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These release notes describe the Operator V9.
A busy field(BF) is the new and main extension to the application.

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Operator V9

Operator9 Hotfix 1 (Build 90101)

3003 - Operator9: Auto-Reconnect Disconnected Soap-Session

Ticket #86296. After a connection loss. Every 15s.

2990 - Operator9: Display "End Of Demo" Into Status Bar

Ticket #86061. Display "End Of Demo" Into Status Bar
(teh wish)

2981 - Operator9: Display of "Indexed Group" now a TextBlock(was a Label)

Ticket #85979. The character '_' was mis-interpreted

2980 - Operator9: E164 prefixed by node nr. into fulltext index

Ticket #85975. Only e164 was indexed

3025 - Operator9: Exception "Index out of Array Range"

Ticket #86623. Happened for users with more than 20 diversions.

2991 - Operator9: Guessing Call-Dispatch Procedure, If Phone's R-Key Is Utilized

Ticket #86064. If a phone's hard-keys are used, instead of the operator app. Not perfect yet. The operator application must do some guessing, in order to keep it's journal in sync.

2986 - Operator9: Journal, Filtered Lists Weren't Updated Dynamically

Ticket #86042. So to speak for unanswered-, inbound-, outbound calls.

3005 - Operator9: License Retry

Ticket #86323. In case of "Demo..running 30min". After 6min the retry is taking place.

Operator9 Hotfix 2 (Build 90107)

3134 - Operator9: Avoid Transferring A Connnected Call With A Call, Just Disconnnecting

Ticket #88046. Happened when transferring to a busy endpoint by means of ENTER and PLUS.
This case is now processed as a blind-transfer.

3043 - Operator9: Button To Investigate AppData Folder By Means Of WinExplorer

Ticket #86912. The button resides at File/Configuration/Misc/AppData

3128 - Operator9: Call by name prefers member 'h323' over 'cn'

Ticket #87968. An internal refactoring

3127 - Operator9: Don't log outgoing call if CallInfo.Ct.. is set

Ticket #87966. Trying to keep the journal consistent when tranferring calls by means of the phone's r-key

3039 - Operator9: Insert Executive Objects Into Full Text Index

Ticket #86878. Executive objects weren't inserted into the full text index.

3075 - Operator9: LDAP Search "by Department/Abteilung" not working with LDAP Fulltext Search

Ticket #87372. Wasn't implemented

Operator9 Hotfix 3 (90115)

3320 - Operator9: Added French Localization

Ticket #91683. fr

3339 - Operator9: Added Internal Tracing

Ticket #91971. To catch a transfer problem reported in conjunction with a busy destination

3296 - Operator9: Display Name Into Full Text Index

Ticket #91225. What is indexed?
Name, Long Name, Number, Display Name, Node number + number, Groups, PBX

3338 - Operator9: Display Warning, If Creation Of Boolean Object Receives An Error.

Ticket #91937. During Nightswitch provisioning

3267 - Operator9: Exception On UserInfo Processing

Ticket #90596. Removed a handled exception

3178 - Operator9: LDAP Late Responses Caused Doublettes In Search Result List

Ticket #88666. Operator9: LDAP Late Responses Caused Doublettes In Search Result List

3290 - Operator9: More Object Types Into Full Text Index

Ticket #91040. Now: user, executive, waiting, gateway, trunk, conference, broadcast

3316 - Operator9: Screen Switch Inline-BLF to PBX Search

Ticket #91529. Configurable within the BLF's header menu. In-App BLF/Header-Menu/Options/Call Accept->Search Area

Setting allows to activate whether to auto-switch from the inline BLF to the PBX search in case of an accepted incoming call.

3279 - Operator9: Search Anchor for Search by Name/Long Name Shouldn't be visible

Ticket #90788. Page-wise searching by Name/Long Name stores the search-cursor within the search input field. Some users feel confused. Therefore, relocating the search cursor into some invisible internal storage.

3301 - Operator9: Suppress Pickup of CONNECTed WQ Calls

Ticket #91314. To avoid "stealing" connected calls from operator colleagues.
It is recommended to activate the checkmark "WQ Object/Queue/Operator connect for SOAP".

3225 - Operator9: Unhandled Exception When Deleting BFL Entry

Ticket #89728. Null Reference Exception

3245 - Operator: Allow for Comma-Separated List in Configuration/LDAP Location/Trunk

Ticket #90085. To support multiple trunks for detection of whether an incoming call is an external call.

