Support:Devices loosing flashdir tables (e.g. calling lists) after upgrade to SR1

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[edit] Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone devices using FLASHDIR

Build V6.00 SR1 and later

[edit] More Information

[edit] Problem Details

When an upgrade to a larger firmware is attempted, innovaphone devices will check if that there is enough flash memory to hold the new firmware. If it is not, then it may be necessary to re-organize the flash by

  • saving the config
  • resetting the device to factory defaults
  • re-importing the config

However, the check routine may not detect this situation correctly and thus allow a firmware upload although there is not enough space available. We have seen this e.g. on older IP200 (non-A) phones, but it may also occur on IP3000 with large PBX installations.

Symptoms then are

  • new firmware runs fine
  • flashdir data like PBX config or calling lists are lost, new calls are not recorded
  • the trace shows lines like
0:0000:025:1 - flashman: PANIC - out of space, need factory reset
113:1807:148:7 - UP1: state 5 -> 0
113:1807:153:1 - flashman: out of segments
113:1807:153:1 - flashman: claim - alloc seg 2 failed
113:1807:153:4 - flashman: discard - bad record(0)

[edit] Resolution

If you have an up-to-date configuration backup at hand, then simply reset the phone to factory defaults, reset and load the config.

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