket #72243. In version 7 it could happen, that IP and other processes were not scheduled any more during periods of long flashman operations (e.g. bootcode update or reorganizing flash).

In version 8 and higher there was already a fix for this problem, but this included special handling of the flashman priority level, which was not a good solution even if it worked.

2183 - SIP: Add payload type for RTP-DTMF in case of media-relay

Ticket #72732. Add payload type for RTP-DTMF (telephone-event) to SDP offer in case of media-relay.
Should help on Mobility scenarios.

2148 - SIP: Cleanup failed (resources leaking)

Ticket #72284. Call and channel objects were not freed sometimes
when INVITE was followed by CANCEL very fast.

2227 - SIP: Configuration of SIP response code mappings did not work on IPxx10 and IPVA

Ticket #73453.

2207 - SIP: Don't write SRTP key into T.38 part of media description

Ticket #73112. v=0
o=- 1295 1 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 20026 RTP/SAVP 8 101 13
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:101 0-15
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -
a=crypto:1 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 inline:9xHxSg836505XOXwdIHfQ8Cm2ZYezNPpjvHNPCvb
m=image 0 udptl t38
a=crypto:1 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 inline:9xHxSg836505XOXwdIHfQ8Cm2ZYezNPpjvHNPCvb

2206 - SIP: Interworking with KIRK Wireless Server 300

Ticket #73110. If "KIRK Wireless Server 300 PCS10__ r3327"
calls into PBX and is connected with Voicemail,
Voicemail may send re-INVITE with SRTP key.
Instead of accepting or ignoring the SRTP option,
KIRK Wireless Server 300 rejects the whole SDP offer.

Now we retry the re-INVITE w/o offering SRTP key.

2244 - SIP: Media negotiation problem on outbound call from BC Conference object

Ticket #73652. INVITE was sent without SDP offer.

2197 - SIP: Memory leak during transfer

Ticket #73003. Occured on internal testing only (002-conf-with-bcast.xml)

2230 - SIP: Overriding cause code mappings did not work

Ticket #73477. Mapping of SIP response codes into Q.931 cause codes could not be overwritten.

2216 - SIP: support for "Content-Type: multipart/alternative"

Ticket #73260. Lync interoperability

2140 - SIP: Trap on IP-DECT when re-configuring PBX link

Ticket #72190. 85:2195:425:7 - REG_PRI.4 default(8102be48): serial_timeout
85:2195:425:7 - Assertion failed line 748 in common/os/os.cpp, object deleted

2250 - SIP: Using wrong remote port when registering

Ticket #73784. Only affects IP-DECT when handset is switched OFF and ON and if the SIP runs on non-standard port.

2139 - SIP: Workaround for delays in media negotiation

Ticket #72189. Workaround for delays in media negotiation caused by delayed Admission on H.323 calls.

2155 - SoftwarePhone: Crash dump

Ticket #72433. Now, the SoftwarePhone writes a crash dump file.

2172 - SoftwarePhone: Dialing outbound calls temporarily failed

Ticket #72628. When there was a held call and a consultation call and the consultation call was released by the remote peer the SoftwarePhone did not accept further outbound calls until the held call had been released. This is fixed now.

2154 - SoftwarePhone: Password encryption tool

Ticket #72431. A password encryption tool was added.

2225 - SoftwarePhone: Support for Jabra SPEAK 410 USB with product id 0x0410

Ticket #73424. Now, the SoftwarePhone supports Jabra SPEAK 410 USB with product id 0x0410.

2166 - SoftwarePhone: Trap and media channel after conference

Ticket #72511. If a call is disconnected during conference mode, the SoftwarePhone traps or there is no voice channel to the remaining party. This is fixed now.

2190 - Support for more automated Fax Tests

Ticket #72826. Switching from Audio to Fax to Audio to Fax. Special case which could happen if switch to Fax happened before connect.

2138 - TCP: Roundtrip measurement wrong in case of packet loss

Ticket #71985. In case of packet loss, way to high round trip values were measured. If the packet-loss was to high, this could result in a constantly increasing re-transmission timeout value.

2150 - Trap: When accessing web interface

Ticket #72362. Seen once.
Not reproducable yet.

2182 - Trap: When Dectmaster registers user at PBX using SIP protocol

Ticket #72729. When Dectmaster registers user at PBX using SIP protocol

2232 - Trap: When using Diagnostics/Ping

Ticket #73536. When leaving Diagnostics/Ping or Diagnostics/Traceroute web screen a trap may occur.

2180 - update - scfg command could hang when the HTTP session was broken or prematurely closed by the server

Ticket #72708. in consequence update script processing was stopped until reboot

2181 - Web-UI: Wider input fields for domain names

Ticket #72723. When configuring
- Remote Domain
- Local Domain
- Proxy
- STUN Server
on a Gateway interface there's need for more space.

V9 Hotfix 7 (90600.08)

2293 - debug method raw_ethernet

Ticket #74897. A new debug method to trace raw ethernet data.

2258 - Dect User Gui: AD-replicated objects weren't listed under certain conditions

Ticket #74051. Deleted object thate were re-replicated werent't visible in the Dect user GUI. A mandatory Ldap attribute was missing under such circumstances.

2339 - different port naming convention for new hardware

Ticket #75575. BRI1..5 instead of TEL1..4+PPP

2316 - Fix for MIPS counter

Ticket #75310. MIPS counter was incorrect

2274 - Flash Directory: Substring match could miss results

Ticket #74320. Searching by substring worked case sensitive in some cases, instead of functioning case insensitive.

2369 - Flashman: Show meaningful result after OEM certificate upload in production

Ticket #75958. "Certificate" instead of "-unknown-"

2322 - Gateway Interface Maps: Should be applied to leg1 info also

Ticket #75437. The same rules used for a Calling Party Number are applied to leg1 info

2406 - Gateway: Better handling of call-reroute requests

Ticket #76515. Apply interface maps to numbers in reroute request

2396 - Gateway: Conference interface, no voice

Ticket #76419. The ADSP firmware is changed to version 122. This fixes a bug in the conference interface of IP6000/IP6010/... which results in conference calls without voice in one direction for a single member.

2276 - Gateway: Deleting of routes could result in duplication of routes

Ticket #74356. This happened if an interface registration was disabled, for which automatic routes have been generated and then a route was deleted. The last route was duplicated.

2327 - Gateway: Event "No Media Data Received" was created for each SWITCH-PCM call

Ticket #75483. There should be no event in this case, this is normal.

2393 - Gatway: Transfer handling may cause re-routing after regular hang-up

Ticket #76357. Re-routing is expected to take place on non-connected calls only.

2352 - H.323: A forwarded HopCount>32 could result in a very small HopCount

Ticket #75765. There are only 5 bits for transmitting a HopCount in H.323. A HopCount from SIP is typically 70 and this value was not reduced to 32 but only the 5 lower bits were transmitted, which resulted in a HopCount of 6

2370 - H.323: Call to SIP Trunk with MediaRelay and exclusive coder renegotiation from TONE to early media did not work

Ticket #75959. No ringback and no audio after connect

2386 - H.323: Merges from v10 for Media Negotiation fixes and special OEM protocol features

Ticket #76301. - Problem with transparent forwarding of SDP
- special SRTP key exchange
- Video fixes
- Unit Testing support

2304 - H.323: Renegotiating to Fax was rejected, if PCM switch and local networks were used

Ticket #75006. If the side which initiated a switch to T.38 has configured PCM and the media address was classified as local due to local network configuration, the T.38 was rejected.

2255 - H.323: Renegotiation after PBX Node dialtone failed sometimes

Ticket #74020. This depended on timing. This happened if the call was sent after the dialtone to a master over a slow link.

2315 - H.323: Renegotiation to T.38 did not work for slowstart call thru media-relay to efc endpoint

Ticket #75305. A common scenario when this happend is an XCAPI (slowstart) calling thru a PBX with media-relay configured to an ISDN interface

2333 - H.323: Support for switch back to local media on endpoint

Ticket #75522. needed to resume normal call after a conference using external conference unit

2294 - Interop: Don't add an error log "SRTCP authentication failed" on non-RTCP packets

Ticket #74903. Microsoft Lync send invalid RTP and RTCP packets at the beginning of each call.
In case of encrypted media, decryption of these packets fails.

2388 - IP-DECT: Memory leak with rejected radio registration

Ticket #76308. Memory leak occurred with a rejected radio registration is fixed, now.

2392 - ip22/24/28/302/305/6010/3010/1060: Fax failed if tones are sent during the fax call

Ticket #76342. In some cases the Fax messages were missing due to tones send during the fxx call

2378 - IP222,IP232: Alpha mode did not work on multi-line edit controls

Ticket #76165. Could no enter alpha chars using the num block

2307 - IP222,IP232: Changes not saved in some cases

Ticket #75088. Some config screens did not write changed settings directly after "Save Changes" dialog.
If menu was left with DISC key (instead of ESC key) the changes have been discarded.

Also affects other phones: IP241,IP240,IP230,IP110
Changes are saved immediately when leaving the current screen.
Not when leaving "User Settings" or "Phone Setting" screen.

2291 - IP222,IP232: changes not saved when leaving menu screen with LEFT key

Ticket #74792. Even after confirming to save

2288 - IP222,IP232: Function key "Hotdesk" did not work

Ticket #74723. Function key "Hotdesk" did not work

2261 - IP222,IP232: Language configuration not saved

Ticket #74087. Language can be selected on phone menu, but change is neither saved nor applied.

2260 - IP222: Handset Microphone level too low

Ticket #74073. Handset micro increased by 6db
Handsfree micro unchanged

2289 - IP232: Fix for long touch on fkey

Ticket #74743. Opens fkey config, but mist not toggle control on touch-off.

2340 - IP232: Hiding touch keyboard by touching a control

Ticket #75576. Touching a text control activates the touch keyboard.
Touching the text control again now deactivates the touch keyboard.

2385 - IP232: Open call details when touching entry in call list

Ticket #76292. Instead of initiating call to remote party in call list entry.

2256 - IP232: Open phone menu by touch gesture

Ticket #74046. Touching header bar and moving vertically down opens the phone menu.
No need to use center key of 4-way control.

2283 - IP232: Pickup fkey displays no information in active state

Ticket #74392. Pickup fkey displays no information in active state

2266 - IP232: Pixel noise with some color values

Ticket #74221. - changed to lower pixel clock

2336 - IP232: Touch gesture to open directory-search/indirect-dialing screen

Ticket #75549. Vertical upwards on idle screen opens directory-search/indirect-dialing screen.
Vertical downwards on idle screen opens main-menu screen.

2269 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Added drop shadow to lower end of menu screens

Ticket #74278. To make end of list of menu entries more discernible.

2329 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Call duration display wraps after 100 minutes

Ticket #75508. Now after 60 minutes the display changes from mode [mm:ss] to [hh:mm].

2399 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Call held indication

Ticket #76454. If remote side has put the call on hold
the user should get a visible indication
(in addition to hearing music on hold).

New call status "held" is displayed.

2345 - IP241,IP222,IP232: CFU information in header bar

Ticket #75654. CFU information in header bar is now displayed even if there's not is enough space between name and number.
Either name or number is omitted is required.

2278 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Could not activate first builtin background image from phone menu

Ticket #74367. Could not activate first builtin background image from phone menu if external background image is currently active.

2272 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Improved phone screen rendering

Ticket #74301. Reduce map copy operations.

2324 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Indirect dialing of names not possible

Ticket #75451. Could not dial a name from 'indirect dialing' screen
by moving the focus to input field and going offhook.
(Only fkey worked)

2254 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Limitation of background image size

Ticket #73957. Limit is 512 kBytes now.
To keep phone from out of memory trap.

2300 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Mute status indication does not work

Ticket #74964. "MICROPHONE OFF" is displayed on status bar now.

2348 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Replace triangle by arrow to display diversion/transfer information

Ticket #75689. Replace quite heavy 'BLACK RIGHT-POINTING POINTER'
by much lighter 'RIGHTWARDS ARROW'
to display diversion/transfer information
on call control, fkeys and call lists.

2383 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Show "New message from ..." on active phone screen

Ticket #76283. Show "New message from ..." on phone screen for 3 seconds when active with calls (non-idle).
Like on b/w phones.

2279 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Show multiple diversions on incoming calls

Ticket #74371. If a call was diverted more than once, the phone shows first diverting party (original called number) and last diverting party.
(Not only the last diverting party)

2257 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Some diagnostics to check phone's ui memory consumption

Ticket #74049. Where have all the memory gone.

2384 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Toggle of display-name/name-alias/number was buggy

Ticket #76290. String termination was missing.
Garbage data was displayed.

2355 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Two waiting calls are now displayed (instead of one)

Ticket #75789. Waiting calls are displayed below the two main calls.
Only two lines of information and grey background.

2296 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Volume control not displayed when already at maximum

Ticket #74927. Volume control is not displayed when trying to increase while being at maximum.

2277 - IP241/222/232: Monitormode (Lauthören): Level too low

Ticket #74362. Use independent analog codec channels for speaker and headset receiver.
Speaker volume in monitor mode is configured as in handsfree mode.

To change to speaker level in monitor mode the gain of the speaker can be configured with
config change AC-DSP0 RINGER /DualOutputModeGain level
config activate

level is from 0..63 0
0 -> -32dm
32 -> 0db
63 -> 31db

2312 - IP28 Watchdog leads to endless interrupt and trap

Ticket #75186. .

2298 - IP6000 crypto driver: Trap when buffers are depleted

Ticket #74935. Avoid the trap and log an Event when the buffers are depleted.

2212 - Ip6010 DSP Allow coder change from T38 to voice and back to T38 with local DSP

Ticket #73193. ..

2313 - IP800/6000: Problem mit FAX und CNG detect: Option to disable CNG detect added

Ticket #75278.
config change AC-DSP0 /t38-cng-detect-disable 1
config write
config activate

2353 - IP: Minor memory management change

Ticket #75770. no use of malloc in ipproc

2366 - IPv6: Memory leak if packets received, which are not handled locally

Ticket #75920. E.g. an IPv6 multicast UDP packet, for some other application was not deleted.

2292 - IPxx10: Flashdir Segments Default to 129(was 51)

Ticket #74826. IPxx10: Flashdir Segments Default to 129(was 51)

2214 - ISDN: Enable fax detection only after connect

Ticket #73213. On ISDN networks it can happen that the Connect message is delayed. This way fax tones are forwarded to the caller before the caller has received this Connect.

This way a renegotiation on voip to fax could happen before the connect, which is not supported by sip.

2271 - ISDN: Send HLC with mobility calls

Ticket #74296. Some ISDN networks refuse the forwarding of a call to a mobile network if no HLC (High Layer Compatibility) Information Element indicating Telephony is included in the call.

2402 - LDAP-Expert, Edit Object Dialog: Could show more than one object

Ticket #76464. LDAP-Expert, Edit Object Dialog: Could show more than one object

2280 - myPBX launcher: Unhandled exception when accessing browser object

Ticket #74380. The myPBX launcher could crash when accessing the browser document because of an unhandled exception.

2342 - myPBX launcher: Use default configuration from local machine registry hive

Ticket #75634. If no user configuration is given, the following values are copied from the local machine hive.


Also the autostart checkmark is disabled, if autostart is activated, globally. Autostart is controlled with the following registry key.

"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\innovaphone myPBX"

2412 - myPBX launcher: Window position was not always remembered

Ticket #76626. When the user just moved the window without resizing it, the window position was not remembered for the next session.

