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This article describes configuration of Man-Down and No-Movement Alarm function within the Ascom d81 Protector DECT handset.

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Applies To

This information applies to:

  • d81 Protector

It touches:

  • IP1202
  • IP1202e
  • WinPDM
  • DC4 Programming Charger


Depending on the type of the Ascom d81 DECT handset, it offers several alarming possibilities in special situations.

This document describes the alarm definition with a d81 PROTECTOR model in conjunction with innovaphone base stations IP1202/IP1202e.

NOTE: innovaphone sells d81 Messenger. Man-down and No-movement are not available when upgrading the product license from d81 Messenger to d81 Protector.

That is, only applicable for d81 Protector with the No-movement and Man-down hardware.

d81 Protector phones including Protector licenses can be ordered at local Ascom partner only (not innovaphone).

Out of scope

Out of scope are special alarming features in conjuction with special configurable Ascom Basestations IPBS2 and the Ascom UCM platform.


Configuration is done by use of the current WinPDM administration software available at the innovaphone download page and the DECT programming charger type DC4.

Furthermore, d81 firmware has to be retrieved from innovaphone download page. The firmware contains both d81 Messenger and d81 Protector software parts.

Use of d81 firmware

Open WinPDM and select the d81. In WinPDM the phone has to be recognized as type d81 Protector.

Import the correct d81 protector firmware for usage:

D81 inWinPDM.png

Alarm definition

  • Step to templates and select "d81 Protector/d81 Protector Example IP-DECT"
  • In the parameter definition window step to Alarm

D81 alarm settings.png

  • Common setting is the number to be called upon any intermittend alarm:

D81 alarm number.png

  • Afterwards select, define and activate the alarm to be used:

D81 alarm settings.png


Once having finished and confirmed the alarm definitions inside the template, it can be assigned via right mouse click (Apply to) to an existing d81 Protector handset:

D81 template assignment.png

Known Problems