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These release notes describe the IP2x2x hardware build starting at build 400

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Hardware IP2X2-X

IP2X2-X HW400

8395 - 3 header USB

Ticket #151561. Additional header for extension module (USB) connector to increase robustness

IP2X2-X HW401

8394 - AAT4614 obsolete

Load switch AAT4614 is obsolete and will be changed to MIC2039.
(R529 from 4,64K Ohm to 180 Ohm)

IP2X2-X HW402

8392 - new touch panel M06 --> M09

Touch panel M06 changed to M09 to improve touch sensitivity.
EDT display module ETM043005BDH6-GP.
Current Firmware needed.

IP2X2-X HW403

31314 - new touch panel M09 --> M12

Touch panel M09 changed to M12 to improve EMI sensitivity (frequency hopping).
EDT display module ETM043005EDH6
Current Firmware needed.

IP2X2-X HW420

39844 - Display panel changed to ETM043010EDH6

Change from ETM043005EDH6 to ETM043010EDH6 (sitronix st7283).
Current Firmware needed.