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1A Client - ROMICO GmbH - 3rd Party Product2N - VoiceBlue Lite - Testreport
2N Helios IP - 2N - 3rd Party Product2N Helios IP - 2N - SIP Testreport2N Helios IP - 2N - SIP Testreport 2017
2N Helios IP - 2N - vendor Testreport2N VoiceBlue Lite - 2N - 3rd Party Product3-party (3PTY) conference on analog or DECT phones
802.1X EAP-TLS With FreeRadiusACD with Voicemail XML Script and external Database or Application
ACHAT - Authensis - 3rd Party ProductACHAT - Authensis - Call Center Application Testreport
AEMCOM SIP Provider Compatibility TestASCOM Nurse Call Platform - ASCOM - 3rd Party Product
ASCOM UNITE Platform - ASCOM - 3rd Party ProductASCOM Wireless Interop - ASCOM - 3rd Party Product
ASC EVOipActive - TestreportASC EVOip Active - 3rd Party ProductAT - Andom tec - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)
AT - Net cloud GmbH - goSIP SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2020)AT - RTM businessit GmbH - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2020)AT - Russmedia IT - highspeed Telefon SIP-Provider (2016)
AT - Telematica - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)AT - - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)AT - peoplefone - SIP TRUNK SIP-Provider (2020)
AT - tele tec - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)AVIRA virus scanner blocks Syslog and Trace
A Fallback Scenario
A Simple Recording Solution On-Top of The innovaphone VoicemailA rough estimate of IPVA PerformanceA while ago i found a publication by Innovaphone called Understanding and Selling IP Telephony. Is it possible to access this doc online?
Absence Memo with VoiceMail XML ScriptAcropolis Telecom CAP Trunk - SIP Provider Compatibility Test
Additional call-ID informationAdjust Speaker volume on IP241 IP222 IP232
Adjusting the volume parameters on IP200A, IP110, IP230 and IP150 in Version 6 and later Firmware
Adjusting volume parameters on IP111 and IP112
Adjusting volume parameters on IP200A in Version 5 FirmwareAdvice On BusyAficio™ MP 171 - RICOH - 3rd Party Product
AgenTel - Voxtron - 3rd Party ProductAgentOne® ContactCenter Suite - Sikom Software - 3rd Party Product
Alarm365 - ATT AG - 3rd Party ProductAll 4 You - audiomarketeers - 3rd Party ProductAllied Telesyn AT-RG600 Residential Gateway
AlwinPro/Anna4 - Aurenz - 3rd Party ProductAlwinPro Care - Aurenz - 3rd Party ProductAlwinPro Hotel - Aurenz - 3rd Party Product
Analog 2-wire telephonyAnalog Trunk (FXO) with Level One 4 Port FXO GatewayAnalog Trunk (FXO) with Linksys SPA3102
Announcement Before AnsweringAnnouncement Before Answering (simplified)
Annual calender in V8Anynode - TE-Systems GmbH - 3rd Party Product
Apresa - Speech Enterprise GmbH - 3rd Party Product
Arcor-IP Anlagenanschluss - Arcor - SIP TestreportAre 'Call Accept keys' supported for Bluetooth headsets?Are there any known problems with Asterisk drivers in OpenH323 gateways?
Are there headsets recommended for the IP200 or Software Phone?Are there special IP21 analogue telephone adapters for Switzerland?Assist In Localization Of Operator Version 9
Assist In innovaphone Operator Localization
Austria - IP Austria - SIP ProviderAustria - Inode - Telenode Business Titan - SIP ProviderAustria - NeoTel - Blizz Phone - SIP Provider
Austria - SilverServer - Silver VoIP Trunk - SIP ProviderAustria - Tele2 - Tele2 Business - SIP Provider
Authentication in the SOAP API interfaceAuto Call Back
Auto GreetingAuto MDXAvoid "lazy" registrations when using different nodes
Avoid DNS Amplification AttacksBehnke SIP intercom - Behnke - 3rd Party Product
Belgacall - Spike Technics - SIP ProviderBelgium - LCR Telecom - SIP-Trunk - SIP Provider(2015)Belgium - Proximus - Business Trunking - SIP Provider(2015)
Belgium - Proximus - Wireless Office Extended - SIP Provider(2015)Best practice for a PBX with multi-domain users
Black List Service XML Script For Incoming CallsBlacklist for external Numbers
Blue's Professional - Telcen - 3rd Party ProductBluetooth Headsets hissing on the other side?
