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Where is my old my.innovaphone?

Don't worry, just login with your old my.innovaphone account! You will be asked to confirm your forename and surname (just a natural person is allowed) and accept some terms and conditions.
Afterwards you find the old license/device view inside the Licenses tab.


my.innovaphone allows the handling of licenses and includes the handling of device warranty and software service agreements.
You can also sign contracts here for different purposes.


My innovaphone offers the possibility for several users to be in one company. This company shares its balance of licenses over all users and can have several projects. Projects have their own balance of license types and devices are bound to a project.


My innovaphone will support multiple languages. You can select your desired language at the top of the page.
Currently supported languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish (partially)
  • Polish (partially)


Quickstart guide

Dutch quickstart guide
English quickstart guide
French quickstart guide
German quickstart guide
Italian quickstart guide

SSA guide

V10 and greater
V8 and greater

First steps

Open and click the "I would like to create a new personal user account" link. Enter your personal data and register.

You will receive a registration email with an activation link. After account activation you have two options:

  • create a new my.innovaphone company with the "Create company account" button
  • ask another user of your company to invite your email address to an already existing company

If you accidentally created an own my innovaphone company, just ask another user of your company to import your just created company.

If you create a new company, you can optionally enter your innovaphone account ID (which is your customer number with innovaphone) with your postal code, to retrieve your company data.

 Inside the license tab of the my.innovaphone portal, you will see a help link at the right side of the horizontal tab menu. 
 This link shows the corresponding text of the wiki section, when hovering with the mouse over it, 
 and redirects to the corresponding wiki menu, if clicked.
 It is possible, that one user is member of serveral companies!

Left bar

If you open the left bar, you have the options to:

  • select one of your companies
  • edit your personal user account
    • user name
    • email address
    • flag to recieve SSA expiry emails
    • password
  • create a new company
Left bar

Main tabs

Inside each company you see the three main tabs:

You may also have two buttons:

  • Add Contract (just as company administrator or with the contract right)
  • Invite person (just as company administrator)
Main view


Inside the contracts tab, you see all your contracts and you can download these conracts.
In general, contracts must be first approved by innovaphone, so you see three types of contracts:

  • open contracts which must be approved by innovaphone first
  • approved contracts which can be already used
  • cancelled contracts which are not valid anymore

These type of contracts currently exist:

innovaphone myApps Cloud Service

Conclude this contract to use the innovaphone myApps Cloud.

innovaphone software rental

Conclude this contract to rent innovaphone software products. You must conclude this contract if you want to use the software rental inside the Devices App.

Authorized persons

Here you see all persons which exist inside your company. Each person can have the following rights:

  • Administrator (everything)
  • Contracts (can conclude contracts)
  • Licenses (can work with licenses)
  • Viewer (can just see everything without doing something)
  • Locked (cannot even login to this company anymore)


Here comes the old my.innovaphone view which allows the handling of devices, licenses, activation keys etc.

Search (inside licenses tab)

At the right top of the licenses tab you have a search field. You can search for different things:

  • Devices (part of a device name or device comment)
  • Projects (part of a project name or project description)
  • Own activation keys (part of an activation key or its description)
  • Hardware rental orders (part of the innovaphone order number or your own order reference or a MAC address of an order)
 You have to enter at least three chars to start a search. To search for activation keys, 
 you have to enter at least five chars.
  • Search for license types. Enter e.g. "PBX-Port8" to find all devices with Port8 licenses or enter "PBX-Port8=100" to find all devices with Port8 licenses >= 100.
  • Search for products, e.g. 01-00811 für IP811 (such a search may take longer!)

Licenses tab


After creation of an own company, you will have a default project named "DEFAULT". You can rename this project later. You can also create more projects on the projects page with "Create". Each project of a company must have a unique name.

 Do not set SSA, if you want to import your devices from your old license manager account first.
 If you want SSA and you won't import devices into this project from your old account, you should set SSA at once.

