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These release notes describe all Scripts and Tools which do not fit elsewhere, e.g. all the items found in the Wiki Sources.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Scripts and Tools

PHP Tools

50565 - doorcontrol: add image resize in proxy mode

Add "proxy-resize" feature that resize pictures for the target display of the IP-Phone.

50653 - doorcontrol: add skip ssl check in proxy mode

Add "proxy-skip-ssl-verify" feature to skip ssl certificate validation

39871 - doorcontrol: proxy mode didnt work in active call

missing implementation in doorcontrol.php for proxy mode if user is in an active call

43313 - doorcontrol: proxy mode didnt work with blank in h323 name

missing implementation in doorcontrol.php for proxy mode if camera h323 name conatins a blank

35404 - doorcontrol: switch 2 video source didnt work

bug in doorcontrol.php: switch to video of ringing door bell did not work any more (since build 1005)

68476 - doorcontrol: switch2VideoApp not work with V13

52320 - licsummary: Doesnt work with license master

48942 - licsummary: PBX license overview

36339 - PHP Update Server: Add IPBS to list of devices with no firmware/no bootcode

Cannot update OEM devices to an innovaphone firmware/boot version.

35915 - PHP Update Server: allow dynamic Scripting

for custom on-the-fly creation of update snippets (see Howto:PHP_based_Update_Server_V2#Writing_your_own_Dynamic_Scripting_Code)

28499 - PHP Update Server: allow for operation with master device w/o bootcode

If you run a master device that has no bootcode (such as an IPVA), bootcode update failed. In such cases, you can now set options in the <master> tag to handle this situation.

36199 - PHP Update Server: avoid excessive overhead due to cleanup of missing devices

device cleanup has been done too often resulting in excessive CPU load

56169 - PHP Update Server: buildnumber

52074 - PHP Update Server: Buttons - clear term naming

clear term naming for navigation buttons

52534 - PHP Update Server: change times/@forcestaging default value

Set default value true to support initial staging of virgin devices.

51661 - PHP Update Server: Device Search - Support notation 009033112233

Find also mac addreses with notation 009033112233 instead only 00-90-33-11-22-33. If a search value will be a vendor mac without minus, search value will be normalized.

51581 - PHP Update Server: encoding of mobile provisioning links

fixed correct encoding of mobile provisioning links

55228 - PHP Update Server: redirect / provision timer not removed

If a device was redirected from my.innovaphone to an PHP UpdateServer a "/provision 15" was set. The PHP UpdateServer has not removed the config. In this case the device send the admin query every 60 sec. to the PHP UpdateServer

28859 - PHP Update Server: Option to filter device list by various attributes

The device list in the Status Page may now be filtered by various device properties .

28518 - PHP Update Server: option to restrict fw/boot update to device type and/or environment

Firmware and boot code updates can now be restricted to certain device classes and/or environments

28544 - PHP Update Server: option to use /times only in update phase

To allow immediate staging even though normal operation is restricted. New forcestaging option in config file.

28658 - PHP Update Server: Provide Links between Pages

36546 - PHP Update Server: removed some PHP Warnings

68394 - PHP Update Server: Security - Block PUT request with starting slash in filename

68395 - PHP Update Server: Security - Block special filetypes in PUT Request

53151 - PHP Update Server: Show build number

Show build number in product

29793 - PHP Update Server: start Update Process immediately in Device Initialization Sequence

The proposed update sequence now ends with <code>mod cmd UP1 poll</code>.

34739 - PHP Update Server: stops updating devices when devices status is invalid

When the device status stored on the update server is invalid, no updates were done any further for the device.

52809 - PHP Update Server: Support inplace updates

Change initial setup routine, to support inplace updates and dont overwrite custom files in a running installation

52072 - PHP Update Server: top buttons - dont change order

Top buttons should not change order dynamically on selecting other suppages

161851 - PHP Update Server: Upgrade to PHP8

From build 2033

29724 - PHP Update Server: work around issue 29219 for mobile device initialization

Works around an issue with the device configuration link for iOS devices

Voicemail XML Scripts

29482 - Black List Service XML Script: anonymous calls treated as internal calls

incoming anonymous calls were treated as internal calls and connected to the operational menu of the service instead of being transferred to the desired extension or default destination.

Now internal extensions are evaluated against two parameters defined in two distinct files:



Any CGPN shorter than the value configured in MinIntExtLen.txt or longer than the value configured in MaxIntExtLen.txt is now considered as external call.

Only CGPN included in the min/max range are allowed to access the operational menu.

If the PBX numbering plan has a fixed lenght then both files should be configured with the same value.

IntExtLen.txt file used in the previous version is now deprecated.

29715 - Black List Service XML Script: blacklisted numbers list can be sent via email

By entering a custom code in the "Email_Code.txt" file the email notification service is enabled. If a valid email address is configured in the "Email.txt" file or the internal calling user has a valid email address configured in its PBX object, the email code can be entered during app menu announcement to have a list of the blacklisted numbers sent via email.

47831 - Black List Service XML Script: email notification could not send all the blaclisted numbers

Due to buffer size limits in the Voicemail engine the full blacklist has to be split over multiple email when there are more than 20 entries in the list.

29447 - Black List Service XML Script: fixed bug in adding an already existing or removing a non existing number

fixed a bug which added a number to blacklist when attempting to delete a non-existent number from blacklist

the same occurred - the other way around - when adding to blacklist a number that was already blacklisted, in this case that number was deleted from blacklist.

29446 - Black List Service XML Script: LAP webdav client does not allow creation of empty files

create 1 byte files instead of empty ones. Files in BL_Numbers folder now contain a dot ".".

112294 - Github Migration - Wiki Sources

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

  • Sourcen nach Github migrieren (Alle publiv Vault build)
  • Wiki Übersichtsseite
  • Downloadseite anpassen
  • HowTo internes Wiki (wie ändert/aktualisiert man was)
  • Twitter

39455 - innoconf: disconnect with mypbx does not work properly

if the call will be disconnected from MyPBX, innoconf will play a message that the conference id will be invalid

50564 - Innovaphone conferencing: soundfiles are played in loop if there is a special char in the e164

31244 - iQM_CBR - Build 101

XML will not work on mSATA and Linux Plattform.
On a CF a empty value creates a file while on Linux a value must be set.

29713 - Simple Recording - no notification with numbers with star and hash Build 1009

Stars and Hash will be filtered

Web Sites

26162 - fixed issue when a device is listed in more than one project

Device redirection did not take place if the device was present in more than one project. It will now be redirected if only one of these projects lists an update URL.