Brazil - DirectCall - SIP ProviderBrazil - GT Group International - SIP ProviderBreezz SIP Provider Compatibility Test
Bria 2.x - Counterpath - 3rd Party Product
Bria 2.x - Counterpath - SIP TestreportBria 3.x - Counterpath - SIP TestreportBria Add-in for Microsoft Outlook® - Counterpath - SIP Testreport
Bria Professional - Counterpath - SIP TestreportBria support issuesBrowser version not supported
Business Trunking - Proximus - SIP ProviderBusiness VOICE - Easybell - SIP Provider
Busy AdviceBusy lamp field (partner keys) with SIP phonesByon vACD - byon GmbH - 3rd Party Product
Bypass the setup wizard/installCAESAR Unified Communication - CASERISGmbH - 3rd Party Product
CCBS/CCNR InterworkingCE-DeclarationsCENTER FORCE - onsoft technologies GmbH - 3rd Party Product
CGPN and CDPN Mappings on ISDN Trunk from EWE TELCH - Backbone Solutions AG - sipcall SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2017)CH - Combridge - Business System SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)
CH - Green - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)CH - QUICKLINE - Office Voice SIP-Provider (2017)CH - SolNet - Digital Voice Business SIP-Provider (2020)
CH - Swisscom - Smart Business Connect SIP-Provider (2016)CH - Swisscom - Smart Business Connect SIP-Provider (2021)CH - Telecom Liechtenstein AG - Convoip Trunk SIP-Provider (2017)
CH - UPC Business - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)CH - peoplefone - SIP TRUNK PBX SIP-Provider (2019)CH - peoplefone - SIP TRUNK PBX SIP-Provider (2021)
CH - swissnet telecommunication ag - swissnet NxT pro SIP-Provider (2017)CODEMAVoIP SIP Provider Compatibility Test
COM Client use of myPBXCTI Remote Test PBXCTI for Apple Mac OS and Innovaphone
CZ - Radiokomunikace - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2017)Calculate Values for Type of Service (ToS) from DiffServ or DSCP ValuesCallXpressGo Call Management - Jusan - 3rd Party Product
Call Me BackCall routing based on the call number length
Callflow Managementsystem CCS - Wbe AG - 3rd Party ProductCallmonitorCalls from asterisk to the IP6000 with one way audio problems
Can IP800 gateway support RADIUS protocol?Can IP800 with v.6 firmware support MGCP protocol?Can I configure an IP secondary on ethernet interface of my IP800 gateways? If It is possible, can I configure different 802.1Q VLAN id to primary IP and secondary IP (like CISCO sub interfaces)?
Can I download the innovaphone built-in music on hold as a wave file?Can I import user data into the PBX from a file?Can I set ISDN bearer capability (speech or 3.1kHz) on my IP800 GW with v6.00 firmware?
Can I set diversions from an IP50/52/54 or an other DECT-Handset?Can I use IP800v.6 as a router with NAT/PAT? Is there a guide to configure NAT function? Thanks.
Can I use just any HTTP server to stream PBX announcements to the waiting queue, or does it have to be IIS?Can i add a route to a specific ISDN channel?Can i configure time based routes in v5?
Can i use a dect handset from innovaphone in several branches?Can innovaphone be integrated with Lotus Sametime?Can the analog adapters IP21 (and coming new products) send CLI information to analog device?
Can the firmware 6 with the SIP protocol be uploaded to every IP200 or is there a limitation on the hardware?Can your phone show you a wrong missed call, ie the person hasnt called you but a missed call is shown on phone.Central SIP trunk with multiple subscriber numbers
Change the System Name
Change the default admin password in the config file?Change the volume of the pickup key audio notificationCheck-In/Out with XML Script
Check the CFU Status with Voicemail XML ScriptCheckliste VoIP
Chrome Remote Desktop as free Desktopsharing Solution for myPBXCisco Small Business Pro SPA3102-EU - 3rd Party ProductCisco Small Business Pro SPA 500 Series IP Phones - Cisco -Testreport
CitrixClear a call completely with SOAP using UserClear
ClickToDialColima CTI Office, ACD Server - Colima - 3rd Party ProductColloquium.IP - TE Systems - 3rd Party Product
Colt VoIP Access SIP Provider Compatibility TestConferences, Resources and Licenses
Config or Password RecoveryConfig size Limitations
Configuration of Chef/Sek FunctionsConfigure DialingLocation to not use subscriber numbers
Configure Faxserver to accept SMTP without authenticationConfigure Loud Ringtone for noisy environments on IP150Configure Mobility for use with Opticaller
Configure an analogue Trunk line with IP38 or IP311Configure calls without CDPN-IN
Configure external sound as MOH on IP21-AUX-InterfaceConfigure the innovaphone VoicemailConnect to MX-ONE via H.323
Control Call Forward status from internal and external phoneControl Call Forward with Voicemail XML ScriptConvert Announcement Files
Convert G711 files in to WAV filesConvert a V10 LinuxAP to VHDX to run on Hyper-VConvert config time stamp
Convert wave files in to G722 coder filesConvert wave files in to G7xx coder filesConvert wave files to G7xxx with softcod
Create ClipNoScreening Maps for SIP InterfacesCreate Conference Facility with Notification
