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innovaphone publishes the then-current Release Notes on a daily basis in this wiki.

These documents reflect the current status of development and planning. It thus may change without notice (except that any changes will be published in an update of this release note). All entries reflect current thinking.

In no way are they intended as a commitment, neither with respect to planned functionality, nor to delivery dates.

Then again, the release notes contain most valuable information to our partners. It shows what our current thinking is and which feature requests did make it into the release notes. Also, it will indicate if or if not an item is being worked on, or has been completed even.

If you need to know what is going on with innovaphone's product development, this is the right source. If you need to give commitment to your customers, it is not.

Format and Structure

There is one release notes article per project (e.g. a specific firmware major release version). The release notes are structured in chapters, each describing a forthcoming major milestone.

For each item, there may be a deadline, indicated in the chapters headline (such as 07/44 (year/week)). This is our best estimate as of now, again it is not intended as a delivery date commitment.

Each chapter has a number of subchapters describing items that we think are of major interest to everyone. However, there will allways be a number of issues that are not of general interest, but may be nonetheless of utmost importance to some of our partners. Those items are summarized briefly under the Other ... heading.

Each issue shows the following properties:

Status { Assigned | Feedback | Resolved | Closed }
Id number

A Feedback status indicates some clarification that is still required. Resolved and Closed indicate that the issue has been completed.

An immediate priority indicates an item that is currently being worked on (unless it is Resolved or Closed).

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