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Here, access data can be configured that allows external LDAP clients read or read and write access to the LDAP database. The server uses the well known LDAP port 389, with TLS the port 636.

VoIP-Telephones require read access to the LDAP database. The default preconfigured username for this purpose is ldap-guest with password ipxxx . PBX objects with Hide from LDAP checked are hidden on requests using this name (as long as Write Access is not checked for ldap-guest).

Replication connections require write access.

User: The LDAP user name.
Password: The relevant LDAP user password.
Write Access: Write authorisation is granted if the check box is checked.

Allowed Networks A list of IP ranges allows to restrict LDAP Access to this server. A range is specified by a tuple: Adress, Mask. To disable LDAP access completely just enter as Address and as Mask. If no range was specified (default) all incoming connections will be accepted.

  • Address: An IP address
  • Mask: An IP address mask
  • Force TLS: Only connections will be accepted with LDAP over TLS (a.k.a. LDAPS)