Operator9 Hotfix 4 (90124)

3424 - Operator 9: Czech Localization

Ticket #96026. Can be forced within swconfig.xml as:

3423 - Operator 9: Park Timeout

Ticket #95994. Configurable under File/Configuration/Misc./Alarm Timeout

In seconds, allows to specify a duration after which a parked call seeks attention by starting a blinking animation.

3398 - Operator9: ApplicationData Path May Be Pointing To 'Local'

Ticket #95112. The default directory for configuration data(swconfig.xml) is 'C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\innovaphone AG\innovaphone Operator'.

To keep the configuration not roaming, but PC-local, the operator application can be forced to look into 'Local' instead:
-Click the button File/Configuration/Misc/AppData
-WinExplore starts and displays 'C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\innovaphone AG\innovaphone Operator'.
-Terminate the operator application
-Within the WinExplorer move to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\
-Under 'Local' create the directory 'innovaphone AG'
-Under 'innovaphone AG' create the directory 'innovaphone Operator'
-Copy swconfig.xml from 'C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\innovaphone AG\innovaphone Operator' into the new location 'C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\innovaphone AG\innovaphone Operator'

When starting the operator it is now referencing swconfig.xml from the newly created directory 'C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\innovaphone AG\innovaphone Operator'.

3328 - Operator9: Local Timeout Mechanism For Transferred Calls

Ticket #91832. Calls waiting within the parked-calls area for a destination to become free should become flashy.

3343 - Operator9: Quick Consultation-Transfer Could Fail, If Destination Was Busy

Ticket #92025. The outgoing call leg disappeared too quickly. Now a delay of 2s gets applied.

3329 - Operator9: Support For Standby PBX

Ticket #91833. Fall over behaviour

Operator9 Hotfix 5 (90133)

3435 - Operator9: Replaced <DropShadowBitmapEfffect> with <DropShadowEffect>

Ticket #96283. The "..BitmapEffects" aren't hw-accelerated and considered obsolete.

3433 - Operator9: Transferring A Call Between Different Nodes Could Fail

Ticket #96275. E.g. blind-transfer failed

3512 - Operator: Configuration for Email Message

Ticket #98654. File/Konfiguration/Messages allows to configure subject, body.

3508 - Operator: Increased intersecting set of multiple search terms

Ticket #98593. Affects full text search

3537 - Operator: Journal Column Header

Ticket #99267. Added column titles

3541 - Operator: Journal: Added Duration to 5th column

Ticket #99285. Displays the time the call remained at an operator's phone.

3539 - Operator: Journal: Moved Details-Button from 5th into 1st Column

Ticket #99278. Also, a tooltip "Details" provides help

3546 - Operator: Journal: Persisting Column Order

Ticket #99398. Column order can be altered by mouse-dragging. New order wasn't saved.
Single line mode now preserves column order to swguistates.xml.

3517 - Operator: More Tracing

Ticket #98780. Added some tracing outputs

3492 - Operator: Multi-Start Prevention Not Multi-User-Capable

Ticket #97934. Process enumeration saw other user's processes.

3538 - Operator: Updated Translation

Ticket #99268. To current status of translation DB

Operator9 Hotfix 6 (90142)

3555 - Operator: Anonymous Calls Weren't Journaled

Ticket #99499. No log appeared of such calls within the journal

3587 - Operator: Connection Symbol For Standby PBX

Ticket #100342. The status-bar now features a connection symbol for the standby PBX; right next to the symbol for the master PBX.

Both connection symbols are further enhanced by a an indication for the registration status of the operator's phone.

3597 - Operator: Delay Action For Double-Click Into Tray Icon

Ticket #100746. The application maxmimizes and removes its tray-icon, if the tray icon was double-clicked. Delaying the double-click action by 150ms prevents the 'mouse button up'-event to be received by a succeding icon moving into the Operator's slot.

3611 - Operator: Delaying Auto-Focus By 150ms

Ticket #101116. It's been reported that "Configuration/Misc/Auto-Focus on incoming call" sometimes fails to set the keyboard focus. A short delay seems to improve.

Update 07.06.13: This feature actually cannot work for a regular background application window.