2265 - myPBX: Allow asterisk as a wildcard in LDAP search strings

Ticket #74200. As it is done on our phones.

2334 - myPBX: Script error after waking the PC up from hibernation

Ticket #75532. Sometimes throws an unhandled exception in this case.

2281 - myPBX: Support static URLs for application sharing

Ticket #74389. In some application sharing solutions a fixed link can be used to create and join meetings (GoMeetNow, BeamYourScreen).

There are two URLs configured, one for the presenter and one for attendees. When the user clicks the aplication sharing button the links are sent using chat messages.

2285 - NAT: Permanent UDP forwarding did not work

Ticket #74549. Permanent UDP forwarding was unusable after first forwarded datagram.

2270 - No media for calls from SIP provider forwarded back to SIP provider in case of NAT and MediaRelay

Ticket #74290. NAT traversal depends on a packet being sent from inside the NAT to outside, to fix the RTP destination of the outside endpoint. This does not happen if both endpoints are outside.

Dummy packets are sent from the Media Relay function in this case to achieve this.

2321 - PBX Exec Object: Leg2 information send to secretary not adjusted correctly for nodes

Ticket #75431. The leg2 information is used to display at the secretary the number of the exec which was called. This number was not correct if nodes with escapes were used

2394 - PBX Number Map: Not possible to use overlap dialing to Number map with incomplete destination

Ticket #76377. If a Number Object with incomplete destination was called and the number was to be completed with overlap dialing a wrong number was called.

This is a usefull feature to use Number Maps as quick dial to other nodes. In this case Number Maps are used with a destination of the remote node, so the number is incomplete, the number within this node has to be dialed in addition to the Number of the Number Map object.

2308 - PBX Waiting: Diverting leg1 info not correct when diverting to a Waiting Queue

Ticket #75091. If Waiting queue not defined in root node and escapes are used

2286 - PBX Waiting: If used as outgoing dialing device, coder list sent with the call was not correct

Ticket #74593. Should be based on the coders paramter in the configured URL

2358 - PBX Waiting: Leg2 information sent with calls to operators not adjusted correctly for nodes

Ticket #75830. If a Waiting Queue was configured in a Node not the root node, the leg2 info was not adjusted corrcectly. The leg2 information is used to signal to the operator which Waiting Queue is forwarding the call

2407 - PBX-SOAP: Better error handling when using a Waiting Queue for outgoing calls

Ticket #76544. - call was hanging if an invalid number or user without registration was called
- trap if outgoing call was done on operator connect

2341 - PBX-SOAP: UserHold without MOH to local User

Ticket #75577. UserHold was sending MOH to the local and the remote User. With the argument remote=true, the MOH is sent to the remote user only

2391 - PBX-SOAP: When monitoring Waiting queue, the peer number was not indicated

Ticket #76315. The number was considered presentation restricted, because of some bit manipulation error

2337 - PBX-SOAP: Wsdl Versioning mechanism fixed

Ticket #75552. Better mechanism, to avoid constantly adding arguments to the Version function with new Versions.

2325 - PBX/IP-DECT: User password length

Ticket #75453. The maximum user password length in the PBX and IP-DECT is increased to 23.

2309 - PBX: Adjusting received leg1 info wrong

Ticket #75097. In context of nodes with escapes

2318 - PBX: Allow 'Max Calls' configuration of 0

Ticket #75362. So that no call at all is sent to the object but a CFB (if configured) is executed

2275 - PBX: CF at Gateway Type objects - additional dialed digits should be added to the destination

Ticket #74348. This way a CFNR at a trunk object can be used to reroute the call to another trunk.

2326 - PBX: CFNR Loop check detected loops that weren't

Ticket #75465. Esspecially a CFNR at a Waiting Queue was not executed if the destination of the CFNR has transfered the call to the Waiting Queue

2328 - PBX: Conference id prefix/suffix configuration

Ticket #75507. The broadcast conference PBX configuration is changed: now, the third party conference unit option is saved and must be enabled to use the configured id prefix and suffix. Otherwise they are ignored now and default values for the innovaphone conference interface of the current device firmware version are used. This fixes the configuration if the firmware is updated from V8 to V9 and the innovaphone conference interface is used.
Disabling the "Create Dynamic Conference Id" option in firmware V9 hotfix 5 and 6 is also fixed now.

2267 - PBX: Conference to VM

Ticket #74222. Now a call to the VM as a conference member works again.

2282 - PBX: Tracing flag turns on tracing in all dyn PBX's as well

Ticket #74390. Helpfull to debug dyn PBX setups

2403 - phone - Headset Function Key can be configured now as enable/disable or as call control key

Ticket #76468. a headset key mode can be configured to use the key either to enable/disable the headset (Mode: Enable) or to start/accept/clear calls via headset (Mode: Control)

2401 - phone ip222, ip232 : USB headset support (beta)

Ticket #76463. general support for USB headsets added, some headsets are tested and working, others will follow soon

2368 - phone_orchid: after leaving a conference the active call was mute sometimes

Ticket #75955. The conference was not stopped internally in all cases.

2295 - phone_orchid: ethernet statics counters sometimes displayed as negative numbers

Ticket #74913. the unsigned counters were printed as signed integers

2287 - Phone_orchid: Residual echo in handset ( sporadic)

Ticket #74671. Echo canceller NLP sensitivity Mode changed to 2

2398 - phone_orchid: spurious trap in long conference calls

Ticket #76445. in long confernce calls the phone may trap because the DSP delivers an unexpected zero size packet.

2264 - Phones: Fine grained function hiding did not disable Fkey configuration

Ticket #74174. Value 0x00000800 (PHONE_HIDE_US_FUNCTION_KEYS) hides function keys entry from user-list,
but fkeys can still be (re)configured by long fkey press.

For more information see:

2249 - Phones: Update of phone text data

Ticket #73775. External input

2306 - possible use of push-pull drivers for new hardware

Ticket #75051. not visible to customers

2404 - Qsig: Connected Number could be encoded wrong

Ticket #76472. Qsig: Connected Number could be encoded wrong

2364 - remove indirect calls to os_mem_alloc() via malloc()

Ticket #75886. malloc() shall not be used anymore in sources dedicated to run on innovaphone hardware

2382 - reset could fail, if issued during firmware update

Ticket #76266. and even worse any following reset command were not accepted as well

2268 - RTP-DTMF: Digit may get lost during media re-negotiation

Ticket #74232. Receiver starts handling on END event.
Sender may stop sending before END event was sent.

2273 - SIP: Accept INVITE's from alternative proxy

Ticket #74310. If alternative proxy is configured, calls should accepted from alternative proxy,
even if primary proxy is alive and kicking.

2371 - SIP: Added Call-Info header to re-INVITE for hold/retrieve

Ticket #76011. Call-Info: <urn:X-cisco-remotecc:hold>
Call-Info: <urn:X-cisco-remotecc:resume>

2335 - SIP: Check proxy availability did not work in any scenario

Ticket #75542. OPTIONS can be used to poll remote proxy's availablity
to avoid TCP timeout when INVITE is to be sent.
Signaling interface is marked as down and not used anymore.

2381 - SIP: Contact not allowed in BYE/CANCEL/PRACK request

Ticket #76210. Acc. to RFC-3261 there must not be Contact header line in BYE/CANCEL request
Acc. to RFC-3262 there must not be Contact header line in PRACK request

2359 - SIP: Decoding of RFC-4412 definitions

Ticket #75848. The 'Resource-Priority' Header Field
The 'Accept-Resource-Priority' Header Field
The 'resource-priority' Option Tag
417 Unknown Resource-Priority response

2314 - SIP: Decrement Max-Forwards and interwork to H.323

Ticket #75288. Instead of sending always "Max-Forwards: 70"

2263 - SIP: Don't take NOTIFY(application/simple-message-summary) with "Do-Not-Disturb: no" as FTY_MWI_DEACTIVATE

Ticket #74162. Interop with Nortel CS1k PBX

2373 - SIP: Fix for Supported header

Ticket #76016. Re-implemented to easily add more tags

2367 - SIP: Fix for video negotiation

Ticket #75954. Fix for video negotiation

2362 - SIP: Handling of 422 Session Interval Too Small

Ticket #75873. Get Min-SE and re-try INVITE

2252 - SIP: Handling of collision of transfer and release

Ticket #73936. If one end releases a call while the other initiates an attended transfer, a "ghost call" may remain.
Resource leak.

2356 - SIP: Handling of some more proprietary Alert-Info and Call-Info in INVITE

Ticket #75824. Alert-Info: <Bellcore-dr3>;info=alert-recall
Alert-Info: <>;info=alert-autoanswer
Call-Info: <sip:>;answer-after=0

2305 - SIP: Interworking of divertingLegInformation1 improved

Ticket #75025. Honour subscriptionOption

2311 - SIP: No interworking of "Q.931 CALL PROCEEDING" into "183 Session Progress"

Ticket #75140. Causes trouble on other vendor PBX's.
(Aastra 5000, Advoco/Arcstel, Nortel SESM)

2302 - SIP: Rare problem with blind transfer

Ticket #74991. callIdentity must be zero when giving ctInitiate to PBX on blind transfer.

2319 - SIP: Send "305 Use Proxy" if INVITE is received from unexpected source

Ticket #75380. Applies to registered interfaces only (e.g. phones).

2363 - SIP: Send b=TIAS attribute in media description

Ticket #75881. Send b=TIAS attribute in media description

2380 - SIP: SIP message may exceed available buffer

Ticket #76203. Trace message like this can occur:
ERROR: SIP message buffer (1025) exceeded! (9,14,801d781c)
SIP: CSeq missing
SIP: Message encoding failed!

2262 - SIP: Support for "Content-ID" in "multipart/alternative" bodies

Ticket #74161. Support for "Content-ID" in "multipart/alternative" bodies

2375 - SIP: Support for active call pickup acc. to RFC-3891

Ticket #76035. Sending INVITE with Replaces header to do pickup at SIP PBX's

2395 - SIP: Support for media recording

Ticket #76396. Media recording to HTTP URL

2361 - SIP: support for proprietary message header

Ticket #75864. Support for proprietary message header (CAL)

2379 - SIP: Trap when parsing very large History-Info header

Ticket #76198. Trap when parsing very large History-Info header

2409 - SoftwarePhone: Auto start configuration

Ticket #76595. The duplicate back slash occurred with the install directory is fixed now. Used by the run mode configuration 'At login'.

2323 - SoftwarePhone: Timer tick resolution

Ticket #75447. The timer tick resolution is increased. This fixes the call RTCP calculation transmitted to the PBX.

2408 - Spurious leaks in leak checking

Ticket #76589. A problem which mostly shows up in automated release testing and then requires manual investigation.

2301 - Support for new hardware

Ticket #74990. .

2330 - TLS: Duplicate alert message on malformed ClientHelloV2

Ticket #75509. Only one alert should be sent per session.

2303 - TLS: Flow control for incoming data

Ticket #75004. The TLS socket has to wait for the application to process incoming data before sending the next RECV.

2331 - TLS: Improved negotiation of protocol version

Ticket #75510. TLS server unnecessarily rejected ClientHello messages with TLS 1.1 and higher. Instead of rejecting it should tell the client that it wants to use TLS 1.0.

2320 - TLS: Possible trap when restoring sessions

Ticket #75394. Only in v9, depending on the certificate.

2332 - TLS: Skip empty records

Ticket #75511. TLS record layer should ignore records with zero length without doing anything.

2310 - VM: <pbx-upd-obj type="cfu"..> without effect when invoked multiple times

Ticket #75121. Statement <pbx-upd-obj type="cfu"..> failed to work properly after being used for diversion manipulation multiple times within a single script session.

2290 - Web-UI: Configuration of "Sync Server" does not return with HTML page

Ticket #74778. Configuration of "Sync Server" does not return with HTML page

V9 Hotfix 8 (90600.10)

2397 - Avoid Snmp decode error trace outputs

Ticket #76435. Avoid Snmp decode error trace outputs when receiving requests > SNMPv1

2462 - DECT: Reset link on page 'Features'

Ticket #77539. The reset link on the page 'Features' is fixed now.

2438 - Edss1 Interworking: divertingLegInformation2 didn't contain redirectingNumber

Ticket #77003. Edss1 Interworking: divertingLegInformation2 didn't contain redirectingNumber

2443 - Gateway: Routes got lost when reading config file

Ticket #77157. Gateway routes got lost when reading config file.

2461 - GUI: Adjust ETH DHCP link

Ticket #77538. Adjust ETH DHCP link on page General Info and Reset is fixed now.

2421 - IP-DECT: Searching for users containing non-ascii characters failed

Ticket #76778. A page indicating an xml error was displayed instead

2424 - ip22/24/28/302/305/6010/3010/1060/222/232/241: Silence compression with G711 coders not working

Ticket #76826. Silence compression was used only for G729/G723. Now it is used for all codecs.

2475 - IP222,IP232: "Lock phone" does not work

Ticket #77778. Authentication dialog for "Lock phone" could not be acknowledged.

2445 - IP222,IP232: Fix for rendering problem of screen "Directory input"

Ticket #77209. When leaving screen was refused with "Subscriber required" popup,
the screen "Directory input" was not rendered again.

2472 - IP222,IP232: Redial key does not start calling when used in call list

Ticket #77746. Redial key does not start calling when used in missed call list

2460 - IP222/IP232/IP241/IP6010: trace feature tdm record: wrong endian

Ticket #77508. ..

2467 - IP222/IP232/IP241: instable echo canceller in handsfree mode

Ticket #77661. changed ec settings, halfduplex on start only switch on again.
IP241 gains adjusted

2434 - IP222/IP232/IP241: residual echo in handset mode

Ticket #76958. new dsp code

2456 - IP222/IP232/IP241: residual echo in handsfree mode

Ticket #77358. changed ec settings

2433 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Config file option "/backlight-delay" to adjust display dimming

Ticket #76948. Now works as it did on black 'n' white phones:
config change PHONE FORMS /backlight-delay 1800

2400 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Config option for transparent header bar and status bar

Ticket #76458. config change PHONE FORMS /transparent-header /transparent-status

To keep header or/and status background graphic from being rendered.
Background image should provide appropriate contrast for readability.

2471 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Illegal characters when editing on a text control

Ticket #77735. E.g. when configuring call forwarding destination illegal character (0x8a) may appear in result string.

2418 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Support for placeholder in background image url

Ticket #76756. Support for $serial and $product in background image url

results in
GET /DRIVE/CF0/backgrounds_480x272/00-90-33-30-00-bc.png HTTP/1.1

results in
GET /DRIVE/CF0/backgrounds_480x272/IP232.png HTTP/1.1

2476 - ip6010/3010/1060: Ethernet receive packet sometimes delayed

Ticket #77781. Sometimes the rx descriptor are processed with the next tx event.
Now the rx queue is processed completely in on interrupt.

2474 - ip6010/3010/1060: Ethernet transmit packet length is sometimes wrong

Ticket #77774. Sometimes old content of the tx dma descriptor was used by the ethernet MAC.
Now the memory write buffers are drained before enabling the tx dma.

2439 - IPVA, IP800, IP6000, IP6010: Typo RT30 instead of RT40

Ticket #77027. The routing table entry RT30 was duplicate and RT40 was missing. This causes config changes to be lost if more then 29 routes are configured

2466 - late RTP data sent from DSP driver to media endpoint may cause a trap

Ticket #77642. this was observed in a phone_orchid test setup with media recording activated

2465 - Media: Send CN frame with minimal noise level

Ticket #77625. For NAT reasons innovaphone endpoints send up to 4 RTP packets to remote end
in order to open mapping on NAT router.
These CN packets carry one-byte payload with value of 0.
Value of 127 turned out to be more clever.