You can select a certain project by activating it in the project list. This selection is then true for all other pages, as some pages require a selected project.

Projects page

By activating a project by clicking on the project name in the project list, you can manage this project and its settings.


Rename the project or/and change its description.

You can configure further CC mail addresses inside your License Purchase project, if you have one. If you purchase licenses on credit, the emails will be also sent to theses addresses.

Since version 10, an innovaphone device will automatically connect to This script looks at the project properties of the project, where the device exists.
You can configure an update URL and a trusted certificate.

Software Service

You can put your project under SSA (software service agreement). You will be asked to enter a SSA end date. This will be the date, where all SSA licenses of all devices in this project will expire. The end date mustn't be more than one year in the past.
Optionally you can enter a maximum SSC amount. The SSA end date will be automatically calculated then.

 If you have entered a maximum SSC amount, you have to use the Recalculate link to calculate a new SSA end date, 
 if you change your license selection.

You can also calculate SSA over all projects at once. In this mode, you won't be able to confirm the calculation. You'll just see the necessary SSC amount.

After entering a date/SSC amount, you will get a summary of all licenses, which will be put under SSA and the amount of needed SSC licenses. The SSC value for each license is calculated by the bind date of the license and the entered SSA end date/SSC amount.

SSA summary

If you have licenses for an older version than the current version, you have to pay SSCs from the release date of the next version of the current license version.

 e.g. you have a V7 PBX-PBX7#15 license with bind date 1/1/2010. Version 8 was released on 7/12/2009, so SSA is
 calculated from 7/12/2009 for this license. You will see the calculation date in the list under "bind date"

If licenses already have a SSA date, just the difference between the current SSA date and the entered SSA end date must be paid. If the bind date of the device lies in the past, the difference between the bind date and the current date must be paided twice (this is the column 'days*2').
If your license is under SSA, which is already over, you also have to pay the time between the old SSA date and the current SSA end date twice.

Here is a short example, how the days are calculated:

Bind date: 24/06/2009
Current date: 31/08/2009
SSA end date: 12/12/2011

You will have to pay from 24/06/2009 to 31/08/2009 twice for 68 days. From 31/08/2009 to 12/12/2011 you will then have to pay the normal price for 833 days.

You can also select for each license, if you want SSA for it or not. If not, no SSC is needed and no (new) SSA end date is set for this license.

 You can preview the SSC calculation for another calculation date. Simply change the dropdown
 selection to get the new SSC value.
 Of course you can't confirm this calculation for another date, just for the current date!
 You may add additional licenses to the calculation, which you will bind later. Just click on the + near this text and you can add
 multiple licenses, which will be added to your calculation after using the recalc link. Listed are licenses of the current version and from
 your balance.

After confirming your entered SSA end date, each license will have this date as SSA end date and can be downloaded in all versions of this SSA time.

You can now extend the projects SSA end date like as setting a new one. The resulting summary is the same as above.

If your user account has the right to buy licenses on credit, just check the checkbox. You may enter an order number, which you can use for your order, if you buy on credit.

Past SSA end date

You can configure a new SSA end date in the past, if you accidentally configured a wrong date.
No licenses will be changed, if you configure a date in the past, just the SSA end date of the project!

SSA Expiry Mail
 If project SSA will expire, each company user will receive a reminder mail 7 weeks before and 
 then every week one mail.
 You can disable these mails with the checkbox 'Send SSA expiry mails'.
 Note that every user can configure, if he wants to receive mails or not in his account settings.

If you want the end user of the project to receive an expiry mail, you can configure a reseller mail address and end user mail addresses. These end users will then receive an email, 30 days before the project will expire. The default text is:

Your Software Service Agreement for your innovaphone PBX in project "{$arg[3]}" will expire in {$arg[1]} days. 
Please contact your reseller {$arg[2]} to upgrade the license.
The upgrade of the license is important to secure the phone system!

