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These release notes describe the V1 (that is, Reference9:Concept_Linux_Application_Platform based) linux application platform.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Linux Application Platform V1

V1 Hotfix 1 (10180)

1545 - linux: config restoration of innovaphone files failed

Ticket #64453. It failed because three defines (certServer, certServerKey, certServerCert) started with "certServer" and grep was matching the three of them.

1578 - Linux: copy log files to fat partition during linux booting

Ticket #64816. syslog and some other files will be copied to the fat partition. So we will have more information in case Linux is not booting properly.

1478 - linux: cron jobs not working inside same file

Ticket #63916. Apparently only one job can be defined in each file. Create a different file for each job. this is anyway better since it is now easier to handle.

1540 - Linux: download all application log files, not just the current one

Ticket #64422. Only the current application log has been downloaded.
Now, also previous logs are included in the download.

1541 - Linux: hotfix/application installation archives filename needn't start with install

Ticket #64427. Currently the filename of a hotfix/application installation archive must start with "install".
This is not neccessary any more.

1441 - linux: lighttpd webdav write flag

Ticket #63552. modify lighttpd sources to behave like innovaphone boxes. If the user is authenticated, the readonly flag is overwritten.

1677 - linux: new SSL certificate

Ticket #65742. new SSL certificate for linux since the existing one expires in November. The new one will run forever but certificate.php will throw a warning while this certificate is not substituded.

1468 - linux: ntpdate does not work

Ticket #63813. ntpdate returns always "no server suitable for synchronization found". This was working before updating to squeeze.

1761 - linux: only 100 fcgi requests simultaneously allowed

Ticket #66477. we accept 80 requests so far but the 81 request will be also processed and this would probably cause a crash.

1515 - Linux: show version and time on web interface

Ticket #64231. Version and time are now shown on the web interface.

1485 - linux: xml validation and escape in uninstall script

Ticket #64003. We hadn't escaped the application xml file. This is needed in de-installation process

1622 - linuxap: check public and private key of uploaded certificate

Ticket #65200. The private and public key of an uploaded certificate will be checked now, before it is used as a certificate replacement of the web server.
Without this check, a wrong certificate causes the web server to not start again.

1581 - Reporting: separate authentication for reporting web access

Ticket #64875. It is now possible to configure a separate authentication to the innovaphone reporting web site.

V1 Hotfix 2 (10196)

1785 - Cumulative hotfix installation script didn't apply second hotfix

Ticket #66917. As the version of the previously installed hotfix hasn't been set properly.

1803 - Linux: add index.html, index.htm and index.php to lighttpd config

Ticket #67328. redirect to index.html, index.htm, index.php or application.php when ../ is requested.

1781 - Reporting: check if database is being restored before writing a CDR

Ticket #66757. avoid writing a CDR to the DB if it is being restored since this could corrupt the DB.
This CDR will be sent by the PBX again since Linux is responding with 500 HTTP Error Code.

V1 Hotfix 3 (10200)

1926 - Reporting: ldap results were not escaped

Ticket #68654. any string must be 'postgresql' escaped before inserting it into the DB.

V1 Hotfix 4 (10236)

2122 - added trace level option

Ticket #71857. There is now the possibility to enable further tracing levels.

2130 - dynamic list row add/remove doesn't trigger page to top any more

Ticket #71957. Adding or removing a line of a dynamic list doesn't trigger the jump to the page top any more.

2112 - possibility to clear log files

Ticket #71714. Log files can be cleared now.
Just system specific log files can't be cleared.

2113 - Viewing log files with invalid chars now possible

Ticket #71716. Viewing log files with invalid chars is now possible over the diagnostics page.

V1 Hotfix 5 (10276)

2121 - linux: added non-blocking option on flock() call for log files

Ticket #71838. The flock() call was eventually blocking if the lock could not be acquired. If we do not get the lock after ten attempts, the log trace will be lost.

2128 - linux: calculation of remaining space for the new partition

Ticket #71925. hdparm is a better tool to calculate how big the remaining space in the compact flash is. So far we used parted but it is less precise.

2217 - removed maxlength from Command File Url/Web/WebDav paths

Ticket #73261. no maxlength=60 anymore for these fields.

2151 - reporting: send reports per email

Ticket #72391. Reports can be now sent per email.

V1 Hotfix 6 (10282)

2360 - linux: change timezone

Ticket #75849. ntp does not recognize timezones, it manages information based on UTC.

2297 - Linux: restart NTP process if not running

Ticket #74930. if NTP is not running the date will be probably wrong and some services will not run (report mails)

2374 - Linux: vm not being installed

Ticket #76020. due to the presence of CDROM, DVD or Card Reader, parted command was outputting different data as expected. Therefore, wrong data was read and installation script quit.

2347 - report mails with non latin1 chars in mail name

Ticket #75667. The mail name has to be correctly encoded to be correctly parsed by cron.

2372 - reporting: create log files with rsyslog

Ticket #76015. this new method presents some advantages:

- avoid flock from failing.
- readability

the general log will be kept for more general things.

V1 Hotfix 7 (10285)

2454 - linux: certicate file wrongly parsed if no newline character at the end

Ticket #77319. sh script was not reading the last line since the newline character was not present at the end of the file

2479 - linux: delete tmp files from FAT partition

Ticket #77875. when Linux boots some files are copied to the FAT partition but they are never deleted. That means, they'll eat up the memory. Old files will be now removed before copying new ones.

2447 - Linux: Hotfix installations may fail due to debian packages partially installed

Ticket #77250. if a debian package is only partially installed, no new package can be installed until the former package gets installed or removed.
Hotfix installations should always work since we provide all necessary debian packages and the AP should remain in an stable state after installation but if the user installs other applications or packages the system maybe in an unstable state.
Therefore, we now check if packages can be installed before we try to install a hotfix.

2425 - log rotation did not work correctly

Ticket #76828. the logrotate script has been modified now to correctly rotate the log files with subsequent rsyslog reload.

2457 - moved/changed some shared code for future innovaphone applications

Ticket #77381. Some shared code has been moved for future innovaphone applications for the linux application platform.

2423 - rsyslog logged to multiple files

Ticket #76825. rsyslog config has been changed now, so a local log will be just written to one log file.

V1 Hotfix 8 (10288)

2597 - Linux: configuring NTP server does not work if config file does not exist

Ticket #79482. ntpd process uses following config file /var/lib/ntp/ntp.conf.dhcp but this file was missing in one installation, maybe because DHCP is not in use.
if this file does not exist, we use now default one "/etc/ntp.conf".

2513 - some preperations for web interface translations

Ticket #78428. Changed some small things for future web interface translations.

V1 Hotfix 9 (10294)

2693 - Linux: mail configuration: make user, password and port optional

Ticket #80638. needed for smtp servers without authentication

2705 - Report mails sort order ascending fixed

Ticket #80789. Ascending sort order didn't work and has been fixed now.

2712 - UI improvements for Mail/NTP/Timezone configuration

Ticket #80964. - The mail protocol must not be specified any more, some tooltips are provided for other fields and pressing Enter submits changes
- The NTP server received by DHCP is now shown on NTP server configuration
- The timezone can be selected with a dropdown box now

V1 Hotfix 10 (10303)

2848 - German translation for the web interface and reports

Ticket #83047. Added the german translation.

2833 - multi-client capability for reporting

Ticket #82835. It is now possible to configure different user logins. The admin can assign so called base filters to these users and the users can just use the assigned base filters to create reports or report mails.
They can also create own filters based on one of the assigned base filters.

2738 - UI hint where to update Linux AP

Ticket #81295. Changed a hint on the upload/update tab and added a link to the update/upload page on the firmware side.

V1 Hotfix 11 (10317)

2890 - Alarm server can be configured now

Ticket #84219. An alarm server can be configured, which is then used for alarms of the Linux Application Platform.

2939 - Alarms are now cleared if condition is cleared

Ticket #85085. Alarms of the Linux Application Platform or by applications like Reporting are now cleared, if the alarm condition doesn't exist anymore.

2932 - Restoring application configurations with empty directories did not work

Ticket #84955. Restoring application configurations with empty directories did not work. This works now again.

2920 - Send an alarm if the disk is 90% full

Ticket #84833. Now an alarm is sent to the configured alarm server if the disk is 90% full.

2909 - SMTP Relay can be unconfigured now

Ticket #84596. The SMTP Relay configuration couldn't be reseted, which is possible now.

2873 - Suggest possible PBX object names on creation of a report

Ticket #83834. On entering a PBX object (long name) to create a report for this object, possible values are now selectable from a displayed list.
To keep the response time low, only values from CDRs of the last week are shown.