2435 - Memory Leaking In 802.1x Module

Ticket #76960. Memory Leaking In 802.1x Module

2419 - myPBX launcher: Always save window position when closing the application

Ticket #76763. The window position was only saved when the application was closed from the context menu of the tray icon. I.e. it was not saved when the user logged out.

2416 - myPBX: Localised date and time format in call list

Ticket #76737. myPBX should show a localised date format instead of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.

2377 - myPBX: Log event if application sharing failed

Ticket #76116. Log an event if the creation of a meeting failed.

2436 - PBX-SOAP: Call initiated by SOAP for softwarephone or IP-DECT was sent as transfered call

Ticket #76962. The result was that call diversions or busy on ... calls settings were ignored

2432 - PBX: Update of remote number after call-transfer did not always work across PBXs

Ticket #76942. If a call was done from a phone at a slave to a phone at the master and on the master phone a consultation call was the done to the slave again with transfer afterwards, one phone on the slave did still show as connected number the phone on the master.

The same wrong number was also indicated on SOAP/TAPI as well as on myPBX.

2463 - phone ip222, ip232 : Jabra Link 14201-30 DHSG/USB adapter cable supported,

Ticket #77540. The Jabra Link 14201-30 connects the DHSG interface of Jabra Dual Mode Headsets (GN9350e, PRO 9450/9470 ..) to the USB port of an ip2x2. The USB port of the headset can be connected to a PC.

2464 - phone ip222, ip232 : Plantronics DA45 USB headset supported

Ticket #77541. .

2470 - phone ip222, ip232 : USB headset support : Plantronics Blackwire C620, Jabra GN2000 USB Duo

Ticket #77703. beim Kunden getestet

2428 - phone_inca: wrong display of a CFU to a name containing non ascii characters

Ticket #76877. all names are stored UTF8-encoded internally. the UTF8 string was displayed instead of a decoded version.

2431 - phone_orchid: no ring tone when ring volume was set to MAX via WEB config

Ticket #76927. but ring tone was OK with any other volume

2440 - phone_orchid: headset "Plantronics - Voyager PRO UC v2" (USB/bluetooth) supported

Ticket #77048. HID report definitions added

2441 - Phones: Not able to disable option "Use Newline/OK Key as Headset Key"

Ticket #77070. Not able to disable option "Use Newline/OK Key as Headset Key"

2453 - Phones: Show proxy IP address in web UI

Ticket #77316. Useful if domain name has been configured and IP address has been resolved by DNS.

2429 - Phones: Small change on screen "Directory input"

Ticket #76883. Put a colonn at the end of label "Subscriber"

2427 - Random problems with T.38 (Fax) Media Relay

Ticket #76870. Fax data could be corrupt

2444 - SIP: in o line of SDP

Ticket #77161. v=0
o=- 1 1 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 16386 RTP/AVP 18 101 13
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:18 annexb=no
a=fmtp:101 0-15
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -

2446 - SIP: Bug when interworking UUI of 1-byte length

Ticket #77225. Results into bad formatted INVITE since User-to-User header contains uninitialized data.

2452 - SIP: DNS refresh is not executed according to DNS-TTL

Ticket #77309. Proxy IP address needs to be refreshed by DNS request according to DNS-TTL.

2414 - SIP: Do not offer CLEARMODE on exclusive coder config

Ticket #76654. Do not offer CLEARMODE if exclusive coder configured

2389 - SIP: Fix for REFER handling

Ticket #76309. Handling of blind transfer without userpart in Refer-To-URI.

2420 - SIP: Handling of 300 responses

Ticket #76771. Select Contact-URI according to q-value.
Replace remote target URI and change remote transport address.

2458 - SIP: Media negotiation during blind transfer caused ERROR log 0x70007

Ticket #77385. Media negotiation during blind transfer caused ERROR log 0x70007 on the outbound call to transfer destination.

2449 - SIP: SDP answer must have the same number of media descriptions as received offer

Ticket #77277. SDP answer must have the same media descriptions as received offer

2450 - SoftwarePhone: Exception during start up

Ticket #77288. Fix for fix #75886.

2437 - SoftwarePhone: Support for Plantronics Savi 740

Ticket #76975. HID Keypad Mapping support for the Plantronics Savi 740 with the product id 0xac01.

2469 - Trap during HTTP request with missing user/pwd in basic authentication header

Ticket #77695. .

V9 Hotfix 9 (90600.11, withdrawn)

2299 - add programmable tftp retry limit to httpclient

Ticket #74936. currently there is a fixed retry limit of 4. some OEMs want to set this dependent on expected file size.

2509 - DHCP server leases with hostnames containing non-ascii latin1 characters (for example Umlauts) could not be displayed

Ticket #78382. In pre-V9 firmware hostnames were stored latin1-encoded. Names contaning non-ascii latin1 charaters must be converted to UTF8 before display.

2531 - Gateway: Handling of blind transfer gets stuck in routing

Ticket #78709. Routing of transfer call stops with: reason='incomplete'
But during transfer no dialing digits will follow.

2499 - Gateway: Trap when interworking Call Completion

Ticket #78228. Trap when interworking Call Completion.

LOG CALL 6 A:Call -> / PRI2::->*::
R_CALL free error c18a59b8

2487 - Gateway: Wrong Media info sent for calls forwarded from a VOIP interface to another VOIP interface

Ticket #78024. This could cause wrong information to be displayed on a PBX calls page. Esspecially SRTP was not indicated.

Better to not send any Media Info in this case.

2390 - H.323: Media Negotiation problem with conferences on IP-DECT

Ticket #76314. A channel was not switched to the conference after a hold/retrieve cycle

2468 - H.323: Media Negotiation problem with transfer in Gateway (not PBX)

Ticket #77683. Under special conditions a blind transfer happend in the Gateway could result in a call without media. This only happened if the call was transfered twice and the destination of the first transfer was a physical interface.

2505 - H.323: Potential Trap in case of special malformed RAS registration

Ticket #78368. A NULL pointer access could happen

2516 - IP1060 IP3010 IP6000 IP6010 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305: Fax failure after transfer

Ticket #78487. channel was reconfigured on remote switch to T38, without a new activate fax relay command

2494 - IP1060 IP3010 IP6000 IP6010: T1 mode: wrong pulseshape for short lines.

Ticket #78157. Slew rate and level for T1 pulse for short lines was too high

2527 - IP222 IP232 IP241: Sporadic noisy sidetone

Ticket #78649. Analog and digital sidetonegain were enabled,now only the analog sidetonegain is used.

2518 - IP241,IP222,IP232: No RTP send on outgoing call in some cases

Ticket #78550. No RTP send on outgoing call in some cases

2485 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Show special symbol for call completion entries in call list

Ticket #77966. Show special symbol for call completion entries in call list to separate from usual missed calls.

2486 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Status message "Recording" not displayed

Ticket #77992. Status message "Recording" needs to be displayed during recording.

2498 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Trap in font rendering

Ticket #78210. Some characters at beginning of line may cause trap.

2526 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Wrong call direction indication on PARTNER fkey

Ticket #78642. When partner calls someone else it my displayed as if partner is called.
(Only if option "Show connected Party in busy State" is enabled)

2488 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Wrong display name in call list

Ticket #78047. Name identification of remote party is to be displayed,
but name identification of diverting party was displayed instead
on incoming calls list.

2442 - IP241: Headset noise during firmware update

Ticket #77111. .

2519 - IP6000: Traps in DSP driver under high load

Ticket #78591. under high load timing may change. Checks in driver relaxed to take this into account.

2533 - Linux: Enable/Disable support link

Ticket #78786. Now the Linux menu is always shown and a link is provided to enable or disable the Linux support (RAM reservation). The support state is also saved in the downloaded configuration file and restored with the upload.
Update: The support state is only saved in the downloaded configuration with password. The state is not saved in the configuration file with standard password or if downloaded by the update server. Please use the next or a later hotfix instead, see also fix #78836.

2510 - MyPBX: Changing password did not work any more

Ticket #78391. Collateral damage of fix #75453: PBX/IP-DECT: User password length

2517 - PBX Boolean: Avoid unnecessary load by boolean monitoring

Ticket #78504. A call was sent to the monitoring endpoint every 10s

2522 - PBX Filter: Maximum length increased from 13 to 17 digits

Ticket #78594. 13 digits could be too little if an international number including a prefix of an external line was to be checked

2410 - PBX Mobility: Dialed digits could get lost, when using Opticaller

Ticket #76598. There could be a collision of a dialed digit with media renegotiation. For example if with the first digit a media was switched to inband information from a carrier.

2511 - PBX Mobility: No-Alert checkmark as workaround for provider which do not provide Alerting

Ticket #78410. Some SIP provider do not provide an Alerting signal when a mobile phone is called. This could result in no ringback signal to the caller or the min/max-alert feature not working.

This new checkmark provides a fake Alerting in case Progress is received

2506 - PBX MWI Object: Malformed H.450 interrogation result was sent if no message

Ticket #78376. It still worked, because the wrong message was usually interpreted as no message available, which was correct, but it does not look nice in wireshark

2492 - PBX soap method SetPresence

Ticket #78092. PBX soap method SetPresence added to set the presence of a PBX user.

2477 - PBX Twinning: When calling another (twin) phone, the call was sent to the original phone also

Ticket #77829. It still works, but this waiting call could be confusing

2480 - PBX Waiting: Name Id missing in calls initiated with SOAP

Ticket #77911. When a Waiting Queue is used by applications to initiate outgoing calls, the name of the waiting queue should be sent with these calls as calling name. This name id was missing

2520 - PBX-SOAP: Limit on size for Admin call too small

Ticket #78592. Only 4k was allowed

2354 - PBX-SOAP: UserCall new option diversion override

Ticket #75773. To initiate calls, which are not diverted by a configured CFU.

Use Info[] element with type="fty-no-cf"

2503 - PBX: Dynamic group function keys did not work with non-ascii characters in group name

Ticket #78322. Name was not correctly converted to internal utf-8 representation

2478 - PBX: Routing problem with nodes/escapes/slaves with calls to object in same node but different PBX

Ticket #77874. A call from a object within a node with escapes on a slave PBX was not routed to the master if the destination was within the same node and not known on this slave but was sent to the node-extern destination directly

2495 - permit hid usage report sizes of up to 64 byte, some devices send more than 32

Ticket #78158. Jabra LINK 14201-30 responds with 33 byte to certain requests

2493 - phone ip222, ip232 : USB headsets need not to be configured anymore

Ticket #78114. If an USB headset with a known signature (vendor/product id) is plugged it is automatically enabled. This is indicated by the headset symbol in the status line.
"Phone/Preferences/Start Outbound Call on Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) Signal" is implied in this case because some headsets will loose state if a hoook signal is ignored.

2448 - Phone->PBX LDAP Search returns normalised number to be dialled by phone

Ticket #77261. 1)Phone->PBX LDAP Search returns normalised number to be dialled by phone.
2)Phone receives info about escape digits when registering at its PBX.

With 1) the PBX includes an object's normalized number into the LDAP search result.
With 1) the phone is able to dial that normalized number.
With 2) the phone is able to prefix required escape digits to the received normalized number.

2490 - phone: the call which was the active call at start of a conference was not automatically cleared on a release from remote

Ticket #78086. The call which was the active call at start of a conference had to be cleared manually but the call which was on hold at start of conference was cleared automatically.
Now any call will be automatically cleared when relesed from remote.

2512 - phone: ip222, ip232: USB headset sometimes mute after disconnect

Ticket #78414. depending on isochronous transfer state at disconnect time. seems to happen more often with relatively cheap headsets.

2497 - phone: ip222, ip232: USB headset support - Plantronics C420, GN2000 USB - MS OC Version

Ticket #78201. .

2496 - phone: ip222,ip232: Muting USB headset micro via microphone key did not work but MICROPHONE OFF was displayed

Ticket #78159. .

2504 - phone: ip222,ip232: trace USB media data only if explicitely requested

Ticket #78326. use "config add USB-HOST AUDIO /trace" if data is needed

2502 - phone: ip241: memory leak when ip230x extension module is attached and used

Ticket #78311. one packet lost per keystroke on extension module

2459 - phone: Pickup fuction key is not displayed while all alerting calls are displayed on a Partner key

Ticket #77393. alerting calls displayed on a Partner key are not displayed on the Pickup key.
if nothing has to be displayed on the pickup key the key should not disappear but display the 'idle' label

2417 - phone: Ring Tone Titles containing apostrophes garble phone configuration

Ticket #76745. When under "Phone/Ring Tones/Add Ring Tone" a title containing apostrophes is entered the page "Phone/User-x/Preferences" cannot be edited anymore because of a XML-Error.

2491 - phone_orchid: remaining call mute after remote relase for the call which was the active call at start of a conference

Ticket #78091. did not happen after a remote release for the call which was on hold at start of the conference.

2482 - RTP: Potential random trap when closing channels

Ticket #77918. Happens if there is a collision with a received packet and closing of the channel. Window for this is very small, so it should happen very rarely. Probability can increase with high load.

2529 - show linux shutdown warning on firmware reset page

Ticket #78665. If linux is running, a warning is now shown, that linux should be shutdowned before a firmware reset is performed.

2514 - SIP: Be save against sudden death of SIP caller

Ticket #78460. Lifetime of an INVITE trasnaction is not limited by any timeout
after provisional response has been send/received.
Sudden death of a caller make calls hang forever.
Now overall lifetime of an INVITE server transaction is limited to 3 minutes.
After expiration fimnal reject response is sent and call is released.

2426 - SIP: Record-Route handling on outbound subscriptions

Ticket #76831. Processing of Record-Route in SUBSCRIBE response.
Simply missing.

2508 - SIP: Removed b=TIAS attribute from media description

Ticket #78379. Causes trouble on some SIP providers (

2415 - SIP: Support for "Allow-Events: ccnr" and "Allow-Events: ccbs"

Ticket #76658. For interoperability:
Support for "Allow-Events: ccnr" and "Allow-Events: ccbs"

2521 - SoftwarePhone: Default ToS value for RTP

Ticket #78593. Now the default ToS value for RTP packets is 0xB8.

2484 - Web-UI: Visually separated commands

Ticket #77954. Visually separated commands 'Clear' and 'Save' on Maintenance/diagnostics/Events.
Also 'download' and 'delete' on General/License.

V9 Hotfix 10 (90600.12)

2539 - Linux: Enable/Disable configuration

Ticket #78836. With the new feature #78786 the configuration is only saved in the downloaded configuration file with password. Now the information is also included in the configuration file with standard password and in the file downloaded by the update server.

2547 - PBX: Trap if enabling Unknown Registrations

Ticket #78904. Collateral Damage from

fix: #77261: Phone->PBX LDAP Search returns normalised number to be dialled by phone

V9 Hotfix 11 (90600.14)

2525 - Active Directory Replication: Editfield for Poll Timer added

Ticket #78631. If change notifications cannot be received from an AD, a poll timer can be specified. A re-replication is going to take place after the poll timer expired.

2604 - AD Replication stuck after connection loss

Ticket #79541. Didn't reconnect. Side effect of after-hf10 fix

2582 - ASN.1 BER: Support for constructed octet strings

Ticket #79261. needed for PKCS#12
only decoding, only one level of nesting

2581 - ASN.1 BER: Support for indefinite-length encoding

Ticket #79260. needed for PKCS#12 import
only decoding

2561 - Cisco Softkey Features, Status updates and Park

Ticket #79030. suported_mask needs more flags
Softkey Feature Park

2540 - Conference: Permanent noise in conference channel

Ticket #78838. Permanent noise in conference channel.
Increasing with every new participant.