You can change this text as you want. You can use placeholders:

  • {$arg[1]}: days left
  • {$arg[2]}: reseller mail address
  • {$arg[3]}: project name

You can also define a global text for all projects under your Company settings.

 You can optionally configure to receive project SSA independent reminder mails for each license of a device here.
Automatic SSA Extension Service

You can request an automatic SSA extension service for a project, which is under SSA. By following this link, you will have the opportunity to request a callback and/or the necessary agreement as PDF file.

All licenses have to be under SSA to use the automatic SSA extension service!

There are some basics to know, if a project is under automatic SSA:

  • If you bind new/free licenses, they'll get SSA until the current project SSA date and you will receive an invoice for the SSCs
  • If you move devices into this project, their licenses will get SSA until the current project SSA date and you will receive an invoice for the SSCs
  • You can't join this project into another project, but you can join another project into this one


Own project

Add or delete company rights for this project. To add a company right, you have to enter the company id of this company. Each user of a company with rights on this project can add devices, licenses, activation keys to this specific project, but is restricted in removing devices, editing the project and can't create activation keys with the projects balance.

 The company id can be found under Licenses->company and the company tab.
Project rights
External Project

If another company granted access rights to a project to you, you can unsubscribe from this project here.


The import has been disabled. All old devices are already imported and can be added to your project manually.


Here you can join your currently selected project with another project, which you select from a dropdown box.
If the other project has SSA, you'll see the current SSA end date, which you might change for the join process and you will get a list of all licenses, which might be updated to the ssa end date/changed date of the other project. The list equals the list shown under Software Service.

 The selected project will be automatically deleted after the join. You can't join a project,
 if it grants external rights to another customer. Delete these rights before.
You can't change the SSA end date, if the other project is under automatic SSA! You will receive an invoice for SSCs used for the join.

Project Move (admin only)

A company admin can move a project with its devices, activation keys, balance etc. to another company. You have to know the company ID from this company, which can be found under Licenses->Company and the company tab.
The history won't be moved!

Projects with negative balances can't be moved!
Existing project rights will be deleted.


Delete the project. Only possible if it has no activation keys, project rights, devices or user rights.
You may join your project into another one, if you can't delete it.

Project Freed_RMA_licenses

If you see a project with this name in your project list, you had a RMA device with not yed moved licenses, which was shipped to innovaphone and reshipped to another customer.
The licenses of such a device have been moved into the pool of free licenses of the project Freed_RMA_licenses, from where you can assign them to another device.


Projects starting and ending with the $ sign in their name are rental projects.
The name corresponds to the domain name of a Devices App installation.

All software licensing and device management can be just done through the Devices App itself, see Reference13r1:Concept_App_Service_Devices#Rental_program_and_Payment_method.
Just hardware licenses still need to be bound inside my.innovaphone currently and have to be downloaded there and uploaded on the device itself just as usual.


On the balance page you will see the balance of the currently selected project or the balance of all your projects together. The balance is bound to your company and not to your user account. The balance is bound to a specific project, but can be shared for license creation or activation key creation if wished.
Sharing the balance over several projects is not possible in external projects!

Balance page

Free licenses

Here you see a list of all your free licenses. If you return licenses from one of your devices, the returned licenses are stored in your free licenses pool. You can assign these licenses to another device (see 'Add licenses from free licenses').

Free licenses list

The bind date, SSA end date and the external key (like DECT-Multi-Cell-Ari) are stored for each license.


You'll see a list of all your bound activation keys with their licenses here.

Activation key page

Add an activation key

To increase your projects balance, select one of your projects, follow the "Add" link and enter the activation key in the corresponding field. You can also enter an optional comment for this key. You will then get a listing of all contained licenses. After commiting this key, your project balance will have been increased by the keys values.

"Deselect the current project" to view all activation keys independent of the selected project.

Search for an activation key by your order number

Enter your own order number (or nothing), to view your activation keys for this order.

