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The user interface has been tested with Internet Explorer (5.x, 6.x) and with the Firefox browser. It can, however, also be used with Netscape.

The user interface of the VoIP device can be accessed with a Web browser by calling up the IP-Adresse determined beforehand.

Structure of the user interface

The user interface of the VoIP deviceis divided into two areas:

  • The navigation area (along the left and top edge of the screen), which consists of menu and submenu commands.
  • The entry area, in which the device settings are made.

The main menus in the left area of the browser are divided into two categories:

  • Configuration
  • Administration

A main menu, in turn, can be split into several submenus.

Web interface.jpg In the Configuration category, everything that is necessary for initial operation (for example, the setting of the ETH0 & ETH1 network interfaces) is carried out.
In the Administration category, the settings for active operation can be made. This includes the adding of new users to the innovaphone PBX, for example.
Depending on which main menu entry is currently active or on which setting was made in a submenu, the structure or content of the submenu can change.

Protected areas

Apart from the start page, all areas of the device are password-protected. When shipped from the factory, the innovaphone VoIP device has:

  • The standard user name admin and
  • The standard user password ipxxx (ipxxx stands for the device type, for example, ip800, ip1200, etc.).
 To raise the security of the VoIP device, the standard user and the standard password 
 should always be changed (see chapter entitled "Configuration/General/Admin")!

Saving the settings

The setting are saved in the respective submenu always using the OK button.

  • Some changes to settings require a device restart to become effective. In this case, reset required is shown in the respective menu. More detailed information on restarting the device is contained in the chapter entitled "Administration/Reset".