2559 - Edss1 Interworking: Sending divertingLegInformation2 as PublicPartyNumber(was UnknownPartyNumber)

Ticket #79025. Such that the type of number resulting from an interface cgpn-map can also be asn.1 encoded.

2528 - Flash Directory: Display Error Messages

Ticket #78656. Flash Directory: Display Error Messages
Shedding light on replication problems.

currently only in 10.00

2602 - Gateway: 'cn' attribute for test interfaces

Ticket #79506. The 'cn' attribute is included in the test interfaces SIG0/1 for internal tests now.

2564 - Gateway: Mapping of Message Center Number of MWI

Ticket #79039. Mapping of Message Center Number of MWI according to CGPN mapping.

2515 - H.323/SIP: Avoid delayed SDP within outgoing calls as far as possible

Ticket #78466. If media renegotiation is needed, to one side of the call an request for a media proposal (in SIP terms, this is an INVITE without SDP) is sent. The media proposal (in SIP terms SDP offer) is then forwarded to the other side.

The request for an offer should if possible not sent with the initial call, because there is equipment which does not handle 'delayed SDP'

2595 - H.323: Media problem if PBX rtp-proxy is activated for CFNR to external destination

Ticket #79430. no voice

2551 - H.323: Media problem with SIP call-completion on IP-DECT

Ticket #78970. There was no media on the successful completion call (SDP recived in Progress was not forwarded)

2473 - HTTP-Client: MD5-sess authentication

Ticket #77773. HTTP Digest Authentication with alogrithm=MD5-sess.
Choose the first supported "WWW-Authenticate" line from 401 response headers.

Needed for new versions of IIS.

2596 - HTTP: Could not have sockets with same ports but different remote addresses

Ticket #79458. This was a general problem with the new TCP stack, used together with IP6. Problem only happened for HTTP because only for HTTP this new stack is currently used.

2558 - IP-DECT: Better handling when receiving a call, while a previous call is being released

Ticket #79022. Call to service number, which cause a callback can create problems.

2562 - IP-DECT: Cisco Park

Ticket #79032. Send Park softkey event

2556 - IP-DECT: Cisco SIP conferencing

Ticket #78988. Cisco proprietary softkey events implemeneted to start a 3pty conference

2560 - IP-DECT: Feature Code for calling predefined service URIs

Ticket #79028. User for Cisco compatibility

2567 - IP-DECT: Forward Cisco Status Line Updates not related to a call

Ticket #79104. .

2563 - IP-DECT: Forward Cisco Status Line Updates related to a call

Ticket #79036. .

2598 - IP-DECT: LDAP phonebook (IP1202)

Ticket #79483. The new feature LDAP phone book for the IP1202 is added now.

2555 - IP-DECT: Radio/Master calls switched to slowstart

Ticket #78987. If first media answer was received with a PROGRESS message, the call leg from the radio to the master was switched to progress (no EFC features are defined for the Progress message).

This could cause media problems later in the call with hold/retrieve/transfer.

2591 - IP-DECT: Signal waiting calls to handset

Ticket #79349. Was only acoustic information.

2566 - IP-DECT: SRTP for an OEM device

Ticket #79061. Now SRTP is configurable for an OEM device.

2594 - IP-DECT: Subscription could get lost randomly with logout/login cycle

Ticket #79397. Problem with user database handling

2601 - IP-DECT: Three party conference with innovaphone PBX

Ticket #79503. Now it is possible to make a three party conference with DECT handsets with an innovaphone PBX (an innovaphone device with the CONF interface). The conferencing unit must be configured in the DECT master. The conference call is established with the feature code 'R' + '3'.
This fix also includes a rework of the DECT radio module. It can handle more than one waiting or hold call now.

2554 - IP1060 IP3010 IP6000 IP6010 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305: DSP packet debug didnt show some packets, version endian was wrong

Ticket #78985. cleanup

2550 - IP1060 IP3010 IP6000 IP6010 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305: Fax failure after transfer #2

Ticket #78969. tone flag was not disabled

2535 - IP1060 IP3010 IP6000 IP6010 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305: Fax receive max packet size increased to 1024

Ticket #78811. For internet fax devices

2534 - IP22 IP24 IP28 IP305: Faxempfang gelegentlich gestört

Ticket #78803. DSP erhält zum falschen Zeitpunkt ein close-rtp.

2489 - IP222/IP232/IP241: Ethernet link configuration

Ticket #78067. In some case ethernet link configuration and display didnt work.

Now the autoneg status is shown if available, and the phy status if no autoneg didnt complete.

An option to use autoneg with fixed speeds and a link trace option (/ltrace) are added.

2608 - ip3010 TEL port not working in NT mode

Ticket #79570. TEL port of ip3010 gateways configured in NT mode do not get Physical Link up indication. This problem applies to V9hotfix7 up to V9hotfix10.

2583 - IP810: Config Wizard

Ticket #79284. Mechanism needed to add platform specific files (IP810 uses same firmware as IP6010, IP3010, ...)

2600 - ISDN: Fix for call completion interworking

Ticket #79498. CCBS/CCNR does not work in some cases

2500 - Media Relay: Don't send dummy RTP data on incoming calls

Ticket #78252. Dummy RTP data is sent just in case a NAT router is within the media path to set a UDP mapping in case both legs of the call contain a NAT router.

An example for such a situation is a call coming from a SIP provider thru a NAT router to the PBX, which forwards the call back out to the SIP provider. The NAT router won't get RTP data from inside to set the mappings.

The dummy RTP was sent to all legs of the call, but it is better to send it to outgoing call legs only, because endpoints calling in may turn off a local ringback tone when receiving dummy RTP

2523 - Media Relay: Don't terminate T.38 protocol in media relay, forward transparently

Ticket #78610. This should add robustness and reduce CPU load

2568 - Merge of v10 changes: Dynamic Timer Management/oem serial no

Ticket #79127. Better power management on some platforms
Display of oem serial no
stanard behaviour of delete on NULL

2570 - Merge of v10 changes: Firmware File check when updating improved

Ticket #79130. for OEM needs

2572 - Merge of v10 changes: Internal interfaces enhanced

Ticket #79135. for OEM support

2574 - Merge of v10 changes: Library update

Ticket #79140. .

2569 - Merge of v10 changes: Memory Management

Ticket #79129. for OEM needs

2571 - Merge of v10 changes: More ciphers

Ticket #79134. for OEM SRTP and other Certificate formats

2575 - Merge of v10 changes: permit DHCP mode change between client/disabled without reset

Ticket #79152. for OEM support

2587 - Merge of v10 changes: Support for SIP specific phone features

Ticket #79306. for OEM support

2573 - Merge of v10 changes: ZipZip Tone definition updates

Ticket #79136. should overlay normal voice

2541 - myPBX: Pass language code to reporting

Ticket #78874. For localization of the call list.

2544 - PBX Admin UI: Editing profiles was not possible if the user had too many contacts

Ticket #78883. The form is now submitted using POST instead of GET.

2606 - PBX Waiting/Broadcast: Incomplete CDRs if CFNR configured on object

Ticket #79549. If the CFNR was executed, the CDR for the call to the Waiting Queue/Broadcast object ended without release.

2578 - PBX-SOAP: Conference Id was missing in call-info for parked calls

Ticket #79243. This caused problems with the innovaphone operator

2579 - PBX-SOAP: UserClear cause should not be used for remote party

Ticket #79249. This can result in strange call clearing without tones

2590 - PBX-Trunk: Handling for Incomplete, Invalid, Busy, No Anser destinations for Media calls only

Ticket #79319. For example this should not be done for presence/dialog subscriptions

2576 - PBX: A CFB at a PBX object was executed on call to busy user

Ticket #79199. It should only be executed, if the calls exceeded the Busy On number.

2593 - PBX: Conference & VM

Ticket #79359. The last connected user is not disconnected although it is configured. It occurs if a VM PBX object forwards the call to the BC Conference object (like the innovaphone conferencing script). It is fixed now.

2584 - PBX: Include error in resulting XML if submit-object with insufficient rights was attempted

Ticket #79289. Problem with innovaphone operator.

2589 - PBX: Local objects could not be called from Nodes with escapes as expected

Ticket #79317. Was not possible to call at all, or the number was wrong

2577 - PBX: Mapping of Message Center Number of MWI

Ticket #79232. Mapping of Message Center Number of MWI.

2607 - PBX: Web User interface problem with IE and non-ascii PBX names

Ticket #79568. For example groups at a user assigned to a PBX with non-ascii characters could not be edited.
The problem is a bug in IE XSL translation which does special handling of href attributes. Same thing with onclick attribute works.

2542 - PBX: When doing a show users, unnecessary data was sent to the browser

Ticket #78878. The data could be reduced and thus speeding up the display of big users lists.

2537 - phone: ip222, ip232: USB controller sometimes hangs

Ticket #78824. happened with certain headsets after fast connect/disconnect sequences

2585 - phone: ip222,ip232,ip241: wrong AM/PM time display on status line

Ticket #79302. 15:19 PM was displayed instead of 03:19 PM

2588 - phone: permit to select the directories to be searched on indirect dialing

Ticket #79307. if there is for example a huge external directory used for inbound name resolution and dialing is restricted to internal partners it may be hard to find internal numbers via combined directory search.

config add PHONE DIR-UI /dial-mask <selection>

0x02 - local directory
0x04 - PBX directory
0x08 - external directory

0x06 = local + PBX
0x0E = local + PBX + external

2483 - Phone: Possibility to reject incoming SIP calls with customized reason phrase

Ticket #77928. E.g. "SIP/2.0 480 Do not disturb" instead of "SIP/2.0 480 Temporarily unavailable"

2546 - Phone: Show number of voice messages on label of MWI fkey

Ticket #78894. Use "%u Message(s)" as label text for active state of MWI fkey.

2565 - Qsig Interworking: Apply interface CGPN map to DGPN

Ticket #79060. Qsig Interworking: Apply interface CGPN map to DGPN

2592 - Refactored some ASN.1 BER Handling

Ticket #79357. Became necessary in the run of: #79260: ASN.1 BER: Support for indefinite-length encoding

2530 - RTP: No check for changed media destination because of received multicast

Ticket #78698. When receiving RTP normally a check is done if the source of the RTP is the same as we are sending to. If this is not the case, we assume the destination of the RTP is behind a NAT router and we change the destination address to the source address of the received RTP.

This does not make sense for received multicast.

2549 - SIP: Failed to decode presence XML from CUCM

Ticket #78967. Support for namespace "urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:pidf:status:rpid%22 added.

2603 - SIP: From-URI may got lost after call transfer

Ticket #79536. UPDATE may be send out missing From-URI.

2609 - SIP: Max forward value of 32 could be too small for some provider

Ticket #79578. For a starting value of max-forwards a value of 32 was used, because this is the maximum value in H.323. This was too small for some sip providers. Starting value now increased to 64 and on H.323 the half value is transmitted.

2610 - SIP: Re-negotiation for T38 did not work in media-relay scenarios

Ticket #79583. Bad SDP answer was generated.

2553 - SIP: Re-transmission of ACK with SDP answer

Ticket #78975. Handling of re-transmissions of 200/OK with SDP offer.
ACK must contain SDP answer.

2557 - SIP: REFER does not work as expected on Gateway interfaces without registration

Ticket #79008. Bad side effect of a previous fix in HF8:

Introducing new SIP interop tweak "Take Refer-To URI as Remote Target URI"
to be found on the Gateway interface config (GWx).

2538 - SIP: SDP answer sometimes contains 2 media descriptions for audio

Ticket #78833. ... instead of one for audio and one for video.


o=- 1 2 IN IP4
s=CounterPath Bria
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 1902 RTP/AVP 0 8 18
a=alt:1 1 : 1A98X9/s 31UwK5IA 130.30.1. 111 1902
a=fmtp:18 annexb=yes
a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000
m=video 28212 RTP/AVP 115 34 123 124
a=alt:1 1 : yjz/mbyQ aWGuD8xJ 130.30.1. 111 28212
a=fmtp:115 QCIF=1;CIF=1;I=1;J=1;T=1
a=fmtp:34 QCIF=1;CIF=1
a=fmtp:123 profile-level-id=42801e; packetization-mode=0; max-mbps=48600
a=fmtp:124 profile-level-id=42801e; packetization-mode=1; max-mbps=48600
a=rtpmap:115 H263-1998/90000
a=rtpmap:34 H263/90000
a=rtpmap:123 H264/90000
a=rtpmap:124 H264/90000


o=- 3141 1 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 16410 RTP/AVP 0 13
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -
m=audio 16410 RTP/AVP 0 13
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -

2552 - SIP: Send 'Connected Number' in P-Asserted-Identity header of 200/OK

Ticket #78974. Send 'Connected Number' in P-Asserted-Identity header of 200/OK
if different from original called number.

2548 - SIP: Send even anonymous Diversion header

Ticket #78954. If diverting party's identity is unknown/hidden.
Diversion: <sip:anonymous@ip800.innovaphone.compat>;reason=user-busy

2545 - SIP: Wrong number of waiting messages (MWI)

Ticket #78890. MWI: Number of voice messages not decoded from incoming NOTIFY(application/simple-message-summary).
Was either 1 or 0.

2586 - Voicemail: Default for mwi.basicService now Speech(1) (was allServices(0))

Ticket #79303. Voicemail: Default for mwi.basicService now Speech(1) (was allServices(0))

May from now on be overriden by variable "$_pbxmwiservice".

2536 - X.509: Support for PKCS#12 files

Ticket #78820. Support for certificate import using password encrypted PKCS#12 files.

Currently the following encryption types are supported:

pbeWithSHAAnd128BitRC4 (1.2.840.113549.
pbeWithSHAAnd40BitRC4 (1.2.840.113549.
pbeWithSHAAnd3-KeyTripleDES-CBC (1.2.840.113549.
pbeWithSHAAnd128BitRC2-CBC (1.2.840.113549.
pbewithSHAAnd40BitRC2-CBC (1.2.840.113549.

V9 Hotfix 12 (9061009)

2660 - AC-DSP3: Switch trace off if the DSP Host interface shows an error

Ticket #80130.

2696 - AD Replication: LDAP filter encoding failed, when Poll Timer was configured

Ticket #80658. AD Replication: LDAP filter encoding failed, when Poll Timer was configured

2710 - Build Number format changed

Ticket #80925. The build number of the hotfixes changes from the 90600.xx format to the 9.061xxx format. This is due to organizational changes without any other significance.

2621 - Config: Could not dynamically set or reset /trace on the LICENSE module

Ticket #79709. Missing handling of MODULE_UPDATE.

2651 - Dect: AD replication makes IPEI disappearing on all users

Ticket #80015. Side effect of a previous fix #72672 aiming at ad-replicated and deleted objects coming back to life.

2617 - DHCP Server Identifier was cleared after editing the DHCP-Server page

Ticket #79651. The value of "IP4/ETHx/DHCP/Server Identifier" was cleared when the OK or Renew button was pressed on the "IP4/ETHx/DHCP-Server" page. This bug was introduced with V9hotfix5.

2659 - DHCP Survivability mode doesn't work after a DHCP restart

Ticket #80112. ``Survivability´´ mode is used by WLAN phones. In this mode the settings of the 'saved lease' (IP addr, mask, ...) are used until a fresh lease is received. The 'saved lease' is the last lease received from a server, it is kept over a reboot.

