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An outgoing call may fail. Depending on the cause the call fails with, a re-routing is performed.

Causes causing rerouting are:

  • #1 "Unallocated (unassigned) number"
  • #2 "No route to specified transit network"
  • #3 "No route to destination"
  • #18 "No user responding"
  • #34 "No circuit/channel available"
  • #38 "Network out of order"
  • #41 "Temporary failure"
  • #42 "Switching equipment congestion"
  • #44 "Requested circuit/channel not available"
  • #47 "Resources unavailable, unspecified"
  • #49 "Quality of service unavailable"

This mechanism is implemented both in the PBX Gateway object and in the Trunk object as well as in the gateway level routing engine.

Re-routing calls which failed due to one of the first 4 causes (Unallocated (unassigned) number, No route to specified transit network, No route to destination and No user responding) may not always be desirable. There is a No Reroute on wrong No option available in the gateway routes to disable this. The relay (gateway) will not re-route on these causes.

For a more comprehensive discussion of cause codes see Reference:ISDN_Cause_Codes.