Create Conference facilityCreate Faxserver Cover SheetsCreate Screenshots from innovaphone Phones LCD Displays
Create an ACD Routepoint with external Call Distribution LogicCreating custom Certificates using a OpenSSL Certificate Authority
Creating custom Certificates using a Windows Certificate AuthorityCreating fine announcements and music on holdCustom Jingle before the Announcement
Custom Object Classes with Estos MetdirectoryCzechia - O2 - IP Connect - SIP Provider(2014)Czechia - Vodafone - OneNet - SIP Provider(2014)
DAKS - tetronik GmbH - 3rd Party ProductDAKS - tetronik GmbH - PBX-Interface ConfigurationDECT-Com base 4 u - Peltor - Testreport
DECT Device LocalizationDECT GlossaryDECT Graphical Real Time Display
DECT SecurityDECT solution using CallManager
DE - CITEC AG - Universe SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2017)DE - Colt - SIP Trunking SIP-Provider (2017)
DE - DOKOM - DOKOM21 SIP-Provider 2017
DE - Deutsche Telefon - SIP Tk Anlagenanschluss SIP-Provider (2016)DE - Deutsche Telekom - CompanyFlex TCP SIP-Provider (2020)
DE - Deutsche Telekom - CompanyFlex TLS SIP-Provider (2020)DE - Deutsche Telekom - DeutschlandLAN SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2016)DE - EWE - business DSL voice plus SIP-Provider (2018)
DE - Easybell - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)DE - Echtschnell - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2020)DE - HFO - NGN Connect SIP-Provider (2021)
DE - MDCC Magdeburg City Com - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2017)
DE - MK Network - VoiceConnect SIP-Provider (2016)DE - M net - Business Telefonie SIP-Provider (2017)DE - Magdeburg City Com - Voice Connect SIP-Provider (2017)
DE - NetCologne - SIP Premium SIP-Provider (2016)DE - Netcom - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2020)
DE - PYUR Business - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)DE - Plusnet - IPFonie Extended Connect TCP RTP SIP-Provider (2016)DE - Plusnet - IPFonie Extended Connect TLS SRTP SIP-Provider (2016)
DE - Purtel - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2020)
DE - QSC - IPFonie Extended Connect TLS SRTP SIP-Provider (2016)DE - R.KOM - R FON Voip Trunk SIP-Provider (2017)
DE - TELE AG - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2016)DE - TM Net - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2020)
DE - TNG Stadtnetz GmbH - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2020)DE - TSystems - Corporate SIP Germany SIP-Provider (2018)
DE - TeleData - TELEFON SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2020)
DE - Telematica - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)DE - VSE NET - EASY PHONE NGN SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2017)DE - Versatel - VT voice flexible ngn SIP-Provider (2017)
DE - Viakom - Voice SIP-Provider (2020)DE - Vodafone - IP Anlagen Anschluss SIP-Provider (2018)
DE - Wilhelm tel - wtSIPfon SIP-Provider (2020)DE - autphone - aut trunk SIP-Provider (2021)DE - ecotel - SIP Trunk 2.0 SIP-Provider (2016)
DE - envia TEL - enVoice IP Range SIP-Provider (2021)DE - equada - VoIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2016)DE - gnTel - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)
DE - outbox AG - Whitebox SIP SIP-Provider (2020)DE - peoplefone - SIP TRUNK PBX SIP-Provider (2017)
DHSG headset specificationDHSG pin assignmentDID on mapped numbers / Hide PIN code
DK - Telenor - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2019)DNS Resolving in SIPDTMF and SIP
Debug your own PBX voicemail scriptDebugging SRTP/SIPS connections
Debugging tools for DECT deploymentDeleting the inbound and outbound callist on an IP230Deltacom SIP Provider Compatibility Test
Denmark - GlobalConnect - SIP-Trunk - SIP Provider(2014)Denmark - Uni-Tel - SIP ProviderDepartment fax with Faxserver application and MS Exchange
Deploy A Custom Personal Announcement For the innovaphone VoicemailDeploy Phone Function Key Configuration Using Update Server
Description of the Numbering Scheme used in V6Deutsche Telekom Magenta Zuhause SIP Provider Compatibility Test
Diagnosing the extension module - IP2x2x
Dialer-X Symbian - Killer Mobile Software - TestreportDifferent voice and data VLANs with innovaphone ip phones IEEE 802.1Q
Dimension and weight for packing
DirectCall SIP Trunking - SIP Provider Compatibility TestDisable Function Key Modification On Phone UIDisable Messaging on the Phone
Displaying date/time on DECT phonesDiversion filter at the user objectDo I need an exchange connetor for mrs easy setup?
Do you have a Windows CE and windows mobile (5) version of your softphone client?Do you have a special telephone for hearing-impaired persons?Do you have an Alarmserver solution (recommended product) in combination with innovaphone?
Do you recommend any optical signalling devices for people with impaired hearing?Does Innovaphone Gateway with v.6 firmware support RFC 2833 to provide SIP DTMF relay? Thanks.Does SRTP consume more bandwidth?
Does innovaphone voicemail support multiple announcements?Does the innovaphone IP200 support RFC 3261 aka SIP?