When WLAN coverage is lost for a while and then regained a DHCP restart is requested to get a fresh lease from a server in a possibly different network. If this happened while using the 'saved lease' the phone lost it's (saved) IP address.

2631 - Fax: Channel memory leak

Ticket #79815. Memory leak is fixed in fax channel now.

2639 - Gateway: Allow setting of system time from ISDN time

Ticket #79889. In ISDN connect messages a public network is sending a local date and time. By a configuration option this can now be used to update the system time

2615 - Gateway: Overlap dialing timeout configurable

Ticket #79639. The default of 4s is not good for all applications. Now configurable between 500ms and 6000ms.

2682 - Gateway: Pass through ctSetup facility

Ticket #80437. Lync sends diverting party information inside Referred-By header.
Referred-By is interworked to ctSetup facility.
ctSetup facility needs to be passed through by Gateway application.

2700 - Gateway: Routing of incoming SIP calls may not work

Ticket #80709. ... because the To-URI is not reduced to a called number (CDPN).
Gateway routing is based on CDPN and does not work for URIs.

Before this fix:
.LOG CALL 2 Alloc
.LOG CALL 2 A:Call -> / GW8::->*::
.LOG CALL 2 B:Call :081604998@>:018108680@ / GW8::->GW1::

After this fix:
.LOG CALL 1 Alloc
.LOG CALL 1 A:Call -> / GW8::->*::
.LOG CALL 1 B:Call 081604998->018108680 / GW8:081604998:->GW1:018108680:

2667 - IP-DECT/Analog Features: Call completion

Ticket #80212. The type of the call is changed back to normal state if the call completion is executed, and facility conversion is added for the call completion state.
This fixes the reusing of features for a call completion callback call, used if IP-DECT/analog features are enabled. This also fixes missed remote hold and retrieve events to the gatekeeper.

2666 - IP-DECT/Analog Features: Call Park should be done on the last active call

Ticket #80209. Szenario is an active call, then a waiting call comes in, which is accepted, then call park is executed. This call park should be done on the accepted waiting call and not the original.

2680 - IP-DECT: Anonymous endpoint information

Ticket #80421. Information about anonymous endpoint is added to the event to the DECT system. In preparation for the new feature "easy subscription".

2681 - IP-DECT: DECT security

Ticket #80424. Some changes in preparation for the new feature "DECT security". This feature will be available later.

2653 - IP-DECT: Handover with IP1202

Ticket #80022. Only one handover is possible since the last fix with the IP1202. It is fixed now.

2676 - IP-DECT: Handset display

Ticket #80402. Names with special characters are not correctly shown in the handsets. This is fixed in the IP1200 now.

2694 - IP-DECT: Idle display update

Ticket #80654. Handling of idle display update message in the call release message is added. Used with an OEM PBX.

2711 - IP-DECT: Memory leak for SIP calls

Ticket #80937. buffer for received name-id was not freed. Could happen with other facilities as well.

2642 - IP-DECT: New Master/Radio behavior for license incompatibility

Ticket #79914. The behavior of the DECT Master is changed, if an unlicensed Radio tries to register in. This is only used for an OEM license model.

2618 - IP-DECT: OEM Configuration of Cisco Features changed

Ticket #79684. should depend on installed license

2643 - IP-DECT: Reset required if Radio password changed

Ticket #79929. Now reset required is shown if the Radio password for the Master registration is changed.

2678 - IP-DECT: Signal waiting calls to handset

Ticket #80408. New event to the DECT system to add a waiting call to the call list.
This is step two of the implementation and related to the case #79349.

2689 - IP-DECT: User log in, endpoint data added

Ticket #80620. During the user log in with a change of the IP-DECT Master the endpoint data (product id/software version) is sent to this new one now.

2658 - IP1060 IP3010 IP6000 IP6010 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305 IP222 IP232 IP241: receveid RTP packets limited to 480bytes

Ticket #80111. increased to 640 Bytes to allow G711 80ms.

2677 - IP210 IP230 IP240: Handset receiver volume increased, especially at lower frequencies

Ticket #80403.
For better performance with jinlida receiver.

2686 - IP232: Invalid text on second line of fkey label

Ticket #80484. Invalid text on second line of fkey label when changing registrations.

2627 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Show lengthy number information on Partner fkey

Ticket #79779. Toggle between 'show head' and 'show tail' presentation.

2648 - ISDN: Problem configuring negative volume levels

Ticket #79992. Collateral Damage from
79028: IP-DECT: Feature Code for calling predefined service URIs

2613 - LDAP Server caused crash on port-scanner attack

Ticket #79634. LDAP Server caused crash on port-scanner attack

2685 - Linux: IP address with external DHCP server

Ticket #80471. Assigning a IP address to Linux by a external DHCP server is not working if the network interface which is used is configured with a fix IP address (DHCP disabled). This is fixed now.

2635 - memory violation in http client when processing an URI > 8000 byte

Ticket #79860. happens when the digest authentication header is constructed

2699 - myPBX launcher: Autocomplete configured URLs

Ticket #80689. If the user configures just an IP address, it shall be replaced by the full myPBX URL.

For example will be replaced by

2619 - myPBX launcher: Automatically move main window into visible area of screen

Ticket #79697. The window might be outside the visible area if the user changed the screen resolution or disconnectes one of the screens.

If the main window is not visible on any screen, it is now moved to the center of the primary screen, when the user clicks the tray icon.

2698 - myPBX launcher: Configurable hotkey action

Ticket #80684. Options are:
- Copy selected phone number to myPBX
- Show myPBX

2626 - myPBX: Problem with checking browser capabilities in Firefox

Ticket #79757. When checking the supported browser features, Firefox thows an uncaught exception if cookies are deactivatd by the user. Therefore myPBX is stuck in the "Loading" screen instead of displaying a configuration hint.

2614 - myPBX: Quotes in connected names caused java script errors

Ticket #79636. When the connected name of a call contained the ' character there was a script error.

2652 - myPBX: Setting CFx with boolean did not work in IE8

Ticket #80018. Using Internet Explorer 8 the selected Boolean object was not saved.
Internet Explorer 8 requires option tags to have a value attribute.

2451 - myPBX: Syslog for sessions and application sharing

Ticket #77289. Syslog entries should be useful for debugging session timeouts and problems with the external application sharing solution.

2656 - Name and Number configured for a registration must be completely replaced by registration result

Ticket #80039. If for example Number and Name is configured but the registration result provides the Number only, the configured Name must not be used in further signaling operations (diversion queries ...)

2636 - PBX Broadcast: Forking/Mobility configured at Broadcast object did not work

Ticket #79863. Mobility can be used now for forking with delay

2630 - PBX Mobility: Pick mobile call on fixed phone

Ticket #79794. by dialing number of Mobility object on fixed phone

2612 - PBX Waiting: Filter did not work anymore for CFNR

Ticket #79610. Collateral damage from

fix: #75465: PBX: CFNR Loop check detected loops that weren't

2622 - PBX-SOAP: FindUser optional argument 'nohide'

Ticket #79734. Needed if the FindUser is used to look for users which have the 'Hide from LDAP property' set.

2672 - PBX-Waiting: Calls to a Waiting queue object in altering state could not be cleared with SOAP

Ticket #80291. A SOAP UserClear issued for the call monitored at the Waiting Queue object didn't do anything

2715 - PBX: Adjusting called number, when sending call to extern

Ticket #81005. depending on the node of the extern object and the called node, the called party number has to be adjusted (escapes added, prefixes added/removed). This did not work unders some conditions.

2623 - PBX: Allow call completion only if recall is not prohibited by CFU

Ticket #79739. A CFU loop results in a rejection with busy. A subsequent call completion attempt was allowed and a recall possible was signaled right away. This was very confusing.

2650 - PBX: Better handling of presence information without activity

Ticket #80006. This type of presence information could contain a note which refers to the future

2611 - PBX: CFNR at Gateway object with incomplete destination

Ticket #79605. A CFNR at a gateway object is executed if there is no registration. Any additional digits dialed should be added to the CFNR destination. This did not work if the original CFNR destination was incomplete and only completed with additional digits dialed.

2673 - PBX: DECT attributes for DECT security

Ticket #80300. In preparation for the new DECT feature DECT security there will be new attributes for the endpoint data which must be taken over. With this fix the innovaphone PBX supports the new attributes if the user is edited.

2632 - PBX: Export to CSV, utf-8 byte order mark was missing

Ticket #79844. Without the utf-8 BOM the file was not correctly interpreted as utf-8 by Microsoft Excel and other applications.

2633 - PBX: For registrations containing name and number, use name to identify the device

Ticket #79846. It did depend on the sequence of the name and the number. If the number was first, the first device was selected and the name was ignored. Now the name is used to select the device regardless of sequence.

This is a problem with endpoints which always send name and number for registration.

2697 - PBX: More consistent use of conferenceId after transfer

Ticket #80660. The conference ID is used (SOAP/TAPU, CDRs) to associate different call legs to the same call. After a transfer two calls, which have been seperate are connected, so one of the call legs has to change its conference ID, so that the resulting call has a single conference ID again.

There was a complicated logic implemented in the PBX to decide which conference ID should be used, this is now changed to a simple logic: The conference ID of the call on which the transfer is performed, is used.


A calls B, B does a consuktation to C, and B transfers A to C - This means the transfer is performed on call leg A, so the conference ID of the original call A-B is used for A-C

2657 - PBX: Possible trap on calls from misconfigured nodes/PBXs (node parent loop)

Ticket #80093. If a node or PBX is configured with a parent node configured to itself in the most simple case, a call from an endpoint configured for this node to a destination which cannot be found in this node, will cause a trap.

This is a collateral damage of fix: #79317: PBX: Local objects could not be called from Nodes with escapes as expected

2688 - PBX: Routing problem from sub-slave to master to object in sub-slave node, but registered to master

Ticket #80591. Collateral damage from #77874: PBX: Routing problem with nodes/escapes/slaves with calls to object in same node but different PBX

2708 - PBX: Routing problem with nodes/escapes/slaves with calls to extern numbers in other PBX defined nodes

Ticket #80853. Could happen that the number dialed when sending the call to the extern interface was not adjusted correctly

2616 - PBX: Status displayed on boolean function key could be wrong

Ticket #79643. In case of severe network problems, it could happen that the status displayed on a Boolean function key was wrong and was only corrected when the boolean status changed.

2695 - PBX: Update of conference id did not always work after multiple transfer accross PBXs

Ticket #80656. A scenario which did not work was A calls B, B does consultation to C, B Transfers, C does consultation to D, C transfers with B on different PBX then A.
After this the conference id on the call on A should be identical to the conference id on D. This was not the case.

SOAP/TAPI applications which are keeping track of transfered calls could have a problem with this.

2647 - PBX: When editing a Node object it was changed to a PBX object

Ticket #79982. This was a collateral damage of fix: #78878: PBX: When doing a show users, unnecessary data was sent to the browser

2683 - Phone: Accept MWI from Exchange Server

Ticket #80446. MS Exchange Server sends unsolicited NOTIFY(message-summary) to served user
with served user's number as destination and origin.
But phones expect to receive MWI message center number as origin.
MWI fkey would not light up.

2675 - phone: ip222, ip232: Jabra USB Headset feature "Reject incoming call" supported now

Ticket #80401. A double tap on talk button rejects a ringing call with 'busy'

2668 - phone: ip222,ip232: more USB headsets supported

Ticket #80224. for a complete list see

2703 - Phone: Message function key cannot be configured

Ticket #80766. Configuration is not saved

2646 - Phone: Out-Of-Memory-Trap

Ticket #79980. If LOG server is configured but not reachable
the device will buffer arising LOG entries until a limit of 300kB.
This limit was to high for old black/white telephones.
Now not more then 1% of DRAM size is used for LOG buffer.

2644 - Phone: PBX (operator) initiated outbound call was connected but mute when another call was ringing on phone already

Ticket #79943. the phone was not switched from ring mode to handsfree/headset mode

2671 - Phones: Show 'tel' presence on configuration screen

Ticket #80274. Show latest presence on 'Presence' fkey,
but show 'tel' presence on phone config menu.

2674 - Phones: Sometime fkey could not be deleted

Ticket #80389. Sometime fkey could not be deleted when using the fast edit mode (long fkey press).

2669 - Phones: Switch for phoneapp to disable auto-answer

Ticket #80233. Disable/enable auto-answer support on phoneapp level.

2637 - Potential trap in packet libraray

Ticket #79866. Ther was a not obvious size limit for packet::put_head and packet::put_tail, which caused a trap if the size was exceeded. This could happen if a CDR exceeded a certain size.

2662 - RPCAP trace: Indicate transmit/received packets by setting the remote mac address to 00-90-33-00-00-00

Ticket #80152. When reading a trace it is currently not obvious if a packet is sent or received, we need to find out the devices IP address, e.g. by reading the config. If the devices on MAC adress is used a source only if a packet is sent and as destination only if a packet is received this process is simplified.

This is now done for UDP/TCP traces!

2690 - SIP: Calls may remain in clearing state

Ticket #80623. SIP calls may remains undeleted.

2634 - SIP: CLEARMODE does not work since Hotfix10

Ticket #79858. Invalid SDP answer is send:

o=- 4 3 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 125 101
a=rtpmap:125 CLEARMODE/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000

2692 - SIP: Code optimization

Ticket #80635. Reduce number object constructions/destructions during message encoding.

2664 - SIP: Content of Allow-Events header must be treated case-insensitive

Ticket #80173. Event names are case insensitive.

2706 - SIP: Diversion information was wrong on incoming SIP calls

Ticket #80812. Parsing of History-Info header was wrong, but only if multiple History-Info headers were present.

2629 - SIP: DNS resolving of STUN server failed

Ticket #79788. Wrong STUN server port used (5060 instead of real port).

2638 - SIP: Domain Name System (DNS) names compared case sensitive

Ticket #79887. Domain Name System (DNS) names are "case insensitive"

2670 - SIP: Handling of 488 for encrypted media

Ticket #80246. If SRTP offer is rejected by remote endpoint with "SIP/2.0 488 Not Acceptable Here"
we should re-try offer without encryption keys.

2624 - SIP: Handling of Call Pickup

Ticket #79741. Failed to handle INVITE with Replaces as Call Pickup.
Must redirect Pickup call to alerting party.

2640 - SIP: Interworking with "AUDC-IPPhone"

Ticket #79892. RFC-3551 4.5.2
Even though the actual sampling rate for G.722 audio is 16,000 Hz,
the RTP clock rate for the G722 payload format is 8,000 Hz because
that value was erroneously assigned in RFC 1890 and must remain
unchanged for backward compatibility. The octet rate or sample-pair
rate is 8,000 Hz.

Codec description must be: a=rtpmap:9 g722/8000
but "AUDC-IPPhone" sends: a=rtpmap:9 G722/16000
in SDP offer.

2645 - SIP: Interworking with HD audio client

Ticket #79953. Support for unknown codecs.
Passing transparentley.

2661 - SIP: Keep backup registration while calls are active

Ticket #80137. Terminating backup registration will active calls (through backup system) get disconnected.

2701 - SIP: Memory leak when closing signaling interface

Ticket #80752. Memory leak when closing signaling interface while DNS request is pending on a call.

2687 - SIP: New config option /take-zero-addr-for-hold

Ticket #80516. From now on "c=IN IP4" is no longer accepted as hold signaling.
Config option /take-zero-addr-for-hold is introduced to get back old handling.

