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These release notes describe the IP1130 and IP3011 Hardware Builds starting with build 300

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Hardware IP1130/IP3011

IP1130 HW300

IP1130 HW400

IP1130 HW401

IP3011 HW300

8351 - improved MP8004 heat flow

IP3011 HW400

8374 - separate ETH interface termination

improves PoE startup when both ETH interfaces are connected

IP3011 HW401

40799 - Polyswitch added FU1501

0 Ohm R1535 deleted and Polyswitch FU1501 added..

IP3011 HW402

124484 - R221 for ip1130, R242 for ip3011

IP3011 HW411

124050 - rework to adapt RAM speed

R221 --> R240

current firmware versions needed