Door Phone with Video in V10 and laterDoor opener with analog FXS portDownload BRIA
Download Server StructureDue to the difficulities to support ISDN Data with Cisco gateways ... Are there any experiences in connecting an IPXXX BRI Gateway via H.323 to the Cisco Call Manager?Dynamic - Hosted PBX with SIP trunks
Dynamic MOHE-Fon - ADAPT - Provider Compatibility Test
E340/H340/I640 - SpectraLink - SIP TestreportEConference - effexx - 3rd Party ProductEDSS1 Interworking
EDashboard - effexx - 3rd Party ProductEDirectory - effexx - 3rd Party ProductEEE Energy Efficient Ethernet
EManager - effexx - 3rd Party ProductENUMER-Alarmsystem - ER-systems - 3rd Party Product
ESTOS Metadirectory: Replication Filter TweakESTOS Procall 5.0 as UC-Server for Presence
ES - LCRcom - Voz IP SIP-Provider (2017)ES - Vozelia - Telefonia IP SIP-Provider (2017)ES - Voztelecom - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)
ESelfService - effexx - 3rd Party ProductEasyLynq Hotel - Eurofluxo - 3rd Party ProductEdit and upload contacts at the ContactsApp with Libre Office
Effect arbitrary Configuration Changes using a HTTP Command Line Client or from an UpdateEmail on missed callsEmbedded test for phones
Encrypt or Decrypt PBX user passwordsEncryption algorithmsEnum Domain
Essential IP411 ITExcel User Import
Exchange Server 2007 - Microsoft - SIP TestreportExplicit Call Transfer ECTExport PBX userlist from PBX with e164 numbering schema
Extend V10 Linux Application Platform HDD Size (VM)External UC
External announcement facilityExternal ringer for IP-PhonesExternal style sheet
EyeBeam SoftphoneEyebeam - CounterPath Corporation - 3rd Party ProductFAQ - Data Storage and Deletion
FC4 - Funkwerk -TestreportFC4 - Funkwerk - 3rd Party ProductFMC
FR - Codepi - TRUNK SIP SIP-Provider (2019)FR - Keyyo - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2016)
FR - OVH Telecom - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2016)FR - OpenIP - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2016)FR - OpenIP - SIP Trunk Touch SIP-Provider (2019)
FR - Synelyans - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2017)FTP upload (obsolete)
FXS FXO trunk with IP22 media gateway and Cisco 1700 routerFacility Interworking
Factory Reset using the Web Interface or Update ScriptFault tolerance setup with three ISDN BRI linesFaxserver Number Plan
Faxserver User Text VariablesFaxserver with ExchangeFaxserver with Mailclients
Feature List in EnglishFeature Liste in DeutschFederation with Skype For Business Online
Fidelity Contact Center - Jusan - 3rd Party ProductFinland - Perustele Oy - SIP Provider
Finland - TDC - SIP ProviderFirmware Upgrade
Firmware Upgrade V10 V11r1Firmware Upgrade V11r1 V11r2Firmware Upgrade V11r2 V12r1
Firmware Upgrade V12r1 V12r2
Firmware Upgrade V5 V6Firmware Upgrade V6 V7 and later
Firmware Upgrade V7 V8Firmware Upgrade V8 V9Firmware Upgrade V9 V10
Firmware Upgrade and initial Configuration of IP72 via USBFit a PC Keyboard Layout to telephony useFix a Device with a self-signed Device Certificate
Flash your own Logo on the Kirk 5020 or 5040 HandsetFor an incoming call, when the number is in the PBX LDAP, will I see the name in the IP200 display and how does this perform?For how many phones can an ip3000 be dhcp server be used
Forward your Mobile's Mailbox to your innovaphone VoicemailFrance - Acropolis Telecom - Cap Trunk - SIP Provider
France - Ippi - SIP ProviderFrance - LEGOS - SIP ProviderFrance - SFR- SIP-Trunk - SIP Provider(2015)
France - SFR- SIP-Trunk - SIP Provider (2017)France - Senso Telecom-SIP Trunk - SIP Provider
France - Voip-Telecom - Voip-Telecom VoIP Trunk - SIP ProviderFrance - Vozelia - SIP ProviderFull-text Search on IP-Phones with ESTOS Metadirectory
GDPR innovaphone PBX V12GN Netcom 2100 TC - GN Netcom - 3rd Party Product
GN Netcom Headsets - GN Netcom - 3rd Party ProductGSM Adapter for IXI-UMS SMS Messaging
GT Group SIP Trunking - SIP Provider Compatibility TestGeneral Hints for an innovaphone DECT deploymentGeneral information for compact flash cards
Germany - Arcor-IP Anlagenanschluss - SIP ProviderGermany - Colt - VoIP Access - SIP Provider
Germany - Deutsche Telekom - SIP Provider(2015)Germany - Easybell/Ecotel - Business VOICE - SIP Provider(2015)
Germany - Globalways AG - Telefonie - SIP Provider(2015)Germany - HFO - HFO NGN Connect - SIP Provider(2015)
Germany - M-Net - SIP ProviderGermany - Outbox - SIP Testreport
Germany - QSC - IPfonie extended - SIP ProviderGermany - Sipgate - Sipgate plus - SIP Provider
Germany - Toplink - Tpl - SIP ProviderGermany - innovaphoneAG - Training-SIP-Trunk - SIP Provider (2016)Get Access to Gateways if the Assistant doesn't boot the Device
Get the trap trace on unexpected restart (reboot) caused by a crash of the systemGetting CDPN from SIP/INVITE
Getting started with your own PBX voicemail scriptGigaset N510 PRO - Gigaset - 3rd Party ProductGigaset N510 PRO - Gigaset - Testreport