3566 - Operator: Display Nightswitch Configuration Error In Status Bar

Ticket #99663. The configuration error "Insufficient Rights" was received from the PBX but wasn't displayed within the status bar.

3598 - Operator: Exception While Sorting BLF Entries By-Number

Ticket #100755. The case for a single number owned by different BLF entries wasn't handled. This situation can occur within multi-node deployments.

3590 - Operator: Full Text Index: Remove Trailing Stop-Characters

Ticket #100400. Before indexing: The characters ",;!." are removed from the end of name informations.

3591 - Operator: Full Text Search: Terminating Character Controls Evaluation Of Search Keys

Ticket #100406. The default comparision function fetches search keys lexically greater than or equal than the input pattern.

If an input pattern ended with the terminating character ',' (comma), then the comparision function fetches search keys equal to the input pattern.

The purpose is to reduce the number of search results.

Input Pattern: "wolf"
Search Keys will be: "wolf", "wolfgang", "wolfhagen",..

Input Pattern: "wolf,"
Search Keys will be: "wolf"

3607 - Operator: LDAP Search By Attributes: Filter Preview Window Wasn't Displayed

Ticket #100981. The filter preview window wasn't displayed until a click into the index selection.

3606 - Operator: LDAP Search: Deactivated Substring Search For 'company'-Term

Ticket #100954. Search processing at Metadirectory server became too slow(~3s).

E.g. company "Foo" was searched for as substring by (company=*foo*). Now it's searched for as right-truncated content by (company=foo*). The processing time improved to 0.4s.

The substring search can be re-activated by configuring a leading asterisk into 'LDAP/Name Attributes' alike: '*company,sn,givenName'

3583 - Operator: Limit of Reconnect Attempts Now 100

Ticket #100262. Was 10

3609 - Operator: Nightswitch Configuration at LDAP Master

Ticket #101049. Within a replication scenario it might become necessary to submit configuration requestes towards an LDAP master. The LDAP master can be configured under Configuration/WQ/Configuration Master.

3602 - Operator: Refactored LDAP Statistics

Ticket #100827. *LDAP Statistics will be cleared after read
*Fixed an error whithin the calculation of request time spans
*Added a tiny progress bar into the LDAP Search dialog

Operator9 Hotfix 7 (90148)

3647 - Operator: BLF Tooltip didn't illustrate a deleted CFU/CFNR

Ticket #103249. A BLF entrie's tooltip still displayed a CFU/CFNR that was removed right before.

3685 - Operator: Call Lists: Persisting Column Order

Ticket #104295. Column order can be altered by mouse-dragging. New order wasn't saved, except for the call journal.

3652 - Operator: Column Width Not Correctly Saved To Configuration File

Ticket #103360. The 2nd column width was written as the 1st column width to the configuration file swguistates.xml.

3656 - Operator: Diversion Symbol For Outgoing Calls

Ticket #103484. Display a diversion symbol if a divertingLegInformation1 was received, indicating a diversion for an outgoing call.

3679 - Operator: Fixed Soap Exception in conjunction with pbx11_00.wsdl

Ticket #104165. The service description pbx11_00.wsdl is just experimental. Some references to null occurred.

3625 - Operator: Terminalserver. Setting data protection entropy to CurrentUser(was LocalMachine)

Ticket #102030. Concerns the encryption, decryption of the LDAP passwort

3627 - Operator: Version Info for innovaphone.idx.dll was missing

Ticket #102089. The installer didn't copy the dll in case of an update installation.

Operator9 Hotfix 8 (90157)

3806 - Operator: Adding PBX Object Type Waiting-Queue to BLF

Ticket #107181. Waiting-Queues may now appear within the busy lamp field

3798 - Operator: BLF Tooltip Displays Call Info

Ticket #106913. As for PBX search results the tooltip for a busy field entry now features call information.

3721 - Operator: New Checkmark Configuration/WQ/Connected Calls Display

Ticket #104962. Connected Calls: This option removes calls processed by an operator from the call list of other operators. It should be deactivated if the WQ-option "Operator connect for SOAP" was activated within the PBX.