2942 - Support for Zend guarded PHP files

Ticket #85139. Support for Zend guarded PHP files is now available with the PHP extension
The license path for Zend licenses is /home/root/zend-licenses

The ZendGuardLoader is only available for our Linux VM, as there is no version for the ARM platform (IPxx10).

2916 - Support upload of files up to 500 MB

Ticket #84764. Uploading of applications with a file size up to 500 MB is now possible.

V1 Hotfix 12 (10323)

3024 - Do not uninstall already installed packages after failed hotfix installation

Ticket #86597. Due to a bug, already installed packages have been uninstalled after a failed hotfix installation.

3012 - New Linux Kernel 3.4.10 for the IPxx10

Ticket #86451. We updated the Linux Kernel to version 3.4.10 for the IPxx10 platform.
The new kernel has to be manually configured on your device, see the wiki hotfix article.

2965 - rpcap daemon fix for newer wireshark versions

Ticket #85713. The rpcap daemon of libpcap had a bug, which is now fixed, to be able to use a newer wireshark version, which requests the interfaces from Linux.

V1 Hotfix 13 (10329)

3147 - Check of running db restore/backup etc. available for other applications now

Ticket #88339. The check of a running db restore/backup etc. is now available for other applications.
This offers the possibility to prevent database access during certain operations.

3172 - Check of running processes didn't work sometimes

Ticket #88553. Due to the output width of the ps command.

3124 - Force deletion of application database on application uninstall

Ticket #87943. If an application is uninstalled, the database might not have been deleted due to still existing connections.
These connections are now correctly terminated before the database is dropped.

3077 - Hotfix installation doesn't backup all folders anymore

Ticket #87399. webdav/log/tmp/apps folders are not copied anymore inside the hotfix installation script, as these folders might be quite huge and won't be changed with a hotfix anyway.

3042 - Retrying of failed mail sent works now

Ticket #86905. The retry hasn't been done, but works now.

3074 - Support application log files with wildcard *

Ticket #87355. An application can now define a log file with the wildcard * in its file name in the application xml file.

3053 - update-rc.d remove now supported for application uninstall

Ticket #87148. An init.d script can be now defined inside the application xml and this script will be deregistered from /etc/rcX.d and removed, if the application is uninstalled.

V1 Hotfix 14 (10336)

3189 - Avoid using exec and system in PHP

Ticket #89234. these functions are consuming very much time. We will now implement locks through files and PHP will only call file_exist function.
These change will also be applied to cdr.c

3195 - Linux: changed settings for xcache ini file

Ticket #89327. default setting were not optimal

3191 - Mails: use a different config file for mutt instead of the official one

Ticket #89250. we use the offical one (Muttrc) meaning that two mails couldnot be sent simultaneously. Use a temporary file for that.

3190 - Some optimizations for a better web ui performance

Ticket #89238. Added some session vars to avoid running slow code multiple times.
Background processes run with a lower priority now.

V1 Hotfix 15 (10353)

3282 - Add history logs of apt to log download

Ticket #90891. The history log files of apt are now added to the download all log archive.
This may help us to get some hints in case of a failed installation.

3324 - Restart processes with another process group than the webserver's process group

Ticket #91782. This prevents the killing of processes which have been started over the web interface, if the webserver is restarted.

3300 - Stop database if application is uninstalled

Ticket #91293. The database is now stopped, if it gets uninstalled on an application uninstall.
Otherwise it doesn't start again on the correct port after a new install...

V1 Hotfix 16 (10358)

3347 - Remove Faxserver log files from default log rotation script

Ticket #92218. As the path to the Faxserver log files does not exist without an installed Faxserver, the logrotation failed.
The Faxserver now installs its own log rotation script.

V1 Hotfix 17 (10369)

3410 - Added Italian translation

Ticket #95366. Italian translation is now available for the Linux Application Platform and its applications.

V1 Hotfix 18 (10371)

3425 - Mails: allow SMTP Relay without Authentication

Ticket #96062. Mail tool was wrongly configured if user was given without password.

V1 Hotfix 19 (10372)

3500 - Debian packages log file increased by mistake

Ticket #98226. Fixed.

V1 Hotfix 20 (10375)

3573 - Linux: ntp servers are cleared on shutdown

Ticket #99961. NTP servers are inserted in dhcp file which is deleted on shutdown.