License certificate

You can always download the innovaphone license certificate for activation keys in your projects. Simply press the download link in the list at the right side.

Own Activations

Here you'll see a list of all created activation keys in the selected project (or over all projects).

You can create activation keys on the project page for other users/companies or to simply transfer licenses from one project to another.
You can enter a comment, an order number and an order reference. The order number is your own order number for the key and the order reference is the reference number of the customer, who receives the newly created key.
The order reference and order number will be shown in the innovaphone license certificate.

Created activation keys

You have to select an activation key in the activation key list to update or delete it.

 Updating and deleting a key is only possible, if this key is not assigned.


Add more licenses to this key or change its comment, order number and order reference.
You can also remove licenses by entering e.g. -2, if you want to remove 2 licenses from the key.

Update own activation keys


Delete this key. Its licenses will go back into the balance of the currently selected project.


To view your devices you first have to click on the "Show" button. You can leave the filter field empty if you want to view all your devices.

The Devices Page

Red marked device names are devices, which are currently in RMA.

 MAC addresses of RMA devices do not longer start with 01-...


A List of your devices in the currently selected project.
You can deselect the current project/device to list all your devices.

Select a certain device from the device list, to manage its properties, licenses etc.

 Actions on multiple devices:
 * Move: move several devices into another project at once (see Move Device)
 * Remove: remove several devices at once (see Remove)

Follow the "Add new devices" link on the devices page.

There you have a few options:

  • You can add a single new device
  • You can add devices according to a mac address range (e.g. from 00-90-33-08-20-00 to 00-90-33-08-22-00), maximum 50 at once
  • You can add devices by uploading a text file with mac addresses like this (maximum 50 at once, each line one mac):
  • You can add devices according to your received order number. Just enter you order number and you will get a list of all devices bount to this number.

Note: MAC addresses can be always given like this:

  • 00-90-33-xx-xx-xx
  • 00:90:33:xx:xx:xx
  • 009033xxxxxx
  • xxxxxx (00-90-33- will then be added automatically)

There might be errors, if you try to add a device. They are explained here.

 As the device warranty will be handled by licenses now, you can also add telephone devices
 to your projects.
Add warranty extensions

Here you can add warranty extension licenses for all devices in the currently selected project.
You'll get a list of all devices with the corresponding license type(s) and you can specify the years for each device (or for all devices by entering the number in the list header).
After confirming your selection, you'll get an overview of all needed licenses, which you have to confirm too.

Check licence, SSA and warranty status of a device

Here you can list licenses with ssa and the warranty end date of a device, which is not in one of your projects.
For this option to work, you have to link your innovaphone customer ID (5 digits) to your my.innovaphone company. (As the warranty is also the one we grant to our distributors, we don't want to get an end customer confused.)

Download devices of an order as CSV

Enter an order number to retrieve all devices for this order in a CSV file.

Download devices of an order as PDF with barcodes

Enter an order number to retrieve all devices for this order in a PDF file with a barcode for each MAC address.
Der Barcode ist vom Typ C128B.


Change the name and comment of a device.

 You can only change the name, if it's no MAC or IPEI.

Here you have also the possibility, to directly request RMA for this device with prefilled values.


Here you can add, download or move licenses.

Add licenses from balance

To create new licenses for a device, you have to add this device first on the devices page and then select a version of the license and whether you want to summate the current licencing. If you select current licenses, then older licenses for example V6 or V7 licenses will also be counted as V8 licenses in the next overview. This is necessary if you want to license a V6 unit with V8 licenses, but still want to use it as V6. After that click "Next". On the next page you will see a list of all available license types, which depends on your current available license types, of the selected license version and the device type (IP6000, IP800 e.g.):

Licenses for an IP3000

If your project has a SSA end date, which is not yet over, you'll have the possibility to set SSA for the new licenses to this SSA end date or you can optionally change this date to another one for the new licenses.
You see the available project balance, the balance over all projects (excluding external projects), the currently installed licenses and the maximum amount for this device type. You can now enter the value of the new license. Base/Upgrade licenses can be selected via dropdown box. Voicemail and Standby lics must always have the same amount as the selected PBX-PBX... license! The maximum amount of PBX-Registration licenses equals the amount of the selected PBX-PBX... license!

