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The manual configuration settings are effective if the DHCP mode Disabled or Server is configured. To the right of the entry fields, the settings currently stored are always displayed.

IP Address: The IP-Addresses of the network adapter.
Network Mask: The subnet mask of the network adapter.
Default Gateway: The standard router of the LAN.
DNS Server: The DNS server of the LAN.
Proxy ARP: Where IP-Packets are routed from Ethernet to PPP interfaces via the device, the device can appear to the local network as if it were the addressed terminal itself. This also allows IP terminals on the same Ethernet segment, which do not have a correct routing entry, to communicate over the device and use the WAN connection. To allow dial-in access to the entire network, the Proxy ARP function must be enabled.
Multicast: With the Multicast setting, all data packets for sending can be sent to all devices in a network. Data packets are sent to all devices in a network as standard. The Multicast check box is therefore checked.

Static IP Routes

In the Static IP Routes section, additional network routes can be defined, if other network areas apart from the local network are required.

Network Destination: The network address of the destination route.
Network Mask: The relevant subnet mask of the destination route.
Gateway: The standard gateway of the network being routed.