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These release notes describe the IP232 hardware starting with build 1300

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Hardware IP232

IP232 HW1300

8400 - Additional header for extension module (USB) connector to increase robustness

8399 - Handset rib enlarged to ensure circumferential clearance.

IP232 HW1301

8392 - new touch panel M06 --> M09

Touch panel M06 changed to M09 to improve touch sensitivity.
EDT display module ETM043005BDH6-GP.
Current Firmware needed.

IP232 HW1302

31314 - new touch panel M09 --> M12

Touch panel M09 changed to M12 to improve EMI sensitivity (frequency hopping).
EDT display module ETM043005EDH6
Current Firmware needed.

IP232 HW1320

IP232 HW2000

29633 - Update power supply Akros->LT

POE DC converter changed due to sourcing problems from Akros AS1844 to Linear LT4267.

IP232 HW2020

39844 - Display panel changed to ETM043010EDH6

Change from ETM043005EDH6 to ETM043010EDH6 (sitronix st7283).
Current Firmware needed.

76370 - Change of handset receiver

Supplier changed (Traneat --> Owolff)

IP232 HW2200

119119 - PCB V2200, Realtek RTL8363NB (instead of AR8035)