The whished overall amount of pbx version 8 and above licenses can be specified here and the concrete amount of license sub types will be requested on the next page.

You can preview the SSC calculation of the wished licenses without having them in your balance.
Licenses for an IP800 with V8, step two

The best (cheapest) combination of each v8 pbx license type is already filled in, but you might change the amount of sub types if your does not fit and you do not want to purchase new activation keys for the sub types.

The column SSC/Unit is just shown if your project is currently under SSA and you have entered a SSA end date.

 The SSC multiplicator is the value, which you have to multiplicate with each license unit to get 
 the corresponding SSC amount.
 E.g. if you have 20 units of PBX-Port8*20 licenses with a SSC value of 54 and a multiplicator of 
 1.0000 (which equals to 365 days) you have to pay 20*54*1.0000 ~ 1080 SSCs.

If you create licenses for an older version than the current version, you have to pay SSCs from the release date of the next version of the currently selected version twice.

 e.g.: you want to bind licenses for V6 with SSA, so you have to pay SSCs from the release date of V7

You can also select for each license, if you want SSA for it or not. If not, no SSC is needed and no (new) SSA end date is set for this license.

You can't change the SSA end date, if the project is under automatic SSA! You will receive an invoice for SSCs used for the new binding.

Now confirm your new selection. If you have not enough licenses in your current project, but there are still licenses in other projects, you will get a dropdown box with a list of all projects containing the needed licenses. You can now select all desired/needed projects and confirm your selection again. The balance of all selected projects will then be decreased by the needed amount.

If your user account has the right to buy licenses on credit, just check the checkbox.
You may enter an order number, which you can use for your order, if you buy on credit.

Add licenses from free licenses

Here you can assign licenses, which you returned from other devices. You will also have to select the desired version and will than get a list of fitting licenses according to the current device and selected version.

Free Licenses for an IP800 with V8

If a license is under SSA, the correct license type is shown in column 'License Type' besides the 'Original Type'. On confirming the selection, a consistency check is done (e.g. only 4 Relay-PRI licenses on an IP6000). Bind and SSA end date will be maintained for each license.

As external keys are also maintained, you can select e.g. an old Dect-Multicell-Ari license to have the same ARI on another IP1200.

 If your project has a SSA end date, which is not yet over, you'll have the possibility to set SSA for the new licenses 
 to this SSA end date or you can optionally change this date to another one for the new licenses.
 You will have to confirm this after your first license selection (this is the same calculation as here).
 You can't change the SSA end date, if the project is under automatic SSA! You will receive an invoice for SSCs used for the binding.
Add V7 floating license (slave pbx)

Here you can add a V7 floating license for a slave pbx. A device with a floating license can't have V7 pbx licenses and a device with V7 pbx licenses can't have a floating license.

Delete V7 floating license

Here you can delete an already existing floating license, if you won't use it anymore.

Add warranty extension licenses

Extend your warranty by adding warranty extension licenses:

Warranty extension
 If you add the warranty extension immediately after the receipt of your device,
 you can add the cheaper warranty extension licenses, otherwise you'll have to add
 the more expensive ones.
 You can extend the warranty for a maximum of four years.
Download licenses
Download Licenses

You will get a dropdown with all available versions. Versions are dependent of your device, your licenses and of the ssa of your licenses.
From V9 on, you just have one option, which will create a license file, which contains the licenses upgraded to the highest version of their type.
You are able to download downgraded versions of your licenses. E.g. if you have only V8 licenses, you can download a V7 license file (same restrictions as below).

 Downgrades or only possible down to version 6!