3795 - Operator: New LDAP-Profile Button: Configuration/LDAP/Help/"Metadir 3.5"

Ticket #106826. An LDAP profile can be easily configured by clicking the button "Metadir 3.5" within the inline-help for the LDAP configuration. The profile targets the meta attributes: searchContact, searchNumber.
Further information:

3792 - Operator: Number of Prefetched Terms Overridable

Ticket #106785. For full text index within swconfig.xml as
default is 200

3735 - Operator: Support for LDAP over TLS(LDAPS)

Ticket #105439. A new checkmark Configuration/LDAP/TLS enables LDAPS.

3794 - Operator: Supporting More LDAP Attributes: For Private Address, For Meta Attributes

Ticket #106796. *Added support for Estos-related attributes
**searchContact: Meta search attribute targeting contact information
**searchNumber: Meta search attribute targeting numbering information
**privateAddressStreet: home address
**privateAddressPostalCode: home address
**privateAddressCity: home address
**privateAddressCountry: home address

For Estos Metadirectory 3:
In order to see the private address, add the following to list in Configuration/LDAP/Detail Attributes:

Regarding the meta attribute searchContact - it was hilighted within another context by this article:

3799 - Operator: Window Reset Didn't Apply To BLF Window

Ticket #107016. An external BLF Window out of 1st-monitor sight couldn't be moved back into the area of the 1st monitor.

Operator9 Hotfix 9 (90159)

3896 - Operator: Norwegian Localization

Ticket #109506. For culture "nb-NO"

Operator9 Hotfix 10 (90162)

3927 - Operator: Add Objekt Type "Map" Into Full Text Index

Ticket #110949. Such that PBX objects of type "Number Map" can be searched for.

4020 - Operator: Allow For Different Email Domains Derived From 'PBX/Config/System Name'

Ticket #113193. The Operator now evalutes the System Name of every PBX within a network of PBXs for emailing purposes.

4035 - Operator: Polish Localization

Ticket #113792. Polish Localization
For culture "pl-PL"

Operator9 Hotfix 11 (900166)

4101 - Operator9: Read V10 Per-User Email Address

Ticket #115642. According to the field "Email" as configurable from on firmware version 10

4100 - Operator9: Soap API Now According To pbx10_00.wsdl

Ticket #115641. In order to read per-User email address

4103 - Operator9: Support for Presence 'Do Not Disturb'

Ticket #115727. For v10 PBXs

Operator9 Hotfix 12

4401 - Operator9: Support for LDAP Attribute otherTelephone

Ticket #125903. other business phone

4224 - Operator: Nodenumber Wasn't Prepended When Dropping A Call Onto BLF Entry

Ticket #119165. The test whether the destination resides in a differnet numbering node wasn't applied.
Also, a diallable name (H.323 name) will be preferred over the number.

Operator9 Hotfix 13 (90198)

4502 - Operator9: Allow For LDAP Searches Beginning With '*'

Ticket #129961. To conform a bit more to myPBX. E.g. '*' or '*eller'.

4579 - Operator9: BLF Enhancements

Ticket #133519. *New BLF entry type "Favorite". Dials a manually preconfigured fixed number. Works as drop target for calls.
*Textinput can be locked for BLF favorites. New button within top BLF menu.
*New BLF layout position in-app, left. Display BLF within the main window and left of the search area.
*The name "/" of the root BLF can now be edited
*Multiple BLF tabs can be displayed sequentially by CTRL+B

4411 - Operator9: BLF Sorting Crashed App

Ticket #126358. The app crashed when a sorting set contained entries on the same canvas position

4492 - Operator9: No Journal Entries For Disconnect Cause='Non Selected User Clearing'

Ticket #129509. That scenario happened while an operator colleague accepted an incoming call. Such calls shouldn't be listed within the journal.

4468 - Operator9: Number-Toggling According To Configuration

Ticket #128220. For multiple number results, the toggle sequence shall be sorted according to Configuration/LDAP/Number-Attributes

4431 - Operator9: Support for soap:UserLocalNum()

Ticket #127130. Invoke soap:UserLocalNum() where deemed necesary.

Operator9 Hotfix 14 (90202)

4697 - Operator9: Failed to Establish Soap Session Towards Slave's Slave

Ticket #140391. The Soap:LocationUrl() request is now targeting the originator of a UserInfo carrying content for an object of type "loc".

4612 - Operator9: Favorites Selection Status

Ticket #135177. The selection status of a BLF favorite entry wasn't indicated visually.