Gigaset N720 - MyPBX call controlGlobalConnect SIP-Trunk - SIP Provider Compatibility TestGotanet SIP Provider Compatibility Test
Grandstream GXP2010 SIP PhoneGroup VoicemailGuideline V5 to V6 upgrade
Guideline for Documenting 3rd Party AppsGuideline for Testing 3rd Party Products
Guidelines for Testing 3rd Party SIP Terminal DevicesHFO NGN Connect - HFO - SIP Provider
HSC Connect - PSE - 3rd Party ProductHSC Entry - PSE - 3rd Party Product
Hafslund SIP Trunk - Hafslund - SIP TestreportHalfway - Mediterranean Consulting - 3rd Party ProductHandle emergency calls with multiple locations and roaming users
Handle overlapping or partial ExtensionsHardcopy-of-Vendor-Testreport-and-ResultHaving ECHO problems
Headset adapter and customizations for innovaphone phonesHearing Aid CompatibilityHiMed - Siemens - 3rd Party Product
HiMed - TestreportHiPath4000 InterconnectionHiPro Call AG - Callmanagement Solutions
Hi folks, could you release a description how to make a "spontane Amtsholung" for a PBX User (e.g. a fax which can not be persuaded to dial a leading 0) cheers ! LorenzHide administration screenHide missed call on the telephone display
Hitchikers Guide to the "3rd Party Product Listing"
HospiX Entry - MSI Solutions - 3rd Party ProductHospiX Open - MSI Solutions - 3rd Party Product
Hosting with V10Hot-Desking in V13
Hot Desking on DECT-PhonesHot Desking on innovaphone IP-PhonesHow ISDN wiring works
How To Configure QSIG InterworkingHow To Configure QSIG Interworking, V5
How To Send Additional Voicemail MWIs within a PBXHow are DTMF signals treated in the media stream?
How can I access unreleased soft- and firmware (a.k.a. hotfixes)?How can I be programmatically notified for connections (like phone number x is calling phone number y) for all calls in a PBX? Also about the hangup/disconnect event of the connection between those phHow can I delay dialling (like 0,043.....)?
How can I disable the ringing tone in an IP200 headset?How can I explicitly cancel a certain call in the gateway that is indicated via Gateway/Calls or PBX/Calls menu?How can I find application which converts promts and music files to the needed format like g729, g711 etc?
How can I get access to the innovaphone iCE newsgroup?How can I make sure that PPTP connections are kept alive?How can I pickup calls from my colleagues? What is necessary to do first? We use the tiptel innovaphone 200 VoiceOver IP.
How can i create RTTL ringtone files?How can i import phone numbers in the ip100 ive got a csv format file but it says it isnt a good file? Regards Wim
How can i make an conference call with an IP110 ?How can i use some other USB Telephone Keypads?How do I get my innovaphone box working with a Meridian Succession Gatekeeper vers 3.0
How do I get the current firmware for an innovaphone product ?How does CLIP no screening work
How does PBX Licensing work with redundancyHow does the telnet interface work? Do you have a command summary?
How many km are possible with an analog adapterHow many space is needed to store MRS voicemails?How the build number scheme works
How to ConferencingHow to Configure Partial Rerouting
How to Connect to a VoIP ProviderHow to Factory Reset a DECT Handset IP61 IP63 IP64 IP65
How to Generate Project ListHow to IP6013How to Read WLAN Traces on IP72
How to Reset IPXXXHow to Reset IPXXX (V10...)
How to activate overlap sending for IP100? Default seems to be en block.
How to avoid stopping the data stream during a data transmission in combination with some USB host adapters and USB TelephonesHeadsets?How to change language settings on IP110/IP150/IP200/IP230?How to change or deactivate the SoftwarePhone hotkey ALT ESC?
How to configure Cornet-NQ trunking on a Hicom300/HiPath 4000How to configure IP1200How to configure Kerberos using commands
How to configure NAT in V6How to configure an IP phone for direct IP address dialing
How to configure an e164 Numbering Scheme with x Nodes on one PBX with one BreakoutHow to configure reverse look-up on Ascom branded IP-DECT devices
How to configure the Phones LDAP clientHow to connect a SPEECH DESIGN Teleserver Mobile Pro to an innovaphone PBX
How to connect a headset to the innovaphone IP100How to connect a standard headset to an IP230
How to create new articles
How to customize the From/Identity header value at SIP interfacesHow to implement HTTP PUT on an Apache Web ServerHow to implement large PBXs
How to increase the sound quality in case of poor sound quality?
How to interface DAMM system to innovaphoneHow to interpret SIP error codes returned by the innovaphone SIP stackHow to interwork with a HiPath 8000
How to interwork with a Hicom 150/HiPath 3000How to license a standby PBXHow to monitor configuration changes in the SOAP Api interface
How to obtain a test license
How to physically erase flash memory contentHow to program repeaters for DECT systems
How to read the call screenHow to register a V6 IP200 with a V6 PBX via SIPHow to register the SoftwarePhone itself at a gatekeeper behind an IPSec Tunnel?
