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General information about the VoIP device is displayed here.

All Devices

Version The version string of the device. This string has the format <Version><label><Product>[<Firmware Build>], Bootcode[<Bootcode Build>], HW[<Hardware Build>], <Fash>/<Dram>
SerialNo The serial number or Ethernet MAC address of the device. It consists of 6 pairs of hexidecimal digits seperated by '-'. It is followed by a two digits checksum, which can entered on the license manager to detect possible typing errors when entering the serial no.
Coder Voice Coder channels available
HDLC Number of HDLC channels available
Sync Some devices can syncronize the internal PCM bus (the bus used to interconnect ISDN channels, DSP channels, etc) to an external interface. If no synchronization is achieved, this may result in slips on ISDN interfaces, which results in a removal or duplication of a sample every some seconds. In voice calls this is not recognized, but it may lead to abortion of Fax or Modem calls.
SNTP Server The SNTP Server used to synchronized time/date of the device
Time Current Date/time as synchronized with an external SNTP Server
Uptime Uptime of the device
Test License Link, which is displayed if a test license is installed on the device. This link can be used to restart the test period.

DECT Devices

Firmware The Firmware Version of the DECT subsystem.
System ARI The ARI of the DECT system. On single cell systems this is a burned in identification of the system (similar to a MAC address). For multicell systems the ARI is defined by the multicell license, which has to be installed on the ip-master of the system.
Frequency The frequency used on the system. This is DECT for systems conforming to the DECT standard. For north america a different frequency is used.