If you do not want to download licenses by version, you have to decide whether to download the licenses encrypted or not. If you download the licenses unencrypted, you won't be able to return those licenses anymore. So you won't be able to return licenses for devices with V5-V7 licenses, as licenses for these versions are not encrypted. To return these licenses, you will have to upgrade to a new bootcode, which prevents firmware downgrades to versions below version 8.
Encrypted licenses are stored in a xml file, which you can then upload on your V8 (or higher) device.

 You can now also download licenses directly from by the web interface of a device. 
 You just have to enter your account data and start downloading the licenses from 
 without having to download/upload a license file.
Download test licenses
Download test licenses

You can also download test licenses if you want to run tests. You will be asked, which version you want to use, whether the device is used as slave and if not used as slave, how many pbx licenses you want to use.

Important: Since V11, trial licenses are valid for 3 months and can be released once for a dedicated device. After expiration of those 3 months no further trial license creation for this device is possible.

V5 does not support test licenses!
Move licenses to another device

If you have the needed account rights or the device is already in RMA, you can move licenses to another device. After moving licenses, the former device will be marked as a RMA device.

 You can just move licenses to devices without licenses!
Mix of rental and purchased licenses

From 13r2 SR12 onwards you can mix rental and purchased licenses.
A device with rental licenses will be always inside a rental project (you recognize such a project by it's starting and ending $ in the name).
You can now add licenses from the balance to a device in such a rental project.

If you invalidate lifetime licenses on such a device, just purchased licenses are returned. Rental licenses stay bound until you remove them inside your Devices App! (under rental menu) Inside my.innovaphone you will always see both rental and purchased licenses. Inside the Devices App, you will just see the rental licenses.

You must download and/or install the purchased licenses as usual.

A 13r1 PBX or a PBX with an older SR will just recognize rented licenses!

Move device

Here you can move the current device or the selected devices to another project.
If you select a SSA project, you can change the SSA end date for the move process.

 If the other project is under SSA, you will first see a SSC calculation, which you have to confirm, 
 as the SSA date for each SSA license will be extended until the given SSA end date 
 (this is the same calculation as adding SSA to an already existing project, see here).
 You can't change the SSA end date, if the other project is under automatic SSA! You will receive an invoice for SSCs used for the move.


  • V8 or higher
  • access to the webinterface
  • a device certificate
  • my.innovaphone login credentials
  • no IPVA device
  • no 'In House' licenses

You can invalidate V8 (or higher) licenses by uploading the XML file, you got from your device or by returning your licenses over the web interface of your device (Reference8:Configuration/General/License), in order to return PBX licenses back to the balance.

V7 licenses can be just returned, if you agree, that you won't be able to downgrade below V8 anymore. You will need a new bootcode, to use this function. You need a V8 firmware or higher for invalidation.

 If your device has access to, you can also invalidate licenses directly
 from the web interface of the device.
 gateway licenses and warranty extensions won't be returned to the balance and remain to be assigned to the device!
 The licenses needn't be present on the local device to perform the invalidation!
 SSA it's bound to the license and it's not lost when performing invalidation.

Steps to invalidate licenses, if your device has internet connectivity:

  1. on the web interface of the device go to General->License and follow the my.innovaphone link
  2. enter your my.innovaphone account, the device must be in one of your projects
  3. click Invalidate
  4. click Transfer (this might fail, if NTP or DNS is not configured properly or device certificate is not installed)
  5. reset if asked for

Steps to invalidate licenses, if your device has no internet connectivity:

  1. on the web interface of the device go to General->License and follow the my.innovaphone link
  2. click Invalidate
  3. click Backup and upload this file on my.innovaphone here (Licenses->Devices (select the corresponding device)->Invalidation)
  4. you'll get a confirmation file after uploading the saved file
  5. upload this on the device (under Step1)
  6. reset if asked for
 "Your IP800 does not have a device certificate on it." - In this case you need to download a hardware certification,
 please contact the innovaphone license.
Download confirmation file

If you created a new certificate or you invalidated your licenses, you can later download the confirmation file, which you have to upload on the box.

