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Some innovaphone trainings are done as so-called on-line trainings. That is, students work from their office (or from home or from wherever they decide to) in a virtual class room. As a result, they may plan their own schedule with great flexibility. While this gives a nice level of freedom to the students as far as their training schedule is concerned, which is good, there is also a certain risk associated with it: some students (or sometimes their supervisors) assume that a flexible schedule is no schedule at all. This is not true and will not work.

Students need to set aside a sufficient amount of time to concentrate on the training - just as they would for a face-to-face on-site training!

For a successful training, keep the following guidelines in mind

Plan for enough time
Refer to the training description and reserve at least the time recommended in there
Plan for contiguous blocks of time with no interruption
To be able to concentrate on a topic, you will need at least blocks of 2 hours with no interruption at all. Otherwise, the total time you will need to complete the course will increase substantially. We recommend to set aside 5 hours daily in the morning
Plan for the daily webinar and audio-conference
These will take 30minutes typically and provide a great forum to resolve issues that otherwise may take a long time (see the course agenda for timing)
Do not underestimate the training requirements
On-line training is at least as challenging as an on-site training and to pass the training, you will need to pass an exam
Set your expectations right
On-line training requires your participation and your commitment. Where a trainer would pull you through the course in a face-to-face course, there is no-one except yourself in an on-line course
Use the collaboration tools provided
Forums and Webinars provide guidance and quick problem resolution - if you use them

You will need appropriate devices for the training. These can be ordered as Training Package at a good price. Also, we found the Desktop Rack (EAN 4007754169164) convenient as used in the innovaphone training centre. If you are interested, you should order it yourself at your favorite electronics store. This rack is best used with 3 matching 19" Einbaurahmen für bis zu 2 Gateways (innovaphone order code 01-00999-001 IP800-RACK).

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