4650 - Operator9: New Option: Configuration/LDAP Location/Subscriber Number

Ticket #139102. Configuration of local root subscriber number(s). Allows to convert numbers fetched from a directory into a locally diallable number. I.e. +49301234567-333 into 333 (configured subscriber number would be +49301234567).

Operator9 Hotfix 15 (90208)

4845 - Operator9: LDAP Decode Failed With genesisWorld Server

Ticket #144877. Results with emtpty attribute values weren't fully decoded.

5250 - Operator9: Translations

Ticket #158329. fr, nl, cz, pl

Operator9 Hotfix 16

9422 - Language Update

se, it, cz, no

5360 - Operator9: Reducing Nightswitch Queries

Ticket #164882. Huge content-length within query responses seem to disturb overall functionality.

5428 - Operator9: Supress Presence Display

Ticket #168849. Configurable supression of presence information
<hide-presence hide-all="true"/>
<hide-presence name="test400"/>

5372 - Operator9: Swedish

Ticket #165988. added swedish language

Operator9 Hotfix 17

15479 - New Language: Russian

Added russian, ru-RU

15478 - New Language: Spanish

Added spanish, es-ES

15218 - Nightswitch Creation Failed

The nightswitch wasn't created when pressing Configuration/Ok.

Operator9 Hotfix 18(90223)

22451 - Operator BLF: Call without Diversion Didn' work

Placing a call with diversion break-through didn't work.

22463 - Operator: Avoid LDAP Lookup For Anonymous Calls

The application shouldn't place a reverse LDAP query for numbers carrying only a trunk line '0'.

21763 - Operator: Transfer of 2 outgoing calls failed

Hangup/Transfer (+key) of two outgoing calls failed

Operator9 Hotfix 19 (90224)

26632 - Removed Presence Type "Working"

Removed the presence type "Working"/"Arbeitend" from the list of available presence types. The type was unsupported by phones and myPBX.

Operator9 Hotfix 20

27272 - Instance Calculation Failed on Terminal Server

The calculation for the number of Operator instances didn't consider a process' sessionId.

40663 - Late Display Name Neglected

At the SOAP level, CallInfo messages feature a member for a call peer's display name. That display name wasn't evaluated, if arriving with the 2nd CallInfo or later.

35540 - Operator 9: Validate Reverse Ldap Lookup Results

Incoming numbers within reverse lookup search results weren't validated. False positives came into display.

Operator9 Hotfix 21

71630 - BLF-initiated calls didn't clear search result area

The currently active search input field and corresponding list of results will be emptied right before a call placement via the BLF.

Operator9 Hotfix 22 (90237)

74674 - Exception occurred within function TestCallByConfId()

A regular exception occurred while evaluating active calls for a search result entry.
A typical backtrace looked as follows:
Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
bei switchboard.SearchResultPbxEntry.TestCallByConfId(ICall[] calls, String confId)
bei switchboard.SearchResultPbxEntry.RemoveOldCallsFromList(ICall[] calls)
bei switchboard.SearchResultPbxEntry.V8_UpdateCalls(ICall[] calls)
bei switchboard.SearchPbxControl.GuiAsyncGetCallsResult(Object context, ICall[] calls)
bei switchboard.Window1.GuiAsyncGetCallsResult(Object context, ICall[] calls)
bei innovaphone.pbx.Upper.GetCallsResult(LowerResult result)
bei innovaphone.pbx.ProxyDBEntry.CallsCompleted(Object e)

76086 - New Config-Button: File/Configuration/LDAP/Help/Contacts

New Config-Button: File/Configuration/LDAP/Help/Contacts
The new button "Contacts" pre-fills the LDAP configuration accordingly to interoperate with the innovaphone Contacts App.

Operator9 Hotfix 23

104719 - BLF double-click cleared too much

 Double-clicking a BLF entry cleared the list of PBXs, instead of just clearing the list of current search results.

Operator9 Hotfix 24 (90246)

122947 - Exception ocurred while Searching

An exception occurred while searching:

"Ein Eintrag mit dem gleichen Schlüssel ist bereits vorhanden."

117343 - LDAP: Don't follow Referrals

Configure LdapConnection Options accordingly to ignore referrals to other LDAP servers

Operator9 Hotfix 25

124265 - Try Re-Connect on LDAP error

On LDAP error try to close and re-establish an LDAP connection.