Request certificate

If you have the needed rights, you can request a new device certificate for your device.

Upload the invalidation document to return licenses

Licenses->Devices (select the corresponding device)->Invalidation:

Upload the invalidation document, which you got from the website of the device to return the licenses of this device.

After uploading you'll get a confirmation file, which you have to upload on your device.


You can always remove devices from a project. If they have licenses, these won't be deleted, so you might add the device to another project again.


History page

You can view your history for several contexts:

  • Company: history of all actions in your company
  • User: history of all actions of the selected user
  • Device: history of all actions for the selected device

Each context applies to the currently selected project. If you deselect the current project, you will see the history over all projects.

You can select to view the history of the last day, week, month, year or from always. Collecting data might take a while...


Manage users SSA expiry email flag, import other companies or add your companies innovaphone ID.


You can just edit the SSA expiry email flag here. The other user settings moved to the Authorized persons tab.

Join (admin only)

As admin you can also join another company into your company by entering an admin account of this company. This might be usefull if one user of your company has accidentally created an own company.
Everything like projects, users, devices, balance, activations etc. will be imported!
You also have to enter the company id of the company, which is to be imported. You can find this company under Licenses->Company and the company tab.

 This is not available for non company admin users.
 The joined company will be deleted afterwards!


You can check the Device SSA checkbox, if you want to receive SSA expiry reminder mails for each device independent of the projects SSA end date. These mails will be send weekly seven weeks before the SSA for a license a the device expires.

You can also enter additional email addresses, which should receive SSA emails.
You can define a global end user expiry mail text here, which will be sent to end users, if end users are configured in a project. This text can be overridden by a text in a project under SSA Expiry Mail.


Here you can see all your RMA devices, which arrived innovaphone already. The licenses of this macadresses are moveable.

RMA page

If you want to request RMA for a certain device, go to the device properties and follow the "Request RMA" link.



Here you'll get a list of all open cases and additional info regarding their state in our ticket system. This list is composed of all tickets assigned to email addresses of your my.innovaphone users in your company.
Often used functions:

  • You can click on the ticket number ("ID" column) to open an email prepared with the right emailadress and subject to address this case.
  • You can click on the History link to get an overview of the already made communication with our support/presales-team.
  • Another important new function is the option to upload larger files to your support/presales tickets using the Fileupload column.


You can convert audio files into G.7xx files which you can use as announcements.

Supported input formats
  • mp3
  • wav
  • ogg
  • flac
  • ...
Generated output formats
  • G.711u
  • G.711a
  • G.729
  • G.723
  • G.722

Image explanation


Already In Company

Icon in company inno 01.png

  • This device already exists in your company and can't be added/imported.

If you want to import this device anyway, you first have to delete your current device from its project.

Already Imported

Icon imported inno 01.png

  • This device has been already imported.

You can't import it again.

Not Found

Icon not found inno 01.png

  • This device was not found in the my innovaphone database.

This should never happen, but if, contact the administrator.

IPVA MAC exists

Icon ip va exists inno 01.png

  • An IPVA MAC address must be unique and can be assigned to just one company. You tried to add an already existing IPVA MAC.

Please assign a new one to your IPVA. For further details, see Reference13r2:Concept_Innovaphone_Virtual_Appliance#License_Configuration.

my.innovaphone supports the following MAC address ranges:

  • 00-50-56-...
  • 00-15-5d-...
  • 00-03-ff-...
  • 00-0d-3a-...
  • 00-12-5a-...
  • 00-17-fa-...
  • 00-50-f2-...
  • 00-1d-d8-...
  • 00-05-69-...
  • 00-1c-14-...
  • 00-0c-29-...
  • 00-1d-db-...
  • 5a-ad-1d-...


