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These release notes describe the V7 (that is, pbx700.wsdl based) TAPI driver implementation.

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V7 Hotfix 2

1136 - trap when retrieving call forward status from PBX failed (malformed SOAP Admin() result)

Ticket #55076. In rare cases, the user data retrieved from the PBX may be corrupt. If this happens, the TSP traps when it analyzes the data for forwarding information.

V7 Hotfix 3

1152 - trap in TSP and config dialogue on x64 platforms

Ticket #55344. On x64 platforms, there was a wrong buffer size calculation.

V7 Hotfix 4

1256 - tsp randomly looses PBX Connection on newer Windows Platforms

Ticket #57936. There is a problem with the MSXML parser loosing initialization in some threads using it. This seems to happen only if a thread was not used for several hours. MSXML initialization is now re-done regularly.

This problem seems to apply to later windows platforms (Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008 and uo) only.

V7 Hotfix 5

1273 - [!18.10.11@13] Lines sometimes are considered out-of-service although they are not

Ticket #58609. If this happens, the line is out-of-service although it is not (as an endpoint is registered). The situation is resolved only if the line has an active call. Also, if applications get confused by connect/disconnect or in-service/out-of-service messages, this can be turned off using the IgnoreDevStatus" registry tweak.

1272 - [!18.10.11@13] LineTimeOut Configuration option

Ticket #58608. Allows the TSP to wait longer time for the line determination to complete. Incomplete line determination may result in strange application behaviour showing undefined lines (although it should not).

1274 - [!18.10.11@13] TSP requires a line to be "in-service" to allow setting call forwards

Ticket #58610. Practically this results in TAPI not being able to manipulate call forward settings on a line where no-one is registered. Now the line needs to be in connected state only (that is, there is a PBX known which knows about the line).

V7 Hotfix 6

1914 - Trap when invalid destination address is dialled

Ticket #68454. For example, a call to "^1" will cause a TSP trap.

1913 - Write Dump File when TSP crashes

Ticket #68452. Enables better problem analysis