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These release notes describe the IP6013 and IP0013 Hardware Builds starting with build 300

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Hardware IP6013/IP0013

IP0013 HW600

IP0013 HW700

IP0013 HW710

IP0013 HW800

IP0013 HW900

IP6013 HW300

108103 - PCB V300

layout update

IP6013 HW400

108105 - PCB V400

layout update

IP6013 HW401

108106 - Rework

rework R443 and R436 and wire between R475 and TP23

IP6013 HW402

108107 - optimization of power supplies

IP6013 HW403

104595 - IP6013 LT7265 rework

IP6013 HW500

108108 - PCB V500 including LTC4265 rework

IP6013 HW501

110013 - Printing Pwr-off Loop

<!-- Start MAC: 009033500096--> 

Switch symbols between PRI1/2 and PRI3/4 added.

IP6013 HW600

110084 - added JTAG port S302

110082 - LTC4265 powered

110083 - use /PWRGD of LTC4265

IP6013 HW700

120747 - PCB Version 700

IP6013 HW710

138481 - 2 x IN-FUSE-2018-POLYSWITCH on FU1401

IP6013 HW800

150236 - Change Cu Thickness to 35/35/18/18/35/35um

IP6013 HW900

156697 - IP6013 Alubloch V3

Füsse 2.5mm hoch 5.2mm Durchmesser  hinzugefügt