How to register voice messages to install the IVR function on the IP202 and IP800?How to reinstall the innovaphone TSPHow to run demo/trial installations of innovaphone software
How to set/unset call diversions on innovaphone IP PhonesHow to set IP200 Power over LAN Power Classification right
How to setup an V6 IP Phone for innovaphone voicemail usageHow to tweak the RAS and TCP Keepalive timers
How to use CCFP commands for Kirk DECT SystemsHow to use DTMF features on DECT handsetsHow to use Presence on the telephone
How to use an existing MS-SQL Server for SAMWinHow to use both headset and handset simultaneously with an IP200, an IP200A or an IP230
How to use gwloadHow to use innovaphone DECT equipment in non-european countries (such as the US)How to use media-relay functionality for sip-registrations and how to configure sip-clients and sip-trunk
How to use security mechanisms in innovaphone productsHow to use the IP110 / IP150 headset mode
How to use the IP21 DOOR interfaceHow to use the R-key handling
How to use the innovaphone SoftwarePhone as Windows ServiceHow to use the innovaphone SoftwarePhone with configuration stored in a file instead of the registry
Howto add various GAP Mobile Phones to innovaphone IP DECT GatewaysHowto enable multiline tooltips with firefox browsers
Howto get an analog modem to work with an analog adapterHowto setup a Windows VPN connection for an innovaphone PPTP server
Howto setup administrative call diversionHowto use the Auerswald FXO Adapter with innovaphone
IDECS - SELECTRIC - 3rd Party ProductIIS Active Server Page (.ASP) Sample Code for dynamic Announcements in V5
IP110 Drilling TemplateIP1200 with Asterisk
IP200 - is it possible to define all six of its function keys with different partners to see if they are free or calling ?IP55 Software Versions
IP62 WLAN WiFi Handset - innovaphone - H323 TestreportIP72 Battery, Charger Information and Headset Jack
IP72 Bootcode and FirmwaresIP72 Functionkeys and Softkeys
IP72 Keyboard LockingIP72 Ring through Headset
IP Austria SIP Provider Compatibility Test
IQM - Setup and LocalizationIQM Active/Standby PBXIQM Agent Hot-desking
IQM Agent Speed-dial keysIQM CallBack requestsIQM Colour Agent Table
IQM DashboardIQM IP-Phones setup and iQM Phone Display featuresIQM LDAP
IQM LicensingIQM Second Waiting QueueIQM Server
IQM Statistical CSV Data for Agent and QueueIQM Statistical Excel Data for Agent and QueueIQM command line arguments
IQM in large PBXsIQM manipulative behaviorsIQM remote control
IQM server as a serviceIT - Bellnet - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2019)
IT - CloudItalia - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2018)IT - Made in Lab - VoIP In Lab SIP-Provider (2016)IT - Telmekom - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2016)
IT - VoipVoice - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2018)IWay Voip Business Trunk - SIP Provider Compatibility TestIXI-Operator - Servonic - Testreport
IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server - Servonic - 3rd Party ProductIXI-UMS sometimes delivers faxes as voicemailsI am currently working with ANT engineer and they have problem that they can not adjust the db(voice level) on IP21. How we can adjust the level.
I am hearing a gap in an audio stream when i minimize or maximize a window?I can see articles titles in my RSS reader, but I receive an error when I try to follow the link to the article
I deal since some weeks with an ISDN provider about this thing called CLIP no screening, because I like to see the caller ID if I have set a diversion to my mobile. What is CLIP no screening?I have a IP-202 that seemed to fail during firmware . Red lamp is on, notheing else. I have been told that GWload should help. But in the description, it tels you to start with a "long reset". ThereI have a problem with a ip21 and a fax. It can receive incoming fax but not send any. I think the problem is the dialing.
I have provisioned 2 ip230s from you. I cannot find the default login information in your documentation.I have the following problem according the Pickup list. When there is several ongoing active calls you can see them in the pickup list, but if one call is transferred to a GSM phone it disappearsI have the phones IP202, IP 200 and IP100. How can I start a Phonebook Server? I hab seen this funktion on the Web Interface of IP100.
I use IXI-Call Version 2.02.0024 Can I download Hotfixes or newer releases of this Software anywhere? Or how can I get hotfixes at all?I used IP800 as a CPE at the customers home and Cisco AS5400 as central Gateway. If I configure T38 fax protocol on Cisco GW, the device asks me to specify ls redundancy and hs redundancy parameters.I want my IP200 to search the MetaDirectory also for a second business telephone number . The problem is, I dont know the name of this LDAP attribut. Any ideas?
I want to program some "short numbers" in my ip800 (ex : 8000 calls 0032479445656). Im sure the routing table isnt the only place were i can do this ?I want to send log information from internal calls. I now how to read logs, but how i get these internal calls send information to log?I would like to know if Softphone PBX is ready also in the Pocket PC version.
I would like to make it possible for some users to , edit or mapping objects into the pbx without giveing the pbx password to the users. What way can I take. If iIf I tie in a gateway into an existing trunk line, do calls from ISDN to ISDN consume DSP coder channels?If I use an IP800 like SIP registrar server, how many concurrent SIP calls can I take? Can I upgrade RAM to increase the maximum number of registrable devices? What are limits of IP800?
