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These release notes describe the IP29-20 Hardware Builds starting with build 100

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Hardware IP29-20

IP29-20 HW100

70066 - PCB V100 final

IP29-20 HW200

70067 - PCB Version 200

For emc testing and internal usage.

IP29-20 HW300

70069 - PCB Version 300

74922 - rework efuse supply voltage

Alle Geräte die den Rework erfahren haben sind in der angehangenen Liste aufgeführt


remove C379 and R324

IP29-20 HW301

142400 - R324, C379 and Q301 removed from BOM

IP29-20 HW302

161182 - Change of IN-MECH-FOIL-GW-BIG

Formex --> Duravolta

IP29-20 HW310

142398 - Rework of HWID 300 devices .

Removed pos. R324, C379 and Q301 on bottom side. 

IP29-20 HW400

144265 - PCB V400

Skyworks POE Supply

LT4276 -->  SI34061

145685 - PoE/PoE+ Rework

Pos. R2848 is desoldered.

Between upper pad of Pos. R2848 an lower pad of Pos. R2839 a wire including 4k12 resistor is connected.