Several Companies

Icon several companies inno 01.png

  • This device is already in another company.

This means, that either you do not have the physical device or it once belonged another company. You can still import/add this device and you will have access to all of its current licenses.

Several Users

Icon several users inno 01.png

  • This device has licenses from several users of the old license manager.

This means, that you are not neccessarily the user, who physically owns this device. If you do not own it, do not import it.


No downgrade

No downgrade.png

  • Licenses, which have been downloaded for V5/V6/V7, were returned from this device, so no downgrade to these versions is allowed any more.

Release dates

V5: January 1st 2003
V6: November 2nd 2006
V7: November 14th 2008
V8: December 7th 2009
V9: April 26th 2011
V10: July 8th 2013
V11: February 9th 2015
V12: July 11th 2016
V13: May 13th 2019

External interface

There is an external interface, which you can use to control some functionality without a login to the my.innovaphone web site.
You can use the interface with an HTTP GET request to the following URL:

General parameters for all commands

the wished command
the email address of a user who is registered in my.innovaphone
the project ID of the project where the user has access to (you can find the project ID under Licenses->Projects->Properties)
an SHA256 hash value which is computed over all GET parameters but the hash parameter itself plus the trust value of the project (see Reference:My_Innovaphone#Properties)
the values of the GET parameters have to be URL encoded before calculation of the hash
project trust value
the data of the SHA256 hash
example PHP function call to generate the hash
hash("sha256", "?cmd=addDevice&");
with the current values, the function should return

Add a device to a project

HTTP GET parameters
general parameters
the serial number of the device, e.g. 00-90-33-01-02-03
Return value
a JSON object is returned
boolean, either true or false
string, a string with an error. Just existent if success is false
example success
{ "success":true }
example error
{ "success":false, "error":"the project with ID 123456 doesn't exist" }

Remove a device from a project

HTTP GET parameters
general parameters
the serial number of the device, e.g. 00-90-33-01-02-03
Return value
a JSON object is returned
boolean, either true or false
string, a string with an error. Just existent if success is false
example success
{ "success":true }
example error
{ "success":false, "error":"the project with ID 123456 doesn't exist" }

Get the warranty of a device

HTTP GET parameters
general parameters
the serial number of the device, e.g. 00-90-33-01-02-03
Return value
a JSON object is returned
boolean, either true or false
string, a string with an error. Just existent if success is false
a unix timestamp in seconds since 1970 (timezone Europe/Berlin), e.g. 1448492400
a string like "2015-11-26 00:00:00"

Create a new project

HTTP GET parameters
general parameters
you must use the project_id and trust value of an already existing project!
the name of the new project
optional, a description for the new project
optional, an update URL for the project (do not forget to URL encode the value inside your HTTP GET request!)
optional, a unix timestamp in seconds since 1970 (timezone Europe/Berlin), e.g. 1448492400
Return value
a JSON object is returned
boolean, either true or false
string, a string with an error. Just existent if success is false
the project id of the created project
The newly created project is created with the same trust value which was used for the creation request. This allows you to directly use the API with the new project.

Known Issues

Smaller issues

  • Devices where imported into a project with SSA. If this happened to you, please move the corresponding devices into a project without SSA and back into the project with SSA to extend/add SSA for the licenses until the SSA end date.
  • IE7 moves a list under the menu, when a list becomes to wide

Licenses don't work on a device, where an invalidation has been done

A possible reason here is, that the invalidation process hasn't been completed. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  • Download the Confirmation File (Certificate) from under Invalidation after selecting the project and the device
  • Open General->License-> on your device
  • Click on "Invalidate" (no my.innovaphone credentials needed)
  • Upload the previously downloaded confirmation file newcert-00-90-33-xx-xx-xx.xml as "Confirmation file"
  • Reset the box
  • Reupload the licenses

Internet Explorer doesn't work

Yes, that's correct. Please use an up to date version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge!