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These release notes describe the V10 (that is, Reference10:Concept_Exchange_Calendar_Connector based) Exchange Calendar Connector based on the linux application platform.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Exchange Calendar Connector V10

V10 Service Release 1 (100062)

3669 - Logrotation didn't work due to updated logrotate package

Ticket #103856. The updated packages required permission changes on and in some files.

3644 - New end user languages for Exchange/Fax

Ticket #103219. The following languages for end user visible strings have been added:

Administrator UIs are not affected!

V10 Service Release 2 (100067)

V10 Service Release 3 (100079)

3823 - Added option to omit subject from calendar presence note

Ticket #107835. Sometimes a company does not want to have the subject of calendar items in their presence notes. The new checkmark allows to omit the subject.

3746 - Correctly check running processes in application installation files

Ticket #106040. This check failed without correct system time (no NTP server).

3772 - Correctly resolve email adresses and test exchange connection

Ticket #106428. The email adress resolving didn't work for some exchange installations.
The test button too.
This is fixed now.

3751 - Retry SMTP address resolution for users without SMTP address

Ticket #106094. In case that exchange users are created after creation of the PBX user.

3786 - Support 401 response of Exchange with content

Ticket #106673. Some Exchange-IIS are configured to return 401 responses with content, which was not supported.

3759 - Updated translations

Ticket #106173. Some strings updated.

V10 Service Release 4 (100083)

3842 - Correctly read default value of new "Omit Subject" setting

Ticket #108223. The setting was mistakenly read as "true" per default, which is wrong.

3852 - Support for non-SSL communication with exchange servers and further debug possibilities added

Ticket #108424. To trace the SOAP connection between the connector and the exchange server.
If one configures host:80 now, no ssl connection is used.
This requires to disable "SSL required" on the EWS folder inside the Exchange IIS too.

V10 Service Release 5 (100086)

3892 - Continue with exchange script on subscription failure

Ticket #109462. An Exchange installation with 2007 and 2013 currently fails because the subscription of a user on 2007 fails.

3926 - Check different email types to resolve primary SMTP address

Ticket #110937. e.g. an email like '' is now tried to be resolved by:

3919 - Do not update the presence on calendar item updates for already signaled items

Ticket #110870. If a user overrode his calender presence with the phone/myPBX presence, a change of any calendar item made this override obsolete.

Now the signaling status to the PBX is maintained and only relevant changes are sent to the PBX.

3949 - Timeout for PBX soap connections added to prevent long downtimes

Ticket #111401. If the connection to the PBX has been lost during a SOAP call, the exchange server script hanged a long time.
With the added timeouts, it continues after max. 65 seconds.

3929 - Update calender entries earlier

Ticket #110952. To be able to see a calendar presence for entries which are directly timed after the timespan for retrieved calender entries.

V10 Service Release 6 (100088)

V10 Service Release 8 (100105)

4085 - Added domain filter to ignore users with email addresses from another domain

Ticket #115090. You can configure a domain filter for your PBX now. Only users with email addresses ending with on of the configured domains will be matched with the configured exchange server.

4067 - Reduced amount of users for which calender items are retrieved at once

Ticket #114707. Sometimes it lasted too long to retrieve calendar items from the Exchange for too many users at once.

4091 - Updated translations

Ticket #115368. Updated translations of Linux and its applications.

V10 Service Release 9 (100111)

V10 Service Release 10 (100114)

V10 Service Release 11 (100118)

4291 - Compatibility with Office 365

Ticket #121267. Office 365 does only support Basic HTTP authorization which is now also supported by the Exchange Calendar Connector.

V10 Service Release 12 (100124)

4299 - Check h323 as email flag before using h323 with domain as email address

Ticket #121457. The flag h323 as email is now checked and only if set, an email address of h323@domain will be used to find a user inside an exchange server.

4332 - Exchange Calendar Connector doesn't stop executing on failing EWS request for primary SMTP address

Ticket #122647. Sometimes a request for the primary SMTP address fails. The script now continues its execution.

4335 - Updated translations

Ticket #122668. Updated translations.

V10 Service Release 13 (100127)

V10 Service Release 14 (100136)

V10 Service Release 15 (100147)

4462 - Log files didn't work after uninstall and reinstall of an application

Ticket #128001. The application specific log files didn't work after uninstall and reinstall of the application.

V10 Service Release 16 (100154)

4510 - Added Polish translation

Ticket #130261. We added the Polish translation.
Mainly innovaphone Reporting has been translated, but innovaphone Faxserver and innovaphone Exchange Calendar Connector are also mostly translated.

The innovaphone application platform itself still remains untranslated for Polish.