2691 - SIP: Pass display information to application

Ticket #80632. Pass display information received in Call-Info header in 200/OK for BYE to app.

2605 - SIP: Pass display names of <dialog-info> to phoneapp

Ticket #79543. Pass display names of <dialog-info> to phoneapp.

2641 - SIP: Problems with DNS resolving of proxy adresses

Ticket #79907. If resolving of the primary proxy failes, the backup proxy is never resolved.

2665 - SIP: Support for Alert-info:<Bellcore-dr1>

Ticket #80174. Proprietary tagging of internal calls

2714 - SIP: Transcation handling was wrong

Ticket #80989. Double delete on a INVITE client transaction object.

0:0027:988:5 - SIP_TAC_INVITE:serial::delete(805b0c80) caller=800440ec

2620 - SIP: Wrong Contact-URI in outgoing NOTIFY

Ticket #79700. Contact-URI should match the Request-URI of the SUBSCRIBE.
Also the Message-Account URI in "simple-message-summary" was wrong as result of the wrong Contact-URI.

V9 Hotfix 13 (9061024)

2764 - Chrome compatibility issue on PRI statistics page

Ticket #81859. If clear was clicked an error message was displayed

2770 - Debug information on assertion

Ticket #81973. More debug information on default event handler.

2722 - H.323: Memory leak when sending special OEM H.235 key elements

Ticket #81160. Only happens if Avaya SRTP is enabled in OEM products

2723 - H.323: Potential Trap in case of high load and media renegotiation/call clearing collision

Ticket #81173. There is a very unlikely situation when media-renegotiation is started and then the call is cleared, which could cause a message related to the media-renegotiation to be sent to a already deleted call object. High load could make this situation more likely.

2750 - HTTP: Possible trap on many simultaneous sessions

Ticket #81597. Sorting the TCP sessions did not work correctly, which caused an assertion because it could happen that it was not possible to remove a session

2730 - IP-DECT: Duplicate call setup

Ticket #81213. The IP-DECT Master sends in some circumstances a call twice to the same radio in the same time. This affects only the IP1202 and OEM devices, not the IP1200, and is fixed now.

2745 - IP-DECT: Memory leak with special Cisco features

Ticket #81463. Only with special OEM features.

2749 - IP-DECT: Mobility Master registration

Ticket #81571. The Mobility Master does not accept clients with the OEM name IP1202. This is fixed now.

2731 - IP-DECT: OEM configuration option

Ticket #81214. The configuration format of an OEM configuration option was changed for the backward compatibility.

2755 - IP-DECT: Own priority for idle display set by messages

Ticket #81616. The idle display set by messages has got an own priority now.

2752 - IP-DECT: System GUI, disabled local coder options

Ticket #81603. If the PARI function (only IP1202) of the IP-DECT Master is disable, configuration changes on the System GUI do not effect anything. The settings for the local coder are disabled on this GUI page now.

2753 - IP-DECT: System settings not to dynamically connected radios

Ticket #81612. System settings should not be sent if the radio-master connection is a dynamic one (IP1202 only). This is fixed now.

2735 - IP0010 IP1060 IP3010 IP6010: During long reset the ready LED was blinking orange and the Ethernet LEDs were swaped

Ticket #81236. Now the ready LED shows the green blinking during long reset.
The Ethernet LEDs are initialized directly after reset to overwrite the default setting that swaps link and speed.

2727 - IP1060/3010/6010/22/24/28/302/305: sequence number to DSP changed from byte to word, caused jiter buffer warnings

Ticket #81189.

2649 - IP222 equalizer update

Ticket #80004. - handsfree speaker equalizer enabled
- handset mic and receiver equalizer smoothed
- ADC gain reduced, input gain increased ( after ec ) to avoid clipping
- halfduplex mode disabled

2655 - IP222 IP232 : Default LCD backlight standby brightness reduced

Ticket #80031.

2758 - IP222 IP232 IP241: Force same speed of the switch ports for 1000M/100M scenarios

Ticket #81693. In scenarios that operate one Ethernet port with 1000M and the other with 100M the switch througput was low.
Now the 1000M port is reconfigured to 100M, and the throughput is high.

2654 - IP222 IP232 IP241: repeated ethernet link status 1000M wrong

Ticket #80029. .

2739 - ip222,ip232: waiting calls mute after having been accepted/connected on USB headsets, mainly seen with Jabra LINK 14201-30

Ticket #81312. In some cases only the accepted call was mute and the next call was OK again but the Jabra LINK 14201-30 lost the USB connection in most cases.
Delaying the HID-commands sent to the headset solves this problem.

2728 - IP222/232/241/1060/3010/6010/22/24/28/302/305: min jitter buffer changed to 10ms

Ticket #81197. was 35ms, now 10ms as on ip6000/800

2725 - IP222: Handset receiver volume increased

Ticket #81175. By 6db, so the volume similar to IP241, but still has low THD+N

2761 - IP232: Show more of collapsed fkeys

Ticket #81807. 140px when expanded.
100px when collapsed (80px before).

2724 - IP241 handset equalizer

Ticket #81174. Enable IP241 handset micro and speaker equalizer.
Same values as on IP222.
Reduces noise in G711 mode.

2663 - IP241 handsfree equalizer update, IP222 handsfree mic equalizer update

Ticket #80157. - IP241 handsfree speaker equalizer enabled
- IP241 handsfree micro equalizer enabled
- IP222 handsfree micro equalizer enabled
- All three filter calculated with measured frequency response
- IP241 ADC gain reduced, input gain increased ( after ec ) to avoid clipping

2748 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Rendering errors on Fkey configuration screen

Ticket #81556. When scrolling or leaving Fkey configuration screen.
List (Toggle) controls were not rendered correctly.

2744 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Show H323-ID instead of Display Name if Display Name is not available

Ticket #81419. Like on old b/w phones.

2707 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Show name of diverting party in incoming calls

Ticket #80839. Show name of diverting party in incoming calls (not only number).

2718 - IP241,IP222,IP232: Two status symbols may overlay each other

Ticket #81027. Symbol for "Call diversion" and symbol for "PIN-locked" overlay each other.
Hide "Call diversion" as long as phone is PIN-locked.

2713 - myPBX: Interface for tracing

Ticket #80973. The web application can now write messages into the trace file of the myPBX launcher.

2721 - Oem Code: Accelerating Boot Snmp Traps

Ticket #81132. Oem Code: Accelerating Boot Snmp Traps

2765 - PBX Admin UI: Not possible to change DECT parameters for users with cf/grp admin rights

Ticket #81871. The user interface prohibited the editing of DECT parameters based on the rights of the object to be edited not based on the login

2763 - PBX Mobility: No response for call to busy mobile phone, if no fixed phone

Ticket #81850. If a user is called with mobility configured and no fixed phone and the mobile phone was busy, then the call did not complete and was hanging as if the number was not complete. The call should be answer with busy instead.

2709 - PBX-SOAP: UserRedirect - original called number got lost

Ticket #80854. For example if an application used an Waiting Queue object to monitor for incoming calls and redirected these calls to agents. The agent receiving the call could not see if the call was diverted to the waiting queue already.

2734 - PBX: Handling of call limits at PBX objects improved

Ticket #81232. A call from a PBX, which is sent back to the same PBX is not counted anymore. This can happen because of node-extern.
Incoming calls at master, which are above the limit are rejected now. They can be rerouted on the slave with "Route Master calls if no Master to"

2741 - PBX: Objects list filter for numbers did not work correctly anymore

Ticket #81376. only top level nodes were displayed
Collateral damage of fix

79982: PBX: When editing a Node object it was changed to a PBX object

2679 - phone: ip222, ip232: Pressing Talk button on USB Headset when there is an active and a held call does not transfer

Ticket #80413. Instead of transfer the active call is disconnected and the held call is retrieved

2769 - phone: ip222,ip232: more USB headsets supported

Ticket #81972. Sennheiser and some more Jabra Headsets added. Look for "(since V9hotfix13)" in

2771 - phone: ip222,ip232: support for advanced USB headset functions (redial, reject call, accept waiting call)

Ticket #81975. A lot of USB headsets generate special indications to request redialing of last number dialled, to reject a ringing call, to accept a waiting call and to put the active call on hold or to switch between an active and an held call.

2768 - phone: ip222,ip232: when a call is released from remote while another call is waiting the waiting call cannot be accepted.

Ticket #81907. When the call is released from remote a buys tone is generated for two seconds. Therafter phone rings to indicate that the waiting call can be accepted now.
When trying to accept this call by pressing the headset talk button the call was disconnected instead.

2732 - phone_orchid: micro mute when a waiting call was connected after an outbound call setup had been cancelled

Ticket #81229. - A goes offhook
- B calls A, a waiting call from B is indicated on A
- A goes onhook, phone rings
- A goes offhook again and is connected to B
- A hears B, B doesn't hear A

2762 - SIP: Double Replaces header in INVITE after REFER

Ticket #81847. Reject by "Swyx IpPbxSrv/" with "400 Bad Request(Multiple values in single-value header Replaces)"

2719 - SIP: Handling of multiple 401/407 responses

Ticket #81045. Implemented handling of up to 3 401/407 responses per transaction.

2773 - SIP: Memory leak in SIP stack

Ticket #82058. Memory leak in SIP stack.

2760 - SIP: New config option "No Inband Disconnect" on GW interfaces

Ticket #81803. Introduced VOIP_OPTION_NO_INBAND_DISC.
Option was missing on Gateway interfaces.

2751 - SIP: New config option /no-certificate-check

Ticket #81601. New config option to disable validation of remote certificate name
when opening outbound TLS connection.

2767 - SIP: New config option /product-id-format

Ticket #81880. Change the User-Agent string from
User-Agent: (innovaphone IP232/10.00 dvl [90910/90879/501])
User-Agent: innovaphoneIP232x90910x501
with /product-id-format 1

2736 - SIP: New config option for endpoints not refreshing their registration during call

Ticket #81243. Interoperability:
New config option /keep-active-endpoints for endpoints not refreshing their registration during call.

AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270 v2 (UI) 54.05.21 (Apr 2 2012)

2733 - SIP: Pass display information to application

Ticket #81230. Pass display information to application when registration comes up.

2742 - SIP: Pass display information to application

Ticket #81379. Pass display information received in REGISTER response to app.

2747 - SIP: Problems with DNS resolving of proxy adresses

Ticket #81522. Not always re-tried when failed at startup.

2716 - SIP: Send 200/OK for MESSAGE(text/plain) when accepted by application

Ticket #81017. Application gives "NormalCallClearing" to SIP stack.
SIP stack better sends "200 OK" instead of "603 Decline".

2759 - SIP: Support for multiple audio media descriptions

Ticket #81712. One without encryption and one with encryption:

o=OpenStage-Line_0 968610650 446118927 IN IP4
s=SIP Call
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 5012 RTP/AVP 9 8 0 18 101
a=rtpmap:9 G722/8000
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -
a=fmtp:18 annexb=no
a=fmtp:101 0-15
m=audio 5010 RTP/SAVP 9 8 0 18 101
a=rtpmap:9 G722/8000
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -
a=crypto:1 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_32 inline:ujVU8G6kgknZnPflRwx8tadNskkp9glas/DFCbC3
a=crypto:2 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 inline:+uoFBNVVhDY5OOGvMOdAlvpxvc98hX/VeProhlwH
a=fmtp:18 annexb=no
a=fmtp:101 0-15

2720 - SIP: Trap while releasing call

Ticket #81089. Timer fires during call release and causes trap.

2717 - SIP: Un-escape content of XML elements

Ticket #81019. XML element content requires some resevered characters to be escaped (<>).
These escape sequences (&gt; or &lt;) must be un-escaped onthe receiving end.

2756 - SoftwarePhone: Support for Jabra PRO 930

Ticket #81618. Support for Jabra PRO 930 with product id 0x1016 added.

2757 - SoftwarePhone: Trap with trace and mute ringer event

Ticket #81619. A trap occurs if the trace is enabled and the ringer mute option is toggled.

2754 - Support for old versions of Jabra BIZ 2400 headset with 48 kHz output sampling frequency

Ticket #81613. the newer versions come with the usual 16 kHz sampling frequency but have the same signature (vendor/product) as the older ones.

2738 - UI hint where to update Linux AP

Ticket #81295. Changed a hint on the upload/update tab and added a link to the update/upload page on the firmware side.

2737 - X.509: Creating certificate containing IPv4 address did not work

Ticket #81251. When creating a certificate or a request with an IPv4 address, the IPv4 address was mapped to an IPv6 address. This was not the expected behaviour. -> ::ffff:

Now both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be used.

V9 Hotfix 14 (9061046)

2806 - Debug "HTTP_GET LOG_HTTP.1: retry, authentication failed" removed

Ticket #82499.

2786 - DHCP: Name registration at WINS was not refreshed as requested by TTL in registration response

Ticket #82289. If the DHCP-client gets a lease containing a WINS-server address and a NETBIOS node type P or M (1 or 2) the client tries to register it's NETBIOS-name (ipxxx-xx-xx-xx) with the WINS-server. The TTL returned by the server in the registration response determines when a name refresh has to be sent.

2845 - External-UC: Presence info assigned to wrong PBX object

Ticket #83020. When presence eventlist is received from External-UC
all presence info was assigned to same PBX object.

2805 - failure of analog ports of ip28

Ticket #82488. ip28 analogue ports do not react to incoming calls and hook-off. Problem could only be solved by reset.

2790 - Gateway CDR with '0. 0' charge amount

Ticket #82359. Should be '0.00' instead

2801 - Gateway: 'Enable PCM' option added at the CONF interface of the IP800

Ticket #82481. The option 'Enable PCM' is available at the CONF interface of the IP800 now.

2861 - Gateway: No Media received event was generated for T.38 calls, which started without actual RTP Traffic

Ticket #83433. This happend for calls to/from Fax servers, which switch to T.38 without sending any RTP packets first.

2860 - Gateway: On IP24, IP302, IP305 it could happen that multiple routes disappeared if a route was deleted

Ticket #83278. Hard to predict when this happened.

2802 - Gateway: PCM mode of the CONF interface fixed

Ticket #82482. The PCM mode of the CONF interface is not activated for a call even though it is configured and possible. This is fixed now.

2804 - Gateway: Routing problem with blockdial route and following matching non-blockdial incomplete routes

Ticket #82486. Example:

Blockdial Route 00->
After this a non-blockdial route with 0...

If now a number of 001 was dialed, the first route should match and after the enbock dialout the call should be sent to the destination of the route. Instead the call was rejected with "no destination found"

2832 - H.323: Support for Avaya SRTP with AES128/80

Ticket #82829. Needed for OEM

2793 - H.323:No Media for calls with reverse media to a H.323/SIP exclusive Code Media Relay interface

Ticket #82408. The execlusive coder/media relay config is used to avoid media negotiation problems with carrier which do not support media renegotiations. In case of a call with reverse media to such an interface, this did not work. This happens for example if a CFNR is configured at a Waiting Queue which redirects a call, which received an announcement from the Queue to such interface.

2774 - HTTP-Server: Configuration of "Public compact flash access" did not work for all cases

Ticket #82064. E.g. /DRIVE/CF0/Neuer Ordner/ does not work, because HTTP request contains escaped sequences.

2729 - Incorrect disk usage calculation for more than 4GB

Ticket #81209. The disk usage calculation was wrong, if more than ~4 GB of the card were used.

2826 - IP-DECT: Call transfer compatibility with SIP

Ticket #82742. For compatibility reasons with the SIP protocol the call transfer initiate result message should not be sent until the connect message is received. This is changed now again.

2777 - IP-DECT: DECT security (2)

Ticket #82191. Some changes in preparation for the new feature "DECT security". This feature will be available later (IP1202).

2794 - IP-DECT: DECT Users Administration Log-in

Ticket #82422. The GW-DECT module's users administration log-in is fixed.

2782 - IP-DECT: Display info with failed user log-in

Ticket #82200. If the user log-in fails, the cause is shown in the display.

2797 - IP-DECT: Display info with remote control call

Ticket #82444. The display info shown after accepting a remote control call is fixed now.

2784 - IP-DECT: Hanging aborted semi-attended call transfers with SIP

Ticket #82205. If the SIP protocol is used, a semi-attended call transfer is done by the user and the call transfer can not be executed, the remaining call party is not disconnected. This is added now.

2781 - IP-DECT: Idle display update

Ticket #82199. Handling of idle display update message in the call release message is added. Used with an OEM PBX.

2858 - IP-DECT: LDAP replication alarm loop

Ticket #83249. If the LDAP replication is configured, but it can not be synchronized, there is an alarm loop. This is fixed now.

2785 - IP-DECT: LDAP server GUI description

Ticket #82258. The LDAP server GUI description is wrong and corrected now. (The LDAP server can not be a HTTP server.)

2779 - IP-DECT: No delay with semi-attended call transfer and SIP

Ticket #82197. If the SIP protocol is used and the user do a semi-attended call transfer, the call transfer is directly confirmed again. The semi-attended call transfer is stored in the base station and executed as an attended call transfer if the target party connects.

2780 - IP-DECT: No fall-back after unattended call transfer

Ticket #82198. Now there is no fall-back after an unattended call transfer and the behavior is consistent with the other call transfer types (attended, semi-attended). To switch back to the hold call the R-key must be pressed.

2783 - IP-DECT: Short tone info by PBX only one time

Ticket #82204. Tone information with defined length and requested by the gatekeeper is played only one time to the handset. This is used by an OEM PBX and fixed now.

2854 - IP-DECT: Support for more than 32 LDAP attributes

Ticket #83191. The IP-DECT devices support up to 256 LDAP attributes now.

2776 - IP-DECT: Trap during subscribing handsets

Ticket #82190. A trap occurs during subscribing handsets on the IP1200. This is a fix for the previous fix #80424 and fixed again.

2778 - IP-DECT: Wrong release code

Ticket #82195. The IP-DECT sends the wrong release code "User not reachable" if the handset was not connected and the remote parts disconnects. This is fixed now.

2798 - IP0010 IP1060 IP3010 IP6010 IP810 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305: enable modembypass

Ticket #82458. Modembypass is enabled on all calls with disabled T.38 and coders G711A or G711U.
Switch to modem bypass is indicated in the trace by "switch to modembypass".
The feature can be disabled with http://addr/AC-DSP0/mod_cmd.xml?xsl=dsp.xsl

Modembypass works best if T38 is disabled on both sides.
If T38 is enabled on the called side the CED may trigger a T38 session, this changed back to voice and modem bypass is enabled (if G711 is active). The first modem tone is interupted, but we still have modembypass on both sides.
If T38 is enabled on the calling side the calling side stays on regular G711.

2799 - IP0010 IP1060 IP3010 IP6010 IP810 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305: reduce probability of false DTMF detection

Ticket #82470. Change DTMF signal to noise ratio from 12db to 18db

2803 - IP0010 IP1060 IP3010 IP6010 IP810 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305: T38 trace flag added

Ticket #82484. Allows to trace T38 connection on the PCM port and on the DSP host interface.
Use this if fax modem problems are suspected.
Enable at http://addr/debug.xml at trace->T38 trace.

2809 - IP0010 IP1060 IP3010 IP6010 IP810 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305: update to DSP code 660.27

Ticket #82551. 660.27 is the released version on the audiocodes web.
Fax relay and modem bypass improved.

2838 - IP0010 IP1060 IP3010 IP6010 IP810 IP302 IP305: ISDN: Enable fax detection only after connect - fixed

Ticket #82900. Fax detection was not enabled in all cases.

Happens in test/10.00/box/dsp/ip6010 with
fix: #78316: SIP/H.323: Don't complete media negotiation if no media can be seen

2839 - IP1060: Memory size is not correctly shown

Ticket #82906. The memory size is not correctly shown in the IP1060 in diagnostics counter page.

2842 - IP222 IP232 IP241: New equalizer and volume setting

Ticket #82952. - use equalizer up to approx 6db
- use digital volume to adjust volume

2823 - IP222 IP232 IP241: Reduce DTMF level

Ticket #82685. During DTMF receive and transmit levels similar as on IP240 are used

-10db level
0xc0=208--> 22db attenuation
also insgesamt ein level von -32db ( bei Vollauschlag ) oder -29dbm.
Der alte Wert beim ac_phone3.cpp war -9db

Weitere Diskussion:
Es gibt den Fall das inband DTMF zum IP Netz geschickt wird, da gabs in Fall 59846 die Änderung zum IP mit LEV=0x28 -->-10db und Attenuation 0xff-->18db, also mit -28db zu senden.
Da das gut funktioniert und die beiden Pegel nicht so unterschiedlich sind unde der ac_dsp3 nicht unterschiedliche Pegel zum IP und zum Codec kann nehmen wir die -28db=-25dbm.

Laut!!PDF-E&type=item Tabelle A-1 sind die -25dbm am unteren Ende, da ist vom Wert A
-22..-30 je nach Administration die Rede. Wahrscheinlich ist das kein Problem,
bei Audiocodes (ac_dsp2) kann man die sensitivity von -28 bis -38db einstellen (DTMF_DETECTION_ENERGY_THRESHOLD__28dBm)


2810 - IP222 IP232 IP241: update to DSP code 660.27

Ticket #82554. 660.27 is the released version on the audiocodes web.
Improved acoustic echocanceller.

2824 - IP222,IP232: Going offhook in call list always dials first list entry (not touched list entry)

Ticket #82732. Going offhook in call list always dials first list entry (not touched list entry)

2829 - IP2x2, IP241: Coder Preferences for prefered coder G.722 suboptimal

Ticket #82815. In case G.7222 was selected as prefered coder and the called endpoint did not support G.722, as next best coder G.729 was selected. This is typically not what is desired in such a case, G.711 is the better alternative in this case

2821 - IP3010 IP810: number of DSP channels and number of conference channels was wrong.

Ticket #82675. Now the IP810 shows 20 DSP channels and 30 conference channels.
Now the IP3010 shows 42 DSP channels and 60 conference channels.

2800 - IP800 IP6000: reduce probability of false DTMF detection

Ticket #82471. Change DTMF detector signal to noise ratio from 12db to 18db.

2792 - ipv6: memory leak when sending fragmented packets

Ticket #82394.

2795 - Kerberos: Allow editing multiple fields in admin UI

Ticket #82425. This is a fix for the page General/Kerberos in the admin UI.

Editing more that one item at a time could result in strange effects. Now it is possible to edit multiple fields.

2825 - Memory leak after Firmware or Bootcode download

Ticket #82740. After a Firmware or bootcode download via Maintenance/Download the associated command processor instance was not released.

2830 - myPBX: Show version of launcher in the list of sessions

Ticket #82821. The version of the used launcher is now shown on the page PBX/myPBX.

2788 - myPBX: Support contact names containing a single quote

Ticket #82323. Configuring contacts with a H.323 id containing a single quote (') caused script errors in the web application.

2836 - PBX Broadcast: No diverting name sent with broadcasted call

Ticket #82880. The diverting and original-called name info was missing from the diverting leg2 info generated by the broadcast object

2815 - PBX Mobility: Call to mobile phone was sent with invalid diverting information

Ticket #82622. A call to a mobile phone is sent with a diverting leg2 info, which means, the call contains the information, that it was diverted by the called user to the mobile phone. So in theory this could be displayed on a mobile phone.

The coding of this information was wrong and created interop problems with some networks.

2847 - PBX mobility: The forking destination put in for mobility at a user should be dialed from the node of the user

Ticket #83040. This number was dialed from the node of the Mobility object. This was confusing, because this number was configured at the user and it was also different behaviour as with forking without mobility

2812 - PBX Mobility: Trap in case of Transfer of a call from a mobile endpoint to another mobile endpoint

Ticket #82584. The Trap happens in the following call scenarion
- Mobile endpoint calls in, using mobility two-stage dialing
- call is accepted at local phone
- on local phone a consultation call is initiated to another user with mobility
- when mobile phone rings, a transfer is initiated on local phone
- the called mobile phone accepts the call
- the trap happens when the called mobile phone hangs up

There could be other call scenarions where the trap happens as well

2844 - PBX Routing: A CFNR at a PBX object for WAN re-routing did not work if it contained escapes

Ticket #83017. The number configured at the PBX object is interpreted in the context of the node of this PBX object. If escapes were needed to dial the WAN trunk, it did not work.

2841 - PBX Routing: Node extern did not work for calls from a trunk marked as local object

Ticket #82948. The call was not routed back to the originating slave

2814 - PBX Trunk: Number to Name Feature did not work for calls to busy endpoints

Ticket #82619. Such a call was not rejected with cause 'User Busy', but was just hanging.

2740 - PBX Waiting: Call state shows "Disconnecting" after switch from announcement 1 to announcement 2

Ticket #81370. Announcement disconnect changed state

2834 - PBX Waiting: Evaluate Busy on ... Calls for calls to an operator

Ticket #82858. If a operator has configured Busy on 1 call, there should be no call from the Waiting Queue if the operator is already busy.

2746 - PBX-Mobility: Data Call Thru

Ticket #81513. To speed up dialing with the mobility client, the called number can be posted to the PBX via HTTP before the call

2835 - PBX: Avoid signaling loop after call transfer

Ticket #82865. A signaling loop could be created by calling from a phone registered at one PBX to a phone at another PBX, then putting the call on hold and do the same call again, accept on the other side the waiting call. If both parties do then a transfer there is the signaling loop.

Such loop ist now detected and the call is cleared.

2856 - PBX: Description was missing for DECT System object

Ticket #83198. A configurable description is useful for the DECT System object as for all other objects

2766 - PBX: Don't forward in-band info indicator if no media channel

Ticket #81879. Not good to indicate in-band info available if no media channel can be negotiated

2846 - PBX: Editing Config Templates impossible, if by some old firmware a strange config ended up in a User object

Ticket #83033. The problem was a empty hardware id (hw=""). This is now ignored.

2789 - PBX: RTP-DTMF was disabled by Voice Mail object during re-negotiation

Ticket #82332. RTP-DTMF acc. to RFC-2833 was disabled by Voice Mail object during re-negotiation.

2849 - PBX: Standyby PBX generated alarms for missing slave registrations, even if active PBX up

Ticket #83089. There should be only an alarm, if the standby PBX is active

2855 - PBX: Support for more than 64 LDAP attributes

Ticket #83192. The PBX supports up to 256 LDAP attributes now.

2743 - PBX: Switch from Music on Hold to inband ringback on Alert after unpark oder transfer

Ticket #81407. To give the caller feedback that soon somebody may answer the call

2857 - Permit logging to a second (shadow) log server

Ticket #83206. "Services/Logging/Log Server/Log Server Shadow/Address" defines the adress of a second server.
"Services/Logging/Log Server/Log Server Shadow/Enable" starts/stops logging to the second server.
Except the address the configuration for the second server is copied from the first server.

2840 - phone: a calling party name found by inverse directory lookup for an external call was sometimes not stored in call list

Ticket #82919. When the external call setup came in with a name identification provided by the external source and there was another name found by inverse directory lookup the name from directory was displayed on the call screen but the name identificication was stored in the call list. Now the name found by inverse directory lookup will be stored.

2791 - phone: call completion did not recover when DND(busy) was set at the phone requesting the call completion

Ticket #82390. when DND(busy) was set on the phone reqesting the call completion and was cleared some time later a "Recall possible" was not indicated anymore although a pending call completion was indicated on the called phone.

2811 - phone: call forwarding options offered even when call forwarding was not possible

Ticket #82567. Call forwarding is not supported when running SIP. But when the menu key was pressed after entering a number call forwarding options were offered (happened with the primary registration only).

2807 - Phone: Display text received with BYE

Ticket #82525. Pass display text to phoneapp.

2775 - phone: ip222,232.241: no notification tone on a successfull redial attempt

Ticket #82166. On a failing or unanswered call the menu key opens the "Recall" menu. If "Redial" is selected the call is automatically redialed for 20 minutes in intervals depending on the result of the previous attempt. On success the user should be notified about the connection.

2819 - phone: ip222,ip232: Plantronics APU70 - Savi 7xx - Radio Link not cleared on release from remote

Ticket #82654. On a release from remote for a call set up by pressing the Talk button (headset or base) the Radio Link between base and headset was not cleared until the Talk button was pressed again.

2831 - phone: ip222,ip232: USB headset mute after activation of changes in codec parameters, headset icon cleared on status line

Ticket #82823. After for example
config add AC-DSP0 HEADSET /InputGain 32
config activate
the headset icon was cleared on status line and the headset was mute although the headset Talk key was handled.

2817 - phone: ip222,ip232: the variable KEYS0/HID-MAP permits to map new USB headsets to builtin descriptors

Ticket #82635. Sometimes USB headsets come with a signature different from the signature of similar headsets which are already supported.
A "vars create KEYS0/HID-MAP p <map>" maps the new signature to an existing one.
<map> format is
the second manufacturer:product tuple is the signature of an already supported headset,
'manufacturer' and 'product' are plain 4 digit hex numbers without a "0x" prefix.

2501 - phone: support PBX-directory access via TLS

Ticket #78275. A "Use TLS" checkmark has been added to the PBX directory config of the phone. If set, port 636 is used instead of port 389.

2796 - phone_inca: when a call completion was set up with CLIR active the called party was not displayed on a possible recall

Ticket #82435. A sets CLIR, A calls B, B is busy
A sets a CCBS request via Menu/Recall
B goes on Hook
A rings and sees 'anonymous' instad of the number of 'B', status line is empty (should show "Recall possible")

2787 - Phones: Presence info during ringing state may show garbage data

Ticket #82306. In case a presence update arrives at the phone while phone is in ringback state.
Have been observed in conjunction with call forking with mobility only.

2828 - SIP: Bug in digest authorization

Ticket #82761. Sometimes wrong method is used in digest calculation.

2820 - SIP: Mobility did not work due to RTP-DTMF

Ticket #82674. DTMF must be passed through signaling channel to get mobility working.
Suppress RTP-DTMF capability in SDP answer also.

2863 - SIP: Multiple subscriptions for 'message-summary'

Ticket #83469. After every RAS_START another subscription for 'message-summary' is established.

2850 - SIP: One-way audio after mutual hold on dect systems

Ticket #83126. Dect ep gets FTY_HOLD_NOTIFY but no FTY_RETRIEVE_NOTIFY.

2852 - SIP: Problems with presence signaling on External-UC link

Ticket #83177. Missing parameters on Contact-URI in 200/OK for SUBSCRIBE(presence):

Wrong Contact-URI in presence XML in PUBLISH.

2818 - SIP: Removed cisco-special retrieve signaling

Ticket #82637. Removed cisco-special retrieve signaling.

2822 - SIP: Restart NAT discovery if failed

Ticket #82676. Restart NAT discovery if failed

2813 - SIP: SRTP key exchange failed

Ticket #82616. Bug in base64 decoding of SRTP key.