Ilink TeamCall for – ilink Kommunikationssysteme GmbH – 3rd Party ProductIlink TeamCall for – ilink Kommunikationssysteme GmbH – test report
Implement PBX with zero downtime using IPVA and VMWare Fault ToleranceImplement V13 AppPlatform Redundancy with Microsoft Hyper-V
Import PBX userlist into ESTOS MetaDirectory using LDAPImport PBX userlist into ESTOS MetaDirectory using XMLIn RAS trace of my IP800 I saw "int: timeToLive = 1000". I think that this value is express in seconds. Can I modify Gatekeeper TTL value? Thanks.
In case of Master/Slave PBX - is it ok to replicate ca 200 users from master PBX to IP202 slave PBX? What is IP202 reasonalble limit for that?In which way can I a route with a timeout value? In V5 firmware there is a timeout field but in V6 I dont find It. Thanks.Ingate SIParator - Ingate - 3rd Party Product
Initial Deployment of IP72Initial StartupInitiate a Mobility CallBack via simple HTTP GET or POST request
InnoStats - XQTING Reporting EngineInnovaphoneBackup - Buchberger.IT - 3rd Party ProductInnovaphoneCompanion Standard - Buchberger.IT - 3rd Party Product
InnovaphoneImport - Buchberger.IT - 3rd Party ProductInnovaphone Desktop Display (iDD)Innovaphone LDAP on ALCATEL ATLinks Temporis IP phones
Innovaphone LDAP on Cisco Linksys SPA IP phones
Innovaphone Phones on FritzBoxInnovaphone SIP Provider TestsInnovaphone Support for OCS
Innovaphone Widgets, Toolbox, Toolkit
Innovaphone conferencingInnovaphone gateways and DSS1 advice of charge IEsInnovaphones public services
Install the innovaphone Call-Me-Button Widgets (de)Install the innovaphone Call-Me-Button Widgets (en)
Installing the innovaphone mrs 6.01 (voice mail)Installing the voicemail/music on hold on a compact flash card
Instant Messaging Call BackInstructional Videos for Users - EnglishIntegrate External Apps in myPBX
Integration of CTI in Novell GroupwiseIntegration reporting and voice recordingIntegration with AEQ Systel IP codecs for Radio and Television Station
Interworking test with Priority Telecom NetherlandsIppi - SIP Provider Compatibility Test
Is-phone(iphone) - iscoord - SIP TestreportIs Fax supported with SIP VoIP interfaces? ThanksIs Integral 33 from Tenovis compatible to innovaphone gateways?
Is Simple Packet Relay Transport (SPRT) Protocol for Modem over IP supported by your analog gateway/adapter?Is innovaphone compatible with Skype?Is it possible to change the Volume when using the innovaphone Music on Hold from the IPxxx Gateway .
Is it possible to control call forwarding using IP100 phone?Is it possible to make to work group indication services (like partner and pickup list) between master and slave PBX?Is it possible to see time and date on IP50/52/54 terminals in IP1200 and innovaphone PBX system?
Is it possible to start the innovaphone Softphone in minimized mode ? (or start in systray).Is it possible to use DECT basestations/repeaters in outdoor environment?Is it possible to use a innovaphone softwarephone with a Citrix Presentation server?
Is it possible to use different ringing tones in case of multiple registrations in one IP200 phones?Is it possible to use the V6 Firmware with an IP400?!? Any known limitations? I wanna use the IP400 with SIP.Is it possible with Innovaphone PBX to make "bigger" conference than just 3 party call?
Is it somehow possible to use Active/Standby PBX configuration with IP100 phones?Is there any Tool available to maintain a LDAP Database?Is there any example code or simple scripts/programs in order to put call-information into an MySQL (or similiar) database in order to build CRM-alike solutions towards the MySQL DB?
Is there something important to know adding DECT repeater into singe cell IP1200 system?Is totalrecall voice recording compatible with innovaphone?It is possible to connect a external device like outlook, and use other CTI devices with TAPI protocol. This I know is possible with standard H.323 devices from your own product portfolio.
Italy - AEMCOM - SIP ProviderItaly - CODEMAVoIP - SIP Provider
Italy - DELTACOM - SIP Provider
Italy - PLANETEL - SIP ProviderItaly - TRIVENET- SIP Provider
Italy - TWT- SIP Provider(2015)Jitter bufferJtel ACD - jtel GmbH - 3rd Party Product
KIAMO - Conecteo - 3rd Party Product
Kirk Wireless Server 300 - Polycom - SIP Test ReportKnow if the ISDN line is point to point or point to multipointKonftel 300IP - Konftel - 3rd Party Product
Konftel 300IP - TestreportLAN-phone 42HD - Arnesys - H.323 TestreportLDAP and IP200: 1. is an IP3000 capable of maintaining 4000 LDAP/PBX Entries?
