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A local database of static DNS resource records [1]can be administrated. This might be useful in SIP Federation scenarios or for training purposes.

The records provided in this database are used by the local DNS client to resolve local requests, prior to ask a configured DNS server.

In case the device is used as DNS relay, the relay functionality is not afected by this records.

  • Local Resource Records The local database of static DNS resource records is going to be displayed here.
  • New Resource Record A new resource record can be added:
    • Select the desired type of resource record from the drop-down list.
    • Complete the resource record and click on OK.

Possible Status/Error texts are:

  • Success/0 Standard DNS success response
  • Format Error/1 Standard DNS error response
  • Server Failure/2 Standard DNS error response
  • NXDOMAIN/Name Error/3 Standard DNS error response
  • Not Implemented/4 Standard DNS response
  • Refused/5 Standard DNS error response
  • Local Timeout/16 Local proprietary error response
    • A timeout maximum was exceeded
  • Local Error/17 Local proprietary error response
    • The box's DNS configuration is empty or wrong
    • The user's input for a DNS query may not be acceptable


  1. List of DNS record types: [1]
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