V1 Hotfix 21 (10376)

3599 - Linux: delete content of install directory during linux start up process

Ticket #100787. if an update or installation was interrupted throughout reboot or shutdown, the content of the install directory would not be removed avoiding the installation of other updates.

3588 - Linux: write relay and pbx cdrs to webdav file if reporting is not installed

Ticket #100374. both type of cdrs were dropped.

3605 - Support of UTF-8 only languages like Russian

Ticket #100942. Currently only latin1 languages were possible within the web interface. Now also UTF8 only languages are possible.

V1 Hotfix 22 (10377)

V1 Hotfix 23 (10380)

V1 Hotfix 24 (10383)

3796 - Correctly parse server ssl certificates for reject list

Ticket #106838. Now ignoring an openssl return code > 0 and instead try to parse the response for certificates.

3826 - Fix wrongly released version number in cumulative hotfix

Ticket #107872. The cumulative hotfix 23 contained a hotfix 22 with a wrong build number 10378.
The cumulative hotfix 24 will now replace this number with 10377 and further hotfixes will be installed correctly.

3833 - Include SSL certificate in curl requests to support servers with activated MTLS

Ticket #107938. Otherwise the Linux application platform can't be authenticated.

3757 - Linux: V10 application hotfix could be installed on V1 application platform

Ticket #106160. check that major versions match before installing a hotfix for an application.

V1 Hotfix 25 (10386)

3862 - LDAP: rebind needed to follow referrals

Ticket #108647. If we try to follow the referrals we need to re-authenticate. If not done the LDAP library attempts with anonymous and the server responds with an error.

V1 Hotfix 26 (10387)

V1 Hotfix 27 (10389)

4031 - Linux: execute backup script only once per hour

Ticket #113390. the script must be executed only once per hour but there was a bug and it was executed every "poll timeout" minutes.

V1 Hotfix 28 (10391)

4117 - Linux: copy init_install.log to root partition

Ticket #116002. in case something goes wrong during linux installation

4126 - Linux: error parsing certificates

Ticket #116188. we assumed an specific format for PEM files but these files could contain some additional information.

4057 - Prevent usage of a backslash inside public web/webdav urls

Ticket #114374. Otherwise the lighttpd webserver couldn't be restarted.

4060 - Rotate system log files on 5MB size

Ticket #114414. Some logfiles have been rotated after 1GB under certain circumstances.

V1 Hotfix 29 (10396)

4183 - auth.log increasing due to unnecessary sudo system call

Ticket #117527. The system log file auth.log has been growing quite fast due to a sudo system call inside a PHP file which was not necessary.
This call is now only done if really needed.

4159 - Linux: application platform monitoring

Ticket #117112. there is a new php script which returns a xml file containing the output from the most relevant commands used for monitoring, free, ps, top, ss.

4135 - Linux: increase swap partition to 512 MB

Ticket #116414. avoid a crash if memory and swap get full.

4136 - Linux: performance statistics

Ticket #116418. result from uptime and free commands will be shown under Diagnostics/Status.

4182 - Rotate system log files without weekly/daily condition and use of correct PATH

Ticket #117512. Otherwise these log files might get too big.
The postrotate script hasn't been executed as the wrong PATH variable has been used.

V1 Hotfix 30 (10397)

4217 - Removed timestamp from manual backup filenames

Ticket #118740. Removed the timestamp from manual backup filenames, which makes them easier to use for software.

V1 Hotfix 31 (10400)

4444 - Updated bash package due to bashbleed/shellshock bug

Ticket #127581.

V1 Hotfix 32 (10401)

4483 - Disable SSL 3.0 in web server due to POODLE bug

Ticket #128951. Since ssl 3.0 is insecure, we disabled its support inside the webserver of the Linux AP (lighttpd)

V1 Hotfix 33 (10404)

4560 - Linux: memory leak in process.fcgi

Ticket #132413. some memory was not freed.

V1 Hotfix 34 (10405)

V1 Hotfix 35 (10406)

4783 - LDAP: requests done for all cdr events

Ticket #142486. although the external numbers were equal for the different events, LDAP requests were carried out.


V1 Hotfix 36 (10408)

5167 - LDAP: server active flag was ignored

Ticket #154749. LDAP servers are checked although they are inactive.

V1- End of life