2808 - SIP: Trap during call handling

Ticket #82544. Trap during call handling

2827 - SIP: Trap if multiple calls arrive at same time

Ticket #82743. Trap if multiple calls arrive at same time.

2843 - SIP: Trap on out of memory

Ticket #83004. SIP-Client allocations not deleted.
Outbound control calls without facility interworking.

2816 - SIP: Trap on subscription handling

Ticket #82623. Trap on RAS_REGISTRATION_VERIFY between sending SUBSCRIBE and receiving 200/OK.

2772 - SIP: Trap when configuring user presence

Ticket #81996. Trap may occur when configuring user presence.

2853 - SoftwarePhone: HID Support for new headsets

Ticket #83184. With this new version the following headsets are supported for call control:
- Jabra GO 6430 (Jabra LINK 350 USB with firmware 5.4.17 or later) with product id 0xa342. Please select the first device.
- Jabra SUPREME UC (Jabra LINK 360 USB) with product id 0xa346. Please select the first device.
- Jabra PRO 9470 with product id 0x1042.
- Sennheiser VoIP USB headset (SH 350 IP) with product id 0x0008.
- Sennheiser DW Office with product id 0x740a. Please select the first device.
- Sennheiser CEHS-CI 02 (USB adapter cable) with product id 0x0030. Please select the second device.

2837 - Web-UI: Misplaced reset-required indication

Ticket #82896. Misplaced reset-required indication on ISDN interface config (TEL1,TEL2,...).

2851 - X.509: Avoid alarms on missing system time after reboot

Ticket #83137. Allow 60 seconds for setting the system time before an alarm is set. Also certificates are now rejected silently, in that time.

V9 Hotfix 15 (9061078)

2864 - Alarm/Event handling: Authentication for received remote Alarms/Events

Ticket #83603. Allow by configuration to only accept authenticated alarms or events

2888 - CDR fixes for external call detection

Ticket #84211. The type="ext" attribute was not set reliably. Additionaly an attribute pseudo was added to the <user/> tag to indicate the type of object the CDRis created for.

2910 - H.323: Accidential fallback to slowstart if faststart response received in PROGRESS

Ticket #84601. Only happened in some H.323/SIP interop scenarios

2922 - H.323: Media Negotiation did not work for call with reverse media and media response in CALL-PROC

Ticket #84848. Caused SIP interop problems with CUCM

2915 - H.323: More information on "Unexpected Message" event

Ticket #84699. The message type and the state for which this message was unexpected is needed to find out what the problem is.

2905 - Hide LDAP Server Password For Viewer Accounts

Ticket #84557. Was accessible for viewers

2889 - http client : authentication was not retried after a failure when the offending request was repeated in the same session

Ticket #84217. When a httpclient user repeated a failing request in the same session the authentication was not tried again. Thus a change of the client side URL password or a change of the server side password had no effect until a new session was started.

2878 - HTTP: Chunked transfer fails if the last 2 bytes of the chunk header are in the next tcp packet

Ticket #83986. Seen with the application platform as broken pipe

2874 - HTTPCLIENT: Allow configuration of a http authenticated URL even if the server needs no authentication

Ticket #83900. If a password was configured and the server didnt need it, a HTTP put created a file of zero length.

2930 - IP-DECT: Call transfer timer

Ticket #84951. The call transfer timer is stopped with the call proceeding event now. This fixes a call transfer to e.g. a mobile user with a delayed alert.

2881 - IP-DECT: Phone book 'Use TLS' option

Ticket #84001. 'Use TLS' option added for the central phone book search. This changes the standard port from 389 to 636 if no port is configured. The central phone book search is only available with the IP1202.

2934 - IP-DECT: Phone book error events

Ticket #85001. The phone book module sends an error event now if the LDAP directory search fails.

2931 - IP-DECT: Reverse phone book

Ticket #84953. The reverse phone book does not work till hotfix 11. This is fixed again now.

2866 - IP-DECT: Trap during subscribing handsets

Ticket #83690. A trap occurs during subscribing handsets on the IP1200. This is a fix for the previous fix #80424 and fixed again.

Trap identification:
XCPT: no 2 (TLB load) pc 942e23d8 ra 942e23cc va 00000000

2912 - IP0010 IP1060 IP3010 IP6010 IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305 IP800 IP6000: Minifirmware not shown on LED

Ticket #84616. Minifirmware should blink long green short red. This happened only after a firmware/bootcode update.

2900 - IP0010: DSP didnt start with build 9061044

Ticket #84388.

2868 - IP222 IP232 IP241: Adjust gains for better echo canceller performance

Ticket #83703. ..

2870 - IP222 IP232 IP241: Enable noise reduction

Ticket #83715. Enable noise reduction on all handset/handsfree/DHSG headset micro.
Use DSP code

Noise reduction parameter can be tuned at

2886 - IP222 IP232 IP241: Force same speed of the switch ports for 1000M/100M scenarios (configuration option added)

Ticket #84200. In scenarios with frequent transistions of the attached PC to sleep renegotiating the link speed may be undesired. For this case the force same speed mechanism can be disabled.

Other changes:
1000M is only changed to 100M if the other port runs at 100M. The previous version changed from 1000M to 100M if the other port runs at 100M or 10M.

The statistics can be collected from the PC port or from the LAN prot or from both.

Packet forwarding on the PC port is disabled if the port is down to avoid misleading collision counter behaviour.

2937 - IP222 IP232 IP241: Headet volume adjust added, re-enable noise reduction in headset mode

Ticket #85058. Headset volume adjust can be done with the webinterface at

This feature can be used to adapt to different DHSG headsets.

The noise reduction in headset mode is re-enabled to avoid sporadic noise with

2893 - IP222 IP232 IP241: pressing speaker key when phone is in handset mode switches to handsfree mode instead to toggle monitor mode

Ticket #84297. handset/headset plus speaker is not supported

2911 - IP222 IP232 IP241: Updated gain and equalizer setting

Ticket #84605. Tuned for high MOS values according to ETSI ES202737 ES202738 ES202739 ES202740

2943 - IP232,IP222,IP241: Do not hide configured fkey if neither text nor icon is displayed

Ticket #85211. Do not hide configured fkey if neither text nor icon is displayed.
E.g. Call Forwarding fkey with CF destination but no label text.

2919 - IP232,IP222,IP241: Rendering errors when trying to use backround image with indexed colors

Ticket #84814. PNG mode "indexed colors" is not supported.
Trying to use an indexed color png leaves phone screen in bad shape.

2891 - IP6000: Prevent blinking error LED on old IP6000 with HW-Build <110

Ticket #84227. Conference DSP driver was started on old hardware that doesnt support the conference DSP

2925 - IPVA: V10 Code Merge Aiming To Stabilize FW Upload To DRAM

Ticket #84862. Addresses a problem in conjunction with innovaphone's automated test environment

2923 - Maximum LDAP PDU Size Too Small

Ticket #84851. Maximum LDAP PDU Size Too Small. Now internal maximum allocation unit plus a bit for encoding overhead.

2896 - myPBX: Inconsistent display of group monitoring rights

Ticket #84350. In the visibility settings groups were not displayed if the membership is "dynamic out". But members of that group still have monitoring rights.

2907 - myPBX: Only send one command at a time

Ticket #84568. Queue commands instead of sending overlapping commands. This limits the number of open AJAX connections to two.

2904 - myPBX: Pass selected device to launcher

Ticket #84556. Needed for version 10 remote video

2869 - myPBX: Remove unimportant notifications

Ticket #83707. The following events are not so important that the user has to be notified using a windows bubble notification.
- Visibility requests
- Missed calls

2921 - NAT: Don't forward DNS requests from public network

Ticket #84842. As kind of denial of service attack, bursts of incoming DNS requests were seen. The nat process was forwarding these requests to the public DNS. This is a useful function for DNS requests from the private network, but not for requests from the public network.

These DNS requests are now discarded

2862 - New remote control codes to be used for phone tests by soap applications

Ticket #83468. The new UserRc codes are executed only when the addressed phone is either in handset, headset or handsfree mode, i.e when calling, connected or disconnected but not when alerting:
16 - change to handset mode
17 - change to headset mode
18 - change to handsfree mode
19 - monitor mode on (add speaker to handset or headset mode)
20 - monitor mode off (back to plain handset or headset mode)

2901 - Page Ldap/Replicator/Status didn't display in WebKit

Ticket #84400. Page Ldap/Replicator/Status didn't display in WebKit

2924 - PBX Broadcast: Call to group members was not cleared when CFNR was executed

Ticket #84857. This was a collateral damage from
fix: #79549: PBX Waiting/Broadcast: Incomplete CDRs if CFNR configured on object

2935 - PBX Routing: A CFNR on a slave gateway object redirecting the call to the master failed

Ticket #85017. This was a collateral damage of

fix: #77874: PBX: Routing problem with nodes/escapes/slaves with calls to object in same node but different PBX

2882 - PBX Waiting: Call to operator with Twin Phone Checkmark did not work anymore

Ticket #84084. Collateral damage of

fix: #82858: PBX Waiting: Evaluate Busy on ... Calls for calls to an operator

2876 - PBX Waiting: Trap on collision of operator connect and two-stage dialing

Ticket #83926. If two-stage dialing (Maps) is used to call a Trunk or Gateway object, the call is sent after a blockdial timeout. If an operator connected the call before this timeout happened, a trap occured.

For this to happen DTMF maps and operators have to be configured on the same Waiting Queue object, with is kind of unusual

2867 - PBX Waiting: Trap on leak-check if dtmf maps are configured

Ticket #83691. Only happened if debug.xml leak check was used

2877 - PBX: Call to a Trunk/Gateway was not marked correctly as external, if no connected number was received

Ticket #83940. Calls from a Trunk must be explicitly marked as internal with respective connected number, otherwise they should be treated as external

2926 - PBX: Filters should only be applied to calls with media channels

Ticket #84892. A join group operation could be prohibited with filters. This was unexpected.

2897 - PBX: Import did not work with some data

Ticket #84356. The data is processed in chunks. If the chunk border was right behind the closing </user> tag, the decoding of the next chunk failed.

2871 - PBX: New Feature to allow registration with password to devices regardless of address filter

Ticket #83794. It is now possible to configure a flag at a device to allow a registration for this device even if there is an IP Filter which does not match. This is useful if registrations from the public internet to the PBX shall be possible. Without this feature this could be opened only for the complete PBX. Now it can be restricted to a few devices.

2880 - PBX: Partial Rerouting was prohibited in Alerting State (CFNR)

Ticket #83993. This was done under the assumption the partial rerouting is not supported as CFNR by public networks.

2865 - PBX: Preparations for objects visible only if appropriate license installed

Ticket #83615. for v10

2879 - PBX: Registration with Name/Number did not work correctly if default device not first

Ticket #83989. For a registration with name or number, the information if the PBX password shall be used was always taken from the first device regardless if this was the default device (hw-id identical to name) or not

2944 - PBX: Slave with non-ASCII PBX name did not register at master

Ticket #85235. Error in utf-8 to unicode convertion in this case

2906 - phone: enable directory search function key also in connected state

Ticket #84559. it's sometimes useful to browse the directories for a number while talking.

2927 - phone: ip222, ip232: raise alarm if an USB Headset does not respond on USB bus anymore

Ticket #84893.

2913 - phone: ip222, ip232: status stage added to all USB control transfers

Ticket #84617. the status stage is mandatory as well for IN as for OUT control tranfers

2885 - phone: provide complete dialog info to a phoneapp

Ticket #84192. Both group indications and dialog infos are signaled via a group indication facility. For dialog infos the parked_to_alerting member was overloaded to provide the info as expected by the existing phoneapp.
Now the parked_to_alerting member is passed to a phoneapp as received.

2899 - phone: status messages for outbound external calls were sometimes garbled on display

Ticket #84365. happened when for a preceeding outbound internal call in alerting state presence info was displayed

2898 - phone: when scrolling directory search results sometimes one of the numbers of a contact was not displayed

Ticket #84362. the tag characters assigned to the different numbers were not included in sort order.

2902 - phone_orchid: displaying both dialed and connected number may be misleading, it's better to omit dialed number

Ticket #84422. when for example 022222222 was dialed and the network reported a connected number 03022222222 the display info "022222222 -> 03022222222" looked like a transfer.

2887 - simple static logging interface

Ticket #84204. to simplify sending of log messages, alarms and errors a simple static interface to the logging module was added. log_if::log(class serial src, const class event & event) passes the given event to the primary logging module (aka LOG0). This works also with 'src' = 0.

2917 - SIP: Announcing "a=T38MaxBitRate:14400" in T.38 offer

Ticket #84770. Announcing "a=T38MaxBitRate:14400" in SDP offer for T.38
since all current devices support that modem speed.

2928 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation on calls re-routed from TONE interface to outbound SIP

Ticket #84932. Helps on gateway interfaces configured for media-relay with exclusive codec.

2940 - SIP: Fix for STUN problems

Ticket #85118. Try alternative STUN server address if first fails and another was gathered by DNS.

2933 - SIP: Loosing remote IP addresses when DNS becomes temorarily unavailable

Ticket #84991. Loosing remote IP addresses when DNS becomes temorarily unavailable.
Results in interfaces without remote ip addresses.

2938 - SIP: Memory leak

Ticket #85083. Memory leak.

2929 - SIP: Set numbering plan to "ISDN/telephony" in case of "Bellcore-dr2" as Alert-Info in INVITE

Ticket #84939. Set numbering plan to "ISDN/telephony" in case of "Bellcore-dr2" as Alert-Info in INVITE.

2936 - SIP: Switch to T.38 did not work when interworking with H.323 slowstart (XCAPI)

Ticket #85047. Switch to T.38 did not work when interworking with H.323 slowstart (XCAPI).

2918 - SIP: Trap during channel handling

Ticket #84800. Rare trap when re-assigning channels.

2883 - SoftwarePhone: Product string

Ticket #84119. The product string is changed, used e.g with the PBX registration.

2875 - SoftwarePhone: Signature added

Ticket #83915. The SoftwarePhone installer and the install package is signed now.

2872 - Voicemail: Prevent <prompt>, <record> on incoming control calls

Ticket #83826. Turned out to cause idle-reset requests never being processed.

An administrative solution also exists: Watch out for the URL variable "$_noctl" in this article:

2884 - Webfax: Vertical resolution

Ticket #84171. The vertical resolutions 96 lpi, 196 lpi and 400 lpi are correctly saved in the SFF file with a proprietary definition known by the tool sfftobmp.

V9 Hotfix 16 (9.061101)

2999 - AD Replication: Configuration Buffer Increased

Ticket #86211. Was too small for many maps

2993 - Change order of links on debug page

Ticket #86121. Make "Tracing" the first item so that no leak check is triggered when opening the page.

2983 - DHCP: client IP connectivity lost when a renew/rebind request for the currently assigned address was refused by the server

Ticket #86030. When a client renew/rebind request is refused by the server providing the current address the client starts a new discovery. But in case of success the new address was not set and the client could not be reached anymore.

2998 - Disable leak check if debug flag is not set

Ticket #86165. The leak check is only allowed if the config flag CPU /debug is set.

2984 - ENUM: Port in SIP-URI was not honored

Ticket #86037. Port in SIP-URI was not honored in regex of DNS result.

3026 - Gateway: New config option "No blind transfer"

Ticket #86689. New config option "No blind transfer" to keep Gateway from handling blind transfer requests.
If set blind transfer requests are passed through.
Handling is performed at the next signaling hop. </