4482 - Changed description of "Use HTTPs" for Exchange Calendar Connector

Ticket #128939. As the certificate must meet certain conditions, a wiki section describes the issue now:

4478 - SOAP connection timeout caused long hangs during synchronisation

Ticket #128827. The underlying NTLM library seemd to be unstable sometimes.
We now use the CURL library for the SOAP connection towards the Exchange Server.

4486 - Validation check for email adresses

Ticket #129306. A new validation check also checked DNS records for the email domain which produced false results.

V10 Service Release 17 (100157)

4563 - Allow digest authentication for requests to the Exchange Server

Ticket #132456. If the exchange server offers digest authentication, NTLM authentication fails with the CURL library if digest authentication is disallowed.

4565 - Updated Polish translation

Ticket #132464. The Polish translation has been updated.

V10 Service Release 18 (100160)

4576 - Destroy session data for php scripts which are not used within web UI

Ticket #133075. This reduces the amount of session files and speeds up the session cleanup script.

4584 - Updated translations

Ticket #133817. Some translations have been updated.

V10 Service Release 19 (100163)

V10 Service Release 20 (100168)

V10 Service Release 21 (100173)

V10 Service Release 22 (100174)

V10 Service Release 23 (100176)

V10 Service Release 24 (100178)

V10 Service Release 25 (100181)

5070 - Added French, Russian and Czech translations to Linux and its applications

Ticket #151956. French, Russian and Czech translations are now integrated.

V10 Service Release 26 (100183)

V10 Service Release 27 (100090)

5232 - Fixed some date formats of certain languages in the calendar note

Ticket #157536. Some date formats haven't been correctly "translated".

V10 Service Release 28 (100193)

V10 Service Release 29 (100194)

V10 Service Release 30 (100195)

V10 Service Release 31 (100199)

V10 Service Release 32 (100210)

V10 Service Release 33 (100215)

V10 Service Release 34 (100218)

8393 - Invalid start date for all-day calendar entries

If the start time of a calendar entry is 14.04.2016 00:00:00, the 13.04.2016 was shown, which is wrong.

V10 Service Release 35 (100221)

8574 - Do not send Expect 100 header in HTTP requests to the exchange

This ensures compatibility with some load balancers which do not support the Expect 100 header.

V10 Service Release 36 (100225)

8710 - Do only retry failed subscription requests after a long timespan

If a calendar has no read access for the calendar connector, the subscription request is cancelled. If there are many users inside the PBX, this slows down the system greatly, as there are far too many subscription requests.

V10 Service Release 37 (100227)

V10 Service Release 38 (100234)

13598 - Add an option to omit presence time in presence note

An option now allows to omit the presence time in the presence note.

13554 - Add DNS name for Linux in Exchange Calendar Connector configuration

A DNS name for the Linux AP should be optionally configurable for the Exchange server, as the Exchange server makes HTTP requests to the LAP.
If HTTPs is used, a wildcard certificate can be just used if a DNS name for the LAP is known.
Das wäre eine weitere Konfigurationsoption bei der Exchange Calendar Connector Seite. Ist nicht schwer und sollte recht schnell machbar sein.

V10 Service Release 39 (100235)

V10 Service Release 40 (100238)

V10 Service Release 41 (100239)

V10 Service Release 42 (100241)

V10 Service Release 43 (100242)

V10 Service Release 44 (100243)

V10 Service Release 45 (100246)

V10 Service Release 46 (100247)

V10 Service Release 47 (100249)

29761 - Calendar Synchronization did not work for PBX Objects with "Hide from LDAP" set

PBX objects with "Hide from LDAP" are now also used.

30043 - Workaround for Exchange365 Throttling Issue

Exchange365 limits the number of concurrent subscriptions for calendar synchronization (typically 20). If the connector has to synchronize more than this amount of users, some users won't have their presence status set properly.
This can now be worked around by changing the connector to polling mode.

V10 Service Release 48 (100251)

V10 Service Release 49 (10025300)

V10 Service Release 50 (100254)

V10 Service Release 51 (100256)

V10 Service Release 52 (100257)

V10 Service Release 53 (100258)

V10 Service Release 54 (100259)

V10 Service Release 55 (100260)

V10 Service Release 56 (10026300)

V10 Service Release 57 (100264)

V10 Service Release 58 (100265)

V10 Service Release 59 (100266)

V10 Service Release 60 (100267)

63419 - Disable IPv6 DNS lookup for the exchange server

The used curl library issues A and AAAA DNS requests and the AAAA request is answered faster, so that an IPv6 address is used although the LAP can't use IPv6 at all.

V10 Service Release 61 (100268)

V10 Service Release 62 (100269)

V10 Service Release 63 (100270)

V10 Service Release 64 (100271)

V10 Service Release 65