LI - Telecom Liechtenstein AG - Convoip Trunk SIP-Provider (2018)LLDP on Juniper EX Switches for innovaphone devices
LU - MIXvoip - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)Last Call RecordingLatest innovaphone Firmware Version
Latest innovaphone mrs Easy Setup VersionLearning PIN codeLegacy Method to do DECT messaging with IP1500, IP1200 and IP600
Legos SIP Provider Compatibility TestLevel One - VOI 8003 - 3rd Party ProductLicense Master
License SummaryLicenses for V7Lifesize - UVC Multipoint - 3rd Party Product
Lifesize - UVC Multipoint - TestReport
Lightpointe™ FlightLite™100 - Lightpointe - 3rd Party ProductLimit number of calls and call duration on some extensions
List of wildcardsListen to several conference rooms
Localize Voice Mail MessagesLooping a innovaphone PBX behind a Nortel Meridian option 11cLooping in a innovaphone Gateway
Lotus Notes Domino - IBM - 3rd Party ProductM-net SIP Provider Compatibility TestMAC Address ETH1
MRS EasySetup Amtsholung fieldMSATA Placement
MSG and Pickup LED on IP240MWIMWI for DECT
MWI in Version 5.01 nach H.405.7 in IXI-UMSMXP T150 - Tandberg - H.323 TestreportMXP T150 - Tandberg - SIP Testreport
MXR-2 Mobility Exchange - Trapeze - TestreportMaintain Quickdial Numbers In Estos MetaDirectory
Maintaining a Phone Directory in the PBXMake calls using phones web interfaceMarking a record in Voicerecording
Master - Slave Numbering Scheme with one Node and more Pbx/LocationsMaster - Slave numbering node with X nodes and X pbx
Masterplan Business Intelligence - ASEKO - 3rd Party ProductMaximum entries in local phone book
Maximum wire length
Merging of phone configs stored in the PBXMessaging with IP Phones
Metadirectory - Estos - 3rd Party ProductMicrosoft - Lync Server 2010 - 3rd Party Product
Microsoft Lync 2010 - Quickstart GuideMicrosoft Lync 2010 - TestReportMicrosoft Office 365 Recommended Product Testreport
MidaBilling - Mida Solutions - 3rd Party ProductMidaIVR - Mida Solutions - 3rd Party ProductMidaQueueManager - Mida Solutions - 3rd Party Product
MidaRec - Mida Solutions - 3rd Party ProductMidaVoiceAttendant - Mida Solutions - 3rd Party ProductMida IPFaxPro (Turtle Box) - Mida Solutions - Testreport
Mida Turtle Box - Mida Solutions - TestreportMida i-Suite - Mida Solutions - TestreportMigrating a Master/Slave PBX System Step by Step to a newer Firmware Version
Migrating an existing LAP System from IPx10(CF) to IPx11(SSD)MobiCall - newVoice - 3rd Party Product
Mobile ExtensionMobility GSM Client for Windows MobileMobility Services Pack - Quescom - 3rd Party Product
Moh and waiting queue files for testingMonitor device uptime and gather traces with trap information via automated scriptMrs 6.01 gatekeeper registraion
Multi-Party Conferencing with early IP6000Multiple Emergency CallsMultiple PBX Redundancy
Multiple faxserver instances sharing a FAX interfaceMusiphone ® NEXT LEVEL - Beyertone - 3rd Party ProductMyPBX - deploy Setup.msi to PCs already with correct config
MyPBX and roaming Profiles (e.g. Citrix) - myPBX forgetting login infoMyPBX on MAC OS
My customer is looking for a central solution for dynamic announcements. They shall be depending on the time of day and shall work with compressed voice (i.e. G.729).NIAnet SIP Provider Compatibility Test
NL - Destiny - SIP TRUNK SIP-Provider (2020)NL - KPN - Vast bellen Dienst VoIP Connect SIP-Provider (2017)NL - KPN - Vast bellen Dienst VoIP Connect SIP-Provider (3rdParty 2017)
NL - MOTTO - VaMo ConfigurationNL - MachCloud - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)
NL - POCOS - SIP TRUNK SIP-Provider (2018)NL - Redworks - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2016)NL - SOLLIE COMM - SIP TRUNK SIP-Provider (2017)
NL - ViPro - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2021)NL - Vodafone - Vodafone One Fixed SIP-Provider (2019)
NL - X2com - X2VoIP SIP-Provider (2017)NL - XENOSITE - SIP TRUNK SIP-Provider (2017)
NL - infopact - SIP TRUNK SIP-Provider (2019)NL - oneCentral - SIP Trunk TCP SIP-Provider (2020)NL - oneCentral - SIP Trunk TLS SIP-Provider (2020)
NO - Phonect - SIP Trunk SIP-Provider (2016)
Name Display IP1xx IP200 IP230 IP24xNeoTel SIP Provider Compatibility Test
Net2phone SIP Provider Compatibility TestNetAlly VoIP - Viola Networks - 3rd Party ProductNetCologne ALL IP on Innovaphone IP302
Netasq Firewall - Netasq - 3rd Party Product
Netherlands - Breezz - SIP ProviderNetherlands - Spike Technics - Belgacall - SIP Provider(2014)Netherlands - TELE2 - VOIP Connect - SIP Provider
Netherlands - Vodafone Office Voice/Corporate Net over IP - SIP ProviderNetherlands - Vodafone One Fixed/Corporate Net over IP - SIP ProviderNetherlands - Winitu - SIP Provider
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